Orangetheory Towel: What to Know About It

When going for Orangetheory Fitness, a microfiber towel is definitely one of the major requirements. Orangetheory towel is one of the best that OTF users recommend due to its amazing quality and durability. Its moisture-wicking capacity is also undeniable, and that is not all: the towel typically possesses all you need in a workout towel.

So, would you like to learn more about the towel, to see whether you will consider it? Besides, you don’t need to be in an Orangetheory towel when going to Orangetheory.

Orangetheory Towel

Are Orangetheory Towels Free?

Whenever Orangetheory Fitness has a major event, such as launching a new studio or a new workout form, attendees may get freebie towels. Also, for new OTF studios, you may find that they are welcoming the first people with free towels to encourage attendance and positivity.

But are Orangetheory towels really free? No, they are not. Actually, the freebie towels are not as strong as the real Orangetheory towels that you purchase. They are just a welcome gift that you can’t consider as a major workout towel.

The free towels have an orange Orangetheory Fitness logo, or you could get some that are orange in color. They are also lightweight and don’t last that long. However, they are a perfect alternative as you await your main towel accessory for the Orangetheory workouts.

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How Much are Orangetheory Towels?

Orangetheory towels range in price, which basically depends on the size and material. The average towel, which is 35 by 60 inches (quite a bathroom towel, right?), goes for 14 dollars. The sweat towels are even cheaper, to the extent that you can purchase several to go with the workouts.

In essence, the OTF towels are surprisingly not as expensive as the brand, despite being high quality.

Features of the Orangetheory Towel

Orangetheory towels differ in sizes, from small hand towels to face towels and large bathroom towels.

You can use the hand towels for constant hand drying when on the tread, the cycle, or the indoor water rower. You can fold several for change because they soak up quickly, given the small pocket size.

For a medium-sized workout towel, you can get 15 by 25 inches, which you can comfortably use over the whole one-hour Orangetheory session.

On the other hand, you can put a large bathroom towel on your shoulders when running to dry your face and neck. Since the towel is large, one is enough for a whole workout, even in very hot and sweaty conditions.

The upper is superbly soft, with pure microfiber poly-fleece to prevent scratching. It presents color(s) full of vim and vigor to ensure that you have spirited workout motivation.

Then there is the inner side, which is 100 percent cotton terry velour, which is even softer. Therefore, even the most sensitive of skins will be at peace with a wipe from the towel.

Moreover, the towel is highly moisture-wicking, so that a single wipe completes the mission and leaves you completely dry. Better still, you can use the towel severally without filling it up with moisture. The absorption level is simply topnotch and lasts longer than you will imagine.

While not all towels are machine-friendly, the Orangetheory towel is suitable for a cold machine-wash. Over and above that, you can tumble dry the towel.

Hence, the towel is not only comfortable for use but also convenient in all aspects.

Reviews on the Orangetheory Towel

Testimonials and customer reviews reveal that there are Orangetheory towel users who have had their towels for over half the decade. That’s not surprising, because it happens all the time. However, the fact that they can still use the towels over five years down the line is incredible. More than that, the absorption and quality of the towels is still amazing despite the time.

While those using the free OTF towels don’t seem to like the durability, the rest appreciate the towel quality. Its high absorbent capability, coupled with the size and feel, makes it a perfect workout towel.

The towel is not only suitable for Orangetheory Fitness users but also for other gym and studio users. It is also perfect for the field, whether you are out for tennis or athletics.  

More interestingly, the larger towel is suitable for the beach because it is large enough and soft for sensitive skin use. Therefore, even after a hot sunbathe, you can be sure of a soft feel that massages your skin, getting rid of the salty water gently.

Is It Necessary to Use Orangetheory Towel at Orangetheory?

No, it is not. You can use other gym towels that you feel comfortable with at Orangetheory. If you already have another brand towel or are comfortable with only specific towels, feel free to bring a different towel. Other than the heart rate monitor, none of your other accessories are checked for compatibility.

