Best Spintray for Peloton Bike: Top 5 Picks!

Spintray for Peloton

A serious workout concentration on your peloton is usually worth it. However, sometimes you just have to multitask, check on emails, answer calls, watch an irresistible movie or even monitor your baby in the crib. For this exact reason, a Spintray, otherwise called a laptop tray is necessary.

You don’t need to search much get the spectrum of spintrays advertised for the peloton bike. Don’t have time to go through all that, yet you want an ideal tray for your other tasks? We thought so, hence came up with a list of just a few best spintrays for peloton.

5 Best Spintray for Peloton BIke

Without wasting time, let’s take the show on the road, detailing the major features of the best peloton laptop trays in the market today;

1. yakrack – Spintray for Peloton Original

The original one is always the best, some of us believe. There is some truth in this, as we will experience with this original spin tray for peloton bike.

First off, the laptop tray was the first creation with multitasking on a peloton bike in mind. It is actually perfectly compatible with the peloton bike, as compared to the rest.

Moreover, as the purpose suggests, the spintray is purposely to enhance multitasking on the peloton bike. You can put your laptop on the spintray and bring your office to the studio, sipping on a cup of beverage. All this while, you will still be on your peloton.

Then, whenever you make the spintray purchase, you will get free neoprene rubber ledge and a spintray gel pad, which makes your work easier.

The part I love most about this is that each purchase contributes to funding peloton bikes, which are given to patients in Parkinson.


  • The original version of a peloton spintray, hence highly suitable for the peloton bike.
  • Allows you to multitask while on the bike.
  • Comes with additional two gifts.
  • Gives an opportunity to contribute to charity.


  • The edges are quite sharp, so you have to be careful.

2. Lifesmells – Peloton Laptop Tray

The laptop tray comes with a detachable crotch, which facilitates the laptop security by preventing a fall. Thus, even when fully concentrating on your workout, your laptop will not slip off.

Essentially, the peloton laptop tray allows you to work while on peloton workouts, or even afford to undertake other tasks. Made for peloton, it perfectly fits the peloton bike.

Additionally, the tray is a sturdy construction, which is strong enough to hold any weight of a laptop and even handle extras. It is highly durable, being a part of your peloton bike for as long as possible.

A plus size, the tray comes in 23.2 by 14.2 by 0.8 inches, hence capable of accommodating even the larger laptops, books and tablets.


  • A highly effective crotch that prevents laptops and gadgets from falling off.
  • Perfect for working from home during your workouts.
  • Large enough to hold a couple more things, other than the laptop.
  • Sturdy and strong, and doesn’t bend at all.


  • Quite expensive for its material.

3. Wise Owl – Peloton Spin Bike Tray for Phone, Tablet

This peloton tray actually considers a person who needs to do several things at a go. for instance, control the TV with the remote, have a cup of drink, watch the baby from the baby monitor and so on. Therefore, it has sections that are suitable for a variety of stuff.

Firstly, the tray has two plastic storage cups, which are actually removable and even washable. You can put your tea in the storage cups, put a remote control or an energy bar in the other and add other small personal stuff as you wish.

Secondly, it features a sticky pad, where you place a phone, an iPad, a tablet or a baby monitor. The foam contact pads secure the gadget from falling off. A c-clip adds to the safety of the gadget, hence falling not easy.

More interestingly, you can wash the whole tray with soap and water without causing damage at all. Also, installation and adjustment take you less than ten minutes, hence less time consuming.


  • Easy to arrange, as each item has its own position already in the design.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Easy installation, you don’t require other tools.


  • The sticky pad is rather small for a standard-sized laptop.

4. Naisi – Table Panel for Peloton Bike

A peloton bike is really expensive, and adding a cute elegant tray just matches the class that the bike comes with. Exclusively designed for peloton,

The clear acrylic construction is so sturdy that it holds a weight of up to 300kgs. Thus, you can be sure about its obvious quality and durability. To assure you of the durability, the company gives you a lifetime warranty when you purchase the spintray.

Moreover, the spintray comes with a pen slot, so that you can arrange your pen in in order. Then, once you get the package, expect a gift of a cup mat, which enhances panel organization.

Also, the edges are round and smooth, thus no chances that you will be hurt while working out.


  • Lifetime durability guaranteed.
  • Cute and classy material and outlook.
  • Easy to arrange, with a pen slot and a cup mat.


  • Slightly slippery surface.

5. Chirsfly– Acrylic Laptop Tray for Peloton Bike

For the best spintray for peloton at a value cost, then this Peloton Laptop Tray takes home the medal.

The construction is a composite of thick polypropylene and CNC, facilitating performance and durability. It can accommodate so many things at a go, as long as they fit on the 20 by 15-inch surface.

For optimal performance, the laptop tray can accommodate just about anything you intend to work with on your peloton, including books, a laptop, a tablet, a phone, a baby monitor and so forth.

And don’t forget the quality guarantee, which is obvious from the one-year warranty that the product comes with. You will even get a full refund if you don’t like the tray within 30 days after delivery.


  • Less expensive, yet the quality competing with more expensive spintrays.
  • Allows for versatile usage when on peloton bike, hence convenient.
  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Impressive warranty conditions.


  • No ledge to keep the items on the tray from falling off. Nevertheless, just a slight grip from a gadget backside is usually enough.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the peloton bike come with the peloton laptop tray?

No, it doesn’t. you have to purchase the laptop tray separately. Nevertheless, the bike is made to accommodate the laptop tray as though the tray was made for the bike. Besides, most of the trays targeting the peloton bike are designed to suit it without straining.

Is the peloton spintray worth it?

Yes, it is. If you want to multitask when on your peloton bike, then a spintray will be quite a necessity for you. with a peloton spintray, you can work, watch, make calls, text and even control the TV without necessarily having to stop your workouts or leave the bike.

Is the laptop tray durable?

Yes, most are. If you get a quality laptop tray, then durability is almost a guarantee. However, durability varies with products. If looking for the most durable laptop tray for peloton, then I would suggest the Naisi Organizer Table Panel for Peloton Bike. It is not only sturdy enough to accommodate surprising weight, it also has a lifetime guarantee warranty.

Most of the rest last well over a year, but the exact duration dependent on maintenance and the exact material.

How much is a peloton spintray?

A peloton spintray costs well over 50 dollars, for one that is worth your time and money. However, the benefits are rewarding.

Final Verdict

You don’t need a side table to place your items when on the peloton bike. This would be inconveniencing. The good news is that the handlebar and touchscreen handling allow for space to fix an extra tray.

Utilize the space to add to your comfort on the bike. Watch an irresistible series, follow up on news, bring work home and even monitor your sleeping baby without having to leave the bike, or even stop the workout. With the best spintray for peloton bike already with you, the ball is now in your court.

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