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Peloton Vs Soulcycle Bike – Secrets Revealed Finally

peloton vs soulcycle

The spinning and stationary bike competition today is so high that it is inevitable to evade the struggle on which brand offers the best services whenever you want to start or change your biking workout plan. Peloton and SoulCycle are in the heart of this competition, and it is not a wonder you do not know why you have to prefer one to the other.

We have to admit that the differences between the two are minimal. Nevertheless, we will take the two bike brands head-to-head to ensure that you get the similarities as well as the differences so that your final decision will be well-informed.

Head-to-Head: Peloton Vs SoulCycle Bike

1. Availability

SoulCycle at-home stationary bike is still new in the market, and though the brand intends to supply the bike internationally with time, it is currently only supplied in five cities, that is, Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Chicago, and Austin. These are all in the US.

On the contrary, peloton, which has dominated the stationary bike market longer, is currently available in the whole of the USA, Germany, Canada, and UK.

There are, however, plans of expansion for both brands, so as to reach as many nations as they possibly can.

2. Weight

Peloton bike is overall 135 pounds, with the inclusion of the 21.5-inch screen. It can accommodate people of up to 305 pounds of body weight.

SoulCycle is less weighty, weighing 128 pounds, including the 21.5-inch in-built HD screen. Nevertheless, it accommodates more weight in comparison to the peloton, which is 350 bodyweight.

For both stationary bikes, you have to at least be 4’11 inches tall for the saddle height to accommodate you. They are hence, not meant for kids at least under 12 years.

3. Cycling Gear

Both peloton and SoulCycle use the same cleat type, that is, Look Delta or SPD-SL system cleats. They have fit a 3-hole shoe cleat plate, for the shoes to perfectly clip into the bike pedals. They are most preferred for optimal performance of both bikes.

Therefore, you can choose any brand shoe of this system for both bikes. This is convenient since you can choose the right shoe size especially if your legs are wider than the available brand shoe. Moreover, brand shoes could be more expensive than shoes of the same features from other brands.

However, the SPD system cleats that have three holes that can fit in SoulCycle pedals, unlike in the peloton pedals.

Pedal features are similar, which have to have a spindle axle thread of 9/16”, and of the Look Delta and SPD-SL system type. And indoor bike accessories are same for both use.

4. Classes

Peloton offers unlimited access to peloton workout classes, with a subscription that is worth $39, renewable monthly. This subscription gives you access to the peloton library, which consists of numerous classes of the 11 types of workouts they offer.

You can choose the live classes you want, and even choose your instructor, with whom you can video chat. You will also have your metrics recorded with the peloton, and even be on the leader board.

The recent improvement in peloton allows you to listen to either more music than instructor voice or vice versa or a balance between music and the instructor.

If you prefer spinning at a peloton studio, then the membership goes for $400 a month, which is unlimited.

If your budget is limited, you can choose a less costly subscription, which is $12.99 per month. With this subscription, you still have access to all of the peloton workout classes, with the exception of recorded metrics.

Moreover, you can even decide to access all workout classes from the peloton screen without any subscription, and all you will miss out on is a live class and an instructor.

You are restricted to only use the peloton screen for peloton classes, and can neither use your phone nor tablet instead.

Soulcycle, on the other hand, has more expensive subscriptions by a dollar in comparison to the peloton. Their classes are worth $40 every month. This subscription allows you to stream any SoulCycle class you wish, and access their library, which has classes that have around 30 different types of workouts. They also provide for a range of instructors that you choose from.

The metrics do not display on the screen unless you swipe to check. In addition to the output metrics, SoulCycle shows you whether your workout is in rhyme with the music it offers. You actually can choose a class depending on the type of music they offer, making it fun.

There are no membership subscriptions for studio workouts, but SoulCycle charges $34 for every class, which is overall more expensive compared to the peloton.

Both classes run for as long as 45 minutes, with the least lasting 30 minutes. They are cardio workout classes that can see you lose weight faster.

You can download the app on your phone or tablet and stream the SoulCycle classes.

5. Bike Cost

For economists, you will look for the best experience at the least cost. That being said, the peloton is cheaper when compared to SoulCycle indoor stationary bike. A Peloton bike, which is sold together with the inbuilt screen, goes for $2245. This includes delivery fees.

Conversely, SoulCycle bike goes for $2500, which includes the HD screen, delivery, and installation of the bike.

Overall, peloton experience is cheaper than a Peloton bike, even with the inclusion of a one-month subscription.

What Is the Difference Between SoulCycle and Cyclebar?

Since both SoulCycle and Cyclebar offer indoor spinning and stationary bike cycling, then one may wonder what the difference between the two is. However, every brand is different from the others, regardless of how similar their services may appear.

While SoulCycle charges for the cycling shoes and other cycling accessories at their studios, Cyclebar offer some, such as water and cycling shoes, as a bonus. Another major difference that is upcoming is that SoulCycle, unlike Cyclebar, has started offering home workout classes and bikes.

Is Peloton Better Than SoulCycle?

Peloton could be better than SoulCycle in a number of ways, and vice versa. Peloton has overall cheaper bikes and services, which is a plus for the brand. Their at-home bikes have been in the market longer, thus a wider market share. So, if you are looking for the already proven experience at home, then peloton wins.

On the contrary, SoulCycle indoor experience is more into rhythm and workout match, which makes it more interesting. It is, therefore, an individual decision as to which bike brand gives them maximum performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are SoulCycle and Peloton shoes the same?

Yes, they do. Both peloton and SoulCycle brands recommend the use of Look Delta or SPD-SL cleats, so the cycling shoes have to be of this 3-hole system. They both use clipless pedals, which is why it is of the essence to use cycling shoes as opposed to regular shoes.

Is SoulCycle still popular?

SoulCycle Studio workouts still have attendants, though not as many as before.

When peloton introduced the online experience where you do not need to go to the gym to have indoor spinning and stationary cycling, it overtook SoulCycle by extra miles.

However, with the new innovations to tap back its market that does not want to cycle at the studio, SoulCycle is bouncing back into the market. The commentators cannot wait to see the competition that is yet to erupt between the two brands.

Does SoulCycle use peloton?

SoulCycle uses the same gear as the peloton. They both use look Delta and SPD-SL cleat and pedal match. However, you have to use SoulCycle bikes for a SoulCycle experience.

Can I get either SoulCycle or Peloton internationally?

SoulCycle is available in five cities in the USA. You can get peloton if you are in the USA, UK, Germany or Canada. The two brands are working to include more countries, to ensure you get to enjoy indoor cycling and spinning from anywhere in the globe.


Spinning and stationary bike exercises are cardio workouts that can see you lose weight within a shorter duration than you probably imagine. Making an effort to have either SoulCycle or peloton workout classes could go a long way into ensuring that your performance improves.

You have to pay for the classes, which means you will do your best to ensure that you attend as many as possible to make the cost worth the service. As stated before, however, you will be the judge of the bike and class that will work best for you. Given the above analysis, you must already have the ideal experience dream. Make it materialize.

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