How to Use Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Outside of Class

How to Use Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Outside of Class

Surprisingly, can you use Orangetheory heart rate monitor outside of class? Yes, You can wear it for at-home workouts or outdoor fitness tasks. The heart rate tracking will still be the same as that of an OTF class.

How to use the Orangetheory heart rate monitor outside of class? While you may have an idea that it is possible to use the heart rate monitors outside the class, the connecting process could pose a challenge. For this reason, let’s get onto a simple-to-understand guide:

Using Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Outside of Class

All the three Orangetheory heart rate monitors are Ant+ and Bluetooth compatible. Therefore, you can connect the heart rate monitors to any device connected via the two connections, such as the phone. 

If you are using OTBeat Burn, you can pair it with your Apple Watch for more accurate readings.

So, in order to use the Orangetheory heart rate monitor outside of class, you have to pair it with another device.

How to Pair Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor with a Phone

Orangetheory heart rate monitors to pair with phones via Bluetooth, and below is a step by step guide:

Step 1: Ensure that the Heart Rate Monitor Battery is Charged

First off, ensure that the battery is charged to avoid connection delays. If you just received your heart rate monitor, start by putting the heart rate monitor pod to charge to ensure that it is working. Besides, not all heart rate monitors will notify you when the battery is low.

Step 2: Turn On the Phone Bluetooth

Turn on your phone or iPhone Bluetooth so that it can detect the heart rate monitor. At the same time, ensure that the heart rate monitor is on for easy detection. An LED light will display on the heart rate monitor, usually green, indicating that it is ready for Bluetooth pairing.

Step 3: Wear the Heart Rate Monitor Strap

Ensure that you put on the heart rate monitor correctly and snugly, whether it is an armband or a chest strap. The pod should contact your skin, which will give the heart rate monitor an accurate measurement.

Also, always clean your heart rate monitor strap after every use, even if it means running it in tap water. Moreover, ensure that you clean the pod sensor with a soft clean cloth. The cleaning will help get rid of the sweat, which could undermine the monitor’s quality and reading.

Step 4: The Orangetheory At-Home Workout

If you haven’t already downloaded it, you can download the Orangetheory Fitness app on your phone. The app will give you access to numerous Orangetheory Fitness workouts, including out of class workouts.

Go to the phone Google Play Store or Apple Store and, using the search bar, look for the Orangetheory Fitness phone app. Download it to your phone, then click on it to open the app.

You should see orange blinking slashes at the bottom of the app on the left side like those of playing music. Click on them, and this will lead you to the spectrum of workouts that Orangetheory Fitness offers. Among them is the At-Home Workout, which you should click on for the next step.

Now you can enjoy your Orangetheory Fitness out of the class workout. Nevertheless, ensure that you stay close to your phone, approximately within fifteen meters range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Lose Weight with Orangetheory?

Basically, Orangetheory combines cardio and strength workouts at short intervals. Therefore, rather than gain massive muscle, Orangetheory will help you lose weight. In any case, Orangetheory allows you to work out so that you will continue burning calories even after the workouts. But remember that you should at least step into the orange zone for this to materialize, and, when you can, the red zone.

How Many Days a Week Should You Do Orangetheory?

Orangetheory membership differs per individual, with most users claiming effectiveness, even after working out twice a week. Therefore, if you only added a single day to the minimum membership plan, Basic Orange, which gives you two days a week, the impact will be impressive.

Can You Use Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor with Outdoor Activities?

Yes, you can. Orange users prefer not to remove their heart rate monitor even after class for continued heart rate tracking. Moreover, you can decide to run, cycle or undertake other outdoor activities in the heart rate monitor for accurate results.

The heart rate monitor is also compatible with Bluetooth and ANT+ devices, hence suitable for use with other workout apps.

Can I Lose Weight Working on Orangetheory At-Home Workouts?

You definitely will lose weight working out Orangetheory from home. However, it is advisable to utilize your membership by attending Orangetheory classes. When you blend the live Orangetheory Fitness experience with the at-home workouts, the results are much more efficient.

You will get some clues from class on making some moves, which you can utilize whenever you are working from home to enhance the at-home workouts.

Bottom Line

Orangetheory heart rate monitor will place you in your perfect Orangetheory zone, so you can workout out more or less at a time. When you choose to work from home, you increase the chances of improving your overall performance, hence better and quicker results. All you need to do is pair your heart rate monitor to your phone, and you are set for the HIIT workouts.