6 Best Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes [Top 6 Picks]

best women’s indoor cycling shoes

Women feet structure is much different compared to men, which is why their shoe needs vary. In case of indoor cycling, it is necessary for the shoe to fit snug.

It’s not easy to find best women’s indoor cycling shoes online or in the market? So, we thought about that and decided to compile a smaller list with top indoor cycling shoes for you. Additionally, we noted down a buying guide that will help you to choose the best pair for you.

Best Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes : Reviews

Not only are we narrowing down the list you have to go through, we have a major reason why you should prefer each of these shoes. Let’s do quick view if you’re in a hurry:

  1. Venzo MX – Best Indoor Cycling Shoes Womens (SPD & Look Delta)
  2. TIEM Slipstream – Womens Spd Indoor Cycling Shoes (2-Bolt System)
  3. Tommaso Pista – Womens Indoor Cycling Shoes (Look Delta, SPD)
  4. Pearl Izumi – Best Shoes For Indoor Cycling Womens (SPD, Look Delta)
  5. Giro Techne – Giro Indoor Cycling Shoes Womens ( SPD/SPD-SL)
  6. SHIMANO SH-IC500 – Shimano Indoor Cycling Shoes Womens (2-Bolt System)

Let’s get into a more detailed discussion on each of the best indoor cycling shoes womens :

1. Venzo MX – Best Indoor Cycling Shoes Womens (SPD & Look Delta)

Whether you want to use Look Delta, SPD, Crank Brothers or other cleat systems, this shoe will still be a match. Additionally, you can also use it with road cleats whenever you are not in your spinning class. And that’s not all, so let’s have a glimpse of what the shoe has to offer;

Highly breathable, the shoe features a quick-drying mesh blended with the synthetic upper material. Coupled with a removable sock liner, your feet will always be dry despite sweating immensely during the workouts. More than that is the fact that you will have a cooling breeze, which is relaxing from the heat buildup you experience during tough spinning classes.

Moreover, the shoe is quite light in weight, given the material and the low-cut design. Weighing only 437 grams, it is actually less than a pound. A light shoe adds to your performance on the bike, in addition to a quick wearing and removing of the shoe.

Also, the shoe hugs the foot tight, with three adjustable straps manning the closure system.

Good for you if you have a peloton bike, because the shoe comes with Look Delta cleats. The cleats are not just a simple gift, as they are sturdy and of heavy-duty engineering thermoplastic construction. With an adjustable 3-hole platform arrangement, the cleats will present you with optimal stability on your bike.

Better still, the cleats have a float of 9 degrees. How is this good for you? The 9-degree float will definitely allow for lateral movement, hence preventing ankle, knee and lower back pains. They are easy to clip in and out, and only weigh 52 grams.


  • Compatible with every cleat system available.
  • Allows for ventilation of the feet.
  • The shoes are quite light in weight.
  • Comes with Look Delta cleats, which have a 9-degree float.


  • The shoe bottom is not sufficiently rigid for optimal power transfer.

2. TIEM Slipstream – Womens Spd Indoor Cycling Shoes (2-Bolt System)

Looking for an indoor cycling shoe that could be mistaken for a regular non-cycling shoe? Have a look at the design and the specifics of the Tiem Slipstream, and you will definitely fall in love with the shoe.

First off, the shoe has the general appearance of a regular trendy sneaker, hence could pass off as non-cycling. Then, the sole is purely rubber, which is flexible enough to walk in.

Is it a cleat shoe then? Definitely! The shoe is SPD cleat compatible. However, the cleat plate is recessed, enhancing the walkability of the cycling shoe. Nevertheless, you have to note that the shoe is only designed for 2-hole cleats only.

Into the bargain is the impressive breathability of the shoe. This is engineered by the mesh perforations that grace the athletic textile shoe upper, hence enhancing the aeration of the feet.

Generally, the shoe is an original slip-on in design, which makes it easier on and off the shoe. This will save you time wearing and removing the shoe from your foot.

To ensure an absolute fit, the shoes feature a single-strap closure system. It zigzags across the shoe upper, securing a better fit.

Finally, the spin shoe comes in a spectrum of colors, so you can get your favorite color match. And, don’t forget to use the size chart to get just what will be best for your feet.


  • Gives a feel of a regular shoe on a spinning bike.
  • SPD cleat compatible, yet you will walk in the shoe.
  • Easy to put on the shoe.
  • Easy for clipping in ad out.
  • Cute color options.


  • The flexible sole does not guarantee optimal power transfer.

