How to Connect Peloton to TV: Quick Tips for Streaming!

How to Connect Peloton to TV

How to connect Peloton to TV? Yes, you read it right. You can connect Peloton to your TV. However, the method of connection is dependent on your tv. Is it Android TV, Apple TV, Roku or Fire TV? With a smart TV, you can even access the app from the web.

You can install either of these on TVs from companies such as Sony, Philips and others, so you don’t have to worry of not having them yet. Better still, we will guide you.

We will dive into the different ways you can connect peloton to television.

Learn How to Connect Peloton to TV (Android, Fire, Apple, TV Online )

Peloton launched a project that allows you to view its workouts on your super screen. You haven’t yet heard the best part though; you don’t have to own the peloton equipment to have access to this project.

So, are you a peloton workout fan, but the bike or treadmill too expensive for the tie being? Actually, this Peloton app is supposed to allow peloton fans without the peloton equipment to enjoy the peloton workouts as well.

So, let’s have a look at the different ways you can connect peloton to different TVs.

1. Connecting Peloton to Android TV

If your TV is Android, the following procedure will install peloton on your TV.

Step 1: Access the Google play Store, Search for Peloton

Go to Google Play Store on your TV, and scroll through the apps. This is tedious though, so I would prefer this; going to the search bar at the top of the play store list, and typing peloton.

Step 2: Download the Peloton App

The peloton app, which has the peloton logo will come up. Download it into your TV.

Step 3: Create or Log in to a Peloton Account and Subscribe

If you are a first-time user, click create account once you open the app. You can now enjoy peloton workouts live, and from the wide range of workout programs on the peloton archives. You will get a free subscription for the first month, and from there subscribe to the workouts with $12.99.

If you already have an account, then you just have to log in to your account. Subscribe with $12.99 to start streaming peloton workouts from your TV.

2. Connecting Peloton to Fire TV

Is your screen in Fire TV? Here is a simple way to get peloton installed;

Step 1: Go to Amazon Appstore

Go to the Amazon Appstore, type peloton and use the search bar to locate the app.

Step 2: Create a Peloton User Account

Once you are there, create an account as a new user.

If already with an existing account, simply log in to the app. With only $12.99, have unlimited access to all of peloton workouts

3. Connecting Peloton to Apple TV

The peloton app is compatible with Airplay, hence shedding light on Apple TV users.

Step 1: Download the Peloton App Using Another Apple Device

So then, download the peloton app from your iPhone or iPad. Then you can beam the peloton workouts on the app via the Apple TV. If your TV does not have an in-built Chromecast, you can use a Chromecast dongle.

Create a user account in the peloton app. If already signed up, you can simply log in.

Enjoy a one-month free subscription as a new user. If not new, you will just pay the $12.99 monthly subscription.

Step 2: Open your Preferred Class on the iOS Device

Open your preferred classes in the iOS device. Chromecast, which will be an icon on the topmost right corner will be your target.

Step 3: Send the Video to your Apple TV

Choosing it, select TV, and send the video there.

Have all the privileges of a peloton workout from the comfort of your sitting room. Probably save for the metrics, and even then, the calories will be recorded.

4. Connecting Peloton to TV Online

How to connect Peloton to TV without any of the above apps? Don’t worry, because there is still a way. With a smart TV, you can directly google the peloton app.

Step 1: Search for the peloton App Online

Look up for the app by just typing peloton app. You will get an option to download the app.

Step 2: Download the Peloton App

Download the app into the TV.

Step 3: Create an Account, or Log in to Peloton

Now create a peloton account. You will get the peloton workouts for free for a whole month. After this, you can now subscribe monthly, with $12.99.

Benefits of Connecting Peloton to TV

The following are the advantages you will get by having peloton on your TV;

  • The whole family can be involved in the workout. You can have everyone in the house workout, either at the same time, or each at their own convenience.
  • You have the opportunity to access peloton without the peloton equipment. Say you already have a stationary bike or treadmill, or the peloton equipment is too expensive for you. You can simply use equipment from other brands, and still get a chance with your preferred indoor workout brand. Peloton workouts range from equipment to non-equipment workouts, so even with no equipment you will still have your exercise goals fulfilled.
  • It is cheaper in the long run. Compared to the premium peloton charges of $39 per month, or studio workouts of $20 per class, this is by far the cheapest.

Bottom Line

How to connect peloton to TV posing a challenge? This article has provided your solution. You can use the method you prefer best, given the ability to download any of the above apps that help with peloton in most TVs.

And even if you still have a challenge, you have the option to download peloton and have it connected to your TV directly. It is time to upgrade your workout behavior, with cheaper and more lucrative projects from peloton.

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