The 11 Best Regular Non-Cycling Shoes for Cycling

Regular Non-Cycling Shoes for Cycling

Cycling has become not only a recreation activity today but also a norm. It is no secret that people are preferring to cycle to and from work school and regular visits as opposed to other means of commuting. Moreover, there are those of us who want an alternate shoe to the regular cycling shoe, either as an extra pair, or simply to have a change and have a different feel on the pedal.

You may also require a shoe that will not require you to have a change when you get to your destination, while still offering the thrill of a bike. It is however still a puzzle to most as to whether one has to purchase shoes that are specifically meant for cycling. The answer is no. The market is providing a wide variety of shoes that can be used for cycling when they were not necessarily made for this purpose.

Regardless of the reason for which we want best non cycling shoes for cycling , we all need to have prior information as to the most recommended types in the market, and those that will offer the value of their cost, or even more. This article will cover not only the different types of the most favorable best regular shoes for cycling but also draw you on the insight of some things you need to consider before you make an order.

Let’s do a quick view of 11 best non cycling shoes for cycling if you’re in a hurry and you can also find the deep review for every shoes by scrolling down.

1. Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0 – Ideal Regular Shoes for Running,Cycling & Gym For Men

2. Reebok Crossfit Nano 9 – Ideal Regular Shoes for Running,Cycling & Gym For Women

3. Rockport Men’s Leader 2 – Professional Designed Non-cycling shoe for Bike

4. Chrome 415 Workboot – stylish and comfortable

5. Chrome Truk Bike Shoes for unisex – extended durability and everyday comfort

6. Louis Garneau Men’s Shoes – Regular Cycling Shoe for Gravel Bike

7. Exustar E-SS515C Clipless Sandal– comfortable upper with four adjustable straps

8. Puma Hybrid Astro Running Casual Shoes for men – Flexible knitted upper

Best Regular Shoes for Cycling Under $50

9. Idea Frames Shoes– Budget Friendly Outdoor Sneaker For Men

10. Feetmat Shoes Slip – Budget Friendly Women’s Running and cycling  Shoes Slip

11. Kvovzo Mens – Cheapest Comfort Casual Sneaker

Things to Consider

If you cycle, or are considering to use a bike to work, school or other destinations, then a shoe that will last you through your cycling and into your activity without a change will work for you. A pair that grips onto the peddle, light and with a sole that still ensures that everyone you come across does not have to address you as a biker due to your feet outfit.

Those who want a shoe that will take them through cycling in addition to other activities in the gym also require a pair that will ensure that most, if not all, of their activities, are taken into consideration, thus a regular and general workout trainer.

You may also require a regular non-cycling cycling shoe if you are a long-distance biker to once in a while enjoy the fun in a different type of shoe, a shoe that will require you to be more careful, while still playing the role of a cycling shoe by ensuring the stability of your feet on the peddle.

If you are a beginner and still wondering whether you can start with a regular shoe on your bicycle, you are not lost. You can get a decent pair that will still ensure that your experience in biking kicks off. And if your budget is too tight to accommodate clip-in shoes that require you to still spend on cleats, then your dream is still valid, given the quality non-cycling shoes for cycling that you are about to explore.

If you are in any of these categories, then you need to consider ensuring that you have a pair of these regular non-cycling shoes. All that you now need is to explore the range of shoes you can consider from in the list below:

Best Regular Non Cycling Shoes for Cycling

A-List of 11 Best Non-Cycling Shoes for Cycling

1. Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0 – Ideal Regular Shoes for Running,Cycling & Gym For Men

This synthetic non-cycling sneaker comes in black, alloy and gum colors. It has a rubber sole, whose shaft measures low top from the arch, providing the required foot support. The rubber material further gives the shoe a lightweight, which is required in a shoe for cycling.

The shoe allows for a variety of intensive gym activities, indoor cycling included. The availability of a wide toe box allows for intensive cycling workout, with the flex weave upper part allows for breathability.

The TPU heel wrap feature ensures that your heels are protected while on the peddle.

Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker has a wide variety of sizes, ranging from US size 6.5 to size 14, which is a good range for most men.


