How to Remove Slime from Inside a Tire Without Hassle!

How to Remove Slime from Inside a Tire

How to remove slime from inside a tire is quite challenging, especially if it is your first time. Or, you probably always find yourself messing up before you get the job done. Fortunately for you, all you need is a little guidance into the process and you will be good to go.

We have just what you need; a simplified yet effective guide venturing on how to remove slime from inside a tire.

What is Slime Anyway?

Slime is a brand of tire sealants, which is among the most popular sealants among bikers and vehicle owners. Its strongest point comes from the fact that it is highly durable, giving you a maximum service of up to 2 years!

Usually, slime is used in tubeless tires to reduce the impact of punctures on the tread of the tire. But How?

Whenever your bike gets a puncture, the air will rush towards the puncture area to escape. With slime already in the tire, the liquid part of the sealant will escape via the hole in the tire. Then, the gel part of the slime will block the tire, consequently solidifying.

In two years or less, you will feel the need to change the slime from the tire. Then, it is time for you to dive into a slime removal process.

Step by Step Guide on How to Remove Slime from Inside a Tire

There are several methods that you can use to approach the task, but we will dive into the simplest at-home guide on the process;

Step 1: Dress Up for Dirt

An overall or clothes you wouldn’t mind getting dirt and grease on will be perfect for the job. Mechanical gloves will also be a welcome accessory, protecting your hands and nails from all the dirt.

Step 2: Deflate the Tire

You will have to deflate the tire for a simpler task as the first step in this process.

First off, rotate the wheel, so as to ensure that the valve is on the upper section of the tire. Usually, the liquid part of the slime will settle at the bottom of the tire You need it out of the way when deflating the tire, so that it does not block the valve and probably prevent some of the pressure from getting out.

Remove the valve core clip with your fingers. Then, using the valve core remover from the slime bottle, twist the valve core anti-clockwise to get it off.

Once the valve core if off the valve, the pressure will automatically get a way out of the tire.

Step 3: Remove the Excess Slime

If by the time you change the slime there is still liquid slime, then you need to get it out first. This will prevent overspills all over the place.

Use an injector to get the slime off the tire. It is effective in sucking up all the excessive slime.

Some of the slime will still spill around the valve and on the rim. To prevent it from sticking over time, wipe it off with a clean cotton rag or towel.

Step 4: Get the Tire Off the Rim

Since you already deflated the tire, getting it off the rim will be a simple task for you. So then, shall we proceed?

Pinch the edges of the tire hard, then twist it outwards. You can start from one section, moving on the section by section until you are finally through.

Once the rim and the tire go separate ways, you can actually turn the tire inside out. Not a simple task though, but the best in ensuring that all your efforts are not rendered fruitless.

Step 5: Clean off the Sticky Slime

Once you put your tire inside out, you will notice slime deposits all around the tire, though in bits.

You probably have the ‘Sticky Stuff Remover’ in your house? You use it for removing greasy and sticky elements off a surface. Good for you, it does not react with rubber. Better still, it is bound to remove the better part of the sticky slime off the tire.

So, apply the Sticky Stuff Remover all-round the tire, section by section, and concentrate it more on the areas you find slime on.

Use a clean piece of cloth or towel to rub it off. The best part is that as you wipe the remover, it comes off with the sticky slime, leaving your tire clean.

Nevertheless, slime residues may remain behind even after the major cleaning operation. This is no problem though, as you can use a soft scrubber to get it off.

Step 6: Put Back the Tire on the Rim

Now you can put back the slime-free tire back to the rim. You can inflate it, then put back a brand-new slime to keep it going for another two years.

Is Slime Tire Sealant Permanent?

No, it is not. Slime tire sealant should only last for a maximum of two years, after which you should change it. remove it as per the process above, then put new slime to keep you going for another duration of time.

Does Slime Tire Repair Really Work?

Yes, it does. Once you put slime in your tires, punctures will not be part of your bike challenges. However, you should not add slime to your tires if the tire is already damaged, as this may not be effective. Putting slime in a tire that is new or without an unattended puncture is the best way to reap the benefits of the sealant.

Does Slime Affect Tire Balance?

Not exactly. You should never put slime for tire balance impacts, as this will bounce on you. Slime is light and liquid, and it only solidifies on a puncture.

Final Verdict

As you have seen above, how to remove slime from inside a tire is only difficult if you have no idea how to go about the process. But now that you have a working idea in your head, it is time to put it into action. I am pretty sure that you will enjoy the results.

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