Can You Ride A Peloton With Regular Shoes?

can you ride a peloton with regular shoes

Can you ride Peloton with regular shoes? Yes, you can.

Peloton pedals can be clipped with toe cages to allow for regular shoes. But, you know that Peloton pedals are clipless, which means it would be best if you ride on them with shoes that have cleats to clip in.

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Why Can I Not Ride-on Peloton with Regular Shoes?

Basically, the answer to this lies in the fact that peloton pedals come clipped. Therefore, you have to wear cleated shoes to be safe and fit on the peloton bike. Unfortunately, with the peloton bike, only specific shoes with cleats are compatible, and these are shoes with a cleat design that is either Look Delta or SPD-SL. 

specific shoes with cleats are compatible

If you ride on clipless pedals with regular shoes, you risk slipping off and causing yourself injuries. Besides, there is no way you will manage a cadence with regular shoes on these pedals.

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How Do I Ride On Peloton With Regular Shoes?

However, there is a way out of the strict Peloton pedals: to have toe cages or toe clips. The peloton pedals are compatible with the peloton toe cages, and you can also use the Venzo toe cages(Amazon) if you find them more affordable.

You Can Convert Peloton Default Clipless Pedal to Flat Pedal by flat pedal converters(Amazon) for using Regular shoes.

Note: If you are in a spin class, you should use Clipless Pedals or in some cases use toe cages that give you a lot of athletic support and help you better power transfer without injury risk.

If you use the toe clips or toe cages, you get the following benefits with your Peloton bike;

  • If you have very big feet and can barely get a suitable Look Delta or SPD-SL pair of shoes, you can still ride on your Peloton as you search for a fitting shoe.
  • It helps to engage you in bike activities as you plan for the shoe purchase. You might need more time learning about fitting and other features of a great peloton shoe.
  • Toe cages or toe clips on your bike help you utilize your bike even more. Other family members and visiting friends can have a good time on your bike regardless of their shoe type and size. If you are only using the Peloton shoes, you will most likely be the only one who can use the expensive bike.
  • Sometimes you may have an injured foot but, through the recovery, want to engage in indoor cycling activity. The rigid cycling shoe may be too much on your injured area, and the alternative would be the recommended cushioning shoe.  With the toe cages, you can comfortably use the shoe for exercising your foot as you recover.

Another alternative that you can utilize on your Peloton bike is changing the bike pedals for clipped pedals, especially if you want a dual performance. Some pedals come with a clipped and a clipless side so that you can use any at your convenience.

You will manage to use the regular shoes on your Peloton bike with the clipped side without any risk.

The pedals that you can switch with the Peloton pedals have the following basic features:

  • The axle is 9/16 inches for compatibility with the peloton crank arm.
  • The pedals should be designed for indoor cycling, capable of taking the high-intensity in spinning.

So, Can You Ride Peloton on Sneakers?

Yes, you can. As long as you are using Peloton compatible cages or pedals that come with toe cage cages, you can ride on a peloton with sneakers and other regular shoes.

Can You Change Pedals on a Peloton?

Yes, you can. You only need to ensure that the pedals you put on the Peloton pedals have an axle length of 9/16 inches, which is suitable for the peloton crank arm. Most indoor bike pedals will fit the peloton bike perfectly.

Can You Ride Peloton Without Cleats?

You can only ride a peloton without cleats if you are using toe clips or toe cages. Otherwise, it would be best if you had the cleats for clipping into the Peloton clipless pedals.

Final Thoughts

Can you ride a peloton with regular shoes? Yes, you can, but only if you are using toe cages or toe clips. However, since the peloton pedals are clipless, it would be vain to cycle with regular shoes.

Just look for peloton compatible toe cages, or switch the pedals for pedals that come with toe cages for an experience with regular shoes.