Orangetheory Discount: Know Before You Join!

Orangetheory Discount

Orangetheory discounts? Yes, there are discounts in Orangetheory, but unfortunately not many know about this. Worse still, some users are already in Orangetheory paying the full amount and attending the classes religiously, not knowing that they could gain more.

Orangetheory discounts are in the form of extra classes, or you can get some amount slashed off your plan amount. There are also promo codes that you can use to your advantage when paying for Orangetheory Fitness.

We will dive deeper into all this, but before that;

Orangetheory Payment Options

Essentially, Orangetheory Fitness is a franchise, which means that each studio is under different management. Therefore, the payment differs depending on the studio and different management policies.

However, one thing runs across all the OTF centers, and that is the plan code;

  • Per class payment
  • Basic plan (four classes a month)
  • Elite payment plan (eight classes a month)
  • Premier (unlimited classes for the whole month

There are also class plans, which give you 10, 20, or 30 classes, depending on your preference.

The best part about the subscriptions snd classes is that they are all short-term, hence won’t tie you down. There are also no initiation or registration fees; you just pay the exact amount for your specific plan.

And with the single class options, you can now feel free to travel around and still get a class elsewhere. Besides, this helps you get a glimpse of what others have to offer.

Despite these plans being similar, the cost varies widely depending on the area. For instance, very expensive areas such as New York City see higher charges than less vibrant cities and areas.

However, here is a range that you can use to gauge the cost of the subscriptions, where the rates will range:

A single class will range around 30 dollars, while the basic plan is charged approximately 60 dollars. The elite plan requires approximately 100 dollars, and the unlimited plan will cost you around 160 dollars. However, in the expensive cities, the unlimited plan will go as high as 250 dollars a month.

You can also book the classes online, so you don’t have to go to the center just to book one. Also, you will get to see the available classes and the time online without necessarily accessing the center physically.

Which Types of Discounts Does Orangetheory Offer?

Sometimes Orangetheory Fitness studios will offer discounts to specific classes to suit the season, such as the holidays. Sometimes they offer start-up discounts at new centers. In Missouri University- Kansas City, Orangetheory offered unlimited classes for a whole two weeks, and only for 49 dollars.

Let’s skip to the discounts that you are eligible for at the whole body workout studios:

1. Orangetheory Student Discounts

If you are a student, you will get discounts for every month you pay for Orangetheory classes. Most studios, though, will only offer discounts on either Elite or Unlimited subscription plans.

How much is the Orangetheory student discount? Most studios offer 10 dollars off your subscription for either Elite or Premier subscriptions. Others will offer the discount in terms of percentages, either 5 or 10 percent off any subscription.

Interestingly, there is a studio in the Bay area where students would only pay 99 dollars for the unlimited payment package. Really amazing, right? However, I am not sure whether the discount was one-time or always available.

Which students are eligible for the Orangetheory student discounts?

Every student is eligible for the plan, regardless of their education level. Even the Ph.D. students can claim the offer, as long as they are students! The age is never a qualification to the discount.

Sadly, you will not always get the studio telling the users about the student discounts. Therefore, it is upon you to ask about the discount. Otherwise, you will end up not enjoying it. I mean, even 10 dollars off your subscription means a lot to a student and everyone else.

2. Orangetheory Corporate Discount

There are Orangetheory corporate discounts, usually offered to users working under the same company. However, you have to hit a minimum of ten workers from the same institute to attract the discount.

Like the student discount, the corporate discount is in most cases 10 dollars off elite and premier plans. However, again this will differ depending on location.

You can also book Orangetheory classes for company employees, where you will get the following on top of the discount:

  • Free lunch and Burn intro classes
  • Preferred fitness membership pricing for the employees
  • Free team-building workouts

More amazingly, you can always quit the workout plan if you don’t feel happier or more vibrant. And, of course, you will get a full refund of your money, regardless of the plan.

3. Orangetheory Family Discount

If you subscribe to the Orangetheory unlimited workout plan, you get a family discount for other family members. Now, if you bring a member of your family to the workout, they will get at least 20 dollars off their subscription. But for this to materialize, they have to get a subscription just like their own.

Even an Elite subscription warrants a family discount in other studios, as long as the family member subscribes to the same plan.

So, you want to bring your husband/ wife or child with you to Orangetheory? You will get a more friendly plan to suit your family each time you bring a new member.

4. Orangetheory Coupons and Discounts

Some stores offer Orangetheory coupons and discount codes, which you get after making certain purchases. Orangetheory also offers founders’ rates occasionally, which will slash some amount of your subscription and class payment.

However, the offers are minimal and rare.

5. Other Orangetheory Discount Plans

Orangetheory further has discount plans for employees who work closely with the people. These include teachers, health workers, and soldiers in the military. 

However, different Orangetheory studios have different discount benefits, so you will need to consult yours for more information.

Final Thoughts

Orangetheory discounts are available for different people, and the best way to know whether you are eligible is to get information from your center. After all, simple discounts count to make a service more favorable.

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