6 Best Cleats for Peloton Bike (Ultimate Guide)

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Have you been thinking about the Peloton workout, but the terms that come with the thought are just confusing? Your mind is probably on peloton shoes, shoe clips, or is it Peloton bike cleats, what kind of cleats for Peloton bikes? What about covering a topic on Peloton cleats in this article, which will bring you closer to understanding not only the Peloton bike cleats, but also the whole aspect of a Peloton workout basics necessity. You will realize that all these terms are interrelated, thus end your confusion.

Clip in pedals are made up of the pedal and the cleat. Bike Shoes cleats are small plastic or rubber fitting, meant to clip in under the soles of biking and spinning shoes to enhance grip. They are fixed to the ball part of the shoe and meant to clip in to the bike pedal.

What Kind of Cleats for Peloton?

Peloton bikes require special a special type of riding shoes, for convenience and safety. Shoe clips support your whole body and prevent falling, which is why they are essential. They possess a wide plate feature, which ensures the stability of the rider on the pedal during the riding exercise.

 There are different types of cleats in the market, which makes it paramount to understand and specify that you want Peloton bike shoes cleats/ clips for you to get the correct cleats. The major and popular types today are Shimano SPD and Shimano SPD-SL or Look Delta clips. So, what kind of clips does peloton use?

Cleats for Peloton bikes have to be suitable for Look delta clip system or Shimano SPD-SL, which will fit Peloton bike pedals. 

Generally, there are cleats with either two or three holes. All cleats have three holes for better stability onto the shoe. They are in three different colors, which in most cases, represent the degree of float. Red represents a higher level of float, which may go up to 30 degrees, grey represents a medium level of float while black shoe cleats have a zero-degree level of float, meaning that it is tight.

The 6 Best cleats for Peloton Bike

The peloton bike’s cleats on the market have different features. So, we are here to give you the top Peloton bike shoes‘ cleats brand available after research.

1.BV Bike Cleats – Look Delta System

BV Bike cleats are a great choice of peloton bike, their 3-hole design being the major feature that qualifies them as cleats for peloton bikes.

 In case you were wondering what kind of cleats for peloton would be easiest to forget the existence of and even walk in, then you have your answer. BV Bike cleats are popular for their lightweight, which makes them difficult to feel under the shoe, therefore a choice of convenience for many. 

These cleats are suitable for both road biking and indoor cycling, and you will thus not need an extra pair for either activity, unless for convenience purposes. They have a 9-degree rotation, which means that lateral movement is guaranteed. This crucial feature ensures that your ankles, knees, and lower back do not run the risk of pains, especially after long riding exercises.

Reasons to Buy

  • Light in weight, thus convenient for long
  • Made for both indoor and outdoor riding and
  • Have a 9-degree rotation; thus lateral
    movement allowed.
  • Standard, and can be worn by both men and
  • Durable, thus value for money.

2. Marque Bike Cleats – Look Delta System

The Look delta system on these cleats make them ideal peloton bike shoe clips. They are made of quality plastic material that make it durable, withstanding wear and tear over time.

Are you the type of rider who wants to be tightly clipped to the peddle of their bike? This type of shoe clips is moreover an awesome choice for beginners and experienced riders who do not want to be on and of the bike. This is due to the fact that it is difficult to remove, once installed onto the shoes. This feature ensures that accident effects are minimized, as the shoes hold on to the peddle axle tightly.

They are great Peloton bike clips for both indoor and outdoor cycling, in addition to spinning exercises. This diverse function ensures that you are settled, despite having a single pair while willing to try out different activities.

Reasons to Buy

  • It’s tight fix to the peddle prevents accidents and
  • Durable, as once installed one can decide not to
    disengage it often.
  • Diverse usage, thus used with both indoor and outdoor
  • Stylish design.

3. Cyclingdeal Bike Cleats – For Look Delta System

Some of us want to try out cleats with an exotic touch, as long as it qualifies to be a peloton bike shoe type. This Taiwan made model qualifies to be one of the best zero-degree peloton bike clips. With its ability to stick onto the peloton bike pedals, it reduces the risk of an accident and subsequent injury. If you are about to have a rough outdoor ride, then this is the best choice, perfectly aligning to the pedal and ensuring a tighter grip.

