5 Best Water Bottles for Orangetheory Workout

Best Water Bottle for Orangetheory

In preparation for a whole hour of high-intensity workouts, a water bottle is definitely a necessity. Orangetheory aims at optimizing EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption), and the water will play a big role in replenishing your oxygen supply. While there’s no difficulty getting a water bottle online or even in an offline shop, getting satisfaction from one is a challenge. 

So, if you are looking for the best water bottle for Orangetheory that offers top performance, we are in the same boat. Over and above that, we have included a buying guide with the little aspects you need to consider before buying the water bottle.

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5 Best Water Bottles for Orangetheory

Here is a list of bottles that guarantee high performance at Orangetheory and what you want to be seen in possession of.

1. Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

When water temperature makes a great impact on your body and your performance, this Iron Flask is the best option. It will keep the cold water you put from the fridge so cold that your body cools nicely during the sweaty workouts. If you like lukewarm water due to tooth sensitivity, the flask is still your companion.

Other than keeping the water at the same temperature that you put it in for over 12 hours, this bottle has more impressive facts:

Firstly, it comes with three different lids for versatile use. The carabiner straw lid features two straws, a flip lid, and a stainless steel lid. Stainless steel? Only on the outside, while the inside is coated in plastic. Therefore, it keeps your water spill-free while preventing the metallic taste.

Secondly, the bottle is 18/8 premium stainless steel, which is BPA free and also non-toxic. The material prevents strange tastes and also bottle rusting. However, you have to hand wash it with soapy water at all times.

Thirdly, the bottle displays a powder coat exterior finish, which gives it an elegant look. And let’s not forget the laser engraved company logo, which gives the bottle a more classy and quality outlook.

And fourthly, you can get the bottle in a range of color coatings, while the capacities range from 14, 18 to 22oz.

  • Quality bottle, with a 30-day money return guarantee
  • Keeps water at the same temperature over long hours
  • Three lid options come with the package


  • There’s no option for a higher water capacity

2. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles

Are you looking for a water bottle that features water purification aspects? LifeStraw has a wonderful option for you, so let’s see what the bottle has for us:

Essentially, the bottle has a hollow fiber membrane, which removes 99.9999 percent of parasites and bacteria. This includes E. Coli, Salmonella, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and microplastics. Therefore, you typically end up with harmless water for your body.

The hollow fiber membrane filters up to 4000 liters, that is, 1000 gallons of water when properly maintained and used. Thus, you will reap these unique benefits of the bottle long enough to your satisfaction.

On top of that, you get an activated carbon capsule, which minimizes organic chemicals and chlorine to improve water taste.

Certified by external labs using standard testing protocols, the bottle doesn’t bring you microplastics or turbidity that water bottles are prone to.

What feeling surpasses making a positive difference in someone’s life, especially when they are kids? When you buy a product from LifeStraw, a needy school child gets safe drinking water for the entire school.


  • Purifies drinking water
  • Certified hence safe for drinking water
  • Highly durable
  • Helps you participate in charity work


  • Quite expensive

3. Embrava Sports Water Bottle

Embrava Sports water bottle is a perfect option if you are looking for a sports and gym-specific water bottle. The first feature that confirms this is the one-click slide showing the side strap to drink the water. Hence, it has your time-consciousness in mind.

The special spill-proof top ensures that you don’t get spills when commuting and during the workout. Then there is an air hole at the top, which enhances the water’s faster flow, hence adding to the time-conscious aspect. When through with drinking, you can always lock it again to prevent dirt and indeliberate leaks.

Other than that, the bottle is toxin-free Tritan Co-polyester plastic, which is safe for both your body and the environment. The material is further free of BPA, which is harmful to the human body.

With two capacities, 18 ounces and 500ml, you can take the bottle that quenches your thirst best in the Orangetheory class. Remember that the bottle is highly durable since it is resistant to impact, so you can re-use it for years until you feel you need to change.

Finally, the bottle displays a premium quality design, with a reflective frosted casing for a trendy outlook. The ergonomic shape facilitates a one-hand drink, while the tough carry-strap eases handling.


  • Sports-specific, hence exact gym requirements in place
  • Facilitates easy and quick gulps
  • Resistant to impact, hence durable
  • Prevents spills and leakage


  • Not suitable for dishwashing

4. Brimma Premium Sports Water Bottle

Most water bottles are not dishwasher friendly, but if you want one that is, Brimma is your perfect option. Over and above that, everything about the bottle makes it most convenient for neutralizing the tough Orangetheory workouts.

It comes with a lanyard handle strap, hence easy to hang on your wrist or attach to the gym bag. With a one-click spill-proof lid, you don’t have to stop or compromise your workout to drink water. Then, since the lid is spill-proof, you can store it anywhere and anyhow without the least care of other stuff damage.

