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Best Bike Rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2021 [Top 6 Picks]

Bike Rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Wondering how you will transport your bike on your Jeep Grand Cherokee, and still be assured of its safety? Or even get to your destination without the brand-new paint on your car scratched? A bike rack is just the exact solution you must be looking for.

Unfortunately, not all bike racks are good for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Yet, we cannot neglect the fact that many options are available. So, how do you get about ensuring that you only select the best bike rack for your Jeep that the market has to offer?

Read on for the few best bike rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee, in addition to a buying guide that you should have to make the best of choices.

6 Bike Rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee: Reviews

We have compiled a list of the best bike racks for you. Given that each bike rack comes with a unique characteristic that it stands out for, your consideration must be addressed here. Let’s skip into the specifics of these bike racks for Jeep Grand Cherokee.

1. Allen Sports 2-Bike Hitch Racks: Best Bike Rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Looking for a rack whose main mast you can manipulate to your convenience? The Allen Sports 2-bike Hitch Rack offers you this opportunity. With a tilt-away main mast feature, you can tilt the main mast back or forth when entering the gate, especially the lift-up type gates. Hence, your bike will never be scratched or pose as a hindrance.

Also, the rack has ‘carry’ arms that you can always fold down whenever you are not using the rack. This way, it will not matter to you that the rack is on the Jeep and not in use, because it will not come in your way or make your Jeep appear weird. In any case, this aspect helps keep the Jeep flexible, even during storage.

Moreover, the bike rack has a locking knob, otherwise known as the locking hitch insert. This is ideal for ensuring that the rack stays in place, in contrast to wobbling side to side. Besides, locking it in place assures you that the rack will be secure, even when you leave your jeep away from where you are.

And let’s not forget the tie-down system, which keeps your bike safe while on the rack. The tie-downs are literally fixed on the carry arm, but flexible enough to rotate. Hence, they allow for different sizes and designs of the bike frames. For instance, both men’s and women’s bikes will still be suitable for the rack.

Then there is the assembly, which is actually almost fully done by the time you receive the package. The minor one you have to do on your own is simple, and backed up by an instructional manual.

Good for you, the bike rack can handle up to 70lbs, which technically translates to 2 bikes.


  • Easy to manipulate to your convenience, both the main mast and the arms.
  • Guarantees bike security.
  • Stable on the Jeep.
  • Accommodates up to two bikes.


  • The bike still sways on the rack, but you can get your own straps separately.

2. Swagman XTC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack: Save on Space

Taking up less space during storage not only saves on space, but also helps maintain a neat outlook. Hence, Swagman XTC2 comes to enhance this convenience. Let’s dive into what the bike rack offers;

Firstly, the bike rack will definitely save you on storage space. It is flexible enough for folding, so that it only takes a little of your space for storage. Besides, it presents a neat and beautiful outlook when folded.

Other than that, the rack is very easy to put together and even install onto the Jeep. It comes with simple instructions, so that you can easily tackle the mounting on your own. Once you have it at the back of your car, mounting the bike onto it is a walk in the park.

Worried about the security of your bike rack whenever you have to leave it mounted? The Swagman XTC2 rack features hooks of locking ratchet, in addition to a locking hitch pin. Thus said, the rack will keep both itself and the bike safe from burglary.

To prevent corrosion and weather challenges, the bike rack is powder-coated. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about travelling in the rain, dust or even foggy weather conditions.

The best news is that the rack allows you to transport more than just a single bike. 2 bikes of a Class 2 or even higher, with a hitch receiver range of 11/4 to 2 inches. Therefore, most bike frames will be suitable for the rank, as basically any bike with tires between 12 and 29 inches will be accommodated.


  • Foldable, hence saving you on space during storage of the rack.
  • Highly secure rack, and keeps the bike safe too.
  • The bike rack is easy to install and mount the bike on.
  • Accommodates a wide range of bike frame sizes and designs.


  • You need to tighten the bolts occasionally.

3. MaxxHaul (70210) 4: Bike Deluxe Hitch Mount Rack

Do you want a bike rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee that will accommodate more than just the normal 2? Or, you could get an opportunity to transport 2 quite sturdy and heavy bikes? Try out MaxxHaul 4-Bike Deluxe Hitch Mount Rack. On top of that, the bike rack offers these awesome features;

To facilitate its 4-bike hosting capabilities, the bike rack is sturdy steel construction. It is rigid on every part, so as to ensure that the bikes are fully secure. To increase stability, the rack comes with an improved support bracket.

The bike rack features a padded bike cradle, which prevents the bike frame from getting scratched. Hence, even if your bike is still new, be sure to get it as it is at the end of the journey.

