Why is Peloton So Expensive and is it Worth it?

Why is Peloton So Expensive

Peloton goes for $2245, and its online classes subscription worth $39 per month. Why should anyone ever consider this, and what is so special about it that it should cost this much?

There are spin bikes that cost even less by $500, yet Peloton does not consider lowering the price one bit. And interestingly, it still reigns the market.

What is Peloton Anyway?

Peloton is a stationary indoor bike, on which you carry out cardio workouts. It comes with a 22-inch screen. You use the screen to follow peloton workouts, both archived and live.

However, you cannot use the peloton screen to download other programs, including Netflix and TV.

Otherwise, the bike is just a quality indoor workout equipment.

So, why is Peloton so Expensive?

There are some reasons why peloton is expensive, both in equipment and in classes. Now, let’s get on the show on the road about why peloton is so expensive.

Ostentatious Reasons

There are people who believe that quality is hidden in expensive stuff. This is almost true, but not really. But this simple reason is one of the main reasons’ peloton is expensive.

The bike’s shoot to $2245 saw the bike sales increase so much that it surprised even the directors.

On the plus side, the bike is actually a quality piece. Once you purchase a Peloton bike, you don’t have to worry about break downs. Repairs will not be that much, especially when well-maintained.

It is Cheap in the Long Run, So, it is Worth it

Did I just read that? You actually did. Let’s see; you buy the bike at a very expensive cost, true. Then you have to ditch out a whole $39 every month to access the live classes, right.

But think of it this way, how much do you spend on a single spin class, now that peloton is too expensive? At least not less than $15 per single class. That’s a single class, while peloton guarantees you unlimited classes for $39. If you have the class at least twice a week, you will end up spending in one month the amount you would spend on peloton for two months and have some change money.

Plus, you can even decide to have the classes on a daily basis if you wish. Plus, you could have someone else have the classes too, only their real metrics will not be on the leaderboard.

Then let’s talk about the subscriptions. They are not necessary. If you feel you can be disciplined without a live class, Peloton screen has an archive with thousands of workouts. You can use these without an end for free.

Secondly, you can decide to pay for a primary subscription, if you need the classes but on budget. This will cost you $12, allowing you access to any class you want, available 24/7. Moreover, an instructor of your choice will be available. The only thing you will actually lose is -having your metrics recorded, hence you won’t be on the leaderboard.

Finally, there is the peloton gear. Once you purchase the bike, delivery and installation is included, so you don’t have to pay more. Then the shoes and the cleats; you can purchase them from other brands. The only requirement is that they be 3-hole, Look Delta or SPD-SL.

Thus, you can source shoes and cleats from cheaper brands, so that you reduce additional costs in the long run. Other popular spin bikes will not allow that, hence ending up more expensive than peloton.

Overall Results

If you really need the indoor cardio exercises, the bike is the most convenient. But why, the other bikes have the same results. The answer is simple, you feel it is expensive. So, the next thing you do is try to get the value of your money.

How do you do that? By having as many classes as possible. If you were to shed weight, I guess a ton of pounds will be off your body within a month on Peloton. You will not be that serious on a cheap piece of equipment.

Then There’s the Freedom

In the studio, you have to dance to the music the instructor chooses. You have to attend classes in their given schedule. And worse still, you cannot choose your favorite instructor. They choose everything for you. At most, you will choose as a group.

What about your individual preference, I mean, it may be stupid but it’s what you love, right?

So, Peloton takes this into account. It fits into your schedule, however crazy, then allows you to choose the instructor that motivates you most, and so is the music. As though that were not enough, the screen allows you to regulate between the instructor’s voice and the music. If you like the music louder, then so be it. The choice is in your hands.

If you prefer working out at night rather than the obvious morning and evening hours, then so be it. Have it your way.

Isn’t this worth the money if you could afford it?

What if I Get Bored of the Peloton Workouts? Sell It!

Yes, it happens. After long use of workout equipment, you can grow tired of the equipment, and even prefer another.

Like you, most other people really like the peloton bike. Actually, its fan base is currently in millions, and it continues to grow. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the bike at its brand-new cost. Therefore, they look for cheaper options, the most common being to sort out used peloton bikes.

There, get online on platforms such as Facebook, Craigslist, or even consult stores like eBay. You will have an opportunity to get rid of the bike, yet get some money, with which you can consider another equipment.

Bottom Line

Why is Peloton so expensive, and is it really worth it? By now you have the answer. To some extent it is worth it, but if you are not a regular at spinning or with no cardio workout goals, then not.

But if a spinning fan, the end result is worth the cost. Besides, it turns out not as expensive as it sounds.

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