Best Shoes for Fixed Gear Riding [Top 5 Picks]

Best Shoes for Fixed Gear Riding

If you want to learn cadence and control, fixed gear bikes are among the best bikes you can trust. Nevertheless, their lack of brakes will restrict you from using them in specific high traffic areas.

If you want some experience and fun with the bike though, you can always get a safer place towards the country where you can ride in. one thing you have to keep in mind is that it is always essential to keep your feet strapped to the pedal for safety purposes. Besides, straps will not restrict you as much as cleats do.

Let’s skip to our main content on a few shoes for fixed gear riding. Then, you can check for your personal best shoes for fixed gear riding among the given choices.

5 Best Shoes for Fixed Gear Riding

With the fixed gear bike, the following shoes have proved most effective and with impressive performance;

1. Five Ten Adidas Men’s Bike Shoes – Great flat pedal shoes. The grip is amazing!

When riding on fixed gear bikes, a firm grip on the pedals translates to safety and confidence. Remember that the fixed gear bikes have no brakes, so a firm foot grip is necessary, so as to ensure that you are secure.

Essentially, this shoe comes in a tough S1 rubber sole, which has an anti-slide pattern. Hence, it sticks to the pedal, enhancing a smooth ride.

The suede and canvas composite on the upper shoe present stealth and durability, which the rubber sole supports. So, you can ride in this shoe for so long that it starts to bore you.

With a lace closure system, you can adjust the closure to release pressure, and for a secure fit when in a tough road cycling venture.


  • Impressive pedal grip for safety.
  • Guaranteed durability from the quality material.
  • Lace closure for adjustment.


  • Only available in men sizes.

2. Santic Lock-Free Cycling Shoes – Definitely Way Better Than Regular Shoes While Riding

The Santic shoe comes in Velcro straps and a superior lock catch, which ensures that the shoe does not come off regardless of the intensity of the ride. It is an excellent choice when sorting in the swift fixed gear model.

Moreover, the shoe has perforations all-round the upper area, so as to accommodate proper ventilation. The resistant PU, which amazingly blends with the perforations, facilitates the durability of the shoe.

With a raised heel cup on the heel, the shoe provides for the foot stability that you require on and off the bike.

Most importantly, the shoe has a protruding rubber at the ball of the shoe, which enhances a firm grip on the pedal. With the assistance of shoe straps, you can be confident to brace the road in your brakeless bike.


  • Secure fit from the adjustable closure system.
  • Foot stability assured
  • Ventilation perforations on the upper shoe.
  • Firm pedal grip.


  • Quite narrow for most feet sizes.

3. DLGJPA Men’s – Lightweight Quick Drying Aqua Shoes ; Best for Triathlon

Triathlon is a sport that blends running, cycling and swimming. If you want to train in a fixed gear bike, then this shoe comes in handy, so that you don’t have to change for each sporting event. It is lightweight, hence suitable for all the 3 sports, and quick drying, which is essential if you want to swim in the shoe.

To enhance a better riding experience, you will need some straps or toe cages with the shoes for security on the pedal, especially in sporting.

The purely open mesh on the upper side allows for optimal breathability, hence a cooler and more comfortable ride.

Also, the rubber outsole enhances a comfortable ride, while ensuring that foot stability on the pedal is optimal. Moreover, it keeps the toes secure by protruding at the front.

Interestingly, in the shape of a lace closure are elastic straps, which provide for the adjustment nature of laces while curbing the annoying nature of knots and hanging laces.


  • Versatile she, hence best for triathlon sports.
  • Highly breathable, providing sufficient ventilation.
  • Straps in place of laces, hence no hanging laces or an annoying knot.


  • The outsole is quite slippery to ride in without cycling straps.

4. Giro Cylinder Men’s Cycling Shoes – Pretty good shoes at decent price point

Sometimes you even want to have the feel of riding in a fixed gear, while clipped in. But only once in a while? Or, you probably are much more accustomed to the clipless pedals, so you’d rather have them even with the fixed gear. You will have that freedom, and with the Giro Cylinder Men’s Cycling Shoes, your shoe problem is sorted.

With a 2-bolt cleat area, you can use a cleat system from SPD, Crank Brothers and even Time ATAC. Also, you can decide to use it with toe clips at will, since the cleat plate is recessed.

Then there is the composite of nylon and rubber as the outsole, which brings out impressive traction on the pedal.

In addition, the upper is mesh and microfiber, so as to facilitate ventilation and optimal support. A BOA L6 dial allows for micro closure adjustment, with 1mm increment ranges. It further ensures foot security, since it will never come off on its own unless when faulty.


  • Allows for cycling freedom, with clips or cleats.
  • Versatile pedal system use allowed.
  • Secure closure system.
  • Optimal breathability.


  • Narrower at the toe rea, hence need to size up depending on the foot size.

5. Timberland Men’s Waterproof Ankle Boot – Best in Cold Seasons

Do you enjoy cycling during winter, rainy and extremely cold seasons? With the light weight of the fixed gear bike, what could be better for a rainy-day ride?

Nevertheless, you know that feet warmth is important, because you don’t want to go numb during a fun exercise, right? So, we have the Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot, which is an ideal solution to your feet warmth challenge.

Firstly, the boots have a rubber sole, whose conspicuous pattern is obvious proof of obvious traction on the pedals.

In addition, the boots are pure leather on the upper, which is waterproof. So, your feet will remain dry regardless of the weather and road conditions. The interior is lined with warm material, enhancing the warmth.


  • Best for cold and rainy seasons riding.
  • Utmost pedal traction.
  • Waterproof leather upper.


  • Not a great option for warm seasons.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Shoes for Fixed Gear Riding


First off, you have to ensure that the shoes can provide sufficient grip on the pedal. This is because a good grip is your only safety measure, since the bike has no brakes.

Alternatively, get toe clips or straps to secure the shoes on the pedals.


A quality pair of shoes will guarantee you better performance. Prevents shoe numbness, lasts long and even feels comfortable. Therefore, ensure that the shoe you purchase is quality.

Quality comes from great performance and a good shoe material, both on the upper and outsole.

Closure System

Check that you are comfortable with the shoe closure system. If you want to ride for sporting, where speed and distance determine performance, then a more secure buckle and Velcro straps will be better.

For a normal commuting routine, laces or straps are most preferred. Also, ensure that your personal taste will be fine with your closure system, so that you are comfortable with the overall shoe outlook.


Get the perfect shoe size for your feet. go through reviews to ensure that the sizing is okay. If not, know whether to size up or down, or leave the shoe altogether. This way, you will get a shoe you will not regret eyeing in the first place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are fixies (Fixed gear bikes) better than road bikes?

Each bike has its strength. People like fixie bikes because they are lighter, and are best for practicing cadence with. However, unlike other road bikes, they are not allowed on high traffic roads due to lack of brakes.

How do you stop a fixie bike?

You have to slow down first, until the bike stops. This is the only way to stop the bike, since it has no brakes at all.

Also, you can start pedaling backwards, which slows the motion.

Do bike shoes make a difference?

Yes, they do. They have better traction, and those that are for clipless pedals feature a cleat plate for convenience.

Are fixie bikes bad for your knees?

Yes, they are. With the fixed bike gear, every movement will depend on pedaling, and every part of the exercise manual. To protect the knees, you need to ride less with the bike, at least when starting out.

Final Word

Already trending with the fixed gear bike? As long as you are not on a busy road, the bike will always be fun. Not only do you have to pedal all the way, you have to learn safety measures, now that you have no brakes. With these best shoes for fixed gear riding, at least one of your major accessories will not stress you.

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