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6 Best Road Bike Frame 2021: Find the Right Frameset

Best Road Bike Frame

If you have never had a whole new experience with a brand new bike frame on an old road bike, then you probably don’t know what you are missing. A new road bike frame is one of the best renovations that will give your bike a whole new outlook, and, what’s most important, a better performance on the road.

So, the best road bike frame? You realize how difficult it is to decide on a road bike frame you can finally settle on, right? For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best 6 to ease your research work and save your time. Use the time for your more important tasks.

Best Road Bike Frame

We have a list of the best road bike frames, both in terms of quality and performance. So, shall we indulge in the specifics of the bike frames?

1. Cinelli Superstar Carbon Road Frameset: Gain Control Over Your Ride!

This Superstar road bike frame allows you excellent control over your ride, regardless of the hurdles you face along the way. The aspect is due to the bowed top tube, which prevents strong horizontal and vertical forces from confusing your balance and control on the handlebars.

The frame is a composite of different monocoque carbon grades, distributed all over the structure in the right proportions for a sturdy construction. Then there is the braking, which you can choose from either cable or disc braking system frame.

The frame also comes with internal cable routing, and you can use it with bikes and groupsets from Campagnolo and Shimano.

Other than that, it allows a tire clearance of up to 700 x 28c while the fork is between 1 1/8 and 1 ½ inches.

Relatively lightweight, the bike frame is only 970g, while the fork weighs 360g. Moreover, it comes in beautiful sparkling colors: white, black, and grey, with a Superstar logo adding to their elegant outlook.

  • Quality and durable
  • compatible with Shimano and Campagnolo
  • Lightweight
  • Facilitates bike stability and balance
  • Only compatible with two electronic groupsets

2. CinelliVeltrix Disc Frameset Carbon Fiber Orange: Best for Larger Bikes

Another disc brake frameset from Cinelli, this piece is a fantastic choice for large bikes. Actually, you will only get it in medium and large sizes.

The frameset comes with a bike frame and fork, both of which are Columbus Carbon Monologue composites. Hence, the quality of the frameset is uncompromised.

Moreover, this frame can accommodate tire clearance of up to 700 by 28c. Then, the seat post is 31.6mm and the seat clamp 34.9mm. And let’s not forget the headset, whose fork has to be IS 42/ 28.6 or IS 52/ 40. But don’t worry about the fork since the frameset comes with one.

On top of that, the frame only uses disc brakes, which ensures function pretty well for your safety. It comes in glossy orange color, blended with a few instances of blue and white for a classic stance.

  • Quality
  • Frame comes with a fork
  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful summer outlook
  • Only for larger road bikes

3. ICAN Full Carbon Frame Road Bike : Optimal Horizontal Intensity

Are you looking for a road bike frame with an oversized bottom bracket for sufficient horizontal intensity? Then it would help if you considered this ICAN road bike frame, whose bottom bracket is considerable.

Constructed from full carbon material, the quality and sturdy nature of the frame is unquestionable. The structure further comes with a fork to boom it up, steady, and from the same material as the bike frame. Hence, an aerodynamic impact during the ride will be evident.

Are you worried about cable maintenance? This bike frameset features internally routed cables, which appear exactly where they should. Therefore, care and protection are relatively straightforward.

Additionally, the bike frame is suitable for a head tube of 1 1/8 at the top and a bottom of 1 ½ design. And, for your good and easy maintenance, the head tube is tapered.

Basically, the frame and fork are black, with UD matte weave to add a pleasant outlook.

  • best for swift speed
  • Quality and sturdy material
  • Comes with a bike fork
  • Only in a black color option

4. CinelliVigorelli Track Frameset: Highly Versatile

When looking for a road bike frame that will help you venture into any road condition, trust this CinelliVigorelli. Whether it is the tight bends, heavy traffic, and tough urban competitions, this bike frame design will know what to do. The bike frame allows you to be a free spirit on your road bike, without any restrictions whatsoever.

The bike frame assembles both the front and the rear brakes when there is a need, and these brakes are front, and rear calliper attaches models.

Moreover, the cable routing is internal for the rear brake, which keeps it safer andeases maintenance.

With a Columbus Pista fork of 1 1/8 and 1 ½, most road bikes will be suitable candidates for the frameset. Besides, it is a composite of aluminium, which adds to the stealth of the construction.

Furthermore, the frameset takes a tire clearance of up to 700 by 28c, and a headset of IS 42/ 28.6/ IS 52/ 40. The good part of the deal here is that the headset comes with the frameset.

With several color combinations gracing one frame, you will not resist the new outlook of your bike. The frameset is also available in all sizes, from XS to L.

  • Elegant outlook
  • Versatile bike use
  • Quality
  • Easy maintenance
  • Limited to the calliper brakes

5. MotobecaneTurino Elite Kinesis Road Bike Frame: On Budget Road Bike Frame

For an impressive performance on the road from a bike frame that is amazingly affordable, then this MotobecaneTurino should do. It features a lightweight kinesis construction so that maneuvering the streets and carrying it when you need to is a walk in the park.

