What is Orangetheory Fitness? Who Should Try?

What is Orangetheory Fitness

What is all this hype about Orangetheory Fitness, and why is it suddenly gaining popularity? After all, it’s been there since 2010, which is typically ten years. With time, people become more conscious of their health and fitness and are willing to spend a fortune for a better life.

With Orangetheory Fitness, you get it all on one plate: fitness, health, and a typically good life. This is why despite stiff competition, OTF still stands out. What is Orangetheory Fitness anyway? Sounds like a kind of scientific name? Join me for every tiny detail of it:

What is Orangetheory Fitness at a Glance?

Orangetheory Fitness usually referred to as OTF, is a studio workout with approximately 760 studios globally. It is unique in that its workouts are basically personal. Meaning? Based on their specific weight, height, age, and activity level, each person works out differently for specific achievements.

OTF categorizes its workouts in five zones, each of which every individual achieves differently. For instance, if you work out regularly and have normal weight, you may have to work out harder than someone who rarely works out and with heavier weight.

A very unique feature in Orangetheory Fitness is the use of their heart rate monitors. (Orangetheory Fitness is only compatible with their own monitors, so you cannot purchase one from other brands). Once you get into the studio, other than the warm welcome, you must get a heart rate monitor fitted on your chest.

It is your heart rate that will determine how you fare at the Orangetheory Fitness zones. Moreover, it is a major determinant of how much you workout at the studio.

Other than heart rate, Orangetheory Fitness uses EPOC, that is, Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption to facilitate results. Essentially, this means that you will continue to burn calories and fats even after the workout is over. Since your body will have to heal from the strenuous workouts at the gym, it will burn calories when replenishing damaged tissues.

Oh! Almost forgot; Orangetheory Fitness is actually orange in terms of color. From the wordings to the equipment and even the lighting, orange speaks loudest. Then there is the coveted zone, which is also, interestingly, orange. It is the fourth zone and very uncomfortable, other than being your workout goal.

Who Is Orangetheory Fitness For?

Surprisingly, OTF is safe for just about anyone. Whether a pro or on your very first time with gym equipment, OTF makes you feel at home. The workout consists of two major workouts for starters, one on the tread and another in an indoor water rower.

Honestly speaking, the treadmill is not everyone’s cup of tea, which is why you will get the option for power walking if you don’t want to use it. What if it’s running I want to avoid? In this case, you have the option to cycle a bike or simply use a strider.

And, once you are ready for the tread, you can always start on one, under the supervision of a coach.

Usually, the classes are divided into two, with one group starting with the water rower and the other on the tread, cycle, or strider. After a duration, the two groups change sides. Therefore, there is no way you will suffer from long term use of equipment with OTF workouts.

On top of that, no one actually demoralizes you based on your performance, not even at your worst. Coaches are there to show you the way, correct you for safe and functioning workouts, and not shout at you. They will lovingly tell you what to do and reasons for a performing workout, but never force you into anything.

Thus, the workouts are for the youth and the seniors, with no age, ability, or weight limitation.

Are There Personal Coaches at Orangetheory Fitness Centers?

Yes and no. Yes, because the coach who takes you up will closely monitor your workouts. They will direct you on handling the workout equipment and do the workouts in the right way.

On the other hand, the trainer will concentrate on you and a larger group. Therefore, you may not reap all the benefits of a personal trainer.

One thing you are assured of, though, is that the coaches will ensure that you match your effort to your heart rate. 

Orangetheory Fitness Classes

Orangetheory Fitness workouts revolve around a spectrum of workout equipment and also non-equipment workouts. They are all done in the studios (no at-home workouts available), which, fortunately for you, are all over the USA and scattered across the world.

You can check the official site online for the studio closest to you. Also, once you register for the workouts, you can use any studio, especially if you travel a lot. All you need is to log in at the OTF studio, and you are set to go.

Moreover, there are various classes at OTF, depending on your schedule. Other than the major scheduled classes, there are those available depending on the number of people ready to take them. So, are you a stay-at-home mum or a workaholic only available in the evenings? You can get your best class, either on schedule or arranged with like members.

