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Keiser M3i Vs Peloton – What’s the Difference?

Both Keiser M3i and peloton are indoor stationary bikes, on which you can cycle or spin. Indoor bikes are great for cardio exercises, and the best part is that these two allow you to connect with other riders through a cycling app. You can thus ameliorate your workout owing to the urge to keep up with the rest and even compete.

Keiser M3i Vs Peloton : Since the two bikes are offer almost similar services, then why would one prefer one over the other? This write up clearly brings out the features and customizations of each, leaving you with the sole decision of deciding which one your preference would go for.

Head-to-Head Comparison: Keiser M3i Vs Peloton

Keiser M3i


Keiser M3i Smiley face

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General Specifications

Keiser M3i
Indoor stationary cycling and spinning. Indoor stationary cycling and spinning.
 Keiser  Peloton
Length & Width
 49 inches length by 26 inches width  48 inches length by 24 inches width
 51 inches  60 inches
 300 pounds  305 pounds
User height
 Persons from 4’10 feet to 6.7 feet tall  Users must be between 4’11 feet to 6.5 feet tall

What customers say about “General Specifications”

Keiser M3i

Cycling for just a couple of weeks and I can tell a major performance improvement. This is the best cardio machine you could ask for besides a rower machine. I highly recommend this brand; it is well designed and a smooth ride.


I am absolutely in love with this bike. I ride every morning as ignition to my day! I can feel my pot belly disappearing.


Keiser M3i
The bike operates on a flywheel, which is located in the rear part of the bike The bike operates on a flywheel, which is located at the front of the bike.
Seat and handles adjustment 

The seat has 4-way adjustability, while the handles have height adjustability.

An adjustment pin for each adjustment makes it an easy task, ensuring that you don’t struggle to be comfortable.


The seat has two L-handles, one for depth and the other for height adjustment.

The handles also have an L-handle for height adjustment.

What customers say about “Features”

Keiser M3i

  • Best bike ever. A quiet and smooth ride. Much better than the bikes I was using for spin class at my local gym. I’m very happy with my purchase.
  • This bike is well-built, sturdy and whisper quiet. I have it set up in front of my smart tv and I am able to find many guided rides online. It’s great.


  • My wife and I love the bike; it has been a God send during this Corona virus quarantine. We have gotten used to the features; has been easy and we love the instructors and other programs (particularly yoga and stretching).
  • The bike rides great -smooth and comfortable ride – easy to adjust seat height, and smooth click-in and out for cycling shoes. The Peloton cycling classes are awesome – so motivating and so fun! I also love the Strength training, stretching and yoga classes that I’ve done on the Peloton app.

Gear, Warranty, Connectivity

Keiser M3i
Cleats and pedals

Keiser M3i uses SPD cleats.

You can also use SPD toe cages on the pedals.


Peloton uses Look delta and SPD-SL pedals, hence Look Delta or SPD-SL cleats required for riding.

You can also use toe cages whenever you feel like cycling with non-cycling shoes.

 The frame has a warranty of 10 years, 3 years for bike parts and 6 months for the wearable parts.  The company offers 12 months of warranty, but you can extend the warranty terms subject to specific conditions.
Connects to other devices using the wireless Bluetooth technology. Connects to other devices using 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity.

What customers say about “Gear”

Keiser M3i

  • The drive train is as smooth as butter and doesn’t wake anyone up when I’m riding early in the morning. I purchased this bike for my ACL rehab. It’s been awesome and extra awesome with having to “shelter in place” during this CV-19 pandemic. I’m an avid outdoor cyclist and have been taking spin classes for years. Hands down this is the best indoor spin bike I’ve ridden!
  • Have been using the bike now for about a month. My whole family is using it and so far, it has been awesome and exceeded our expectations. The bike arrived well packaged. Assembly was easy using the instructions and videos available online. I have been using it with some available apps (GoIND) and it has synched perfectly every time. I have not tried the Keiser app. The bike itself is quiet, smooth, and easy to ride. Pedals work great. I use the cleats but my kids use the cages. Could not be happier. Well worth the investment.


  • I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have been introduced to Peloton. I started with the App and it didn’t take me long to get the bike. I absolutely love it. I haven’t stopped riding it since it arrived. It is amazing quality and I love the classes that I take on it. It pushes me to my limits and it was worth every penny. I am forever a Peloton believer.
  • The equipment is excellent, the trainers are so upbeat with great skills. It has been a pleasure in its use during the last two months with sheltering in place. From cycling to the floor classes Peloton has kept me smiling.

