Lightweight Orangetheory Beanie; How is the?

It is no doubt that Orangetheory Fitness stuff is so cool, and their exquisite brand beanie is no different. It comes in a wide range of colors, but unfortunately, not more than three colors are ever out simultaneously.

When winter is around the corner, you can think of nothing better to keep your ears and cheeks warmer than a warm and soft beanie. When the beanie is an Orangetheory product for your OTF workouts, things become even better. 

So, what’s all the hype about the Orangetheory beanie?

How is the Orangetheory Beanie?

The Orangetheory beanie is basically lightweight, despite the warmth it provides during the winter seasons. 

Essentially, it is one hundred percent acrylic, and the design is woven. It stretches 0enough to suit any head size, as it is in one size. Besides, no one complains that the beanie is too loose or too tight for them.

Moreover, the fit is really comfortable, and coupling with the woven material adds to the comfort.

Being woven, the beanie further adds to breathability, making it comfortable for any season. Though most users want beanies for the winter seasons, other seasons may not be warm, especially in the morning and evening. However, since the cold is not biting, a breathable beanie on your head brings you comfort.

Amazingly, the beanies have a fluffy top pom that makes them a cool piece. The pom may be in a single color or a mix of orange and another color, but both designs are just adorable.

More importantly, all the Orangetheory beanies either have the full Orangetheory name inscribed or just the OTF logo. It is largely conspicuous, and the side with the name or logo is meant for the front. You will not need to fold the beanie for the name or logo to read clearly and correctly. Now you don’t have to tell people that you are part of the cult!

How Can I Get the Orangetheory Fitness Beanie?

It is true that the beanies are rarely available, and when they are, people scramble for them. Actually, as of now, it is not even available on the Orangetheory shop site, and one that was in Poshmark just disappeared. Sad?

You don’t have to be, as there is an easier way to get the beanie, and at no cost at all. You can get the beanie at any Orangetheory Fitness center if you refer to five friends. Some, such as the OTF center in Maplewood, just needed one referral. You would get two beanies for a single referral, one for you and one for your referred friend.

In Cleveland DownTown, users got free Orangetheory beanies as a celebration gift for the holidays. Some OTF centers will offer the beanies for free during their launching parties. You will not have to pay for the beanies during such occasions, plus they are readily available at the said centers.

Orangetheory Fitness will always keep you updated on its official website and social media pages. Therefore, you can follow the workout giant to know when the beanies are available. Some people will want specific colors, which the advert always quotes.

The most common colors are orange (obviously), white, and light gray. There are also cross-striped beanies, such as navy blue and white striped beanies.

How Much is the Lightweight Orangetheory Beanie?

If you neither had referrals nor went to Orangetheory Fitness, where the beanie was offered, you will have to pay for it. The cost of the beanie differs depending on the place you are purchasing it. 

However, it will generally range between twelve dollars and twenty five dollars in most OTF items shops.

Is It Worth the Cost?

Yes, it is. Most users love the beanie, given that it retains the quality over time. Despite being lightweight, the beanie hardly stretches, despite numerous machine washes.

Further, the beanie does not flake, wear out easily or even tear when well-maintained. However, always ensure that you wash it in cold water to prevent overstretching.

Should I Wear the Orangetheory Beanie to the Orangetheory Workouts?

Not necessarily. However, the beanies are lightweight and breathable, fulfilling the recommendations of workout outfits. If you are not comfortable with a bandana or have a head injury, the beanie is a perfect accessory.

Besides, no couch or employee will discourage you from wearing the beanie in class. Therefore, it is up to you and your comfort.

Below are instances that would lead you to wear the beanie in class:

  • It is winter or still cold, so you just walk in and decide to workout in the beanie.
  • You have a head injury or scar that you need to conceal with the beanie.
  • When you find it cool to have the beanie as part of your workout accessories.
  • When you don’t have a bandana or a sweatband to hold back your hair during the workouts.
  • If it’s the only Orangetheory accessory you have and you just like it on.

Other than wearing the beanie to Orangetheory classes, you can wear it to your activities. Even when it is a gift from Orangetheory, no one will think you are misusing the beanie for wearing it casually. In any case, it becomes yours the moment that you are given the beanie.

Is the Beanie Water-Resistant?

No, it is not. Made of woven material, the beanie will not prevent water from reaching your head. Therefore, if it is raining, you will definitely get wet, especially if the rain is heavy.

However, under light showers, the beanie will protect you as it has to get really wet for the water to get to your hair and ears.

Bottom Line

Lightweight Orangetheory beanie? The best shot you have at getting the beanie is referring friends and family to Orangetheory Fitness. You can ask your studio whether you need more than one friend to get the beanie so that you make a decision.

Alternatively, you can keep posted by following the Orangetheory Fitness page on Facebook and Instagram to see when they are available.

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