Peloton Bike Plus Review: Difference Between Editions

peloton bike plus review

As a Peloton bike rider and peloton enthusiast, I planned to write a peloton bike plus review a long ago, but I couldn’t manage time to write. However, Finally, I managed some times to write on. When Peloton announced that a new bike launched, I knew it had to be better. And my curiosity could not allow me to hold back; I Just had to get first-hand experience on this. Oh, my old peloton bike is in my garage right now, BIG Smile.

At a glance, the bike definitely looks different. Even the Peloton logo on the bike frame is different from the original bike’s logo. It is all a posh kind of dark, inscribed on the dark frame. The screen is also comparatively larger, clearer, and with more benefits. Yet, that’s not all there is to Peloton bike plus.

I Considered the Peloton Bike Plus

The original peloton bike already won the indoor exercise bike market, and Peloton is gracious enough to lower its cost finally. From 2245 dollars, the bike is currently selling at only 1995 dollars. While numerous peloton bike admirers went for the generous offer, my eyes were elsewhere.

I already had the original bike, but this cute piece would not leave me behind. Funny enough, I didn’t even want to go with the Peloton offer to trade the bikes. I just had to see the difference and probably sell the original bike on the Facebook platform later. (Some so many people are ready for the used peloton bike, as long as it is in good condition).

So, a better offer was here; the Peloton bike plus. Though expensive, I felt that only 200 dollars on what I already used for the original bike weren’t much.

Peloton Bike Vs Bike Plus: What’s So Different from the Original Peloton Bike?

Much more than you could have imagined;

  • The screen is larger, and it can rotate to any side for off-bike workouts, while the original bike screen cannot turn at all.
  • The Peloton bike logo is shiny and darker, not in red and white.
  • Its resistance is both digital and manual, while the Peloton bike has only a manual resistance.
  • Of course, it is more expensive, while the original bike costs less than before. The initial bike was 2245 dollars, while the bike plus will come at 2495 dollars.
  • As for the 4.0 Bluetooth that we were accustomed to with Peloton, now you will get it upgraded to Bluetooth 5.0.
  • The plain bike seat is changed to a breathable bike seat, but that’s just it.
  • The front of the handlebars is flat, instead of having a visible bump.
  • Then there is the resistance knob, which is easier to turn with wet fingers and within an instant. Thus, you forget the former struggle to use both hands in order to have the resistance knob move.
  • 4 speakers, 2 rear and 2 front, contrary to the previous 2 rear speakers.
  • 5GHZ WiFi connection upgrade from the 4GHZ.
  • The Earphone jack has changed position from the touchscreen side to the front of the handlebars.
  • Front-facing camera from 5 MP to 8 MP for smarter clarity.
  • Change to USB-C cable for both the bike and the monitor connector.
  • Comes with Apple Watch’s Gymkit, which is not available in the original bike.

The Peloton Bike(+) Plus at a Glance

While the peloton bike plus design is almost like that of the initial bike, the few changes are worth the extra cost. Above all, the bike is the classiest piece of equipment you could complement your gym with.

So, let’s go through all there is to the bike:


Of course, the peloton bike has always been rated among the most expensive exercise bikes, even with the original peloton bike. The bike then went for 2245 dollars, with no accessory other than the touchscreen and no free subscription.

Furthermore, you don’t have to pay the lump sum at a go. You have the option to pay in installments, at 64 dollars every month for only 39 months. Despite the payment period, you will not get any additional interest charges.

However, the bike plus is even more expensive, going at 2495 dollars. There is good news, though, because the former bike price dropped to 1895 dollars. Therefore, if all you want is a neat peloton experience, you can still do it with the original peloton bike.

Just as with the peloton bike +, you can purchase the original bike in installments. Given that it is cheaper, you only have to pay 49 dollars per month for 39 months, and you will have a bike.

peloton bike logo

While I had already watched it on YouTube and seen numerous photos of the bike, the bike logo was surprisingly different. It was nothing like the red and white peloton name and symbol that we are used to, from the bike to shoes and other peloton accessories.

However, the shiny dark logo looks elegant, you know, the kind you expect to see only in an expensive piece of equipment.

The Touchscreen

Peloton bike plus Screen

Amazingly, the Peloton bike plus comes with a conspicuously large screen, measuring 23.5 inches. These measurements are different from the original screen’s 21.5-inch measurements.

And there’s more to the screen; 

The touchscreen is movable, both up and down, as the initial bike screen, and adds a 360-degree movement. Therefore, you can rotate it to any side of the bike where you want to undertake your workouts from.

Whether you want yoga on one side of the front of the bike and strength workouts on the other, you are good to go. You don’t have to cast the off-bike workouts to another screen just to manage from other workout equipment.

Then there are the speakers, which are double the initial bike screen speakers. Other than the rear two speakers from the original bike, the bike plus comes with two front speakers. This adds to the sound’s quality during workouts, and you may actually consider not adding an extra speaker to the equipment.