It is made of a very strong plastic material that ensures durability, despite the outdoor exposure it is meant for. The surface is large to offer larger space, thus reducing the pressure in addition to hotspot prevention.

Reasons to Buy

  • Durable, as it is made of strong plastic.
  • Assurance that your shoes will stick to the
    pedals so no worry even if you are relatively new.
  • Offers great outdoor rides even on rough terraces.
  • Large bottom surfaces, assuring you of minimized

4. look delta cleats peloton – For Look Delta System

Look Delta products have already made themselves a name, being known as high-quality brand items with high recommendations from satisfied customers. Look Delta Bi-Material Cleat is a type of shoe clip that comes in two colors, red and black, depending on your preference of shoe clip tightness. While black provides for fixed position, the red delta clips offer a guarantee of free rotation.

Made of strong plastic material, they are some of the most preferred peloton bike shoe’s clips in the market, due to their standard peloton bike pedal size. They can be used on both men and women’s shoes, as they are unisex. It is one of the best shoe clips for peloton in the market, so if you are looking to buy new or replace your cleats, then here’s the value of your money.

Reasons to Buy

  • They are made of high-quality plastic material, meant
    to withstand long term tear and wear.
  • They are standard, thus assurance of fit regardless of sex.
  • Offer both black and red colors, thus catering for
  • Can be disengaged with the foot in or out of the shoe.
  • The red cleats allow a 9-degree rotation.

5. Inkesky Bike Cleats – For Shimano SPD SL System

 Inkesky Bike Cleat

Do you want shoe clips that will suit a tight budget? You will still get your desire satisfied, as Inkesky Bike cleats are a wonderful choice of peloton bike clips. As mentioned before, whenever your thoughts are like; what types of clips do peloton use, then just go for those with delta clips system. And yes, this less than $10 pair of cleats is a perfect candidate.

It actually brings with it an allen wrench, which ensures that the tightening of the bolts is sorted. It is perfect for both cycle and spin classes, and even suitable for mountain biking. This means that these cleats will go a long way into ensuring that most of your workout activities are catered for.

Reasons to Buy

  • Cheap, and thus goes well for a tight budget on peloton
  • Versatile, ensuring most of your activities are sorted.
  • The package comes with a wrench for tightening the
    cleat bolts onto the shoes.
  • Perfect fit for peloton pedals.
  • Meant for both men and women.

6. Etercycle Road Bike Cleats – Indoor Cycling Peloton Pedals & Spining Class Cycle Cleat

Are you still looking for a cheaper peloton bike shoes cleats type that will not disappoint you? Why not try Etercycle Road Bike cleats. The Etercycle cleats are actually strictly look Delta clips, which make them a specific choice of your peloton shoes, whether you are relatively new to the peloton workout or looking to replace old shoe clips.

Moreover, these shoe clips come with an anti-skid feature, which is meant to enhance grip on slippery grounds, thus avoiding accidents. The Etercycle Road Bike Cleats further come with cleat covers, which you can use to prevent dirt from messing with your cleats, and thus fastening your cleaning task. The cleat covers also ensure durability through this protection.

The package brings along a hex wrench, which is used for tightening the bolts that fix the cleats to your shoes.

Reasons to Buy

  • The package has a wrench, which helps with cleat bolts tightening.
  • The cleat covers ensure that the cleats do not get dirt especially on outdoor biking.
  • Meant for both indoor and outdoor biking.
  • Have an anti-skid feature, thus difficult to slide and fall off when wearing them.
  • High durability levels, enhanced by the cleat covers.

How to install cleats on Peloton shoes?

peloton cleats setup
Image credit: peloton

With an answer on what kind of cleats for peloton you will need, installation is obviously the next step in mind. Did you just receive a new pair of the cleats, as your first ones or for replacement? Do you feel uncomfortable with your current shoe cleats installation, and would like to redo the procedure? Here is your guide. If your shoes clips are already fixed, but you need some readjustment, then you will have to remove them first, so that we start the procedure anew.