  • It is versatile, ensuring that most of your gym activities are taken care of, other than ensuring that you can use the shoe to commute to and from the gym
  • It has a wide toe box, thus minimizing the chances of hot spots and pressure points, in addition to accommodating wide feet
  • It is a lace-up design, which allows for adjustment in the course of cycling
  • The flex weave design not only allows for breathability but also adds to the durability of the shoe


  • It is not compatible with clipless pedals

Why It is Recommended

If you are looking for a pair that will cover several intense gym activities, then this is your shoe. You can cycle to the gym and still use in for indoor cycling in addition to other gym exercises.

2. Reebok Crossfit Nano 9 – Ideal Regular Shoes for Running,Cycling & Gym For Women

Reebok Crossfit evolves with time, each time adding in features that ensure that they are fit for more activities and more comfortable to have feet in. it is an awesome fit for indoor cycling and gym training.

This shoe brings you so many colors, both in plain and mixed to ensure that you pick your best. You will get heritage navy white, a mix of black, grey and white and a mix of army green, light sand and orange among the regular colors, all meant to color your shoe rack.

The sole is made of rubber to ensure durability and versatility. It has a wide toe box that ensures that people with wide feet get their feet. The feature also ensures that the shoe is roomy, preventing heat from building up. It also enhances power transfer. Moreover, there is a version of this Crossfit Nano 9 for men, whose sizes extend higher and with similar features that are set in to be more masculine.


  • A variation of colors to suit preference available
  • The versatility of activities, good for all gym activities, other than indoor cycling
  • The wide toe box, this roomy and comfortable, in addition to the ability to accommodate people with wide feet.
  • Quality assurance, in design and durability.
  • Rubber sole that enhances durability


  • Reebok Crossfit Nano 9 for women cannot be used by men without size readjustment

Why It is Recommended

This brand shoe assures you of quality time at the gym, and those looking for brand quality assurance, reebok offers that.

3. Rockport Men’s Leader 2 Professional Designed Non-cycling shoe for Bike

 Rockport Men’s Leader 2 Bike Slip-On

It is a relief to realize that a shoe designed in an official structure is available for cycling. Rockport Men’s Leader 2 Bike slip-on gives you this luxury. It is made of synthetic leather, thus polishable, making it ideal for office wear.

The pair is made of Eva footbed, the lightweight of the sole making it a great choice for biking while commuting or even used for casual cycling. The sole is also flexible, so as to allow for walking.

These regular non-cycling shoes are waterproof, thus suitable footwear during rainy and wet seasons. The inner part of the shoe, made of moisture-wicking material in addition to an anti-bacterial lining, makes the shoe yet a perfect fit during warm seasons, ensuring that your feet are not sweaty and causing you any sort discomfort.

It has a square toe that ensures that wide feet are accommodated, in addition to minimizing pressure points at the toes. It also accommodates narrow feet, given that one size comes to a variety of width (M and W, with W being for wider feet and M for normal shoe sizes).

It comes with a heel cap that protects the heels from injury, especially after long cycling durations.


  • The shoe has a professional tinge, thus a good fit for cycling to work and appointments
  • It is waterproof, thus good for use in rainy and wet conditions
  • It has an anti-bacterial and moisture-sucking lining that makes it comfortable in warm conditions
  • There are lace-ups and slip-on options, thus suiting the preference
  • The Eva footbed is made of a lightweight sole that allows for easier cycling


  • It does not have an anti-skid sole design, thus not perfect for rough terraces as it can slip off

Why It is Recommended

This shoe will take care of your office footwear needs, as with polish, it has a professional outlook, while still providing features that allow for cycling, thus a good commuting shoe.

4. Chrome 415 Workboot – stylish and comfortable

Chrome 415 Workboot is a regular non-cycling shoe that is used for cycling, skating, and regular work, due to its casual design. It is wear and tear-resistant, being made of 1000 Denier Cordura. This material also makes it difficult for water to get into the shoe, thus ensuring your feet and socks remain dry. It is good for cold and winter seasons since your feet will remain warm in this shoe.