More interestingly, the earphone jack is no longer at the side of the screen, which could be inconvenient. Instead, you get it closer to you, just at the front bar holding the handlebars. So, you won’t have to bend if the earphone’s cable length is shorter.

The screen front bottom further presents you with a shift button, which helps you shift from the workout to personal stuff without exposing your privacy.e

Ooh! Almost forgot; the front-facing camera has a higher megapixel, which is eight megapixels. The original bike uses five megapixels.

Bringing in more efficiency are the volume buttons, which are at the rear side of the initial bike screen. For the bike plus, you get the buttons at the side but at the front of the screen for easy accessibility.

The Bike Seat

peloton bike seat

As for the bike seat, the size is still the same, but there are some changes. With the original Peloton, the seat was just blank and smooth all the way. However, the bike plus seat consider saddle breathability and features ventilation pores that concentrate on one side of the seat.

The ventilation pores make the seat more comfortable and minimize excessive sweating during strenuous workouts.

Then there is the seat adjustment knob, which is shorter and circular. It is also a quick-lever adjustment knob, which eases your adjustment task.

The Handlebars

As for the handlebars, I only found slight changes, but which made it even more elegant. Rather than the large bump at the front, the bike plus features a flat bar.

The adjustment knobs are now shorter and circular, which gives the handlebars area a compact outlook. The fact that they are quick-release gives you the option to adjust them quicker and even while on the bike.

The Resistance Knob 

peloton Resistance Knob

The resistance knob on the original bike only has a manual adjustment option. However, the new bike utilizes a new digital resistance mode, which is easier to manipulate. Besides that, you still have the option to control the resistance manually.

Moreover, you get the most celebrated auto-follow aspect, which can keep you in the resistance level you choose. More than that, you have the freedom to get to a slightly higher or lower than the chosen resistance, depending on the class’s needs.

The best part of it is that the knob is so easy to turn. You don’t need extra energy from a dry hand to have it working your way. In any case, the knob is digitalized, unlike its counterpart. 


Rather than the large unique bike charger, the bike plus is using a USB-C charging system. On top of that, the screen connector is also USB-C. Do you know what this means? You can easily switch your chargers with other chargers in the house. Better still, charge your USB-C phone or laptop from the bike cable.

The original bike had externally routed cables, which was quite messy, especially around the screen area. Fortunately, peloton bike plus has corrected this, coming in internally routed cables. The outcome is a neat environment surrounding the bike.

The Pedals

peloton bike pedal

At least, the pedals don’t change from the peloton bike pedals, so I was happy to retain my shoes despite longing for something different. The pedals use a 3-hole cleat system; hence both Look Delta cleat system shoes are suitable.

However, if you decide to use a different pedal pair, you can switch the pedals for your taste. But remember that this may affect your warranty.

Dimensions and Weight Limits

peloton bike dimensions and weight

The bike + has a two by 4 feet dimension, which is compact for a small house. Basically, all the dimensions run as follows; Length- 59 inches, width- 22 inches, and height- 59 inches.

Moreover, the bike + can handle a weight of up to 297lbs, inclusive of the user weight and other accessories such as weights. It is also suitable for persons with a weight between 4’11” and 6’4″.

Additional Smart Features

First off, with the Peloton bike +, you don’t have to worry about downloading the Gymkit. The Gymkit is the app that allows the Apple Watch to connect directly to the peloton app. Bike + comes with the Gymkit already installed, easing your installation task.

Secondly, the peloton bike uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with other devices. However, the bike + comes with a 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity strength.

The bike has also increased WiFi support, including 5ghz networks, improving the peloton bike.

Finally, you will still use your Ant + or Bluetooth accessories, such as the bike’s heart rate monitor. It pairs instantly and without issues, just as with the original bike.

Sadly for ethernet lovers, the bike doesn’t come with an ethernet port as with the peloton bike. However, you have the option to use an ethernet adapter using the available USB-C cable.


Peloton bike + has a 30-day free home trial so that you use and explore the bike for thirty days. If you don’t like it, you can return it and have a full refund immediately.

You also get a 12-month limited warranty, while the frame has a warranty that lasts for 5 years.

Amazingly, you don’t have to worry about how you will set up the bike for the first time or even haul it over the stairs. The delivery team brings the bike to the exact spot that you choose. They also set it up for you, including ensuring that the WiFi you use is set up on the bike.

How Much is the Peloton Subscription with The Bike +?

Whether you are using the original bike or bike +, you will get a uniform package. You pay 39 dollars a month to get unlimited live and on-demand classes. Besides, you can decide to only workout with the on-demand classes, which are free for all Peloton bike owners.

Wrapping Up

Peloton bike plus is the perfect improvement on the former peloton bike. It features all the admirable features and offers opportunities that you will understand by riding it yourself. 

If you already had the Peloton bike, don’t worry, as you can still upgrade. You will simply return the old bike, add 700 dollars, and there you are with the new bike + experience.