Step 1:

Put on your shoes, and mark the ball of your foot on the shoe using a conspicuous color. You can get someone else to do this for you so that they do it accurately. This will ensure that this part of the foot will exactly fit into the axle of the peddles central part. This is most likely the part that you will use on the peddle when riding your bike. Remove the shoe from your foot, and extend the mark across the bottom of the shoe for clear alignment with the cleat. Wondering what the ball part of your foot is? It is the part of your foot adjacent to your big toe that protrudes to the outside.

Repeat this procedure with your other foot and shoe to ensure the correct fitting of the cleats on both shoes.

Step 2:

Shoe clips will in most cases have a marked line as well, where the cleats will fit into the peloton pedals. Keenly match this mark to the line already marked on your shoes, one at a time.

You can first try to see how your knees move by pretending to be on a bike. This is supposed to guide how you bolt in your cleats onto the bottom of your shoes. If your knees bend towards your body, that is, inwards, then you will have to bolt your cleats outwards. If your knees bend outwards, then you definitely have to fix the bolts inwards. This is meant to ensure that your joints and tarsals do not hurt while on the workout.

Step 3:

Now that you have the correct bearing of the cleats and the required markings bolt in your shoes clips onto your shoes. Peloton cleats, which are Delta clips, will have three holes, which is actually the best design for bikers. The cleats are also wide, which allows for better stability, whether on the road or indoors. Fit each of the three holes accurately into position, which will see the cleat wide plate into position.

Use a wrench that comes with the package, or one that you got separately, to fix the bolts onto the cleats and into the bottom of the shoes. Put them loosely at first, and try on the shoes to feel whether you will like the angle. Try a biking try-out to feel them. 

Step 4:

Do you like the way your shoes feel with the cleats on? If your biking experience is sure to improve, then remove the shoes from your feet and tighten the bolts. You may however take time to completely get the best angle for you. This is normal and fine. You will have to keep disengaging and fitting the cleats each time you feel you need an adjustment, until you finally get your perfect position. This is more so if you are a new biker, though it still happens to long time bikers who replace their shoe cleats.

Step 5:

Float is the way a shoe moves when clipped onto the bike pedal. Define the float of your shoes clips, whether they offer a full rotation, moderate, or whether they are fixed. 

Generally, most companies that offer cleats use the color code, with red standing for full rotation, grey half rotation, and black fixed position. The float of the cleats will determine the position of your body, which is crucial if you want to avoid joint injuries.

If the float of your cleats is causing you pains and injuries, then it means you are not on the right track. You most likely will never enjoy your peloton biking experience if you know that you will end up hurting. You will thus need to replace your cleats with more comfortable ones, which will enhance your posture and boost your workout morale.

Step 6:

Once you have determined all these crucial points, then you are sure to have a lasting enjoyable biking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Q: How many cleats are included in one package, and what else is in the package?

A: All cleats, including peloton compatible ones, come in a pair. The package also includes six bolts and six washers, and in some instances, for example for the Etercycle Road Bike Cleats and We Test Road Bike Cleats, a wrench is included. 

2) Q: What is a wrench used for?

A: A wrench, which comes with some cleats packages, is used for tightening the bolts onto the bottom of the shoes. It is standard and suitable for the specific shoe clips it comes along with.

3) Q: Can 2-hole cleats be used with peloton shoes.

A: No, Peloton pedals and shoes only fit the 3-hole cleats. Moreover, the cleats have to follow the Look Delta clips system or Shimano SPD-SL, so that they can be considered suitable shoes clips for peloton bike.

4) What are the floats?

A: This is the level of rotation that cleats offer. Floats are mostly marked by colors, with the red color offering the highest level, while black cleats are tight, with no rotation. Grey is for moderate float level.

Final Word

Peloton has become so popular today that most of us want to try out the experience. Cleats are essential, actually a necessity in peloton biking and spinning. Now that you are armed with the right information about compatible shoes clips for peloton, you will surely get the thrill that everyone is talking about.

Asked the question; what types of clips does peloton use, we now have the answer, in addition to the various great types available in the market. You can try out the best model of peloton cleats for you, depending on the float preference, budget, brand preference, and general taste. Our final goal is to ensure that you enjoy your peloton workouts to the maximum, feeling satisfied, stress-free, comfortable, and motivated.

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