With hook and loop straps attached to the cradle, your bike is really safe from a fall or anyone who wants to take it.

To enhance safety, the rack comes with an in-built reflector. Thus, it is easy to see the bike strapped onto the car and allow for space in low light conditions.

For simplified access to the rear or the boot of the car, the rack has a swing down feature. Thus, your bike or rack will not block your access.

Ensuring that the bike rack will always be free from rust regardless of the conditions, the rack has a powder coat finish.


  • Accommodates 4 bikes (a maximum of 150lbs).
  • Assures you of safety.
  • Visibility guaranteed.
  • Convenient to access rear part of the car even with the rack on.
  • Rust-free coating.


  • Quite heavy, hence takes a toll to install.

4. Kuat Racks Sherpa 2.0- 2 Bike Rack: Transport Two Newly Painted Bikes in Peace!

It is challenging to think about transporting two bikes at ago, so imagine the stress of transporting newly painted bikes. With Kuat Racks though, you have an upper hand. This comes from the fact that the racks have more spacing between positions of the two bikes. Thence, even your newly painted bikes will not have to rub against each other and cause paint damage.

To top that up, the rack features a folding tire cradle, which adds to the space that your bikes require. This also comes in handy in preventing the first bike from rubbing against the rear of the car.

Over and above that, the racks can accommodate up to two bikes that are sturdy. Actually, they can handle up to 40lbs for each bike. Besides that, the racks will hold bikes whose wheelbases run up to 47 inches, and with tires ranging up to 3 inches.

The better news is that the rack has been redesigned into a very lightweight structure. This comes from the all-aluminum construction, whose sturdy and strong nature does not come from weight but material. This being said, you don’t need external help mounting the rack onto your vehicle, as you can do it single-handedly.

Then there is the pivot lever, which eases the lowering and manipulation of the rack regardless of how full your hands are. It has a foot assist mechanism that is optional.

For your own convenience, the bike is easy to install and remove. Other than the lightweight aspect, the installation process is also quite simple to undertake.

Finally, the rack is available in three colors, so that you have more options than just the common black.


  • Sufficient space between the bikes, and also between car and bike.
  • Easy to install on and off the car.
  • Lightweight, yet strong structure.
  • Features a pivot lever 0that is more convenient.


  • Instructions are a bit confusing at some point. Watching out some YouTube videos could do better.

5. Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S Deluxe 3-Bike Trunk Rack: 100% Assembled

If you don’t appreciate the hassle and shortcomings that come with having to assemble your own rack, then the Tyger Auto bike rack should be a good shot. The better part is that it fits most Sedans, Minivans, SUVs and Hatchbacks, so you can use it in your different cars when not using the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Moreover, the bike rack will fit up to 3 bikes, accommodating a maximum capacity of 99lbs. Coupled with a padded lower frame and a safety strap, both your bike and car will be safe from each other’s scratches. Actually, the safety strap further prevents your bikes from wobbling side to side during transit.

Taking into consideration individual bikes, there are 3 soft cradles for each bike. This is meant to protect the bike frame, and also ensure that your bike is secure.

If you live in an area that experience adverse weather conditions, then all the more reason to consider the bike frame. This is because it is rust free, courtesy of the OE standard E-coating, which is black. It is the best in rust-resistant features.

Storage of uneven items is always challenging. Therefore, the rack has foldable carry arms that makes it easy for you to store it when not in use.

Coming with a limited lifetime warranty, the rack assures you of the best quality.

Finally, installation is so simple, and guided by a DIY manual. You will manage it even when alone, given the simplicity.


  • Fully assembled by the time you receive it.
  • Guarantees of quality.
  • Easy to follow the instructions guide on installation.
  • Foldable arms for storage.
  • Rust-free coating provided.


  • It does not feature safety locks, but you can buy them separately.

6. XCAR 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack: Separate Your Bikes as Per Your Needs

Looking for a bike rack whose bike spacing you can adjust to suit specific bike needs? We get it, especially when you have a variety of bikes, all of which largely vary in frame design and size. For this reason, we will walk you through the flexible and excellent features of the XCAR bike rack.

The bike rack comes with adjustable mounting space saddles, so that you can mount any size or type of bike frames. Nevertheless, you have to always remember to tighten the saddles immediately after the adjustment process. This way, you will protect the bike from falling off the rack during transit.

Presenting a really strong construction, the rack is technically heavy-duty steel.  It is thicker than 2.5mm, which gives you confidence mounting bikes of up to 80 pounds of weight.

Whenever you are not using the bike rack, it will always be easy to fold up for storage. What, with an adjustable folding arm design? It will definitely be compact enough for both storage and transporting.