This type of shoe has steel lace aglets that ensure that your laces last longer. Its raised boot design ensures that your heels are also protected during cycling. The inside of the shoe is made of soft leather, which ensures that your feet are warm and comfy. The sole is made of anti-skid rubber, which prevents falling or sliding off the peddles, especially when on a rough terrace or when mountain biking.

The shoe is large and requires you to order half a size smaller if you want a cycling fit.


  • Durable, due to its 1000 Cardura material
  • It is perfect for hiking and walking, thus great to cycle in when you want to incorporate other activities
  • It is waterproof, thus good for wet seasons
  • It has steel lace aglets that enhance lace durability
  • The anti-skid rubber sole ensures you remain on the peddle regardless of the terrain and pressure.


  • Not waterproof after some time, especially in heavy rains or in a lot of water
  • They lack arch support

Why It is Recommended

If your biking activity requires you to be on wet grounds, then this is the shoe to take into consideration. It is also an awesome outfit for cold-weather cycling since your feet will remain protected from adverse cold conditions.

5. Chrome Truk Bike Shoes for unisex – extended durability and everyday comfort

Chrome Truk Bike shoes come in a range of colors, some of which re rare in the market. The colors include black gum, ranger black, indigo, black, grey and white, giving you a range of choice.

The sole, made of gum rubber, makes this type of shoe fit for urban biking, thus a great fit for cycling to school, work, and other appointments. It is a lace-up design, which ensures that the shoe is adjustable during cycling. The upper material is made of 1000 Denier Cordura, which is hard and thus durable. The inner sole is made of polyurethane, which ensures comfort to the foot.

The sizes are made from the B(M)_us women design, so you can use this to get a fit for yourself.


  • A variation of colors to suit your taste and ground
  • Great design for other urban activities, thus good for commuting to work
  • Lace-up design that allows for adjustment, especially in case of increased heat
  • Durable, given by the 100- Denier Cordura material


  • Narrower design, thus not recommended for people with wider feet

Why It is Recommended

Chrome Truk bike shoes are made in such a design that is so casual and regular that you will feel comfortable carrying your daily activities in them. They are thus a perfect fit to cycle to work in.

6. Louis Garneau Men’s Shoes – Regular Cycling Shoe for Gravel Bike

Louis Garneau Men’s Gravel Bike Shoes are specifically made for mountain biking. However, you can use them for track cycling and even indoor cycling training, given the favorable features. If you are especially a beginner to cycling, this shoe will cover most, if not all of your cycling activities.

It has a lace-up closure, which allows for adjustment during cycling. It is wide, which gives it a roomy feature. This enhances comfort and accommodates wide feet.

The synthetic mesh and leather material of the upper part allow for breathing, preventing sweating, swelling, and itching that comes with heat.

The sole at the heel is 2.75 inches high, which comes in handy in muddy and rainy and winter conditions. It is stiff enough for all kinds of cycling activities.


  • Allows for a range of biking activities, despite being made specifically for mountain biking
  • Lace-up closure, which allows for adjustment during cycling
  • Prevents heat build-up through the feature of a mesh upper design
  • Available in a variety of colors to suit preference and biking type


  • It is not favorable for those with narrower feet, sine the general design is wide.

Why It is Considered

For beginners who want a shoe that will cover all their biking activities, this shoe is great. It will walk you into a wonderful biking experience through to being a pro, regardless of the cycling venture you want to perfect.

7. Exustar E-SS515C Clipless Sandal– comfortable upper with four adjustable straps

Is it too warm, during summer or the sun up high when you want to be out with your bike? Do you want a casual shoe that you can still be in even after getting to your destination without being uncomfortable?

Why not try regular bike sandals. Exustar E-SS515C Clipless Sandals are compatible with 2-bolt SPD cleats, and you can clip them in whenever you are biking, and off whenever you want to use the shoe for other activities. It comes in three colors, black, a mix of green and grey and a mix of black and blue. It has four straps on the upper shoe part, which you can adjust to suit your cycling or walking needs.

These sandals ensure that your feet breathe better since you will not need socks yet not have smelly feet. If your feet itch after a duration into an activity, then you can easily look into the problem without necessarily removing the shoe.

