How to Connect My Heart Rate Monitor to Peloton?

Connect Heart Rate Monitor to Peloton

A heart rate monitor is used to measure the heartbeats during a workout, so as to monitor the heart health and fitness levels. It is an essential part of a workout since it gives you the confidence to boost your performance while monitoring your health.

Connecting a heart rate monitor to the peloton is simple, as you only have to get it on your screen. Peloton uses all heart rate monitors that use ANT+ or Bluetooth connectivity. Even Apple monitors are compatible with the peloton, save for the first generation that does not support ANT+.

Step by Step Guide to Connecting Heart Rate Monitor to Peloton

You should wear your heart rate monitor to detect the heartbeat. The sensor should be adjacent to your chest for proper reading. Additionally, your heart rate strap should be comfortable- not too tight to prevent discomfort, and not too loose to prevent it from falling off or reflecting approximated readings.

You will need with you the following:

  • Your peloton screen
  • Your heart rate monitor.


Step 1: Ensure your peloton screen is in pairing mode

Power on the peloton screen, and ensure that its connectivity is ready. You can either use ANT+ or Bluetooth.

If you are using the ANT+, plug in the ANT+ stick to the peloton screen. Check to allow the screen ANT+ connection from the devices tab on the screen.

If you are using Bluetooth connectivity, put on the Bluetooth of your screen, and make it visible. It will detect the heart rate monitor.

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Step 2: Let Your Heart Rate Monitor Connect

Snap the heart rate monitor sensor onto the monitor strap to pair it to the peloton screen. The monitor will detect your heart beat and turn colors. If it turns blue, then your monitor has not only detected a heartbeat, but it is also pairing with your peloton.

 If the flash light reflects a red color, then the monitor has detected a heartbeat but has not paired yet. It will stop flashing after 30 seconds. Click on it again, until the flashlight is blue. If there is no progress yet, you can moisten the strap sensors or electrodes.

Once the pairing is done, your heart rate will reflect on your peloton.

Step 3: Join A Class

Once your heart rate monitor connects to your peloton screen, log in to your peloton class. The heart rate monitor readings will automatically reflect on your heart rate monitor metrics board.

Step 4: Connection Maintenance

Whenever your heart rate monitor turns yellow, then you should know that the batteries are low. Change them for full heart rate monitor functionality.

Trouble shoot whenever you have issues with the ANT+ connectivity.

Parting Shot

Having a well-connected heart rate monitor goes a long way in ensuring your heart rate readings are most approximate. Since it is not a medical device, the monitor may not give you the exact readings. However, the approximated reflections tell a lot about your heart and fitness.

Starting out on peloton app with a heart rate monitor further ensure that you have a track record of heart health improvement over time. On the other hand, the monitor plays a big role in raising a danger sign if peloton workouts a a risk factor to your health.

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