5 Best Sports Bra for Orangetheory: Top Solution for Orangetheory Women

A sports bra is definitely one of the basic accessories that you consider wearing to an Orangetheory workout, right? Yet, the fear and anxiety of getting a sports bra that doesn’t fit, cut through the skin, cause skin irritation, or even don’t offer adequate coverage. To make matters worse, be in a high-intense workout class in an uncomfortable sports bra that compromises your workouts.

For this reason, we have compiled the best sports bra for Orangetheory that addresses all the negative impacts of a low-quality sports bra. Better still, each sports bra has an outstanding characteristic that brings out your top priority.

5 Best Sports Bra for Orangetheory

So, are you ready for the different top-class bras that Orangetheory users highly recommend?

1. Nike Women’s Victory Compression Sports Bra

  • Sizes: XS to 4XL
  • Material: Polyester, spandex
  • Removable cups: No
  • Cup sizes: A, B, C, D

If your target is high compression, this Nike model is a great shot. Plus, you get the assurance of a brand bra, which definitely speaks quality and class. With a spectrum of colors to pick from, what more would you call great?

The Nike sports bra is 88 percent polyester, blending with 12 percent spandex material. The combination enhances optimal moisture-wicking, leaving your body dry through the sweaty workout.

Besides, the bra is in a jersey material with an outer and inner lining, which further enhances moisture-wicking.

Most amazingly, the bra design and material facilitates maximum compression and support. It offers just the snug compression fit and medium support that every workout will require. Finally, you can run and perform cardio without limitations.

Then there is the racerback design, which sees multiple straps stabilizing tension, which reduces bust bouncing in multidirectional workouts. Therefore, you have an opportunity to engage in a range of motions comfortably.

The sports bra has a pull-on closure, which assures you of a secure fit throughout the workout. As though that’s not enough, it lessens your worry by being machine-washable.

Finally, the encased chest band feels comfortable and appears great on the bra while providing a perfect fit.

Why We Love It

  • Excellent compression
  • Comfortable 
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Amazing support

2. Lemedy Women Padded Sports Bra

  • Sizes: S to XXL
  • Material: nylon, spandex
  • Removable cup: yes
  • Cup sizes: A, B, C

Are you looking for a sports bra that is more of a crop top? We sourced this Lemedy sports bra for the same reason, and there is more;

Basically, the sports bra is made in nylon and spandex, which give it a lightweight, yet sufficient support for cups A, B, and C. Moreover, the fabric is moisture-wicking, which keeps you dry and more comfortable despite all the sweating in Orangetheory Fitness.

The bra has removable pads, which are convenient for adjustment reasons. The padding facilitates a cotton-like soft feeling that you are comfortable in for the whole workout session.

Since it is in a spaghetti design, breathability and aeration are obvious, which adds to your comfort. And, being a pull-on bra, you don’t have to mind about clips and buttons bursting under workout pressure. Besides, the spandex inclusion ensures that the bra moves with all your body poses and movements.

Why We Love It

  • Comfortable
  • Trendy and fashionable
  • Convenient removable pads

3. Under Armour Women’s Sports Bra

  • Sizes: XS to XXL
  • Cup Sizes: A, B, C
  • Material: Polyester, elastane
  • Removable Cup: Yes

When it comes to Orangetheory Fitness, we all have the idea that our fitness goals will soon come to reality. In that case, why not brace yourself for a sporty look with this Under Armour Sports Bra?

Designed in a brand logo elastic band for a sporty outlook, the sports bra brings you medium support and optimal comfort. You can bend, run, jump and undertake strength workouts in Orangetheory without a discomfort feeling.

The sports bra is 84 percent polyester and 16 percent elastane, facilitating all the OTF workouts’ comfort. It brings forth moisture-wicking and breathability capabilities, which are key in enhancing comfort in workouts.

Moreover, you get removable cups that facilitate adjustment and extra cleaning when there is need. Wondering how you will put back the cups without mistaking them? The cups come with R and L signs for right and left cups, respectively, to aid you in putting them back correctly.

As for the back design, the sports bra features crossover straps and a feminine keyhole for a stunning finish.

Why We Love It

  • Sporty outlook
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking
  • Easy to adjust

4. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Built-Up Tank Style

  • Material: Cotton, spandex
  • Sizes: XS- XXL
  • Cup sizes: A, B, C
  • Removable Pads: No

Some of us are so into sports tanks that even a bra designed in the tank style makes all the difference. Therefore, we have included the best tank-style sports bra from Fruit of the Loom. Other than being tank style, the sports bra comes in threes for alternating reasons.

Since it’s more of cotton, its moisture-absorbing capabilities are topnotch, ensuring that you are dry and comfortable. Then there are the spandex traces, which keep it flexible in all your workout ranges.

The closure is pull-on while the front is well-covered, ensuring that you never have instances of discomfort or embarrassment.

Last but not least, you can machine wash the sports bra, saving you the extra time that others would need for a special handwash.

Why We Love It

  • Tank-style
  • Economic, as it comes in threes
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Overall comfort

5. Glamorize Women’s Double-Layer Sports Bra

  • Material: polyester, polyamide, elastane
  • Sizes: 32B to 46I
  • Cup sizes: B to I
  • Removable Pads: No

If you have an extra-large bust, you must know the struggle to get a fitting sports bra that you will not need extra support in. The good news is that we have just what you must be perusing in search of, which is the best sports bra for plus-size chests.