The rubber sole offers some arch support during biking, thus ensuring that injury is avoided. This is further enhanced by the presence of a toe guard. The sole is less stiff compared to cycling shoes which allows for walking.


  • It not only provides arch support but also has a toe guard that minimizes the chances of injury
  • Prevents sweating, heating and swelling of feet from excess heat, thus comfortable for use in summer and autumn seasons
  • The rubber sole is more flexible, thus comfortable for walking in between cycling ventures
  • Compatibility with cleats ensure that the shoes clip into clipless pedals
  • Allows for sockless riding


  • It only accommodates SPD 2-bolt clip-in shoes

Why It is Considered

Exustar E-SS515C is a regular shoe that ensures that your casual riding is taken care off, while you walk at will, as its sole is quite flexible. It also makes cycling in warm weather more bearable.

8. Puma Hybrid Astro Running Casual Shoes for men – Flexible knitted upper

 Puma Hybrid Astro Running Casual Shoes

For those who want a regular shoe for triathlon cycling and running a practice, then Puma Hybrid Astro Running Casual shoes should be a choice. Moreover, a regular cyclist who wants to incorporate running and walking in their exercise will be well suited by this regular non-cycling pair.

The shoes are made of a net fit lacing at the upper part, which offers the right support to your feet and ensures that you fit comfortably. This feature also ensures that your feet breathe over long exercises. The midsole is lined with a hybrid foam that ensures that your feet are well cushioned. The sole is made of quality rubber material, which is meant to withstand tear and wear, thus durable.


  • It is suitable for triathlon cycling and running training, saving for a change of shoes
  • The hybrid foam of the innersole ensures that the feet are well cushioned and protected
  • The net fit lacing of the upper shoe part prevents uncomfortable tightness of the shoe
  • It is durable, assured by the gum rubber sole.


  • Quite expensive, being a brand shoe thus may not suit a tight budget

Why it is recommended

Puma Hybrid Astro Running Casual shoes will ensure that your cycling and running motives are taken care of at a go. The upper net fit material also ensures that your feet dry up quickly as you change from water activities to dry land activities, thus saving you time.

9. Idea Frames Shoes– Budget Friendly Outdoor Sneaker For Men

Idea Frames Men Hiking shoes are a great option for regular non-cycling shoes to cycle in, especially for cross country and mountain biking, given its features.

It is made of lightweight material, which is core in bike riding. The breathable mesh ensures that sweat does not build in inside the shoes, and also makes cleaning and drying faster. The sturdy PU sole not only prevents wear and tear but also ensures that the shoes grip tightly onto the peddles. This rubber sole also has an anti-skid feature, which adds to the peddle grip. The sizes range from Label size 39 to 46, and they are true sizes that should fit your normal shoe size.


  • They are lightweight, thus great for mountain cycling and walking when necessary
  • The breathable upper mesh allows for breathing and fast drying
  • It can be worn with or without socks since sweating is minimal with the mesh top
  • Easily grips onto the peddle even up-steep, guaranteed by the anti-skid design of the sole


  • Only available in men sizes, and women have to readjust their sizes to get them. Even so, they are not available in smaller sizes.

Why It is Recommended

Idea Frames Men’s Hiking shoes are a regular non-cycling shoe for cycling that will ensure that mountain biking becomes easy for you. You can walk on terraces that you cannot ride in since the shoes are favorable for hiking. Cross country cycling is also favored by this shoe, with its upper mesh allowing for feet to breathe and tough sole great on the peddle.

10. Feetmat Shoes Slip – Budget Friendly Women’s Running and cycling  Shoes Slip

Feetmt Women’s Running shoes are a good choice for regular non-cycling shoes for cycling, given that they have several features that allow for cycling. The outer sole, made of rubber, is slip-resistant, thus good for peddle grip. Its design also provides traction and stability, thus suitable for rough terraces. It is also favorable during rainy seasons since this sole is thick enough to withstand mud.

The upper design ensures that you can use the shoes to commute to work, school, and even engage in other activities such as sports and training, being made of fabric and synthetic material.

The breathable mesh prevents overheating of the feet, while the removable sock liner cushions the feet. You can also remove the sock liner for separate washing if you do not want to wash the whole shoe.


