9 Best Shoes for Orange Theory Workout for both Men and Women

Best Shoes for Orange Theory Workout

What are the best shoes for Orangetheory fitness? This is most likely the immediate question you start with after deciding to join the HIIT workouts. The choice of shoes really matters for every workout, so I can understand when it is a big issue for your Orangetheory training. 

Orangetheory is a combination of strength and cardio workouts, where runs, jumps, and different moves come into play. You will need versatile shoes that you are comfortable with on the versatile OTF workouts.

The shoes’ most basic features will include breathability, an amazing tread, and cushioning comfort. Besides, jumping and plyometrics will need superb cushioning. However, the compression should also remain medium to suit both weight-lifting and running.

Best Shoes for Orange Theory

Let’s do a quick view if you’re in a hurry, and you can also find the deep review for every best shoe for Orangetheory by scrolling down.

Best Women’s Shoes for Orangetheory

Best Men’s Shoes for Orangetheory

Let’s start with the full Orangetheory fitness shoes review:

1. Cloud X Women’s Shoe – Best Workout Shoes for Orangetheory


  • Sizes: 6, 8 and 11
  • Colors: black, white, black/ white
  • Material: mesh, rubber

A collection of amazing workout shoe features ensure that this shoe tops on our list. Besides, an array of Orangetheory users already confirmed its excellent performance on all the workouts.

Made from strong, flexible rubber, the shoe is really comfortable for power walking, running, and walking on the tread, as well as in cross-training. The rubber has a protruding design with patterns that enhance sufficient tread, which is good for maintaining balance.

Then there is the upper shoe, which is purely mesh. Are you already thinking about breathability with that? You are right. This shoe brings you superb breathability, which facilitates sufficient airflow in and out of the shoe.

On top of that, the mesh is moisture-wicking as well as quick-drying. Therefore, it plays the role of keeping your feet dry and cool for your one-hour workout.

Moreover, the shoe is really lightweight. You can run into hours without feeling fatigued on your feet. Despite the minimal weight, the sole cushioning prevents you from sores and blisters that come with working out long in the wrong shoes.


  • Highly breathable
  • Outstanding comfort
  • Lightweight and with excellent cushioning
  • Quick-drying 


  • Limited sizes and colors
  • Quite expensive

2. Reebok Women’s Nano 9 Cross – Best Trainer Shoes for Orangetheory


  • Sizes: 5- 11, with half sizes
  • Colors: 32 colors and color combinations
  • Material: textile, rubber

For high-performance shoes that are specifically designed for high-intensity workouts, Nano 9 Cross Trainer shoes are a win. With a shaft measurement that runs approximately low-down, your comfort will also be at its peak. And that’s not all!

Basically, the shoes have a 100% textile upper, which is very flexible to allow for any form of movement, pose and turn. The design is a woven weave, which provides an excellent stretch and a magnificent support system. While the forefoot flexes to facilitate flexibility, the low-cut design keeps the ankle free for advanced mobility.

To enhance your foot comfort, the shoe interior is soft and accommodative. The forefoot has extra cushioning to prevent blisters and sores. On the other hand, the midsole is a soft rubber protective wrap and bootie construction that brings in arch support.

Then there is the bottom, which is pure rubber. It enhances flexibility for multiple movements, while the sturdy grip keeps you balanced. 

More importantly, the shoe is lightweight and durable so that you get both performance and quality all in one.


  • Quality construction
  • Awesome performance for high-intensity workouts
  • Comfortable in all dimensions
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking material and design


  • Wider for the very narrow feet

3. Adidas Women’s Ultra Boost Shoe – Best Running Shoes for Orangetheory


  • Sizes: 5- 11.5, with half sizes
  • Colors: 17 color combinations and pure black
  • Material: textile, rubber

For a sock-like fit that leaves you feeling as if you were barefoot, the Ultraboost 20 is a great option. It comes with an upper that wraps the foot supportively to facilitate comfortable movement. Then, the tailored fiber will bring the stitched-in reinforcement you need for optimal support.

