Orangetheory Fitness Reviews from Beginners; 5 Inspiring Stories

Orangetheory Fitness Reviews from Beginners

Orangetheory Fitness has been around for a decade now, but it still appears fresh, like the new cult in the gym world. Combining cardio and strength workouts, Orangetheory provides you with the perfect whole-body workout plan you need.

However, the challenge that most interested customers have is the experience of a beginner. Honestly, every new task, job, or even workout plan is quite terrifying, especially when you think you will have an audience.

“” has collected 5 Beginners’ experience stories from Orangetheory Fitness academy. Let’s have a glance at what OTF beginners feel, or at least experienced during their first Orangetheory training.

Orangetheory  Fitness Beginners experience

1. Eva C. Fowler: Nervous to that I was Out of Shape

“I always felt that I needed what Orangetheory provided, a whole-body workout. I hadn’t worked out for at least five years and felt that I would break under Orangetheory pressure. I mean, with the pressure to get to the Orange zone, as everyone said on Facebook… 

On top of that, everyone I had come across or read about was CrossFit or some other gym fanatic. Orangetheory was just a more interesting venture for them.

Despite all the doubts, I decided to brace myself for a class. After all, the first class is free, and if I did not like it, I would never subscribe to any. The experience was quite different from my imagination. 

I was welcomed warmly, and they took my basic statistics, that is, height, weight, and age. Then, they fitted the Orangetheory heart rate monitor on my wrist. I remember that it was an OTBeat Flex.

I feared the treadmill (I had never tried one my whole life), but the cycling option was a hot cup of coffee in winter. There was no pressure to perform, and the coach who monitored me encouraged me to work out at my pace.

I was getting through the green zone by the time I was five minutes down. I was surprised to see the screen already showing that I was in the orange zone, despite feeling eager to workout harder already.

The Orangetheory zones work as per individual. For instance, while an active person works out pretty hard to get to the orange zone, the same pressure is unnecessary for less active users.

The class takes 60 minutes, and little did I know that the class’s fun shortens the duration. By the time I was through, I was looking forward to another class.

I wouldn’t say I liked the class because the coaches don’t concentrate much on you. You can easily mess, though this is expected for a class with 40 plus trainees.”

2. George K. Russell: The Interval Workouts are Amazing 

“I looked forward to starting an Orangetheory class, at least based on all the positivity that my colleagues brought to work. I use a tread for my workouts at home, but I really wanted something different; more workout equipment, a live coach, and a class full of people.

The induction was quite fast, ending with a loosely fitted OTBeat Flex heart rate monitor. Unfortunately, the heart rate monitor kept moving to the top of my wrist bone, which I’ve sure affected the readings. However, this was the only part of the class that was disappointing.

Getting on the tread, I decided to run, which is my favorite on the tread. I found the workout much more difficult than I had imagined since I had to train against my heart rate zone. And, apparently, my required heart rate for the same should be at least 84 percent of the maximum heart rate. I loved the challenge and did not doubt that the results would be better.

Other than that, I loved the controlled tread workouts, so that the speed increased and decreased at intervals. The interval workouts did not matter much at the tread since I was already accustomed to hard tread workouts but great at other workouts.

When I went to the indoor water rower, I loved the intervals and speed limits, which helped me relax and regain strength for better performance. Then there were the reps on the floor for strength workouts, which were so short that anyone would manage.

Overall, I ensure that I made it to 20 minutes of the Orange zone and 12 minutes of the red zone. I got congratulatory compliments from the coach, which was quite encouraging. I also wanted to push myself to possible limits, to leave the workout with a nice EPOC deficiency. This way, I knew that I would shed that postpartum fat within a few more classes.”

3. Laura Thomas: Orangetheory is for Everyone

“The team at Orangetheory Fitness is so warm that you don’t feel like a beginner. While no one actually forces you to work out hard, your ambition to be in the coveted Orange zone will.

I never thought I would reach this uncomfortable zone during the first time, but surprisingly I did. As long as you push yourself slightly more than regularly, you will definitely get to it.

Some people really work hard at the gym, while some seem in moderate workouts. Surprisingly, the theory seems to work for all of them, as long as everyone is doing their level best.”

4. Jason R. Colbert: Orangetheory is Addictive

“When i started Orangetheory Fitness, I wanted a gym that would complement my at-home fitness as a stay-at-home mum. I wanted to book the basic Orange subscription, which offers only four classes for a month. 

I am a workout fanatic, and I knew that getting more than this would never limit my workout ambitions. Unfortunately, the basic plan only worked for the first month. Did I say it worked? It actually did not, because I ended up getting two extra singles! after that, I had to plan myself for the elite package.

Do you know what more luring is? You don’t have to register for the scheduled classes. There are other classes throughout the day, as long as the users hit a good number. 