Subscriptions : Keiser M3i

Keiser M3i allows you to subscribe to several cycling apps, including peloton, Bkool, Training, Impowered, and Go-IND, and even log ride data using Bluetooth wireless connection. You can subscribe to these apps and get the experience you want.

You can further use other cycling instructional apps, such as the flywheel, spin tv, peloton, and Youtube, though you will not log in your cycling data.

This makes Keiser M3i more flexible.

You have three app options, if you want to use Keiser, including M series app, M series instructor, and M series group app. The M series app allows you to connect to the Keiser classes, the group app puts you in competition with other users, while the instructor app enables the instructor to view groups in a line and even zoom in one user’s details.

Subscriptions : Peloton

Peloton has its own subscription, worth $39 per month. You use the tablet that comes with the peloton bike to stream through the thousands of classes and instructors available.

You can also opt not to pay for any live class, and still have access to the numerous classes available in the peloton archives. The instructor can interact with every user, but they cannot see the users.

What customers say about “Connectivity and Subscriptions

Keiser M3i

  • I got it for me and now the whole family is using it. We like the adjustability.
  • This bike is so smooth and quiet. It gives a high intensity workout! We did a lot of research before purchasing and almost went with one that had the built-in monitor. I am so glad I did more research. We use our tablet or tv as a monitor and have so many apps to choose from. One of my favorites is BitGym. Don’t let the monitor be your deciding factor.


  • I go at my pace, find an instructor at my pace, and I love change so there’s plenty to choose.
  • + I love the outcomes, leaderboard challenges, and the Peloton world. The hate part is I don’t just love to jump on ride. With that being said, I love the challenges, the instructors, and the variety of options. I’ve enjoyed the cool down rides and stretches. I haven’t totally gotten ready to start the Power Zone series yet. Goals are PZ, the Hawaiian mountain climb, and Tour de Peloton. Not sure if I would have purchased if there had not been a showroom in town.

Keiser M3i


Keiser M3i Smiley face

Check Price

Check Price

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Are spin Bikes Helpful in Weight Loss?

Yes, they are. Being an intense workout activity, spinning involves all your body muscles, hence uniform shedding of fat and subsequent weight loss. You can subscribe to spinning workout classes, which both peloton and Keiser M3i provide so that you can track your output. This will further motivate you to spin faster to reach the recommended output.

Having an instructor also ensures that workout is directed and hence fruitful, while a leader board on peloton and group app on Keiser M3i sees you in a competition you will not want to lose. In the process, you are bound to get to your weight loss goals within a short time, specific duration based on your rate of metabolism and weight.

Which is More Expensive Between Peloton and Keiser M3i?

Peloton may seem more expensive in comparison to Keiser M3i, since it is $2245, while you will get the latter at $1995. However, Peloton cost provides for delivery and installation, while Keiser M3i only provides for delivery.

You can use the Peloton cycling app on Keiser M3i, so the subscription cost for both bikes will be similar, depending on the package the user chooses.

Does Keiser M3i Provide for Online Classes?

Yes, it does. Moreover, with Keiser M3i, you have the option to subscribe to Keiser classes or choose from other of your favourite cycling apps, including peloton, flywheel, and GoInd.

What is a Keiser Inverter?

A Keiser inverter is a device, approximately the size of a heartrate monitor, which you can use to connect your Keiser M3i indoor bike to road bike classes virtually. This device ensures that you include the tactics and apply the strength required for outdoor cycling on your stationary bike, not to mention the exquisite excitement that comes with the road experience.

It does not come with the bike, so you have to purchase it separately.

Can You Watch Netflix on the Peloton Tablet?

No, you can’t. peloton does not allow users to download other apps on the peloton tablet. Though there are users who try this, it can only be done outside the regulations of the brand. You can only use the Peloton app on the tablet.

Final Verdict

After comparing the main part of the Keiser M3i Vs Peloton we can say- An indoor bike is a one-time investment, and with the strong frame used on both peloton and Keiser M3i, you can be sure of long-time use. Most customers have found satisfaction with the bike they chose, and the companies even provide for a return guarantee if the product does not suit your needs within the first specified days.

The benefits of an indoor cycling or spinning workout are immeasurable.  With the above knowledge, you can purchase the bike that most befits your needs and preferences.

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