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14 Inspiring Peloton Before and After Success Stories – Weight Loss with Peloton

peloton before and after success stories and pics

Looking to get a Peloton bike in the near future, going to give the app a go for a bit first? Or want some motivation? If so, you would definitely love to see some before and after shots or success stories on how the Peloton Bike helps you to reach your weight loss goals.

Losing weight is tough; especially, without inspiration it can not be possible. That’s why Peloton weight loss journey stories inspire you most. So, set your mind now and be prepared with complete spinning accessories. Surely, you can lose weight.

“Biking Inspire” has collected 14 of the most real inspiring Peloton weight loss journey success stories of 2021 from Facebook’s official peloton group. This group consists of around 400K+ members, an inspiring platform for every peloton lover as they can see people’s success stories here almost daily.

14 Inspiring Peloton Before and After Success Stories

Different people have different stories and ways to express their experience. So, let’s hear some peloton before and after success stories from their own language..

1. Mikah Hulan

I have lost 41 with Macroholics Nutrition! There are tons of others that have lost even more. I am a MacroMaster with them and would love to give you more info if you would like it. ❤️ it has been the best and most family friendly program I have ever been apart of!

2. Nicole Rae

peloton success stories (12)

Left was me in February, right is me this week. I got my bike on 4/23/20 and I ride everyday combined with weights. I don’t follow a specific diet but I do pay attention to macros and just cleaned up my diet overall. It’s only going to be a month next week so not much loss in the number on the scale maybe 5-6lbs so far but notice a difference in pictures so far. I also have PCOS which makes losing weight take its damn time. Overall at my heaviest 6 years ago I was 264lb and bordering on pre diabetic.

Since then I’ve ran 13 half marathons and one full NYC marathon. I have really bad ankles and the running was getting to them after training and the marathon and I definitely let myself get back into old habits. I saw them creeping up and me heading back to that 264 pre diabetic girl. I think the bike was exactly what I needed to get myself back on track.

3. Amy Olson Johnson

45lb difference in the pics, 35 since I got the bike in November. Ride 3-5 times per week and try to avoid sugar, dairy and gluten as well as do intermittent fasting during the week. Rides definitely help keep diet on track!

4. Adriane Elizabeth

52 pounds since Dec. 1st. Biking 7 days/week now but in normal times bike 4 days/week and gym 5 days/week.

5. Charles Valinotti

150 lbs lost in just over a year. And yes food plan was super critical too !

6. Tonia Christiansen-Petterson

With the Peloton -40lbs! Over -50lbs total

7. Lauren Edwards

I’m about 65 pounds down. That’s over a total of 2 years, but with no diet change.The first three months the scale didn’t move. Until I got a body composition scale and saw the fat and muscle numbers shifting.I’m 28 but have been obese for well over a decade. With daily riding and no changes in diet, I’ve been able to lose the weight and keep losing. It might not work for everyone, but it’s worked for me. You can out exercise a bad diet, you just have to exercise A LOT!

8. Ashley Red

Bike was delivered March 17th and since then I ride 30-50m a day, 6 days a week. I have lost only 6 lbs, but I’m also breastfeeding (and my body really hangs on to weight due to the hormones) and am 3.5 months postpartum, so my hormones in general are still adjusting. I also have a thyroid condition that makes it that much more difficult. I’m on day 3 of dirty keto though, and already lost an additional lb. Overall, my body is much more toned, and my clothes fit much better. My husband, on the other hand, rides the same amount as me and has lost 15lbs (lucky).

9. Tim O’Roarke

My journey took a little longer than most of the stories in here going from 300 down to 217.8 as of this morning. The last 75 days since I’ve started on the Peloton have been a huge game changer for me and it has ignited a drive in me again! I still have work to do but you gotta want the change first! When you do anything is possible.

10. Priyanka Gadinski

Lost 45 lbs and I have 10 more to go….I track my macros with numbers I calculated from my blueprint on iifym and with experience meal prepping has become easy and so does logging feel free to message me!

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11. John Mullins

Two years ago I was 287 lbs. In and out of the hospital on week long stints due to my health. Blood pressure meds. Denied life insurance at 33. Then my kids Carter and Quinn were born and I realized I can’t live like this. This is not how I envisioned life. Eating everything in site. Drinking too much. It all needed to stop. I had just had enough. I needed to do this for my kids. So I changed everything. I was told by my doctor I could never run again after two major foot surgeries so I thought how can I lose weight if I can’t run. I didn’t think riding a bike was as effective as running but boy was I wrong. I bought a road bike and started seeing results immediately.

Although my first time out I only went one mile and ended up gasping for air lying on my garage floor. Hoping the neighbors didnt see me leave and come back so quick. Slowly I worked my way up to 17.5 miles a day. Well just as I got into the swing of things the cold weather hit. I still went out everyday. Dark, cold rain, any conditions really but once it turned to snow and ice I had to stop. I was so worried because I couldn’t go outside and bike anymore I would go back to my old ways and never try again.