Into the bargain is a carbon fibre fork, which is strong and supportive. Coupled with the IS disc brakes that the frame uses, you can be sure of excellent performance.

The frame comes with a headset and spacers, and let’s not forget that there are two water bottle mounts, rack mounts, and a couple of fork dropout eyelets. Then, the derailleur hanger is replaceable, giving you a way out if you want a customized one.

As for the sizes, you will be spoilt for choice. From 50, 55, 58 to 61cm, the bike frame is suitable for people from the height of 5’5 to 5’11 feet.

  • Inexpensive
  • Generally lightweight
  • A tone of accessories
  • Strong and quality
  • Only suitable for standard quick release

6. Battaglin Speed Aluminum Road Bike Frame: Sturdy Construction

When dares are your favorite ventures, then your road bike should possess an aggressive frame construction. For this reason, we are introducing this frame from Battaglin, which is built from sturdy aluminium material.

It accommodates wheel sizes up to 700c and compatible with forks measuring 1 1/8 inches. The interior style is 44mm ID at the headtube, while the bottom bracket is 68mm English threaded.

Though it doesn’t come with a fork, the frame supports two types of brakes, road brakes, and calliper brakes.

Essentially, the frame is compatible with almost any road bike that you find out there. It is available in either black or white primary colors blended with others for a classy look. It is also available in sizes small to large to appeal to a larger number of users.

  • Sturdy and quality construction
  • Compatible with universal road bike forks
  • Best for all road conditions
  • Unlike its predecessors in the list, the frame doesn’t come with a fork

Buying Guide for the Best Road Bike Frame

When buying a bike frame for your road bike, consider the following factors to come up with the top pick for you:

Size [Road bike frame size]

Ensure that the bike frame is suitable for your height. Extreme sizes lead to discomfort during cycling, hence the need to avoid them.

For those between 5’8 and 5’11 feet, a large bike frame size is the best, which is about 55cm.

If you lie between 5’7 and 5’9, take a medium bike frame, which is relatively 53cm. Between 5’ 5 and 5’7 feet, a small bike frame is most suitable. Then, below 5’5 feet, you can consider X-Small sizing of the bike frame.

Brakes the frame Supports

Ensure that the brakes the road bike frame support is in your road bike capacity. Most road bikes favour disc brakes, and so are most road bike frames. However, there are bike frames for calliper, road and other types of brakes as well.

For best compatibility, ensure that the bike frame is suitable for the brakes that your bike already uses.

Fork Availability/ Compatibility

Most bike frames come with forks, hence no need to worry about the fork compatibility. However, it still pays to check the fork compatibility, so that you can get a replacement when you want to.

If the bike frame does not come with a fork, then you should be careful with the fork compatibility. Ensure that the frame is compatible with the road bike that you have, or at least one you will quickly get.


The bike frame technically defines the stealth of the bike to a large extent. Therefore, get a bike frame that is of optimal quality to enhance your performance on the road. Besides, you will need a bike frame that will serve you longer, and the quality defines durability in bike frames.

Biking Quest

If you ride on all sorts of roads, then you will need a stronger bike frame. Also, this should be the case with expert riders, who need optimal performance from a bike frame. Use the material, design, and even brand of the bike frame to determine whether it will be suitable for biking quest.


Bike frames can further come with a fork, a headset and a seat clamp. Also, there are bike frames that will come adorned with other accessories, such as rack mounts.

Getting a bike frame that comes with additional accessories not only saves you the hassle of getting these orders but also gives you the assurance of compatibility.


The cost of a road bike frame will determine which road bike frame you select. Nevertheless, never consider price before other essential qualities, but rather the opposite should be the case. This way, you will get an item that is of high quality, yet at a pocket-friendly cost that you will be comfortable paying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What frame size should I get for a road bike?

The best bike frame for your road bike will depend on your height. The frames range from X-Small to large generally. For instance, if you are 5’3 to 5’5 feet, your best bet will be with a small bike frame. If you are 5’11, then large will do.

Is a 54cm bike too small?

No, it’s not small. If you are within the height of 5’2 and 5’7 feet, you will comfortably ride on a bike frame the size of 54 cm.

Can adults ride 20-inch bikes?

Not exactly, unless you are relatively short, or when it is on a mountain bike. However, 20-inch bikes are generally for kids around age 9 to 12 years.

How do I know if my bike is too small?

If you have to bend your knee relatively high on the bike, then the bike is small for you. You will also feel uncomfortably large on the bike when on a little bike.

Should your leg fully extend on a road bike?

Not exactly. Your leg should slightly bend on a bike, which is the best way to tell that the bike height is really for you.

In a Nutshell:

Best road bike frame to replace your current without regrets? Above is a list of 6 options to pick your top preference based on your bike and performance preference.

On top of that, we got you a buying guide to rid you of the confusion that comes when you love more than one bike frame.

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