Orangetheory Headband: Do I Really Need It?

Orangetheory headbands come in a spectrum of colors and sizes to suit every need and taste in the market. One thing you will love about them, though, especially for Orangetheory fans, is that each headband has an orange logo. Therefore, you don’t necessarily need the orange-colored headband to feel orange.

The headbands are also at different prices to cater to specific seasons and personal needs.

Orangetheory Headbands?

Yes, other than the legendary HIIT workouts, Orangetheory Fitness offers fitness outfits, which the headband is a part of. Before we dive further into the headbands, let’s tackle this:

Orangetheory Fitness basically combines cardio and strength workouts, which are all different but effective. The workouts last 60 minutes, and within the 60 minutes, you should have gone through a treadmill, an indoor water rower, and several floor strength workouts.

While you do all this, your goal will be to ensure that you spend approximately 20 minutes in the orange zone, which is your uncomfortable and effective zone. This means that you will definitely sweat, working out for 60 minutes, and spending a third of your time in a quite uncomfortable zone.

In this case, you will obviously sweat, and one of the major ways to keep you comfortable in an uncomfortable situation is to get a headband. Orangetheory headbands are designed to withstand the conditions in the Orangetheory Fitness class and also other fitness classes.

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Do I Really Need The Orangetheory Headband?

Well, whether to use a headband in an Orangetheory class is a personal choice. While the headband has numerous advantages, not everyone will feel the advantage.

Below are reasons you should invest in one and a few reasons you don’t need the Orangetheory headband.

Why You Need the Orangetheory Headband

  • Protects the Face and Eyes from Sweat

A headband will generally act as a sweatband, preventing sweat from clouding your face and eyes. Orangetheory headbands are quality and breathable, hence performing this task excellently.

Curbing moisture prevents skin and eye irritation, which could develop something nasty. Therefore, the headband acts to keep you safe.

Other than wicking the moisture from your forehead, the headband attracts airflow in and out of your skin, keeping you cool and aerated.

  • Keeps the Hair in Place

If you have long hair, braids, or locks, it will easily affect your workout equipment performance. The headband keeps the hair neatly away from the face, allowing you to concentrate on your different workouts in Orangetheory and other gyms. 

  • Personalizes your Outfit

When you have an Orangetheory headband, it does not restrict you to Orangetheory workouts. You can wear it to other gyms and stand out, given that everyone has a different headband.

Even if you were to wear the headband to the Orangetheory class, the wide variety ensures that you can choose a personal headband. Therefore, the coaches can easily spot you by your headband, and you will also stand out among your colleagues.

The best part that I love about the headband is that you can match it to your gym outfits. Surprisingly, Orangetheory headbands are so cheap that you can own several for different outfit blends.

  • No More Workout Limitations

When in a headband, you don’t have to limit yourself to prevent sweat from keeping you uncomfortable. Now you will not only aim for the orange zone in Orangetheory, but you can also dare the red zone.

After all, sweating in the headband ensures that you utilize the headband to the maximum.

As for the type, you can get the warm winter headbands or the lighter breathable ones that work well in the summer season. When in winter, a headband will help keep your ears warm. In any case, owning an Orangetheory headband doesn’t mean that you wear it only in class. Thus, the headband will keep your ears safe from the biting wind in the winter seasons.

Best Other Brands Headbands for Orangetheory Fitness

1. E Tronic Edge Headbands for Men and Women

This E Tronic Edge headband is suitable for both men and women, so if you are looking forward to a couple of goals, this is a good start.

Essentially, the headbands are so lightweight that you will not even realize any impact on your head. Despite this aspect, they have a tremendous absorption impact, given their high-quality material.

Moreover, they also dry up fast to ensure that you are cool and comfortable while maintaining the lightweight nature. You will also be safe from a soggy and dumpy headband.

2. Heathyoga Headbands for Women

For a women-specific headband for Orangetheory, Heathyoga takes the trophy. It comes with a non-slip silicone bars design that keeps the headband in place. Therefore, there is no risk of it slipping and having your hair fall all over your face.

The stretchy feature from the spandex material couples with nylon to bring out breathability and moisture-wicking. Therefore, it is no surprise that it absorbs moisture three times faster than common cotton.

You get a spectrum of colors to choose from, so you can have fun matching your Orangetheory Fitness clothes.

3. Offtesty Headbands for Boys & Girls

For fashionable headbands that come in a value pack of half a dozen, you are finally covered. The headbands feature a very soft material that feels comfortable on the skin.

On top of that, they are highly absorbent, ensuring that you are dry and comfortable for the workout.

The elasticity is suitable for holding the hair back while giving the outlook of a mini-bandana.

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Why You Don’t Need the Orangetheory Headband

  • If You Already Have Another Headband

If you already have a headband that you feel comfortable in, you can use it even in Orangetheory fitness classes. While you may feel compelled to buy an Orangetheory heart rate monitor, you can decide on the rest of the outfit you put on.

  • If You are Uncomfortable in the Headband

Do you feel that you had a bad experience with an Orangetheory headband? You can switch brands for a more comfortable one. 

Wrapping Up

Do I really need an Orangetheory headband? Based on the pros and cons of investing in one, I would prefer having one. Besides, you have several price options to choose from if you feel budget-constrained.

So, you really need the Orangetheory headband to optimize on the benefits of your fitness workouts. 

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