Remember that Orangetheory Fitness centers don’t offer the towel, even on your first day. You need to purchase the towel prior, or you can ask for it at the center at the towel cost. 

Best Towels for Orangetheory?

If you intend to purchase other towels for Orangetheory Fitness, below are a few top recommendations you will fall in love with:

1. Desired Body Fitness Gym Towels

If you don’t trust your face and neck with sweat during workouts and need to wipe the areas, trust Fitness Gym Towels constantly. Stretching up to 44 inches by 16.5 inches at the maximum, the towels are large enough to ensure that your face remains dry throughout the workouts. Besides using them for wiping purposes, you can use them for the indoor water rower cover to minimize seat sweat.

Besides, the towels are polyester and polyamide blend of materials, which produce perfect moisture-absorption and quick-drying features. The high-quality material also prevents odor build-up, giving you a fresh wipe even at the 20th time.

Moreover, the soft material prevents irritation, while the lack of labels and hooks prevent any itching altogether. Hence, you don’t have to worry about being careful or slowing down your workout just for a wipe.

Generally, the towel features a lovely and stylish waffle design, reinforced with the silky grey border that adds to its trendy outlook. The look also suits both men and women, and since the package has a pair, you can alternate whenever you feel like it.


  • Excellent moisture-absorbency
  • Quick-drying
  • Soft and gentle on the skin
  • Large for sweat wiping and equipment seat cover


  • Only in three color options

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2. Futone Gym Towel

For awesome gym towels at a budget cost, Futone gym towels win the race. You get a set of four towels, all in a budget of fewer than ten dollars. And there is more to the minimal cost:

The towels act as cooling towels in the intense workouts where heat build-up is obvious. Hence, you end up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the rest of the workout sets. All you need is to soak and wring the towel, then wrap it around your neck to cool the temperatures and for occasional face wipes.

Built-in high absorbent fiber weave technology, the cooling impact is not only excellent, but you also find it really lightweight. Despite this, the material is high-quality, so you can use the towels over and over without depreciating the quality.

If you are attending Orangetheory in tropical and hot areas or seasons, the towel is the best option to withstand the whole-hour high-intense workouts.


  • Inexpensive
  • Best for hot conditions, acting as a cooling towel
  • high -quality, hence long-lasting


  • The absorption level is the least of the three options here

3. Acteon Microfiber Gym Towels

Looking for Orangetheory towels that guarantee antimicrobial elements to avoid the annoying sweat odor? Acteon microfiber gym towels are specially treated with silver antimicrobial ions, which will prevent bacteria growth.

Moreover, the towels are quick-drying and highly absorbent, features that are key to Orangetheory workout towels. They dry thrice as fast as normal cotton towels, which works in your favor in intense workouts. More than that, the absorption level is five times the actual weight.

On top of that, they are so soft that you will not feel a scratch on your skin, yet all the moisture will be off. It is also lightweight to have it on your shoulders throughout the workout without feeling the weight impact.


  • 5-in-1 for every package
  • Antimicrobial features for non-stinky towels
  • Soft for a comfortable wipe
  • Lightweight 


  • The drying hook can cause a scratch if not careful

Do You Have to Carry a Towel to Orangetheory Fitness?

It is not necessary to have you thrown out, but for convenience, you need one. Orangetheory is more of HIIT workouts, where you have several high-intensity workouts, each for a few minutes. Hence, chances are you will sweat more, and a gym towel helps you keep your face dry at all times.

The sweat can keep you uncomfortable or, worse still, block your vision during the workout. Therefore, dealing with it is one way to ensure that you perform better at Orangetheory Fitness.

In a Nutshell:

The Oragetheory towel is both convenient and comfortable for any workout. It helps keep in check the sweat running down your face, neck, and hands during the workout, ensuring that the workout is more efficient. It is also good quality, so you can expect to use it over and over for years without depreciating its quality.

Besides, if you are at Orangetheory Fitness in the towel, it helps you feel that you are blending with the Orange mood.

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