Peloton Rowing Machine: Is It a Rumour?

Peloton Rowing Machine

Is Rowing Machine Peloton’s Next Piece of Equipment? Or Is It a Rumour? Peloton has startled many with the declaration of releasing a cheaper treadmill, not to mention the release of the new bike +. However, rather than cool down the speculations that Peloton must be manufacturing a rowing machine, it has only fuelled the rumors. Reason?

Peloton may not have officially announced that it will bring a rowing machine into the market, but we can read the cues. Are you wondering whether the Peloton rowing machine is a rumor? Read on!

Peloton Rowing Machine Could be Next on Line

Peloton must have been outstanding to conquer the indoor workout world within a span of a few years. While the company launched its activities between 2012 and 2013, it had taken the lead by 2016. And it really was. Actually, today it is referred to as an exercise bike cult, winning millions of customers despite being among the most expensive.

The company started with a bike, which cost 2495 for the longest time (today, the bike is going for 1895 dollars). Then there was the tread, which costs 4300 dollars. By the end of 2020, the company was already selling the new bike +, which is much more expensive, going for 2495 dollars.

Commendably, with the release of bike plus, the original peloton bike is now cheaper. And with a cheaper bike, tread lovers are also going to get a new cheaper option. 

If Peloton has a line of equipment improvement, why do fans still insist that the rowing machine is Peloton’s next piece of equipment? Here are clear-cut 7 reasons;

1. Foley’s 2018 Announcement

In 2018, John Foley, who is Peloton’s CEO, announced that Peloton would soon bring new equipment to the market. But it could have been the bike plus or the cheaper tread model peloton anticipates? We have thought about that as well, but with the support of the other reasons lined up below, we still believe that a rowing machine was in mind.

Jill Woodworth, Peloton’s CFO, responded to this by saying that they meant the cheaper tread. That makes sense, but could it be a way to cool people down before bringing them a surprise? All in all, she may not have confirmed that Peloton is working on a rowing machine, but neither did she refute the claims.

At least, this way, the rowing machine would be the surprise the company wants it to be.

2. Peloton has a Mystery Studio

In 2020, Peloton increased its studios to four, each for different workout equipment; the bike, the tread, yoga, and the fourth’s equipment yet to be in the light.

What does this tell you? Peloton has to release another piece of equipment, other than the bike and the tread, for indoor workouts. But it could be an elliptical or another home gym other than the rowing machine. So, why the rowing machine?

Let’s get on to our more definite point:

3. Its Manufacturing Branch has a Rowing Machine Patent

Tonic Exercise Technology is behind all of the peloton equipment, from the bike, the tread to bike plus. In October 2019, Peloton purchased the company, making it purely Peloton owned.

After that, Tonic Exercise Technology applied for a rowing machine patent, which they were granted. If the company is owned by Peloton and applied for the rowing machine patent, the answer is obvious.

While some companies apply for patents on equipment that never materialize, this could be a green light for peloton lovers.


On top of the patent, a website,, was registered under Peloton Interactive, Inc. When you click on the link, you are redirected back to the peloton main website page. While it could only pass as speculation, this site seems to serve as a potential rowing machine site. 

The fact that it is registered under Peloton and uses the peloton and row names brings some dots together.

5. Pressure from Potential Customers

The world is a dynamic place, and so is everything in it, including the indoor exercise world. After the bike and the tread, people want other indoor equipment from the Peloton. Both the tread and the bike are high-intensity workout equipment, so low-intensity workout equipment is a great complement.

In essence, there are peloton fans who don’t want the high-intensity workout equipment at all, but the alternative would do. And what indoor workout equipment that is low intensity would be better than a rowing machine?

Besides that, a peloton rowing machine’s rumor has created so much interest that fans want it. In that case, even if Peloton did not have it in mind, they would manufacture it to satisfy their customers.

In any case, the sale of products is all about opportunities. Therefore, if an opportunity is viable, why would the company not take advantage of it?

6. Competition

Peloton faces stiff competition all around it. Most of its tough competition has released a rowing machine, going ahead of Peloton. To satisfy customers who want all equipment from one company, Peloton’s best alternative is to include a rowing machine.

Moreover, Peloton could easily attract rowing machine fans looking for equipment that offers Peloton’s live classes. In so doing, it will be ahead of much of its competition with the equipment.

7. Insider Rumours

People with friends and family working with peloton claim that they have news of Peloton coming up with a rowing machine. The rumors started in 2020, so fans expected the machine would be out before the end of the year. However, the fact that Peloton agreed that most of their plans were delayed due to the pandemic works for the rumors.

Therefore, we are anticipating that what did not materialize in 2020 will do in 2021. After all, we are doing the same with the movie series, right?

In a Nutshell;

Peloton has not yet confirmed about coming up with a rowing machine. Despite the heated argument online, none of the company’s representatives has responded. Therefore, everything that the company is doing towards a new project points to a rowing machine.

So, we have one option left; to wait and see!