Like all high-quality and competitive water bottles, this bottle is non-toxic and BPA-free. It is made in Tritan Copolyester toxin-free food-grade plastic, which holds up shape and temperature despite tough conditions.

The bottle is stylish and convenient for hand-carrying, standard water cages, and bottle holders on bikes. It is available in 32 ounces, 18, and 50 ounces depending on your choice.


  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Easy to carry and drink from
  • Non-toxic and BPA-free
  • Spill-free 


  • Few color options available

5. 720-Degree Water Bottle

Do you dislike the taste of pure water yet cannot compromise your hydration at the OTF workouts? What if there is a way you could get both options in one bottle? The 720-Degree water bottle has a fruit infuser and a wide opening, where you can add fruit or herb for a more bearable drink.

Designed from light yet tough Tritan copolyester, the bottle is not only impressively durable but free of elements such as BPS, BPA, and phthalates. Hence, when you put in your water and ice cubes, expect the same taste that you get from a water glass.

Really unique, the bottle has a velvety coating for a soft and outstanding touch. And you don’t have to touch it in sweaty hands because the bottle has an elegant, strong strap that you can use to hold and carry the bottle.

Furthermore, the improved spring system 2.0 ensures that the bottle does not leak, and neither does dust or dirt get into the mouthpiece. Besides that, the bottle opens smoothly right from day one, which never compromises even over time. The one-click drinking cap ensures that you don’t waste much time in the gray zone trying to rehydrate your body.


  • Promotes the taste of drinking water
  • You get only the taste of the drink and fruit you put in, hence safe
  • Easy to drink from during workouts


  • The bottle is only in one size, one liter, though large enough

Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Water Bottle For Orangetheory

Bottle Quality

Look for a water bottle that assures you of quality. This you can check through offered money-return guarantees and the same water bottle material. Quality water bottles assure you of durability, but that’s not the best part. You will get optimal performance from the bottle, and it will feature all the factors listed below.

Ease in Drinking Water

You can’t stop for over a minute just trying to get more water out of your bottle during the workouts. Therefore, ensure that the bottle you invest in allows for quick gulps and fast water flow.


Check for the capacity of the bottle you purchase for OTF. Though larger water bottles might be a few more bulks expensive, they save you from leaving the workout at each interval just for a refill.

On the other hand, if you are not a heavy drinker and only rehydrates for routine, a smaller bottle will save you some coins and convenience.

Lid Quality

Check the quality of the lid because this will determine comfort with the water bottle. The lid should not leak at all so that you find it easy to store the bottle of water anywhere. You also don’t want a bottle that spills water as you try to drink while working out, right?

Moreover, ensure that it is easy to open and lock the water bottle lid to save your own workout time. Remember that in Orangetheory, each of the 60 minutes of workout matters in the overall performance. Therefore, invest in a bottle that will enhance this aspect and not undermine it.

Other Outstanding Benefits

There are bottles with unique characteristics that you will love, such as featuring a fruit infuser. This is only in a few water bottles since not everyone will make use of the feature. However, if this makes a difference to you, consider the bottle rather than manipulate one without.

Other unique features such as a rare design could help personalize your bottle so that you identify it in an Orangetheory Fitness class with over 40 participants.


Do you feel budget-constrained after making an Orangetheory Fitness commitment? The high competition that faces the fitness world, water bottle companies, included, works in your favor. Today, you don’t have to go for a very expensive bottle to reap the benefits of a top-rating bottle.

Hence, you only have to look for all the above features, then look for a cheaper option with all the characteristics. However, if you can’t get a bottle with all top qualifications within your budget range, save for the best. You would rather delay than reglet over a few saved bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I bring a water bottle to the gym?

Yes, you should. Expect to use a lot of energy at the gym and oxygen as well. If you want to replenish this, ensure that you rehydrate your body constantly. The best way to ensure consistent rehydration is to have a water bottle, which you can refill at will.

What size water bottle should I bring to Orangetheory?

People have different hydration needs, just as the sweating rate differs. You should get a bottle that you can use throughout the class, if possible, without refilling it for one hour. While one person will do with a 16oz bottle, another will need at least a 50oz bottle.

What is the best water bottle to keep water cold for the gym?

The best water bottle to keep water cold for the gym should be insulated. An example of such a bottle is our #1, Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle, which will keep water cold for up to 24 hours.

Are stainless water bottles safe?

Yes, they are. Though most people fear the taste of metal in stainless steel, the metal is among the few that are completely safe. They don’t release metallic elements and taste into the water. Besides, the material is great if you are looking for a durable water bottle withstands impact and tough conditions.

Final Thoughts

Best water bottle for Orangetheory? The bottle that deserves your attention for the current Orangetheory Fitness should bring you all the convenience you need. Fulfilling all the buying guide conditions, you can easily get a perfect choice for your money, even when looking for a budget bottle.