What to Wear to Orangetheory? Accessories Review

What to Wear to Orangetheory

Have you already made up your mind to join the new trend in town, Orangetheory Fitness? Its workout results are so real and fast that you cannot deny the sudden interest. Anyway, you are not alone in this, finally ready to spend a fortune simply to keep fit physically and emotionally.

However, the challenge is Orangetheory accessories that you will need, especially if you have never even been to the gym. If you have been, the problem will actually work for the various workouts that Orangetheory offers. That’s where we come in, with a full set of the basic accessories you should consider for the fitness class.

Basic Orangetheory Accessories

Let’s skip to the basic stuff that everyone should be in possession of as they get in through the gates of Orangetheory. We have both men’s and women’s accessories for Orangetheory, in addition to unisex stuff.

Even without the other accessories that you will come to need, later on, you will still blend in the class with the following:

1. Apple Watch (New Apple Watch SE)

One of the most basic necessities for Orangetheory is the heart rate monitor, which syncs you to the fitness screen. Until recently, the only monitor you could use was the Orangetheory heart rate monitor. However, today the Apple Watch is included, and it is the only other compatible heart rate monitor.

While not every Apple Watch is compatible with Orangetheory, Series 3 and newer models are, such as this one here. Actually, this Watch is twice as fast as Series 3. Let’s get down to its specifics:

Most essentially, with an OTBeatLink, you can easily connect the Apple Watch directly to the OTF screen to determine your heart rate zone. Moreover, you get notifications on high and low heart rate notifications, not to mention irregular heartbeat notifications.

Since the Watch is a GPS model, you can easily receive calls and texts from your wrist without getting off the workout equipment. With a large retina OLED display, you can read and figure out what you want without slowing to grasp the message.

Besides Orangetheory, you can use the Watch for other activities such as running, walking, cycling and yoga. You can also track the swimming metrics as it is swim-proof.

2. Gym Shoes

A) Men Shoes (Adidas Men’s Lite Racer Adapt 3.0 Running Shoe)

You not only need proper gym shoes for your Orangetheory training but also shoes that match the trend. Trying out Adidas Men’s Lite Racer Adapt 3.0 will guarantee you the following:

The shoe has a breathable synthetic material on the upper, which keeps you fresh from all the breathability and aeration you can get. Moreover, the synthetic material keeps the shoe flexible enough to handle any workout, regardless of the pose you give your foot. Coupled with the elastic closure, you are good for the tread, the rower, and any floor workouts at OTF.

On top of that, the shoes have a rubber sole, with sufficient traction for an athlete. Therefore, you can comfortably walk, jog and run on the tread, power walk if you don’t want the tread for the day. 

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B) Women’s Shoes (Nike Women’s Fitness Shoes)

For the ladies, we have sourced Nike Women’s Fitness Shoes, which you will find effective for an Orangetheory Fitness class.

First off, the shoes are so lightweight that they enhance your workout rate and outcome. Yet, they facilitate stability, with a flexible outsole that will move with your foot regardless of the stretch’s intensity.

Then there is the dual-density underfoot cushioning and midfoot lockdown, which enhances cardio and lifting workouts. 

The upper features a closed-mesh material for impressive durability. Over and above that, the upper design facilitates breathability and overall comfort.  The Flywire cables integrate with the lace closure system, offering the midfoot a perfect lockdown.  And let’s not forget the rubber pods that enhance the quality and durability of the shoe.

Therefore, you can trust the shoe for long periods of workouts.

C) Sporting Socks (Under Armour Adult Performance Tech No Show Socks)

It is obvious that once you have the Orangetheory shoes, you will need socks to wear with the shoes. Unlike shoes, you may require several pairs of socks for the class, which is why we prefer these Under Armour socks. Not only are they high performing in the gym, but they also come in half-dozen packs. Therefore, just a single order will take care of your sock needs for the time being.

The socks are top quality for high durability and performance, made from polyester, cotton, and spandex. Better news, you can machine wash the socks without compromising their quality.

Moreover, the socks offer dynamic arch support, minimizing foot support during workouts, especially cardio fitness workouts. Blending in strategic cushioning, the socks minimize bulk and enhance all the flexibility that you need.

And with the minimized bulk and the mesh panel design, the socks bring in breathability. Besides, the fabric further easily wicks moisture from your feet, which keeps you dry, cool, and light throughout the workout.

3. Sports Top 

A) Women (Mirity Women Racerback Sports Bra)

This high support bra keeps you comfortable in all workouts, especially planks that are tricky in a soft support bra. While the front is completely covered, the back is a wide racer and strategic cutouts for full support and airflow.

Moreover, the sports bra has a pullover design and closure, so you don’t have to worry about bursting buttons and loose clips. Made in nylon and spandex,  the bra provides an expansion for easy wearing and removal.

The material is lightweight and moisture-wicking, keeping you aerated and dry for the intense and sweaty workouts other than the cutouts. The design also keeps the bra versatile so that you can slip on a tank on top of it and still feel comfortable.

Furthermore, the sporty bra has a built-in bra that provides sufficient extra support, while the wide straps ensure that you don’t get irritations and blisters.

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B) Women (Amazon Essentials Women’s Short-Sleeve T-Shirt)

Can’t you stand being in a sports bra in a studio with a lot of people? How about a well-covering sports t-shirt from Amazon Essentials?

The t-shirt is polyester and spandex in material, hence lightweight and comfortable enough for any workout you undertake. Its design brings out a crew neck and short sleeves, which any modest Orangetheory user will feel comfortable in.