Essentially, the shoe stands out for its high-performance midsole. To energize each step you make, it has extra cushioning, yet so lightweight that it doesn’t deter your speed. Besides, it features 20% additional Boost for an advanced boost feeling. After all, it is the Ultraboost 20!

The shoe is further breathable, which comes from the seamless and stretchable mesh that graces the upper. Yet, the knit is adaptive, which sees to it that the shoe gives targeted support where it is needed.

Then there is the outsole, which is flexible yet supportive rubber. The Continental design ensures that you have all the grip that you deserve in Orangetheory.


  • Exceptional support
  • A snug fit for average feet
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking
  • Quality and long-lasting


  • Wider, so you can get half a size smaller for the narrower feet
  • Quite expensive

4. Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 – Provide Extra Cushioning That Help Runs & Jumping


  • Sizes: 5- 7.5, with narrow and wide options
  • Colors: 23 color combinations and a black
  • Material: mesh, rubber

Are you tired of shoes whose cushioning and comfort you cannot trust? This Brook shoe uses BioMoGo DNA, which it couples with DNA LOFT cushioning to feature reliable responsiveness and durability right under your feet. And with it comes a balance that doesn’t wear off that easily.

An improvement of Ghost 12, the shoe facilitates performance in running and other high-intensity gym workouts. It comes with neutral support that energizes the cushioning feature.

With a segmented crash pad, a system of shock absorbers, every stride you make brings you heel-to-toe transitions with maximum cushioning.

Furthermore, the shoe’s upper, which is mostly mesh, enhances breathability, bringing an end to the heat build-up in the HIIT workouts.

Over and above that, the shoe comes in a soft and secure fit. It displays a newly engineered mesh plus 3D fit print, which has strategic fit and support. Besides, the shoe comes in wide and narrow women’s sizes, which means that everyone can finally get their fit.


  • Considers both wide and narrow feet
  • High standard cushioning
  • Quality and durable
  • Sufficient breathability


  • Large shoe sizes are not available

5. Sdolphin Women’s Running Shoes – Best Tennis Shoes for Orangetheory


  • Sizes: 6- 11
  • Colors: 10 different colors with white soles
  • Material: mesh, rubber

And if you have been looking for a high-performance value shoe, these running shoes from SDolphin are a top-rating option. Lightweight and streamlined, you can be sure to get to the coveted orange zone within minutes into your workout.

Fundamentally, the upper is purely mesh, which is not only breathable but also quick-drying. Therefore, your feet will never turn soggy from the intense workouts, neither will the heat overwhelm them.

Then there’s the rubber sole, which has a non-slip design to facilitate sufficient friction and prevent sliding off. Besides that, the rubber is so flexible that you can participate in any foot movement and turn that you have to without fretting.

Moreover, the shoe has a shock-resistant mechanism. It absorbs impact force in motion with the memory foam insole flats, leaving you with clouds feeling. And with the arch support that prevents the arch from bending, neither your feet, ankles, nor knees will be at risk of injury.

To boot it all, the shoe is lightweight for versatile workouts. With shoelaces to enhance the fit and elastic cuffs for easy on and off, the sneakers are just what you need for your Orangetheory workouts.


  • Inexpensive
  • Breathable and quick-drying
  • Shock-resistant for added comfort
  • Lightweight 


  • The half-sizes are not fully available

Best Orangetheory Shoes for Men

Then we have the men-specific shoes, with men colors, sizes, and designs that will bring more masculinity into Orangetheory.

6. Brooks Men’s Ghost 12 Running Shoe – Best Mens Shoe for Orange Theory


  • Sizes: 7- 10 with half sizes and narrow, wide, and X-wide variations
  • Color: 17 color combinations
  • Material: mesh, rubber

Top on the list is Ghost 12, whose lightweight feature facilitates unmatched performance in Orangetheory. Despite being lightweight, the shoe does not sacrifice cushioning, ensuring that your comfort is paramount.

The neutral support that the shoe features makes the shoe ideal for cross-training, running, and any other gym activity. Therefore, it is suitable for the Orangetheory diverse workouts. If you are familiar with Ghost 11, Ghost 12 is its improved version.

