Do I Really Need an Orangetheory Backpack?

The Orangetheory backpack has become the new trend among Orangetheory members and fans. One of the main reasons for the backpack trend is that OTF uses it as a gift pack for people who bring referrals to Orangetheory.

But that is not the main reason: the backpack is so comfortable and convenient for not just the Orangetheory class but also others.

Anyway, Do I need the Orangetheory backpack? Let’s find out this and much more below:

Features of the Orangetheory Backpack

  • It comes with several special compartments to handle specific gym gear.
  • The padded front area brings you comfort over long hours for commuting convenience.
  • It is large enough to accommodate most of your gym stuff.
  • It is sleek and features multiple ways to carry it.

Reasons Why You Need the Orangetheory Backpack

1. For Convenience

When going to the gym, you may need an extra pair of shoes,  towels, a bottle of water, and more, all of which you need a single packing for convenience. With the Orangetheory backpack, you can pack all your stuff accordingly, then manage to keep your hands free for a ride or a phone call.

Over and above that, a backpack feels more secure than a bag you hold since it is not easy for a thief to steal. 

2. It is Comfortable

The backpack comes with comfortable padding where the bag comes into contact with your back. Therefore, you can wear the bag for as long as you want without feeling that it is wearing you down. At least the fatigue will not come from the bag design.

Moreover, the bag is quite compact, so that despite accommodating all your gym stuff, it looks small. The best part is that the smaller outlook adds to its comfort, occu[ying less space on your back.

3. Easy to Pack Your Gym Gear

The Orangetheory backpack features several compartments and zippered pockets. You can decide where to keep each of your workout gear, and retrieving the stuff will be easy as well. You will also manage neatness at packing with the compartments’ help, even when you are in a hurry.

4. Complements Your OTF Outfit

The Orangetheory backpack is an awesome addition to your Orangetheory outfits. You can either complement your Orangetheory hood, sneakers, and pants or decide to have the bag represent your passion for the workouts.

The little logo at the side bottom of the bag adds to its cute outlook, especially in an area where people know about OTF. You could even win a second bag by getting a referral simply because someone saw you using the bag!

5. Trendy

The Orangetheory backpack is the trend in workout centers. If you love going with the trend, owning a backpack could boost your start at the gym. Besides, you don’t have to purchase the bag. You can use the trick that most Orangetheory Fitness users have discovered: refer friends.

Reasons You May Not Need the Orangetheory Backpack

  • You Have a Similar or Better Bag

If you already have a backpack that you really treasure, you don’t need to purchase the Orangetheroy backpack. The good news is that you can carry any bag to the OTF workouts.

  • You don’t like the Available Colors

the Orangetheory backpack colors are limited, and attractive ones really run out fast. Rather than wait for your color to come up, you can opt for another bag, at least until you get the golden opportunity.

In a Nutshell:

Do I really need an Orangetheory backpack? You don’t need it, but it makes a perfect complement to your Orangetheory accessories. If you don’t already own a backpack or feel that you need a replacement, it is a great option to consider.

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