  • Different colors, among them bright ones to suit women’s preference
  • Versatility can be used for bike training, rowing, sporting, and bike commuting, at work and in school
  • Removable sock liner for comfort and separate washing
  • A sole design that provides for traction and support on the peddle
  • Slip-resistant, thus minimizing injury chances


  • Designed for women only, and men have to readjust size, and even so, those with larger feet may not get a fit

Why It is Recommended

This shoe allows you to do a variation of bike activities, ranging from track cycling to indoor cycling, thus giving you a wider range of cycling services. Moreover, you can use it for commuting, since you can engage in other daily activities while in it

11. Kvovzo Mens – Cheapest Comfort Casual Sneaker


This versatile non-cycling shoe is used for cycling, hiking, trailing, tennis, basketball, jogging among other activities. It has a range of colors including, black, white, red, grey and a mix of two of each of these colors, thus offering variety.

It is light and comfortable on the peddles, thus great for commuting, indoor and track cycling.

The PU sole bulges out to offer moderate arch support to your feet. The upper part is a mesh design to release heat from the feet during cycling. The shoes are larger than the normal size, thus roomy. However, if you want a fitting shoe, you would rather go for a smaller size. They come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 9.65 inches to 11.41 inches, and even offer larger sizes for larger and wider feet.


  • Moderate arch support provided by the bulging PU sole
  • Can be used for a variety of cycling activities
  • Mesh upper design for breathability thus heat does not build-up
  • Wide, thus roomy, which ensures that pressure points are minimized


  • The shoelaces do not have eyelets, causing strain lacing the shoe and also damage in the long term.
  • Not suitable for most women, whose feet are narrower and smaller.

Why It is Considered

Kvovzo is a non-cycling shoe that you can consider for road cycling and commuting, and also indoor cycling given that it can handle most gym activities. It is durable and offers the value for its cost, thus a consideration

How to Choose the Best Regular Shoes for Cycling?

The guidelines below will help you know the best non-cycling shoe for cycling for you.

•          The type of cycling you are to engage in. For instance, if you are an indoor cyclist, then your needs will be different from those of track cyclists. Triathletes should look for shoes that will suit all the three needs of their sport, that is running, swimming and cycling, or at least cover running and cycling, or even allow the triathlete to move fast enough if he has to change.

Mountain biking and cross country require shoes that will survive rough terraces and strain of the feet on the peddle, with the strength to help the biker walk on bushy paths when necessity calls.

Commuting to and from work and school will require a pair that will ensure that you can run the activities of your day without straining or putting your feet at risk of falling or injury for wearing them for long hours, in addition to ensuring that your biking experience is worth some nostalgia.

A pair that is meant for sporting or racing, should have quite a hard sole, since the biker is not likely to want to walk, and comfort on his bike should be of highest priority, despite using non-cycling shoes.

•          Men and women have different sizes of ankles and feet, with men having wider and longer feet and a wide ankle, while women have a narrow ankle and small and narrow feet in most instances, and though this is not always the case, it is good to consider it when planning for a regular non-cycling cycling pair of shoes. There are shoes specifically designed for either, and if your feet are in either extreme, this should be your priority type. If you, however, have had experiences with shoes of the opposite sex or unisex shoes, then for the men, it is always advisable to take women’s shoes that are a higher size than your size, and for women a smaller size. Most shoe brands will indicate how many sizes lower or higher one should go.

One should also consider the size of their feet when making this choice, especially if their feet are too small or quite bigger than most standard shoes. With this in mind, you can enquire if the brand you have eyes on has your size, or whether they can customize one for you, or change your preference.

•          Climate/ weather/ season. The season or weather condition in which you are riding in is an important factor when considering best regular shoes for cycling . In rainy and winter seasons, you will need a warm pair, and it will be better if it allows for socks. This is to ensure that you remain warm especially if you are cycling outdoors. Moreover, in rainy conditions, a pair that will withstand the mud in case you get off your bike, in addition to maintaining a grip on the peddle in the increased pressure is paramount. If possible, waterproof shoes will ensure that your feet remain warm and dry.

