5 Best Peloton Toe Cages for Using Regular Shoes Securely

Best Peloton Bike Compatible Toe Cages

Peloton Bike and bike plus come with look delta pedals where you can use only delta-compatible cycling shoes (3 cleat system). But some want to use their choice-able shoes I mean regular shoes, good news is that they can use their regular shoes with peloton toe cages.

The question is, Are Peloton toe clips/cages worth having? I say yes, of course. If you want your foot secure on pedals, especially for your growing kids when are using regular shoes, there is no way to get a toe cage for your bike or cycle.

The best part about peloton-compatible toe cages is that you can always remove them when you want to use cycling shoes(delta shoes) for better power transfer with the clipless pedals.

What are Peloton Toe Cages?

Peloton toe cages, otherwise known as toe clips, are small frames that cover your toe region to the ball of your foot. They are used on the clipless Peloton pedals to secure the foot so that one can cycle without special cycling shoes.

Usually, you will need special cycling shoes, which have cleats that clip into the Peloton pedals. The cycling shoes keep the foot attached to the pedals, hence safe regardless of the cycling intensity.

However, using regular shoes on the clipless pedals is unsafe, and one can easily slip off the pedals. For this reason, the toe cages are the loophole one would need. Using toe cages, one can pedal the Peloton pedals in regular shoes, from sneakers to running shoes.

Why You May Want to Use Toe Cages for Peloton bike

  • Toe cages will allow you to use regular shoes on the clipless pedals, which turn clipped with the toe cages. Then, you will not have to worry about cycling faster or even standing on the pedals. Instead, you can ride in any way, as though you were in cycling shoes on clipless pedals.
  • The cages keep you safe from slipping off the bike when in regular shoes. They are your best alternative to cycling shoes
  • Toe clips are also the best way for a whole household to experience Peloton bike cycling. Everyone can use their own shoe, regardless of the size, and fit into the cages.
  • They are easy to get on and off the bike, especially when you have mid-ride things to attend to.
  • Peloton toe cages are good for people who have foot problems because they let them wear any kind of shoe. People who have corns, calluses, bunions, or plantar fasciitis need to wear special shoes when they work out.
  • If you have a knee problem; Toe Cages are fine especially if you are rehabbing. If you had a knee replacement and you are not ready to clip in yet or come out of the saddle. Way too many experts on this sight. Feel free to use cages for your special needs. Make sure the straps are not loose.
  • It will help you do peloton bike Bootcamp classes. Because BootCamp classes need to change shoes. If you use toe cages you don’t need to change your shoes.

Does Peloton Come With Toe Cages?

No, The peloton bike and bike+ don’t come with toe cages or clips. The Peloton bike and bike plus both come with Look Delta-clip-in pedals. This type of pedal must need special shoes(Look-delta shoes). If you want to use regular shoes with a Peloton default look-delta pedal, you need to buy toe cages separately.

The 5 Best Toe Cages for Peloton Bike

1. CyclingDeal – Peloton Compatible Toe Cages (Convert Dual Function Pedals) [Editor Choice]

These toe cages are actually only compatible with the peloton bike and not any other bike. Therefore, you have the assurance of complete compatibility.

You will also love the dual function of the toe cages, which come with an adapter. Thus, you can either use the toe cages with your sneakers or tennis shoes. Alternatively, you can use peloton cycling shoes for optimal power transfer and outstanding Leaderboard performance.

Moreover, the structure is high quality and amazingly durable. The adapter is a strong alloy, which combines with engineering thermoplastic toe cages to bring forth an impressively durable construction.

Weighing only 350 grams per pair, the toe cages are sufficiently lightweight for comfort and desired performance.

2. Wassers – Adjustable Pedal Adapter Pedals Toe Clips Cage for Peloton Bike

Do you want toe cages that are suitable for the new Peloton bike plus? These toe cages are ideal for both the original peloton bike and the new Peloton bike+.

Furthermore, the toe cage has an excellent toe clip position that is adjustable. Thus, anyone, whether with big or standard feet, can ride in the toe cages comfortably.