Most importantly, the t-shirt is moisture-wicking, with the stretch fabric keeping you dry and comfortable during workouts.

For your convenience, the t-shirt is machine washable, which saves you some of your precious time. You also get two t-shirts in one package so that you don’t have to clean one at a time in anticipation of the next workout class.

Basically, the t-shirts have a flattering yet modest fit for anyone, with a subtle hip logo for a cool workout style.

C) Men (Neleus Workout Muscle Tank with Hood)

I love this sports tank because it motivates you to work out harder, reminding you that you are in a fitness class. On top of that, it has a hood that you can occasionally use for a stylish look at Orangetheory.

Made majorly from polyester and minorly from spandex, the tank has moisture-wicking elements. Therefore, despite all the sweating that you should expect at Orangetheory Fitness, the top will barely stick on your skin.

For easy fitting on any head size, the closure system is highly elastic. This closure also completes the cute design that the tank presents.

Moreover, the dry-fit moisture-wicking fabric is breathable, adding a cool feeling to the hot workout sets. Besides, the fabric is also soft for comfort even when you sweat most.

The tank is also flexible, hence facilitates mobility regardless of the workout. Though perfect for skin protection from UV rays for the larger part, the deep cut sleeves will ensure that your arms move with ease.

4. Sports Pants

If you are a beginner at Orangetheory, there are chances that you might prefer the cycle over the tread. For a workout outfit that is suitable regardless of the workout you take on, pants are always perfect compared to shorts.

A) Men (Brokig men’s Zip Joggers Pants)

These pants are a composite of cotton and polyester, which is of very high sporting quality. They come in an exact fitting, and just a size up will give you the loose-fitting you may prefer. In any case, the closure is drawstring, allowing for a larger range of waist sizes.

The best part about the pants is that they are highly breathable, which keeps you comfortable and light throughout the workouts. They are also moisture-wicking from the inside, which we would all prefer in a workout pair of pants.

Overall, the design allows for flexibility, whether on the tread, the cycle, the rower, or on the floor for strength workouts. The three-inch double seamed waistband enhances comfort and flexibility while leaving you in peace.

For a town cult such as Orangetheory, style is also necessary. These pants are slimly tapered, with ankle zippers for a trendy look. Then there are two classic pockets and a back pocket, which are not only for design but also for slipping in your small essentials such as keys.

B) Women (Lululemon Wunder Under Yoga Pants)

Orangetheory calls for the highest level of flexibility you can manage since you will take cardio and strength workouts. These Wunder Under from Lululemon are an awesome versatile choice you should consider.

The waistband amazingly lays on your skin without digging in for optimal comfort. Furthermore, it will not roll down even when you are in an intense workout.

Since the legging is a high waist, you will be comfortable with the sensitive skin covered even as you bend. With lycra fiber infused in the material, the pants keep their stretch yet retain the shape for long.

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Then there is the waistband storage pocket, where you will stash your keys and cards for convenience.

5. Headband (Vinsguir Sports Headband for Men and Women)

A sporting headband keeps the sweat off your face and eyes, protecting you from irritation and disturbance. Moreover, it will keep your long hair away from your face so that you can concentrate on your workout.

This headband features a blend of chinlon and spandex, which basically facilitates an awesome grip. It stays comfortably set in position yet is not tight to cause irritation or headache.

Over and above that, the stretchy material is breathable, evaporating sweat eight times faster than average cotton headbands. It also absorbs sweat to ensure that even before the evaporation, your head will remain dry.

With less than half an ounce of weight, the headband feels light and great on the head for better workout performance.

For versatility, the headband is designed for warmth during winter and cold days while enhancing a cool breeze in the summer seasons.

6. Gym Towel (Fitness Gym Towels)

It is almost obvious that you will sweat during an Orangetheory workout class, and a gym towel will come in handy.

This stylish towel comes in a pack of two so that you can change in case of excessive sweating in hot weather. It is lightweight and soft so that a wipe will not hurt your face.

The lightweight, coupled with the 44-in length, allows you to have the towel on your shoulders, especially when on cardio workouts. Then, you can wipe the sweat constantly without leaving the workout equipment or even slowing down.

Most importantly, the towel is absorbent, odor-free, and quick-drying, which sees it excel at its function.

With a waffle design and a silky gray border, the towel is suitable for both men and women. There are three different colors you can pick from, depending on your preference.

7. Water Bottle (Hydro Flask Water Bottle)

Finally, don’t walk through the doors of an OTF center without a water bottle because the workouts will undoubtedly cause you dehydration.

The Hydro Flask is a metal water bottle that keeps the water cold over long durations. If you doubt the external temperatures, you can as well take advantage of the wide mouthpiece to add ice cubes. This will cool your overly hot body during the intense workouts at Orangetheory.

With a limited lifetime warranty, the bottle quality is a guarantee. Therefore, be sure that you can use it for a long.

Withal, the water bottle is BPA and phthalate-free, ensuring that you take water in the same taste that you put it in. Besides, the bottle is stainless steel, so expect no foreign matter and elements in your drinking water.

Since the bottle is dishwasher friendly, you don’t have to waste time in a separate hand wash to keep it safe. And, with a spectrum of colors available for you to choose from, you can just pick one that customizes your personality and taste.

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Bottom Line

Fundamentally, Orangetheory accessories are gym accessories that enhance your workout. While you can’t walk into the fitness class in any outfit, the above accessories will ensure that you have all you need for your first class and any other from then on. 

So, ready for Orangetheory Fitness? You have all you need to start your fitness plan!