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How to Clean Peloton Mat to Make it New Again?

How to Clean the Peloton Mat

Just the mere thought of cleaning the Peloton equipment is a nightmare, especially when you think that you could cause damage. I mean, if you use the wrong cleaning detergents, you will actually cause damage to the bike. The same is the case with the bike mat, and you don’t want to cause wear and tear just when you decide to give it a sparkling service.

How to clean the Peloton mat is the simplest cleaning process of all the Peloton equipment. Regardless of how simple, though, we all need a guideline. That is exactly what we provide here, in explicit and simplified language. 

But before that;

Why Do You Need a Peloton Mat Anyway?

There is a spectrum of reasons why you need a peloton mat. Actually, the new Peloton Bike+, which costs 2495 dollars, brings a bike mat with it, among other Peloton essentials such as bike shoes. This only tells you how much the mat means to the peloton equipment.

Let’s cut the chase and get into some of the benefits of owning the Peloton mat:

  • When you have a carpet already, you will still have to buy the equipment mat. Remember that the house carpet is not for gym equipment, hence not suited for the task. When you put your peloton bike or tread on the carpet, the chances are that the equipment will slide off.

Therefore, you need an equipment mat that stabilizes the equipment. This will work not only for the safety of the equipment but also for your safety and confidence during your workouts.

Also, the Peloton tread bottom could have your carpet caught in between during inclines and declines, causing damage to both.

  • Whether on the carpet or the floor, the equipment is prone to dust and elements from the flooring. Sometimes the floor is even dumped, yet the equipment should be free of humidity conditions. 

The safest way to play is to ensure that you have a Peloton mat, which is safe for the equipment. Dust and elements may cause damage to the drivetrain, besides other delicate parts of the equipment.

  • You will curb vibration from the equipment during workouts. Peloton equipment workouts are highly intense, causing immense vibration that will disturb others, especially in a flat. If you want to personalize the workouts, a bike mat will help absorb the vibrations and any other noise from the equipment.

Moreover, once you know that the equipment doesn’t cause disruptions to neighbors, you can give your all. After all, you will not have any limitations with sounds.

  • Finally, you will protect your expensive floor or carpet from scratches and dirt that is hard to remove. 

Additionally, the flooring would be hard to clean, taking much of your time. Moreover, the sweat and grease droplets from the workout and the equipment

So, How to Clean Peloton Mat?

Peloton allows you to use any exercise bike or tread mat, as long as it is high-quality. Therefore, you are not tied to buying the Peloton mat from the company. You can browse through other available options from Amazon or even from a local store if the delivery process is cumbersome.

If you are looking for the Peloton bike mat, a compact 36 by 72 inches will do. It will cover all the sides of the bike and leave the required 4-inch space at each side.

As for the Peloton tread mat, 72.5 inches by 32.5 inches will be sufficient. Besides, for the tread, you don’t have to leave spacing at the sides.

Guide on How to Clean the Peloton Mat

After Every Ride

You will need;

  • A damp washing towel


Once you are through with your workout, push the bike by its front transport wheels away from the carpet.

Using the damp towel, wipe the carpet from one corner to the other. This process will get rid of all the dust and dirt.


At least bi-weekly, consider cleaning the bike mat more thoroughly. 

You will need;

  • Warm water
  • A washing cloth
  • Dishwashing detergent


Just as with the first procedure, you should have the bike or tread off the mat before starting the wash.

Then, add the washing detergent in warm water. Dip the washing towel in the mixture, and rinse off the excess water. Use the cleaning towel to wipe the Peloton mat, section by section. 

Though the cleaning should be thorough, ensure that you are gently doing the cleaning. Since the mat is designed for the workout equipment, any oil, grease, or other stains from the equipment are easy to wash off. Besides, the warm water plus detergent is enough for persistent stains, so you don’t need a thorough scrabbing.

While doing the cleaning, use the opportunity to look for any faults in the mat. It may be torn, folding at the sides, or scratched. This will help you know whether to replace the mat or whether you need to make preparations for a new piece.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Disinfect a Gym Mat?

If you want to disinfect your gym mat, you should use a gentle disinfectant after the cleaning session. A readily available option is vinegar, which you dilute with clean, warm water.

Dip a cleaning towel in the vinegar mix, rinse it and gently wipe the gym mat, section by section.

Can You Use a Yoga Mat for Peloton?

Well, using a yoga mat under your peloton bike is better than using the bike on bare flooring. However, the yoga mat may be smaller than the recommended Peloton mat.

Should I Put a Mat Under My Peloton?

Yes, you should. A mat will help stabilize your peloton and also protect the equipment from dirt and dust. Moreover, you will protect the floor from damage during workouts on the equipment.

Final Verdict

How to clean the Peloton mat? The process is so simple that you won’t believe that this gave you a challenge in the first place. The good news is that you now have the procedure up to your sleeves and finally do the cleaning yourself.

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