3. Tommaso Pista – Womens Indoor Cycling Shoes (Look Delta, SPD)

If you are a pro spinner and power transfer among your indoor cycling goals, then going with the Tommaso Pista Women’s Cycling Shoes will not disappoint you. Let’s dive into the major features that the shoe presents;

Essentially, the sole of the shoe is faux leather, which is fiberglass reinforced to enhance the stiffness of the sole. All this is for maximum power transfer, as you would want, from the feet to the pedals. Hence, you will have the opportunity to ride faster and longer, without feeling overly fatigued.

Then, the shoe is technically compatible with all standard cleat systems, including Look Delta, SPD-SL, SPD, Speedlay and Look Keo. Hence, you can use any of these pedal system for efficient performance with the shoe.

Nevertheless, this specific shoe comes with Look Delta cleats package. A great gift for peloton bike users, since they don’t have to purchase the cleats separately. You already have the perfect cleats for your bike, and you don’t even need an extra package order hustle.

However, if you use SPD pedals, you can choose a package that will come with the SPD cleats. Then, if you are using other cleat systems, you still have the alternative of getting just the shoe, and at a cheaper cost at that.

For optimal comfort, the shoe has sufficient padding in the shoe. Hence, regardless of how long you have the shoe on, you will not experience blisters or discomfort. This though, is as long as the shoe is your right size. Ensure to check the size chart, and also ask questions in case you need to size up or down.

Taking durability into consideration, the shoe features a tough synthetic leather upper. Won’t that be too hot? Of course, it should, but the shoe features mesh ventilations in all the right places. Thus, no. the shoe will not be hot at all. Hotspots and blisters will not bother you in the shoe.

For a precision fit, the shoes feature Velcro straps. They are adjustable, and securely fit the shoe onto your foot.

If quality is your worry, the 2-year warranty that the shoe company guarantees should be enough assurance.


  • Assures you of optimal power transfer.
  • Highly durable material.
  • Breathability assurance.
  • Compatible with all standard cleats.


  • Only available in a single width, inconveniencing women with wider feet.

4. Pearl Izumi – Best Shoes For Indoor Cycling Womens (SPD, Look Delta)

Pearl Izumi Women’s is typically a road bike shoe, whose sole material and design are amplified to bring you a splendid spinning shoe. On top of that, the shoe displays the luring specifications as stated below;

Firstly, the upper is synthetic in material, with ventilation holes all over the board for maximum breathability. For an exquisitely exact fit, the shoe features Velcro straps and a buckle for the closure system.

Most riders sweat a lot during the spinning session, right? For this reason, this shoe comes with an anti-microbial mesh on the upper shoe, hence preventing the impact of bacteria and fungi. For increased bacterial protection, the PE sock liner also features Silvadur anti-microbial top sheet material.

For a dry foot workout, the shoe has a closed cell foam padding, which, with the help of the leather collar lining, shed off water and sweat.

To your advantage, the shoe accommodates all standard cleat systems, whether with two or three holes. So, want to ride on a peloton or a studio SPD bike? You have the choices in your hands.

With a sturdy synthetic sole, the shoe will optimize your power transfer on the bike. This will facilitate your performance, increasing it within a single ride.


  • Basically, a road shoe, with the optimal comfort guaranteed in a road shoe yet the performance of an indoor cycling shoe.
  • Ventilation for a cooler breeze during rides.
  • Anti-bacterial mechanisms employed to prevent feet odor.
  • Rigid sole for power transfer.


  • You can’t walk in the shoes, since you will slide off.

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5. Giro Techne – Giro Indoor Cycling Shoes Womens ( SPD/SPD-SL)

When your budget restricts your choice yet you want a shoe that brings grand performance, the Giro Techne is an awesome option. You will be surprised at what the inexpensive shoe has to offer;

Fundamentally, the shoe features a material that presents optimal performance even to the expert biker. With an injected nylon outsole, power transfer from the feet to the pedals is a guarantee. And with this comes faster and longer cycling sessions. and, definitely, your cadence performance will rise indefinitely.

Interestingly, it does not matter whether you use 2 or 3 holes for your cleats. The shoe is customized to accommodate either. Therefore, you can use Look Delta, Look Keo, SPD, SPD-SL or even Time cleat systems with the shoes.

Taking into consideration the convenience that breathability brings, the shoe features a composite of microfiber and mesh upper.

Additionally, the shoes come with a trendy closure system of three straps, which are not only fast to adjust, but really offer an ergonomic fit to the feet.

Stability and sufficient support are core features of the shoe, given the die-cut Eva footbed and fairly moderate arch support.

Furthermore, the shoes are highly durable. the upper material is well protected by the stainless-steel hardware, and also the molded heel pads.


  • Inexpensive, yet excellent cycling features.
  • Compatible with an array of cleat systems.
  • Provides stability to the user.
  • Durable material and design.


  • The shoe runs smaller, so you have to size up.