The Workouts

The best part about OFT workouts is High-Intensity Interval Training, otherwise called HIIT workouts. With a range of workout equipment, you will essentially have a short period with each of them, building whole-body fitness.

Primarily, each wholesome workout takes a maximum of 60 minutes, that is, one hour. You spend, say, 20 minutes on the tread, another 20 on the indoor water rower, and the other with other workout equipment. 

Other available pieces of equipment include TRX straps, BOSU, kettlebells, hand weights, to mention but a few.

However, the main goal is to stretch your body to the limits, at least use up 84% of your maximum heart rate. This is the orange zone, where everyone should look up to getting. Before we get into further details on workouts:

What are Zones in Orangetheory Workouts

  1. Gray Zone: the most comfortable zone, you only use up 50 to 60 percent of the maximum heart rate. Usually, it is the zone that you start with when you step into the workout.
  2. Blue Zone: this is your warm-up zone, and you are starting to prepare for the real deal. It requires somewhere between 61 and 70 percent of the maximum heart rate.
  3. Green zone: at this point, you feel that you are working out and burn body fat at a sizable rate. It uses 71 to 83 percent of the maximum heart rate and is safe to work out for 25 to 35 minutes.
  4. Orange zone: already in the orange zone? Congratulations! The orange zone is almost the main aim of every OTF user, as the workout becomes uncomfortable at this point. You will need 84 to 91 percent of your maximum heart rate, which creates EPOC. Remember the term from earlier? When your body finally creates EPOC, you will continue to burn calories way after the workout. Twenty minutes should be your maximum, but can you at least enjoy the zone for a minimum of 12 minutes?
  5. Red Zone: to reach the red zone, you push yourself to the limits. Using up 92 to 100 percent of your maximum heart rate, you are already depleting your oxygen. Stay in this zone for a maximum of 20 minutes, and you will lengthen the EPOC duration.

What’s More to the Workouts?

Each person’s results are displayed on the screens around the studio to view your own easily. So everyone will see my results? Typically, yes, but people are too busy improving their own and comparing them with their zones to care about yours.

How Much are Orangetheory Fitness Classes?

While all Orangetheory Fitness studios share in theme, they have different managers. Generally, OTF is a franchise, hence under one umbrella but run differently.

Therefore, they have different prices depending on location and the workouts you get. Besides, the coaches are different, so that you might get a slightly different experience from one studio to another. One thing is constant, though; they are all friendly and share in fitness goals.

So, the class charges vary; you can pay for a one-time class, four classes in a month, eight classes in a month, or even a whooping unlimited class payment.

The most used charges across the USA are 28 dollars per class, known as a one-off class. You also have the Orange Basic option, where you pay 59 dollars for four classes in a month. Then there is Orange elite, charging 99 dollars a month for eight classes only. Finally, there is the Orange premier, which offers unlimited classes throughout the month for 159 dollars.

Advantages of Orangetheory Fitness

  • Whole-body workouts, helping you achieve body fitness goals more easily.
  • There is no pressure to perform despite all the classes being from the studios. The professional coaches are friendly and understanding, pushing you to limits without forcing you.
  • Workouts measured versus your heart rate, judging you to do better within the one hour provided.
  • Several workout equipments to choose from, hence convenience.

The Disadvantages of Orangetheory Fitness

  • No stay-at-home option

For all the OTF classes, you have to visit a studio physically. There are no live classes that you can follow from home-like with the Peloton equipment, as the coaches have to monitor you physically.

  • Expensive

At an average of 159 dollars for those who want to attend them frequently, the workouts are expensive. Yer, it is necessary to attend frequently for faster results.

  • Mostly located in the USA

Over 700 studios are in the USA, leaving approximately 100 classes to be distributed to the rest of the world. Therefore, unless you are in the US., it is not easy to get the classes.

In a Nutshell:

What is Orangetheory fitness, and who is it for? I hope we have answered these questions, and now you can make an informed and wise implication. Whether you aim to lose weight, tone muscles, and build extra muscles, Orangetheory Fitness is for you. Remember that you can attend the class at 18 or 80, as long as you have fitness goals.

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