Using DNA LOFT and BioMoGo cushioning, the shoes provide a soft underfoot that doesn’t lose responsiveness despite long-term use. It also ensures that your foot remains balanced regardless of the posture and move.

In addition to this, the shoe has a segmented crash pad that is shock-absorbing so that you are safe no matter how your foot lands. The heel-to-toe transitions will ensure that you are at an advantage.

Then there is the part I love most, which is the fitting. The men’s shoes come in narrow, wide, and extra-wide sizes, ensuring that no man is left out. And with the mesh combining with a 3D fit print, the stretch, support, and structure blend in your favor.


  • Size diversification
  • Optimal cushioning and support
  • Lightweight
  • Shock-absorbing material


  • Large shoe sizes above 10 not available

7. Cloud X Men’s Shoe – Best On Cloud Shoes for Orange Theory


  • Sizes: 8- 11.5
  • Colors: black asphalt
  • Material: mesh, rubber

When support and balance are your priorities for cross-training and tread workouts in Orangetheory, these trainers come in handy.

Primarily, the shoe has a conspicuous protruding bottom, a clear indication of balance and support. The rubber sole has large tread patterns that facilitate friction and grip, keeping you safe in all movements, turns, and postures.

Despite the sturdy material, the soles are flexible enough to move with your feet for all exercises. 

Moreover, the upper shoe, which is mesh coupled with seamless synthetic overlays, is highly breathable. With the added inner textile lining, you not only get extra comfort but also increased breathability.

The insole is dual-density for increased cushioning and supports so that you are covered even when your feet hit the ground with higher intensity. And don’t forget that the inner sole is removable, ensuring that you can easily remove it for cleaning.

Adding the cloudtec cushioning technology, every foot strike only serves to bring you closer to your goal with no injury. It is also flexible and from zero-gravity foam, hence more advanced workout comfort.


  • Maximum support and balance
  • Highly breathable
  • Comfortable 


  • Only in one black color

8. Armour Men’s Running Shoe – Comfortable for Workouts At The Gym


  • Sizes: 7- 16
  • Colors: 10 colors with white bottoms and a pure black
  • Material: synthetic, rubber

Do you dream of it all in one for your workout, that is, flexibility, cushioning, and versatility? In this case, you should try the Charged Rogue from Under Armour, which is technically charged for all workouts.

First off, the shoe has a mesh synthetic upper that facilitates a lightweight feel and breathability. Yet, it has strategic support right where you need it most for comfort and a snug fit.

Further into the features is the rubber sole, which has a heel counter to add support and balance. Moreover, the heel will remain locked in place even in the most demanding postures.

Then there is the charged cushioning that the midsole uses, which is basically compressed molded foam. Therefore, you get higher responsiveness and energy return. And with high-quality durability, the attractive features will serve you longer.

Finally, the shoe features comfort sock liners, which are moisture-wicking to encourage a dry workout. And since they are removable, you can clean them after the workouts.


  • Highly versatile
  • Moisture-wicking, quick-drying and breathable
  • Supportive for sufficient balance
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Sizes are inappropriately labeled

9. Adidas Men’s Alphabounce – Comfortable for Casual Use And Running


  • Sizes: 4- 18, with half sizes
  • Colors: 13 color blends
  • Material: mesh, synthetic

For an extra boost in the midsole, and Adidas Alphabounce always comes in to help. It has a dual-density boost, which blends with the outsole’s stability pods to bring unparalleled support in multidirectional movement. This gives you an energized, springy and plush step-in feel that you cannot ignore.

On top of that, the midsole has a 10mm drop, with the heel 20mm, while the forefoot is 10mm. Built-in foam, the shoe tends to be among the most comfortable for Orangetheory.

With a mesh synthetic upper, the shoe will grant you the breathability you need, while the textile lining facilitates a moisture-wicking capacity. Nevertheless, the mesh is still supportive, with the help of the forged mesh design.

