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How to Transport A Bike Without A Rack: Easy Solution!

How to Transport A Bike Without A Rack:

Bikes provide a fantastic mode of transport that can take you anywhere you want to go. However, there are instances when pedaling is not the ideal choice. Let’s say you are running late and the bike won’t run as first as you want, but you will need it. Or, you want to intend to transport your bike over long distances. You will have to find a convenient way of doing so, which can be quite a headache. Especially if you don’t have a rack. So, how will you make that possible?

Luckily, this article presents you with all the possible ways to choose one that will be most suitable. This doesn’t mean that they are straightforward, no! You will have to do a few things that can be quite tiresome in the long run. More importantly, they make it possible for you to move around with your bike.

To begin with, you can transport it either inside or on your car.

A) Transporting bike inside your car

Don’t rush, relax! This first way isn’t as easy as it sounds, but maybe the safest method. Interestingly, it is the cheapest way since you don’t; there are no hidden expenses. Usually, cars don’t transport bikes since the space inside it may not be enough. This calls you to do some technical things depending on the nature of the space your car has.

1) The boot

This is one of the spaces in the car you will most likely consider at first. But, you will have to disassemble the various parts to make it fit inside the boot. If the boot is too small, you will have to take off both the wheels and the saddle. Besides that, mid spaced boots may need you to disassemble the front wheel or both wheels.

A bike can perfectly fit in more giant boots with even the front wheel making it quite simpler. This can get done with ease using an Allen wrench that suits most bikes. Most importantly, ensure the bike is safe and in good condition as you travel with it.

2) Back seat

What if there are equipment inside the boot that would cause harm to the bike? Or, it can’t fit inside the boot? That’s when you will have to consider the backseat as another option. The good thing is, folding the backseat gives plenty of space for carrying several bikes. It only becomes a challenge when you have your kids or friends on board.

Here, you will need to clean up your bike and wipe out anything that could leave a stain on your car. Then, take off the front wheel and place the bike on the floor other than on the seat. Position the bicycle, letting the left pedal rest on the seat to give more stability. Plus, put a piece of cloth on the pedal to prevent staining the seat. Also, place it between the dropouts and the seat so that they don’t dig into the seat.

Above all, transporting your bike inside a car keeps it safe from thieves. Sadly, it can be risky to the bike itself, you, or other people inside the vehicle. In other words, the bike can fall off with ease, leaving you with injuries. Besides that, it may get crashed on sharp items inside the car, causing fatal damage to the entire bike. So, make sure to lock it up well to prevent it from causing any severe damage. This method is not suitable if you intend to transport several bikes.

B) Transporting bike on your car

This technique tends to be quite scary to use without a car roof rack, especially if you care about your bike. What if you run out of options? You will have to strap the bike to the car’s rooftop. But, there is a gamble on your bike’s chances of falling off it if not well done. Moreover, this technique can only work by mounting the bike upside down on the roof. But, this can leave the car’s rooftop paints scratched.

Additionally, this method can be efficient if transporting the bike over short distances. Using it on longer distances is very risky for your bicycle as it can fly away at high speeds. Taking off the bike’s front wheel and non-drive side pedal could make this technique a bit safe.

Plus, place a heavy blanket on the car roof before making it secure using soft straps. So, you will transport your bike as the bike faces up, but it may cause the roof to dentate if done more often. More saddening, you may get fined for hauling an unsafe load and putting other road users’ safety at risk.

1) Truck Bed

What if you have a truck? This will be great for you. Usually, truck vehicles carry a variety of items. Therefore, they make perfect bike carriers. This method is ideal, but there is a risk of your bike shifting around, causing damage or get scratched. You can use bungee cords or soft straps to help you secure the bike in place on the truck’s bed. Besides that, it makes it super cheap and reliable to transport it. Yet, the straps should be quite long to secure both the front and rear parts of the bike and the saddle too. This will reduce the chances of your bike bouncing and keeps the bike safe.

2) Travel bike case

Using a travel bike case is also one of the most affordable options for carrying your bike. In fact, they are available both online and in most bike auto store. However, it demands much disassembling of the bike to fit inside it. For instance, you must take off the pedals, seat, front-wheel, and handlebars. Moreover, you may need plenty of bubble wrap to keep the bike safe. Sadly, the case can get bulky. This forces you to pay an extra fee when traveling by plane or other public means of transport.

To sum it all up, all the above techniques prove that you can transport your bike without a rack. Only that, each of them has more cons than pros that you need to get prepared to handle. All in all, they will help your bike reach its destination regardless of the technique you decide on. However, it is advisable to invest in a bicycle rack to avoid putting your exclusive bike at risk. They are often cheap and more reliable.

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