The more I worked out at Orangetheory, the more flexible I became, and the easier shedding weight became. I feel fit, ten months down the line. Is it expensive? Yes, it is. But what is better than paying more for what you really want?”

5. Maxine D. Buckley: I Love the Orange Community

“I started as a power walker, as I would never dare the tread. One month later, I can’t wait to get a good run on the tread. The equipment offers so many options, from walking, jogging to running, and I can’t think of less. 

The Facebook Orangetheory Fitness group is also amazing at offering advice and encouragement. Everyone was a first-timer, they always say, making you comfortable sharing your first-time downfalls.

They are also why I currently use the tread, as I realized that there’s nothing wrong with failing. Surprisingly, I did not even fail or feel nervous once I was on the tread. I guess the motivation worked on my fears.

Welcome to the Orange family!”

What Should I Expect At Orangetheory Fitness?

Let’s skim through the basics that you will experience once you visit an Orangetheory Fitness center:

1. Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor and Zones

When you go to Orangetheory Fitness center, the crew will fit you with a heart rate monitor. The heart rate monitor will determine your heart rate zone, hence determining how much you work out at a given time.

You will get five orange zones, all in different colors, from gray, blue, green, orange to red. Each zone represents a different range of percentage of the maximum heart rate. While in gray, you will be working out at around 50 to 60 percent of your heart rate, while in red, you will need 92 to 100 percent of the maximum heart rate.

The coaches will advise you on how to go about the heart rate zones and how long you should remain in each.

2. Friendly Employees

Expect friendly employees at Orangetheory Fitness centers, and this is proven all over the globe. They give you a warm welcome, as though they knew you before, and introduce Orangetheory to you. 

They take your age, weight, and height measurements to determine your heart rate zone, then answer all your questions. In my opinion, you should arrive early, at least 30 minutes before the class begins, for a sufficient introductory duration.

Moreover, the crew will fit the heart rate monitor on you, so you won’t get stranded even if it is your first time.

3. Different Workouts

Once you get in for the workouts, you will get different types and levels of workouts surrounding cardio and strength training. You will get a tread to skip for an indoor bike, a strider, or power walking. On this exercise, you will take approximately 20 minutes.

Then you will go to an indoor water rower, where you will spend 15 to 20 minutes. After that, you will have floor strength workouts, which are in intervals. Each workout works on a different part of your body, and you have options in case you have an injury or certain limitations.

Other than the tread, bike, strider, and rower, there are weights, kettlebells, and other weight lifting equipment.

4. Individualized Workouts

The reason that Orangetheory Fitness takes measurements from each person is to personalize the workouts. A beginner gets workouts that don’t cause injury and strain, while a pro gets effective workouts. Though you are all placed in a row, each person works out differently in Orangetheory.

5. Several Payment Plans

If you want to join an Orangetheory payment plan, know that they are different. Orangetheory Fitness is a franchise, with each studio charging differently.

When it comes to the exact plans, you will get a 4-class plan, 8 classes, and unlimited classes a month. There are also options to pay for single classes if you want.

It is up to you to decide what will work for you, and, luckily for you, with the help of the Orangetheory team.

6. Your Workout Zone All Over!

Your heart rate monitor connects to the screens in the Orangetheory class. Therefore, your metrics will depict each screen in the room, and everyone can view your zone and progress. Uncomfortable? You don’t have to be, because no user looks at other people’s records, as they are busy looking at and working independently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Happens at Orangetheory for the First Time?

The first time you go to Orangetheory, you will get a free class. You are fitted with a heart rate monitor and the workout procedures explained. You will switch from the tread to the rower and strength training on the floor for 60 minutes.

Is Orangetheory Fitness Hard?

Yes and no. yes because you have to work out for a whole hour, alternating workouts and equipment. No, because there is no pressure to perform and compete, each one has a personalized zone plan.

Is It Bad to be At the Red Zone At Orangetheory?

No, it is not. The red zone means that you are already using 92 to 100 percent of your maximum heart rate, hence basically emptying your tank. It would help if you did not remain in the zone for long, but working out at least a minute in the red zone for each session is great.

What Should I Eat Before Orangetheory?

Ensure that you take a lot of water to hydrate your body before Orangetheory. Other than that, you can take an energy bar or carbohydrates, but ensure that you eat at least one hour before the workout. This way, you will have sufficient energy for the 60-minute workout, yet you will not be too uncomfortable to perform.

Final Thoughts

Every beginner at Orangetheory Fitness has a different story, but the message is clear. Orangetheory Fitness is suitable for everyone, beginner or pro, workout expert or newbie. 

Besides, if you want to lose weight uniformly and get back in shape, it seems like you have a way out now. The best part of it is that each person works out differently, and no one forces you to do more than you can.

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