Firstly, the sports bra has a custom-control double layer for an excellent support system. It comprises four different levels of bounce control, owing to the adjustable mesh front panel. The panel is also adjustable depending on your exact size and needs, not to mention customizable for specific workouts. Even when you run and do other demanding cardio workouts, you will still feel comfortable and at ease.

Supplementarily, the sports bra is in polyester, polyamide, and elastane, in a blend that facilitates moisture-wicking. It is also quick-drying, leaving you not just dry but also feeling lightweight. Adding the sufficient breathability that the sports bra brings, you get superb comfort in Orangetheory Fitness workouts.

More amazingly, it has reinforced wire-free cups, which deliver a handsome lift in addition to extra impact support. Coupling with wide adjustable and padded straps, the bra minimizes shoulder pressure and subsequent back pains. The extra plush hook and eye closure is adjustable and protects your back by facilitating a suitable fit.

The sports bra originates from New York and has had a name in the outfit industry since 1921, providing 100 years of improved quality and customer trust.

Why We Love It

  • Comfortable for any workout
  • Outstanding sizes and quality for plus size women
  • Sufficient support

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Buying Guide for the Best Sports Bra for Orangetheory

1. Size

Size is one major part of disappointment when it comes to any bra, and sports bras are no exception. Purchasing the wrong size leads to cuts, shoulder and back pains, while the other extreme leads to discomfort and embarrassment.

The good news is that each of the sports bras above comes with a size chart. If you are unsure whether the type you like is true to size, you can check with the inquiry.

If you don’t know your exact size, you can measure the full part of your bust and underneath your chest for the exact fittings.

2. Breathability

Since you want a sports bra that you will attend Orangetheory classes in, airflow is necessary. Remember that the first five minutes at Orangetheory are enough to see you all sweaty and to feel the heat all over.

With a sports bra that offers sufficient breathability, at least you will have sufficient airflow to counter the heat build-up.

Breathability comes about with a design with several cuts at strategic points and a material that promotes airflow.

3. Moisture-wicking

To reinforce the point above, the bra should further feature high moisture-wicking capability. Regardless of how much you sweat, feeling dry keeps, you motivated to work out harder. Moreover, a sports bra that facilitates moisture-wicking does not stick to your body, hence really comfortable. 

Materials that facilitate maximum moisture absorption include polyester and cotton, though other blends are excellent as well.

4. Quality material

Ensure that the bra material is high quality. In most cases, the material is a blend, which ensures that various features come into play. Check that the blend works in your favor for a comfortable sports bra.

With a tinge of elastane, the sports bra facilitates flexibility and moves as your body moves. Therefore, you can engage in a variety of workouts at Orangetheory Fitness. However, if the elastane material exceeds, the bra quality reduces, hence a disappointing stretch over time

5. Design

There are so many sports bras in the market that you cannot exhaust. While they are all appealing, you have to get a sports bra that is in line with your workout range. At Orangetheory, you have a spectrum of workouts to engage in, hence the need for a strong and supportive bra.

You have to see that despite the workout you undertake, whether strength or cardio, you are comfortable in the sports bra. For instance, if you have a low cut sports bra, you will run comfortably on the treadmill, but what will happen during a plank workout?

Once you have considered your convenience, now you can consider your taste. From crop tops to tank styles and different back designs, you have a range to choose from with the workout convenience in place.

6. Versatility

Since you are looking for an Orangetheory sports bra, ensure that the bra can allow any form of stretch. Consider that you will have several workouts within a single session, so your sports bra has to give you the ability to stretch and perform different upper body moves.

7. Comfort

Ensure that the sports bra is comfortable for you as an individual. If you can’t bear being in a typical bra style, you can look for a crop top design. If you loath bra wires, go for the wireless. And when you don’t have time for removable pads, why not try ones with unremovable paddings.

For people with larger busts, sufficient support that prevents constant bouncing during cardio is most comfortable. Also, ensure that the support band is large and comfortable so that it does not hurt you even if you wear the sports bra for a whole day.

You have all these options, so ensure that your comfort comes first before considering any.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it acceptable to wear a sports bra to the gym?

Yes, it is. I mean, it’s a sports bra, meaning that it is designed for any sport, including the gym. As long as you feel comfortable in the sports bra, no one will limit you at the gym for wearing it.

What is a DDD bra size equal to?

Cup DDD is equivalent to bra size F, which is in bra sizes between 36 and 61, depending on your exact bra size.

Does a sports bra reduce breast size?

No, it doesn’t. However, compression sports bras compress the breasts to look smaller, which also helps prevent bouncing during intensive workouts. However, the real size of the breasts remain.

How many gym outfits do you need?

The number of gym outfits you need depends on you. Some people survive with just a single set, especially if you attend the gym twice a week or even less. You can wash and wear the outfits in your next class without a problem. Besides, no one checks your outfit at the gym, as long as it is gym-friendly.

However, two sets would be great for alternating, but this is only for convenience reasons.

Final Thoughts

Best sports bra for Orangetheory? With the above buying guide, you finally know what to look for in a non-disappointing sports bra for your OTF classes. Whether you want to rock in a customized design or a highly supportive bra, the list above caters to your sports bra needs. 

Besides, you can use the bras for other personal workouts other than Orangetheory, as suitability for Orangetheory means suitability in all forms of workouts.