6. SHIMANO SH-IC500 – Shimano Indoor Cycling Shoes Womens (2-Bolt System)

If your feet sweat at the slightest warmth, then higher breathability should be your best shoe for cycling. Shimano SH-IC500 is a shoe that offers this, in addition to more breath-taking features for a cyclist. Let’s dive into these features;

The cycling shoes come with an almost completely sock mesh upper. This will optimize breathability and aeration, so even when you sweat the quick-drying aspect will cool off your feet. Moreover, it reduces your sweating, which will enhance your comfort on the bike.

To finish off the upper outlook, the shoe features a Boa L6 dial. In addition to being pretty, the closure system ensures that your feet are securely fit in the shoe. Since it is adjustable, you can always get your suitable fit.

The outer sole is rubber in material, which enhances walking in the shoe. On the other hand, the shoe has a reinforced plate, which brings forth power transfer. So, your performance will still be excellent.

As for compatibility, the shoe has a cleat plate that is compatible with 2-hole SPD cleats.

For a natural women’s specific fit, the shoe features performance dynalast, leaving you comfortable throughout the exercise.


  • The larger part of the upper shoe is breathable mesh.
  • A secure closure system.
  • 2-cleat SPD compatibility.
  • Brings you power transfer.
  • Recessed cleat plate to allow you to walk in the shoe.


  • The shoes are smaller than the specified sizes on the size chart.

Buying Guide for The Best Indoor Cycling Shoes Womens


The shoe that you consider for indoor cycling has to be quality. Quality shoes will be comfortable spinning in, their performance on the bike topnotch, and they are highly durable.

Power transfer

Power transfer from your feet to the pedals ensures that you don’t have to workout much to achieve your cadence goals. The pedals will do the work for you, so that you can increase your speed and time on the bike.


The perfect sizing of cycling shoes is personal. Identify your exact sizing before purchasing a cycling shoe. Also, check for reviews and details on the shoe you decide on. This will help decide whether or not the shoe size is standard.

Then, you can decide whether to get the exact cycling shoe size, size up or down for an ideal fit.

Closure system

The closure system of a shoe adds to how much your shoe fits. For a secure fit, ensure that the shoe comes with an adjustable closure system, one that does not come off easily.

Most of the best closure systems in cycling shoes include Velcro straps, a buckle or secure dial closure systems.

Compatibility with cleat system

There are different cleat systems for each stationary bike. Identify the system that your pedals use before purchasing the shoes.

Then, you will purchase only the shoe that suits your cleat system. Cleat systems include Look Delta, Look Keo, SPD, SpeedPlay, Crank Brother, Time among others.


Identify the major features that you want in indoor cycling shoes before thinking about the cost. If you are in a tight budget, you can narrow down to the cheaper shoes in the range that you have taken into account. That way, you will not compromise quality and functionality for cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor cycling shoes?

Yes, there is. While indoor cycling shoes could use both 2 and 3-hole cleat systems, most outdoor bikes use 2-hole cleats. Other than that, outdoor cycling shoes have a recessed cleat plate, which is not necessary with indoor cycling shoes.

What are the best women’s cycling shoes for spinning?

The best women’s cycling shoes for spinning will depend on individual preference. however, the general features include power transfer, compatibility with your specific pedal system, a secure closure system, among others.

Are spinning shoes worth it?

Yes, they are. The best ones are highly durable, and you will reap the benefits of optimized power transfer.

Do I really need cycling shoes?

Not really. You can use toe cages with regular non-cycling shoes. nevertheless, you will not have the satisfaction of power transfer and other advantages that come with cycling shoes.

Should I buy cycling shoes a size bigger?

This will depend on your feet size, and the specific shoe too. Some will require that you size up, others down while others are a perfect fit.

How do I choose cycling shoes?

You will choose cycling shoes based on the performance of the shoes, and also personal preference.

What type of cleats do I need for indoor cycling shoes?

The type of cleats you need for your indoor cycling shoes will depend on your pedal system. It could be compatible with 2 or 3-hole cleats, and each dependent on the exact system. For instance, SPD, Look, SpeedPlay and others.

Do indoor cycling shoes last long?

Yes, they do. Most cycling shoes will last longer than one year, since you don’t even have to walk in them. However, it is necessary that you check on the material and quality of the shoe to be sure about the durability.

Parting Shot

The best women’s indoor cycling shoes have all the specific features that suit a woman’s foot, such as a narrow heel and a smaller foot. The best part is that these top shoes incorporate these features with the best features that cycling shoes should possess.

With every shoe possessing a unique strength compared to the rest, you can easily identify the most important aspect of an indoor cycling shoe for you. Hence, you can finally make the best indoor cycling shoe choice.

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