Look Keo Vs Delta Cleats: Which One is Perfect for Your Cycling Shoes?

Look Keo Vs Delta

The look is a company with a highly commendable cycling background, having started in the 1980s. it is no wonder peloton chose one of its systems to be among the few systems it recommends as suitable for its greatly admired peloton experience.

Look Keo and Look Delta are the two cycling systems that Look boosts of, both of which have always topped in the cycling industry reviews.

About Look Keo Cleat

Look Keo cleat is a lightweight designed cleat, which makes it best for road cycling exercises. It is specifically made for road cycling, with its surprising lightweight. It can be used for all road activities including touring, commuting, track activities, triathlon, cross country and sporting.

It has a lateral adjustment of 4mm and a longitudinal adjustment of 12mm, with three major floats, that is, 9 degrees, 4.5 degrees and 0 degrees (fixed position) to suit the needs of the cyclist.

Look Keo provides for two systems of cleats, namely Look Keo cleats and Look Keo grip. They both fit the same system of shoes and pedals, Look Keo system, and they are of the same model. The difference is that Look Keo Grip has a TPU material for the side of the shoe, which is meant to provide an anti-sliding feature, which enhances safety. Some are good example of Look Keo Cleats, they all are available on Amazon.

  1. LOOK Keo Grip Road Cleats
  2. VeloChampion Look Keo Grip Pedal Cleats 6 Degree Float Red
  3. Look Keo Bi-Material Cleats Red

About Look Delta Cleat

This is the original Look cleat system, and it is suitable for spinning, indoor and road cycling. It features a 3-hole design, thus compatible with Look Delta system shoes and pedals with this design. It is also, other than SPD-SL, the only system that is suitable for the peloton.

It has a memory positioner, just like Look Keo, which makes cleat replacement easier. This is because the user only has to remove the existing cleats while the positioner is left, which guides the position of the new cleats to ensure that it is perfectly fixed under the football without necessarily measuring it.

Look Delta cleats offer a dual way of engaging and disengaging and even adjustment. One can do this while the shoe is still on the foot, thus saving time, or when the shoe is not yet worn.

Some are good example of Look Delta Cleats, they all are available on Amazon.

  1. BV Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta (9 Degree Float)– Indoor Cycling & Road Bike Bicycle Cleat Set
  2. LOOK Delta Road Cleats

Head to Head: Look Delta Vs Keo

Though at a glance the two appear the same and are made by the same company, the two cleats differ:

Look Delta Cleats

Look Keo Cleats

1. It is the original Look system, thus older 1. Relatively new in the market.
2. It can be used for spinning, indoor and road cycling. 2. Specifically designed for road cycling.
3. There is only one version of cleats, that is, Look Delta cleats. 3. There are two versions of the cleats, but of the same system, Look Keo. The two versions are Look Keo grips and Look Keo cleats.
4. Shimano Trio pedals allows for dual use, with SPD and Look Delta cleats. 4. No other system can allow Look Keo.
5. It is suitable for peloton. 5. It is unsuitable for peloton.
6. They are heavier, (75g) thus not perfect for fast and long road sporting. 6. They are lighter (68g), thus handling any length of track cycling.
7. They have fixed and 4.5 degrees of float, represented by black and grey colors. 7. They have fixed, 4.5 and 9 degrees of float, represented by black, grey and red colors.
8. Has a memory positioner, which reduces the challenge of replacing cleats. It remains in position when the cleats change for cleat position to be easily identified. 8. Has a memory positioner that is advantageous is cleat replacement.
9. There are no spacer adapters for this system. 9. Provides for Keo spacers, which are fixed between the shoe and the cleat to prevent creaking sound that is heard on cleated shoes.

What Is the Main Difference Between Look Delta and Keo?

The main difference between Look Delta and Look Keo cycling systems is that Look Delta cleats and cleat holes are wider and heavier when compared to Look Keo. Look Keo cleats, when used on Look Delta systems, will, therefore, be loose, thus risking accidents. On the other hand, Look Delta cleats cannot even fit into Look Keo systems.

Therefore, Look Keo cleats are best featured for road cycling, while Look Delta is good for spinning and casual road cycling due to this feature difference.

Why Do You Need to Use the Best Cleats?

The term best cleats are relative. Everyone has their definition, which is why you need to identify your main point of good cleats. You need the best cleats to avoid knee, ankle, and lower back pains. This is by ensuring that the cleats you are using are of perfect float level for you. Less float level, for instance, 9 degrees and below, will ensure that you ride longer without experiencing pain issues. This is because your body posture is lateral when using these float level cleats.You need the best cleats so that your ideal cycling experience is complete.

To use clipless pedals

It is difficult to use any regular cycling shoes on clipless pedals, which is why you will need clip-in shoes, and with these, matching cleats

Optimal performance

The best cleats will give you optimal performance. You have to get the best pair of cleats for your specific activity to ensure that you get the best out of the workout. for instance, if you are a road cyclist, get a Look Keo pair, which has all the features concentrated in road cycling.


Cleats within your budget. Everyone would feel comfortable riding in nice cleats that best suited their budget. There are a variety of cleats for all budget levels. With the best for your budget, your riding experience will be stress-free.


You need the best cleats to ensure that they serve you longer. This way, you not only feel the worth of your money but are also saved the hustle that comes with making orders now and then.


If you use your cycling shoes for a variety of cycling activities, then the best cleats for you should have features that support all these activities. This will ensure that one pair of cleats is used for all or most of the activities.

How to Fit Look Delta and Look Keo Cleats On your Bike

Look Delta fit into Look Delta pedal systems, while Look Keo fit in look Keo pedal systems. Despite this difference in systems, installation of both cleats onto the pedals remain the same. We will thus use the same procedure of fitting the cleats onto the pedals on your bike.

First, you have to ensure that your cleats are installed correctly on your shoes. They should be on the bottom of your shoes, right under the ball of your foot.

If it is your first time, slowly and carefully identify the center of the axle of the pedal. Bring your cleated shoe foot forward and aim for the center, then put the cleated position of your foot on the platform. It should clip-in with a creaking sound. You will feel a sticking sensation onto the pedal-your look Delta or Look Keo cleats are perfectly fixed on the pedals they are compatible with!

If you want to disengage your foot from the bike pedal, then all you have to do is twist your heel. With time, engagement and disengagement will be easier for you, and you can practice being on and off the pedal.

Final Word

Being some of the most trusted cleat systems, Look provides Look Keo and Look Delta cleats for cycling. All you need to do as a user is identify the features, budget and type of cycling you want to undertake.

If you want to walk without disengaging cleats, then you should consider purchasing a cleat cover, such as the one provided by Look Keo, to ensure that you protect your cleats from dirt and faster wear.

Cycling and spinning call for the right blend of shoes, cleats and pedals, and with these, your dream workout will materialize.

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