How to Use Peloton App Without Peloton Bike?

Use Peloton App Without Peloton Bike

Ever seen how much interest just a discussion on peloton brings interest among your workout buddies? Does it make you feel that you also want to have the experience, yet you don’t have the peloton bike?

The good news is that whether you have an exercise bike from another brand or have no equipment yet, you can still enjoy peloton. All you need is your phone, tablet or iPad.

How can You Use the Peloton App without the Peloton Bike?

Did you know that you can download peloton from the Android or Apple store? You can even watch it via TV. You probably had a rough idea. This article will expound on this, ensuring that you manage to use peloton app without peloton bike successfully.

Let’s find 3 questions answer _

  1. How to Use Peloton on Android Devices?
  2. How to Access Peloton with Apple Devices?
  3. Stream Peloton Directly from the Web

1. How to Use Peloton on Android Devices

Whether you have a phone, a TV, a tablet or a computer that uses android operating system, you can access peloton. We are going to discuss the process of making this into a reality;

Step 1: First, Download the Peloton App from the Google Play Store

On your phone, tablet or TV, if the operating system is Android, you obviously have a Google Play Store. So, click the Google Play Store. Scroll down in search of Peloton, or, if in a hurry, hit the search button. Type ‘Peloton’, and the peloton app will appear.

Download the app into your device.

Step 2: Create a Peloton Account

You now have the opportunity to explore the app. Without wasting time, create a peloton account, using your email address. Lucky for you, once you create the account, you will get a whole month of a free peloton subscription. With this, you watch and take advantage of all the available peloton classes; that is, if you can. peloton has thousands of classes I doubt you will get them all in a month.

So, if you like the classes and want on with the excitement, you will simply pay during the second month. $12.99 is all you require for an unlimited adventure into peloton.

With just these two steps, you will have access to peloton with what is readily available, without the peloton bike or touchscreen- just your android device.

Or do you have Apple device(s)? Peloton also have you covered, and, as we will see below, all you need is a step by step procedure to materialize your dream with peloton.

2. How to Access Peloton with Apple Devices

Do you have an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or laptop? Let’s have a look at how you will get the joy of a peloton via your device;

Download the Peloton App from Apple Store

Using your iPhone or iPad, go to the Apple Store. Type peloton using the search button, and the peloton app with the peloton ‘p’ logo will appear. Click to download the app.

Register and Get a Peloton App Subscription

Open the peloton app, and register your email. Enter all your details, including choosing a payment method. As a first-time peloton user, you must get a token; that is a month of free access to the peloton workouts.

After a month, you will start paying $12.99 for every month of peloton use. A small amount to access peloton, right?

Get Your Class of Choice and Watch Through Your Apple TV

If you want to watch via TV, I mean, a TV is larger, hence an opportunity for more than just you to get the experience, stream from the iOS device. You cannot download the peloton app directly from the Apple TV, but you can connect your TV to your phone. All you need is Chromecast.

3. Stream Peloton Directly from the Web

Do you prefer streaming directly online, rather than downloading the app? By all means.

Just google the peloton app, and register. With your subscription active, all you need is get your class and you are good to go.

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You Don’t Have to Own the Peloton Bike to Use Peloton

By now, it must be obvious to you that peloton is popular, right? Sadly, not everyone has the bike. Either from location or cost constraints, you may end up with a different indoor workout equipment. That does not kill your dream of having a peloton though.

Then, you don’t have to be an indoor workout fan. Peloton being accessible on phone, and even Apple watch and health equipment gives you the chance to use it outdoors. With daily improvements to the available workouts, you will get guidance in running, yoga and other workouts that don’t require a tread or a bike.


What bikes work with the peloton app?

You already have an indoor exercise bike from other brands? Or is another brand bike more enticing to you, yet the peloton experience more exciting? Why not get both. With just about any other bike, you will get the peloton workouts app. All you need is a monthly subscription, which is worth $12.99.

Can more than one person use peloton at a go?

Absolutely yes. As you read above, you can even enjoy peloton as a family. You simply have to use the large screen in your home, the TV. You will stream, compete, have fun and bond with your family using the peloton app on TV.

What does the peloton digital membership offer?

The peloton app digital membership allows people who do not own a peloton bike to access the peloton workouts via the app. You get one free month, then pay $12.99 for a continued membership every month.

The membership auto renews monthly, but you can turn off the auto, so that you activate it at will.

Bottom Line

Peloton already reduced the subscription fees for app users. With only $12.99 per month, you will have access to all of peloton workout archives. All you need is your normal device, be it a phone, tablet, laptop or even a TV.

You no longer have an excuse not to access peloton, be it distance, cost or location. Everything is now working in your favor, and you can enjoy the numerous workouts that peloton has to offer.

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