For reliable protection, the bike rack features dual compound tie-down cradles. In combination with quick set straps, both bikes will be individually secure. And let’s not forget no-wobble bolts, which generally ensure that movement inside the hitch is out of the way.

To enhance your personal convenience, the rack is easy to tilt down to up to 45 degrees. Therefore, you can undertake a task, go through a gate or do whatever is convenient for you with the rack in a different angle.

Assembly and installation of the bike rack is easy. The complete guide that comes with the package is self-explanatory.

Lastly, the bike rack fits into a 2-inch receiver. And, if you feel that the no-wobble bolts are not for you, you can always change them for 5/8-inch diameter pins.


  • Flexible mounting saddle.
  • Security of both the rack and the bike assured.
  • Easy to fold and transport or store.


  • The bikes will need some straps to hold them down.

Which Things to Consider When Buying Bike Rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee


Firstly, quality is essential whenever you are purchasing any item. A good quality rack will guarantee you that your bike will not fall off. It will also hold the bike will to the car, without causing scratches to the bike or the car.

Also, a quality rack will serve you for so long that you will realize its value. Notwithstanding the fact that a quality rack assures you of a rust-free coating, adding to a nice-looking durable item.


Compatibility to your Jeep Grand Cherokee means that the rack will be suitable for the car hitch. 2 inches of the metallic bar going into the hitch should be a good size. Also, the description of the rack will indicate whether its general size and design is good for SUVs, which will give you a go-ahead.


The cost is also a major consideration when getting a bike rack. Nevertheless, it is always essential to have all the other features in place before the cost. This way, you will not get a cheap rack whose worth is just as cheap.

With a list of all the qualities you want in a bike rack, you can now proceed to get one that suits your pocket.

Pounds of Weight Accommodated

The bike racks differ in the weight they accommodate. It is important that you check the weight of your bike(s) before purchasing the bike rack. Some bikes are heavier than others, which is why you should take this into account.

Lucky for you, you will always get a suitable bike rack for your bike weights.

Number of Bikes it Handles

How many bikes are you likely to transport at a go? If a couple, a spectrum of options is lined up above for you. If more, you still have options that will spoil you for choice.

Ease in Installation

If installation is always a challenge to you, always go for the bike rack with easy installation steps. Better still, go for a bike rack that is completely assembled. That way, you will only have the mounting to do.

Ease in Storage

Foldable bike racks are great when transport and storage are your considerations. Some bike racks have foldable arms, others even have the main mast foldable.

The bike rack that is compact and takes up less space is better than one that remains uneven regardless of what you do.


Bike racks offer different flexibility levels. Now it is upon you to decide the one that is best for you. for instance, some of the racks incline to let you have access to the car rear. Others sway away for ease in gate entry. Still, there are racks that even have a lever, so that you don’t even have to use force to have it incline.

Going through all the specifics of each bike rack will give you the best option as a final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Can you put a bike rack on a jeep?

Yes, you can. there are numerous options of bike racks for jeeps. All you have to do is identify whether the rack is suitable for your specific jeep.

Question 2: How do you put a bike rack on a Jeep?

First off, fold the arms of the rack to make work easier. Then, insert the rack into the hitch of the car. Using a hitch pen, find the holes inside the hitch that will match the holes of the rack.

Lock the rack into the hitch with the hitch pen, then tighten it for a wobble free ride.

Question 3: Can you put a rack on any bike?

It will depend on the rack. Some racks will accommodate just about any bike design and frame style or size. Others have specifications. For instance, there are bike racks where you need an extra bar with women’s and mountain bikes.

Question 4: How much weight can a rear bike rack hold?

Different bike racks have different weight-holding capacities, some will handle 70, others, 80, 99, 100+lbs and so on. Just check on the average weight of your bikes before making a choice on the bike rack.

Question 5: Is it okay to use a bike rack on a spoiler?

Yes, it is. However, bike racks will need an extender to be on a spoiler. You will need the extender, or get a rack that comes with one already.

Question 6: Can a rack carry 2 bikes at one time?

Yes, it can. Actually, most bike racks can accommodate up to two bikes. Others have a construction and design that accommodates more than 2 bikes.

Hence, it is upon you to decide on the most convenient rack for you in terms of bike quantity. Also, you have to be sure of the number of pounds the bike rack can accommodate, given that bikes vary in weight.

Parting Shot

It is not always easy to get exactly what you are looking for. But with a list of the best bike rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee already compiled for you, I hope your work is minimal. Now that you have everything you need for your Jeep Grand Cherokee bike rack requirements; the ball is in your hands. Use the buying guide to identify the most suitable bike rack during your shopping.