The outsole is synthetic to offer a multi-surface grip, so whether your studio is rough or smooth, you still have the upper hand. Moreover, the sole is flexible for multiple movements and stances, making it a fit for the tread, the water rower, and even the floor workouts. And let’s not forget the outward stretch that ensures maximum balance.


  • An amazing outsole grip and stability
  • Facilitates breathability
  • Comfortable 
  • Supportive 


  • Half a size larger than normal fitting

Factors to Consider when Buying Best Shoes for Orange theory


Using the material, design, and sometimes brand assessment, you should manage to get a high-quality Orangetheory shoe. The quality will encourage optimal performance on the workouts while giving you a long-lasting piece.


Ensure that you go through the sizing chart that the shoes come with. Other than quality, the size of the shoe can either disappoint you or bring you happiness and contentment.

You should also read the customer reviews and contact customer service for size variations. This way, you will know whether to go for the true size, size up, or down for a perfect shoe. Remember that you cannot train successfully in a shoe that pinches, neither one that keeps shifting.


Since all the Orangetheory workouts are high-intensity, heat build-up is almost obvious. To curb the discomfort, you will need highly breathable shoes. Luckily for you, the whole list above has breathable pairs that will ensure that you maintain a cool feel despite the workout intensity.


Go for shoes that have a moisture-wicking lining, and better still, quick-drying. They will absorb the sweat off your feet or socks and then evaporate it even before realizing it. This way, you will avoid soggy and uncomfortable feet during your workouts, and in the process, prevent subsequent odor.

Supportive Outsole:

The outsole should be larger than the upper shoe for stability and support. Since Orangetheory involves a spectrum of workouts, you may never know what movement and pose you will need, so maximum support regardless of the movement necessary.

Most workout shoe outsoles are rubber, though a few are synthetic. These are materials that are flexible and which could be risky with the wrong outsole pattern.

Therefore, the material should have a superb grip pattern whose support is through its non-skid feature.

Midsole Focus:

Ensure that the midsole is cushioned and the shoe pays attention to its design. The midsole design will protect not just your feet but also your ankle, knee, and other leg joints from injury.

A well-focused on midsole also keeps your arch supported, which adds to your safety and comfort.


Though the shoe should give you great support on the outsole, flexibility is necessary. The outsole should be so flexible that any move your feet make is possible without straining or hurting you.

Other than the sole, the upper shoe should also enhance flexibility. Mesh and synthetic materials will offer you sufficient stretch, which will get you wallowing in the workout and forgetting any concern you may have for your feet.  


The best shoes should be lightweight for comfort and performance. They shouldn’t weigh you down, and they should allow you to get to the orange and even the red zone without much strain.

If you add a foam midsole that pushes you with every stroke, you feel as if Orangetheory was made for you. Running shoes have more cushioning at the midsole, but this does not necessarily come with added foam. The weight is negligible and only serves to bring the best out of you for the workouts.


finally, you have to go for shoes that are really comfortable for your workouts. Remember that shoes will play a large role in your performance, and you can’t allow the expensive workout subscription fees to go to waste. While it is impossible to try on the online store shoes, you can still go for descriptions and research that clearly defines the shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I buy running or training shoes?

Both running and training shoes are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable for Orangetheory training, hence suitable.

Are training shoes good for everyday use?

Yes, they are. They are lightweight and comfortable to walk with and perform chores in, hence good for everyday use.

Can you wear running shoes for cross-training?

Yes, they are, but not for pure heavy weight lifting. They compress under excessive weight, which will compromise both your stability and comfort.

Is it bad to wear running shoes for walking?

Running shoes tend to have more cushioning compared to walking shoes, hence not suitable for professional walking training. However, they are okay for casual walking.

Final Thoughts

Best shoes for Orangetheory should allow you to run, walk and perform cross-training workouts comfortably. With the above list, your short, high-intensity workouts at Orangetheory will be a success, and you will still be comfortable afterward. 

The fact that the shoes are categorized in men’s and women’s shoes allows you to get an exact fitting. Since they are all highly durable, a single purchase should see you through numerous sessions.

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