During sunny days, in summer and autumn, you may consider getting shoes with an upper breathable material or even sandals, which will prevent your feet from being sweaty and smelly, thus causing you discomfort.

•          Features of the pair of shoes you want should also be taken into priority. Some will prefer shoes that have laces, to adjust if necessary. The laces, however, come with a knot that some do not appreciate. It is important to check if the knot of the laces is hidden by a buckle or any other knot cover so that you will get the most out of your shoes. If you cannot stand laces and feel they are a lot of work and with a knot, you do not appreciate, then you can go for a slip-on shoe or one with dials.

If you have wider feet, ensure that the type of shoes you choose is roomy to enhance comfort, so that it is not too tight on your feet.

Ensure the regular non-cycling shoes for cycling that you go for have your color of choice if you are into colors (some cannot stand certain colors). You should, however, ensure that your chosen color is good for your biking type and weather condition. For instance, track cycling in muddy areas may not go well with your white shoes.

•          The material of the shoes you are about to buy should be considered before getting the shoe. The upper part of the shoe should suit the season and type of biking. Breathable meshes on shoes won in the sun or warm conditions are great, while thick warm outer material and inner warm and even woolen material are great for winter seasons.

The sole should be stiffer than normal for better riding experience. Some soles protrude to the outside for a better support system. And some will not like the protruding sole because it is not stylish to them, especially if the shoe is to be used at work too.

The material of the shoe will also help you gauge whether the shoe is durable if you are looking for a lasting pair.

•          Feet are also a major consideration in getting regular shoes for cycling . If your feet are sweaty, smelly, swell easily or feel like itching now and then, then you should consider lighter shoes, or better still, sandals. This will be good for you since they give less room for all these discomforts. If your toes and feet itch a lot, you can pacify them through the open areas of the shoes when in sandals.

•          Versatility refers to the range of activities you want to carry out in your regular shoe, other than cycling. The pair you choose should be comfortable for most of the activities you want to undertake on the day that you use them.

•          The budget refers to the amount of money you are willing to spend on your regular non-cycling shoes for cycling. The cost of your shoe choice should be within the range you can afford and are willing to spend on the shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does one need to have cycling shoes for cycling?

A: No, you can start with regular non-cycling shoes for cycling, which have also proven to do a good job. You can use them for both indoor and outdoor cycling, as long as they qualify to be used to cycle.

Q: Are non-cycling shoes used for cycling less durable compared to cycling shoes

A: No, shoe durability is dependent on material, in addition to how you use the shoes, regardless of whether they are cycling or non-cycling shoes used for cycling. Quality of the shoe material should be key when durability is a priority.

Q: Are there clip-in shoes that are in the regular non-cycling shoes for the cycling category?

A: Yes, there are clip-in shoes that are designed in such a way that you can walk or cycle in them, thus not necessarily meant for cycling. You can remove the cleats when you don’t intend to ride in them.

Q: Are there non-cycling shoes that one can use for both indoor and track cycling?

A: Yes, most non-cycling shoes that are used for track cycling can be used for indoor cycling. However, not all non-cycling shoes that are fit for indoor cycling are suitable for track cycling, especially if they are not customed to withstand rough, grassy and muddy grounds.

Q: Are there situations when one would prefer non-cycling shoes to cycling shoes?

 A: Yes, one of them being when you want shoes you can cycle in and still do other activities in, such as commuting to work in a bike and remain in the same shoes the whole day.

Final Verdict

Longing for a wonderful evening breeze across the countryside, or along the beach, but just for fun, as a hobby, thus no need for cycling shoes, and still want to ensure comfort and stability? Wishing to join the rest of your college mates in the cool cycling trend that has become popular, and just want cool regular non-cycling shoes to go with? I hope you got what you were looking for. All ranges of shoes you would prefer to have, ranging from warm to open to waterproof non-cycling shoes for cycling are available.

If you have been holding back having a memorable cycling experience just because did not know how to start it out with shoes that were not meant for cycling, now you have no hindrance. And if you are a cyclist who was not sure whether your biking routine would still be fine if you tried out non-cycling shoes, now you have your answer. You can have a different yet satisfying experience by trying out one of the shoes listed above.

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