Best Saddle for Brompton Bike [Top 5 Picks]

best saddle for brompton

Whenever you hear of a portable folding bike, the first brand that comes to mind is Brompton. So convenient for commuting, in addition to transporting it in a car whenever its convenient for you. Like most other brand bikes, Brompton is highly durable. Nevertheless, there is always the problem of parts getting worn out. One of these parts that is prone to wear and tear is the saddle.

The problem is that the folding bike is not compatible with just any bike saddle. However, we have some good news for you. After an intensive research, we came up with 5 best saddle for brompton, which definitely fits your Brompton bike.

5 Best Saddle for Brompton

One thing is for sure, if you don’t get a Brompton brand saddle, a Brook B17 always comes in handy. Let’s dive into the best brompton saddle we sourced, all of which are elegant, comfortable and above all, suitable for your Brompton bike, and any other bike that Brompton seats are recommended.

1. B17 Short Black: Durable Brompton Saddle

Want to kiss goodbye to being on the look out for a better saddle year in year out? Then this B17 short is the best shot that you have. And to imagine that the quality of this saddle has been proven for over 100 years.

Made in fine vegetable tanned leather, the durability of this bike seat does not come as a surprise. It is an original version, one that no consequent imitations beat.

Know how wine appreciates over time? This is the same way that the B17 short does. It may start of with a little bit of discomfort, but over time it becomes better. Interestingly, the older it becomes, the better for you.

To your surprise, the saddle actually come with a warranty that covers it for up to 10 years!


  • Highly durable in material, and backed with a 10-year warranty.
  • Amazing comfort over time.
  • Original handmade leather material from UK.


  • Quite uncomfortable when brand new.

2. Brompton 147MM Saddle – Best Brompton Saddle

The Brompton Standard saddle, which is 147mm, is made to bring you instant comfort on the bike. The stitches are in the interior side, so as to prevent abrasions and friction during a ride. Coupled with foam padding, say goodbye to sores from bike seats. Hence, you can cycle longer, faster and happier.

The size makes it an ideal choice for a standard bike, and for people with small to average sitting area. The rails are hollow, allowing for ease in installation.

Moreover, the saddle is highly durable. Its cute cover is solely from synthetic leather, which withstands harsh conditions to last longer. This blends with the molded plastic, which is right under the nose, so as to facilitate weight handling. Thus, the saddle will not break from your weight.


  • Comfortable, with no abrasions or sores to expect even in the first ride.
  • Ease in installation on the bike.
  • Strong and durable bike seat.


  • Only a single size available.

3. Brooks England B17 – Best Brooks Saddle for Brompton

When sporting, thigh freedom is of utmost importance for a swift unrestricted move. This is what you get when using Brook England B17 Bike Saddle. The shape and size are exactly what a perfect saddle should be like.

Additionally, the saddle features natural ventilation, through the pores on the cover. Hence, you are aerated throughout your ride.

Not forgetting the awesome construction, which consist of a chrome frame, rivets that are stainless steel in addition to steel rails. The leather cover, proven effective for over 100 years, adds to the quality of this saddle. All these features blend to bring out a strong and durable construction.

On top of that is a bag loop at the back of the seat, which perfectly fits the Brooks touring bags.


  • Best saddle for sport biking.
  • Features natural ventilating for a good breeze during biking.
  • High quality, guaranteeing durability.
  • Multiple size and color options available.


  • Quite hard to sit on when starting out.

4. Brompton 170MM – Brompton Wide Saddle

For a Brompton wide seat, this 170mm-sized seat wins the race. If you have a wide seating area or feel overweight, then I’m sure that you will find comfort with this Brompton bike saddle.

As though that was not enough, the bike saddle comes in quality synthetic leather material for a cover. Coupled with a molded plastic that sits under the nose of the saddle, the bike seat is surely a durable bike accessory. Besides, this construction will handle any weight that sits on the bike, so be confident when trying it out.

To facilitate comfort, the bike saddle features foam padding. Therefore, regardless of how long your cycle will be, you don’t expect to end up with bike seat sores.

How long does it take to install the seat? Though this is highly dependent on an individual, I can bet on you taking the least time possible with the Brompton saddle. This is because the strong rails are hollow, simplifying the task.


  • Best for wide bike seat requirements.
  • Quality and durable construction of the saddle.
  • Easy to install on the bike.
  • Strong enough to handle any weight that is convenient for the bike.


  • Only available in the wide size.

5. Brooks B17 S – Brooks Saddle for Brompton Bike (Women’s)

When looking for a Brompton seat whose shape takes into account all of a woman’s need on a bike seat, then the B17 S Select Women’s is a perfect choice. From the tanned brown color to the handmade shape, it is almost obvious that you will love the saddle.

Also, the saddle is lightweight, going with less that a pound of weight. This aspect makes it easy to transport when not on the bike, and even eases installation. With a length of 242mm and a width of 176mm, most women find the saddle an amazing fit.

Just like all other B17, the quality leather on the bike saddle is of high quality. You will wait for it to wear out in vain. On the contrary, the shape and comfort improves.


  • Women-specific, providing ultimate comfort to female bikers.
  • Cute design, with black steel rails and a brown cover.
  • Easy to install on the bicycle.
  • Quality material that impacts on durability.


  • Hard to sit on during the first ride.

What Should You Consider When Buying the Best Brompton Saddle?


First off, the bike seat you intend to purchase has to be compatible with Brompton. If you are not using Brompton saddles, then Brook B17 models come in handy. With either of these, now you can proceed into checking other considerations.


The quality of a product is dependent on the material, construction and even shape, when it comes to bike saddles. A seat that assures you of comfort is definitely quality. Nevertheless, the highest measure of quality is durability. An item that assures you of high durability is obviously quality, hence worth a try.

Besides, quality products are easy to use and you will always master the courage to venture into new explorations with your bike. Afterall, you are sure that the seat will not let you down.


Most of the Brompton seats are either leather or synthetic leather. Check to confirm your best choice, based on preference, comfort and probably cost.

Also, the material of the rail and the interior matters. A strong rail leads to s longer lasting seat. A foam interior assures you of comfort and longer smoother rides.


The size of the bike seat is of utmost importance. A seat that is too wide will hurt you, and so will a smaller seat. Consider the exact size that you will opt for, with comfort as your driving force.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will a Brompton last?

A Brompton will last for as long as it is well maintained. Other than replacing parts that wear out quickly, the bike may serve your family for generations.

Are Brompton bikes comfortable?

Yes, they are. They are a choice for a sizeable number of export sportsmen and women, and most owners recommend their use.

Is a Brompton bike seat comfortable?

Yes, it is. The best part about Brompton seats, though, is that they feature unbeatable durability. As we have seen above, some have warranties that are valid for up to 10 years.

Which is the most comfortable Brompton bike seat?

Every Brompton bike seat above is comfortable in its own ways. However, other considerations come in when deciding that a bike seat is comfortable. Afterall, you can always use a seat cover for optimal comfort, as long as your bike seat is quality and in a size that bests suits you.

Bottom Line

A Brompton bike is an ideal bike for commuting and even sporting. Its folding properties allow you to carry it in your vehicle to a farther place for exploration if need be. However, a bike seat replacement is necessary, especially if you are no longer comfortable with the old one. With one the best saddle for brompton, you can never be more excited about better ventures.

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