5 Best Protective Cover for Peloton and Indoor Exercise Bike to Avoid Dust !

Protective Cover for Peloton

Peloton bike is an indoor bike, and any harsh outdoor condition detrimental to its maintenance. Sadly, even when indoors, a bike could still experience some challenges. It is prone to dust, water during the cleaning of the room and even debris. For this reason, a protective cover is a necessary accessory for your indoor bike.

But how do you figure out which protective cover is best for your peloton bike, amongst the numerous available options? This is why we are here, to guide you through the selected few but best protective covers. The best part of the deal is that they all suit the peloton bike perfectly.

Best Protective Cover for Peloton & Exercise Bike

Let’s have a look at our carefully chosen list of the best protective cover for your indoor stationary bike

1. Mini Lustrous – Best Exercise Bike Cover

Once you purchase a peloton bike, this is most likely the first and the last time you purchase one, because the bike durability is guaranteed. For this reason, this bike cover is constructed with heavy duty material and high-quality stitching, hence matching the bike durability.

The 210D oxford fabric, coupled with sliver PA coating, is resistant to wear and tear from any form of indoor and outdoor condition. Hence, it is effective in protecting the bike against water, dust, household elements, pet hair, pets and even children.

Moreover, the cover features interior seams and high-density stitching, which facilitate durability. The UV resistance of the design prevents damage from sunlight, especially if the bike is facing the window.

A hem cord and an adjustable toggle on the cover ensure that the cover retains its position of covering the bike completely, regardless of the external conditions such as wind blowing through windows.

Cleaning the cover is the simplest, since all you have to do is hose it with water, then sundry the cover.

The dimensions, which are 49 x 23 x 58 inches, are suitable for fully covering a range of exercise bikes, including the peloton bike.


  • Durable bike cover.
  • UV rays’ resistance guaranteed.
  • Strong and retains position even on windy days.


  • The sizes are so exact that a little mistake with measurements will mess you. You need one that is slightly larger than your exact bike measurements.

2. W&G International – Upright Indoor Cycling Protective Cover

When looking for a bike cover that you will easily get on and off your peloton, then consider this Oxford material bike cover. The installation and removal are so easy that you won’t believe it.

Essentially, the cover protects the bike against water, sunlight and wind. Also, kids and pets will rarely be attracted to the bike when in this cover.

Moreover, the cover protects the bike against wind and other elements, hence easing you task of cleaning the bike.

Amazingly, the bike cover comes in a drawstring bag, where you can always store it when not in use. In any case, the bag comes in handy when you need to carry the cover to a different place.

The measurements of this cover are 48 by 23 by 56 inches, hence ideal for peloton.


  • Assures you of easy installation on and off the bike.
  • Covers the bike completely, easing cleaning and preventing damage.
  • Perfect sizing for a peloton bike.
  • Comes in a cute drawstring bag for ease in transportation and storage.


  • Thinner than most covers, but the performance makes up for it.

3. OwlGlass – Exercise Bike Cover for Peloton Bike

This bike cover is designed with a peloton bike in mind, hence the perfect option for the bike. It is oversized, with the sole reason of accommodating even the touchscreen of your peloton bike.

Moreover, the bike cover has a drawstring, which ensures that the bike is secure under the cover. It also comes in a PVC bag that has a zipper, so that storage when not in use is guaranteed.

Also, the cover is easy to setup and even remove from the bike, appreciating that your time is valuable.

Fundamentally, the bike cover protects the bike from children and pets pinching on the bike and leaving some debris in delicate parts of the bike. Furthermore, sunlight, wind and water will not affect the bike, as long as it is covered.


  • Oversized to protect even the touchscreen, and still cover every part of the wheels.
  • Protects the bike from children and pets, and also other harsh elements.
  • Enhances ease in cleaning the bike.
  • Easy to adjust on the bike with a drawstring, so that it retains position.


  • So large that the installation may be more challenging than with other smaller covers.

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4. Naisi – Waterproof Sunshine-proof Cover Compatible with Peloton Bike

Specifically made for the peloton bike, this cover will definitely fit your peloton. The unique part about it is that it features a lock catch, so that you will have an easy time fixing it. moreover, after fixing it, be sure that it will remain in position, regardless of kids trying to play around it.

To top it up, the cover features quality PE material, which effectively curbs dirt, dust, moisture and sunshine trying to get to the bike.

Installation is superb and easy, with the locks enhancing organization on and off the bike.

Lastly, the cover comes in a trendy organizer bag, where you can always store your cover for convenience.


  • Fits the bike well and securely attaches with lock catches.
  • Quality and durable for material for topnotch performance.
  • Comes with an organizer bag.
  • Easy to install onto the bike.


  • It doesn’t maintain the shape as in the photo, but the performance is excellent.

5. Wassers – Indoor and Outdoor Protective Cover for Peloton Bike

When covering your bike in this cover, no one will guess that you bought the two separately. The cover, which is in dimensions of 55 by 23.6 inches and in varying heights for a fitting outlook, brings a cute outlook of the whole equipment. Also, the lock catches enhance the outlook, since you will tighten to bring out an ideal fit.

The PE material, which makes the cover, is both water proof and sun rays protective. It further protects the bike from playing kids and pets, who might as well find it fun to scratch and pull parts of the bike.

Additionally, the cover is easy to install, first because it is fitting and also due to its lock catches, which aid in the installation process.

The extra bag, which features a drawstring, helps you in organizing the cover and in transit when necessary.


  • The design is well-cut to ideally suit the peloton bike.
  • Protective material, be it from harmful rays, water or kids.
  • Easy installation process assured.
  • Extra storage bag available.


  • Gives in during windy occasions, but overall great.

Parting Shot

Making a decision on the best bike cover for peloton bike is not easy, especially if you have no starting point at all. Nevertheless, having narrowed the list for you and providing you with all you need to know for each, I’m sure that we have reduced your work. isn’t that so? Now it is up to you to make the final decision.

Covering your peloton bike protects it, hence facilitating a longer brand-new outlook.

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