That’s when I got my peloton bike. I feel like without it I don’t know where I would be. I’ve had it almost two years to the day and just completed my 500th ride today. I’m 100 lbs. lighter. No blood pressure meds. My doctor said that my bloodwork is pristine and that I have completely reversed my health. I had sleep apnea in which I had 187 episodes a night where I would stop breathing (during testing longest being a minute).

I found out last month after testing I no longer have it and don’t have to wear a CPAP anymore when I sleep. I am now trying to get life insurance which I hope I can get. I just turned 35 on Tuesday and am in the best shape of my life. When I went to visit my parents I went up to my old room and tried some old clothes from high school and they are too big. That was a great feeling. I just joined this page only a couple months ago (I don’t know why I didn’t know it existed) and love hearing everyone’s stories which is inspiring to me. I love how everyone is so supportive to others. To the people in front of me and the people behind me thank you for pushing me every ride.

At the end of the day whether you come in first, or you come in last, we all did it together as a team. Gettin all sweaty and uncomfortable. Lol. That’s a great feeling. The coaches who push us and encourage us every ride are amazing. Thank You! (Do they read these things. Lol) Most importantly I do it for Carter and for Quinn. Thats how I ended coming up with my rider name. It felt….perfect for me. I love everything about Peloton. At the end of the day we are honestly all really F’n awesome.

You all inspire me the days when I’m tired and don’t want to get on, too get on because I know you are all out there putting in the work. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or…I don’t know…in Olympic shape…lol…which I guess I fall in the middle somewhere now haha. Just know we are all together and someone is going through the same thing. We are all here for eachother. Glad to be a part of this and thanks for making me a part of the group. I’ll see you all out there my fellow Pelotonians!

12. Michelle Cruz

I never thought I’d post a picture of myself in a sports bra, let alone for the first time at age 47! However, this community is so empowering and inspiring. ??Today I hit my ?. Before January 5th I never worked out. I used to count taking my dog out front to ? as exercise. So haters who think it’s lame to post about this accomplishment can step off. This is a very big deal and I am so excited. Loving the view from the Century Club! Just getting started. ?

13. Brian Baumgarner

I know everyone likes a successful weight loss story. Even more so on this page if it involves a peloton. 3 years ago I was miserable. I was 215 lbs, constantly tired, baby on the way. High cholesterol and High blood pressure at age 32. A lot of it was genetic, and a lot of it was lifestyle. A regular diet of fast food, and liquid diet of cokes and beer.

When my daughter Lennan was born I decided I would try and get healthy. It kind of worked. I dropped down to 200 and stayed pretty steady around that weight until a year and a half ago. That’s when I bought a Peloton.

I’m not going to lie, I rode it probably 60 times in the first year, I had my son, and lost motivation, but had gotten down to 190lbs. Still sluggish, and now dealing with 2 kids. Since April of this year I’ve done over 120 rides, adjusted my diet tremendously, and today, without knowing did a scenic ride for #200.

The left is me at 215 lbs…..the right is me today at 170 lbs, healthy cholesterol, healthy BP, mid scenic ride wondering why I’m getting so many high fives while admiring New Zealand national parks and pedaling away.

In conclusion, and thank you for sticking with me this long, the bike works, if you work with the bike. Good luck out there and happy riding.

14. Tom Tschampel

Hey Peloton family! I wanted to share my first year anniversary with this amazing community and instructors. Im down 65 pounds!! I started at 227 and now I’m 162lbs. ??

First of all, this picture is difficult for me to post. But I felt it was important to show my change. For those of you who are thinking about purchasing the bike, it’s worth every penny.

A brief history about me first. I’ve struggled with my weight most of my adult life. It’s been up and down but always heavier than I should be. I tried a few programs and lost some weight but I was never happy and always self conscience of my body. I was sick and tired of being overweight and ready to make a change in my life.

Then I learned about Peloton through one of my mother’s colleges Sheila Marie O’Reilly. I was visiting my family in Ohio and had the opportunity to try the bike at the Columbus studio. My first ride was with Robin and I was immediately hooked! I got the bike through the Black Friday deal last year and the rest is history.

I haven’t followed any specific diet but just eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. I did cut out most carbs and trying to stay as clean as possible. I was never a big drinker so cutting out alcohol was easy. The hardest part has been cutting out sweets and not getting ice cream when the kids want some ?

This bike along with the incredible instructors and community have changed my life forever. Let’s be friends!

Final Word

Peloton bike come with low impact gears, which mean that it is easier for people who suffer from knee joints, back and ankle problems. It is a great tool to use if you need to rehabilitate bones and muscles after trauma. we have read 14 peloton before and after success stories. Now remember, your strong morale and strong conviction will definitely help you lose weight.

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