Other than exhibiting a stylish outlook, the pedals are essentially high-quality, rugged nylon fiber. They offer a fantastic riding experience and last long. The one-year warranty that the toe cages come with is an assurance of quality and durability.

The toe cages have a dual function, which allows you to work out on the bike your way. You can either use the SPD-SL or Look Delta cycling shoes with the Peloton clipless pedals or use regular shoes with toe cages.

3. Venzo Fitness – Best Peloton Toe Cages Work with Default Peloton Pedals

Specially designed for spin bikes, this toe cage is compatible with Look Delta pedals, which peloton bikes use.

Most importantly, you will get sufficient energy transfer to the pedals, as you can convert pedals to the Look Delta style for use with clips.

But that’s not all; the toe cage construction, which is heavy duty plastic, is highly durable. Moreover, its strength enables efficient performance on the peloton bike.

Amazingly, you can adjust the toe cage position, at least up to 15mm. Actually, it is the only toe cage that provides for adjustment. In a size of 130 by 145 by 85mm, even the widest of feet will comfortably fit in the toe cage.

4. Exustar Clipless Adapter Pedal with Toe ClipCompatible with Your Default Peloton Pedals

The exustar brand offers true quality toe clips that you can float on large degree securely. It comes with hook and loop belt to make sure that there is zero accident chance, no slipping and mishaps. It also increases more control on pedals. Overall, it’s a good choice who want a thermoplastic platform toe clip for safe spinning.

5. Boerte Pedal Adapter Toe Clips with Straps: Specific for Peloton Bike and Bike+

As soon as the bike plus hit the market, Boerte took the advantage to come up with these peloton-specific pedal clips. They easily transform the look delta clipless pedals to Cage Pedal you can ride on in sneakers. 

On top of that, the toe cages are designed from high-quality plastic material, which is durable and stylish on your bike. With a warranty that lasts a whole year, you are definitely on the safe side.

More amazingly, the toe cage presents an adjustable clip position to fit any rider’s feet size easily. Even the big feet that have a challenge getting suitable toe clips are now sorted! Basically, the clips adjust up to 20mm wide.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Toe Cages for the Peloton Bike

  • Compatibility with the peloton Bike Pedals: The most essential aspect you should consider is compatibility with the peloton bike pedals. While there exist innumerable toe cages, few can be regarded as suitable for the peloton bike pedals, which are unique in their way.
  • Quality: whenever you are shopping for toe cages for your Peloton bike, identify the material, strength, and design. Ensure that they all give you one conclusion: a quality toe cage for your bike. You want toe cages that will neither break nor expand and cause discomfort during riding.
  • Lightweight: Look for lightweight toe cages in quality and durable construction. Lightweight toe cages are not only easier to install but also more comfortable to ride in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are toe cages harmful?

No, they are not. As long as you use them with the right type of shoes, whose front is hard to protect your toes, then you can use toe cages for as long as you want without an issue.

Do toe cages come in pairs, or do you buy one in a package?

Yes, they do. You buy toe cages for both feet, right and left in one package. Just a single order is enough for your pedal clip needs.

Can you spin-in toe cages?

Yes, you can. You can use these before you buy cleats, or as an alternative to cleats whenever you want a change and still get good results.

Which is better for spinning, toe clips, or cleats?

Cleats are better than toe cages, especially if you are in serious spinning classes. This is because cages are not great with upper strokes, which puts a strain on the leg muscles and may affect total output in comparison to cleats.

Which Type of shoes should you use with toe cages?

You can use any type of sporting or cycling shoe with a tough sole and front. Any regular non-cycling shoe will also do, except for open shoes, sandals, and light rubber shoes.


Toe cages give you relief from cleats, especially when you want to be on and off your bike in between your biking sessions. Having the best clips ensures you not only use them as an alternative to cleats but also when you want to strengthen your leg muscles more. This makes them a necessary accessory for your peloton biking workouts. With the above considerations taken into account, one of the best 7 toe cages in this article should give you satisfaction. Only remember that you are the best judge of the peloton accessory that best works for you.

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