5 Best Peloton Shoes for Wide Feet: No More Numbness!

Best Peloton Shoes for Wide Feet

After starting out with peloton I noticed a strange thing with my feet. My question was, why my feet get so numb after some time of riding? So I get back to the community and found that my shoes are too tight. Even I feel normal, my feet swell when riding, and circulation is restricted. Then I researched a lot to find the best peloton shoes for wide feet because comfortability is the first priority.

Below, there are 5 different types of footwear from different brands. I’m sure that you will find the right pair for your wide feet. No worries, All are look delta or SPD-SL cleats compatible; just wear and start spinning.

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Best Peloton Shoes for Wide Feet

With the following reviews, we have highlighted the top 5 Peloton bike shoes for wide feet available on Amazon. Besides, core factors to consider when purchasing shoes for peloton bike are meant to help you get the best and most reliable shoe for the peloton of your desire.

1. Shimano SH-RP Series Cycling Shoes for Both Men and Women

These shoes are available in sizes 36 to 52 and designed in the wide cycling shoe type. The wide range that extends on the upper side is already a good sign for wider feet. You will have some toe space, which reduces blisters and hot spots. Likewise, the Velcro straps and buckle not only provide your foot with safety but also provide for adjustment depending on the cycling intensity.

The shoes have a universal cleat system, hence suitable for peloton cycling and spinning. You can use them for your peloton spinning in addition to track cycling events. Commuting in the shoes is convenient, given that you can walk in them without sliding and falling. The sole is not overly stiff as in most cycling shoes.

The upper shoe material, a composite of high-density leather material, guaranteeing durability. It is highly perforated, which is meant to allow for aeration and breathability.


  • They are a great relief to wide feet and feet that swell during workouts.
  • The upper material has numerous perforations in a bid to bring about breathability and feet aeration.
  • Versatile, as you not only use them for spinning, but you can also walk short distances in them.


  • The sole is not completely stiff, hence reduced power transfer efficiency.

2. Ergo Mega Carbon Men’s Cycling Shoes (Fit is great for wide feet)

This shoe is designed for wide feet, assuring them of the comfort a rider deserves during spinning and cycling. you can use the shoes for indoor spinning and cycling, or have fun in an outdoor cycling sport. It is compatible with 3-hole cleats, hence suitable for Look Delta or SPD-SL cleats for your Peloton bike.

The upper material, which is of durable Techpro microfiber, has perforations to enhance the aeration.

The closure system is of two Techno 3 push dials and a hook and loop strap, which keep the feet in position hence safety. The reinforced heel cup adds to the safety of the feet.

The undersole is a mix of 12 carbon blends, which guarantee the stiffness of a competitive cycling shoe.

The pair features replaceable anti-slip heel pad and toe vent systems, which will be greatly helpful in long cycling exercises.


  • Sole made in 12 carbon composites, which increases its stiffness. This translates to efficiency in power transfer.
  • Vented Techpro microfiber top, which is meant to allow for feet breathability.
  • Safe closure system, made from 3 push dials and a hook and loop strap.


  • Too stiff to walk in. You have to use an extra pair to walk to the workout area.

3. Sidi Genius 7 Mega Shoes – Perfect Peloton Shoes for Big and WIDE Feet!

Sidi Genius 7 is an ideal solution for wide feet. The mega sizing is really ‘mega’, wide enough for all the wide feet. It allows for Look Delta cleats, which makes them an awesome choice for peloton biking.

The upper microfiber mesh provides the best ventilation one would ask for in a cycling shoe. It provides sufficient stability and is water-resistant. Thus, you can bike in the rain for enjoyable outdoor biking.

The sole is made of millennium 5 carbon composite, which reinforces the stiffness. Hence, you are guaranteed efficient power transfer.

The closure system is of a caliper buckle and Velcro straps, with an instep closure, a blend that provides foot security and comfort.

Double stiches on all areas where you stress during your ride increase the lifespan of these shoes.


  • Double stiches on all areas where you stress during your ride increase the lifespan of these shoes.
  • The sole is of millennium 5 carbon composite, which reinforces the stiffness for power transfer enhancement.
  • The upper microfiber mesh provides the best ventilation on the cycling shoe.
  • Big and wide sizes to accommodate all the wide feet.


  • The stiff undersole makes it difficult to have the slightest walk in the shoes.

4. Tommaso Strada 200 Dual Cleat Compatible – Another Peloton Shoes for Wide Feet (Men & Women)

This Tommaso Strada shoe is the best in the brand for wide feet. You have the option to purchase it with its Look Delta cleats for your peloton, or you can just purchase the pair on its own. The cleat plate is capable of accommodating cleats of different styles, including Look Delta that is suitable for the peloton.

The Strada shoes have a precision lock buckle for its closure system, which adds to the foot hug provided by the Velcro straps. So, you are assured of security throughout your spinning sessions.

The synthetic leather on the upper shoe assures you of durability. It is coupled with mesh; whose purpose is to provide breathability.

The sole is a composite of fiberglass. This is an assurance of perfect cycling sole stiffness. You don’t have to worry about power transfer anymore, because it is guaranteed.


  • Great Tommaso pair for wide feet.
  • Durable, having an upper made of synthetic leather and an undersole reinforced with fiberglass.
  • Breathability assured by the mesh composite on the upper shoe.
  • Power transfer, obvious through the reinforced fiberglass sole, which is very stiff.


  • The lock buckle has been reported to easily break, requiring extra care.

5. Venzo Bicycle Men’s or Women’s Riding Shoes- Widely Used for Spin Bikes – Top Pick

These shoes run large for standard feet sizes, hence perfect for larger and wide feet. It is compatible with several cleat types, including Look Delta and SPD-SL, thus peloton compatible.

The stiff sole is for allowing power transfer from feet to pedals, eliminating chances of fast fatigue.

The upper part of the shoe is made of a blend of mesh and synthetic material. This provides for breathability, which keeps your feet free from heat and sweat build-up. Likewise, the textile sock liner and inner lining prevents sweat from clogging your feet, hence comfort.

The package brings along Look Delta cleats, which you will use with your peloton bike. The cleats have a float of 9 degrees, guaranteeing you of safety from knee joint pains.


  • Provides for wide shoes in both men and women sizes.
  • Stiff sole for increased power transfer.
  • Look Delta cleats in the package as an additional accessory.
  • Upper part is a design of mesh to provide for breathability.


  • The stiff sole discourages walking, hence not great for commuting.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Peloton Shoes for Wide Feet


For wide feet, you should always consider sizing as your first priority in cycling shoes. This is because most shoes do not provide for wide width, yet it is necessary for comfort. For this reason, always consider shoes that indicate that they are meant for wide feet in the description.

Sole stiffness:

A highly stiff sole translates into efficiency in power transfer during spinning. If you want to solely spin with your peloton shoe, then this is the best. Nevertheless, if you want to partially walk and commute in the cycling shoes, then a partial stiffness will be necessary.


Are there shoes for wide feet that one can use with peloton?

yes, there are. The above are proof of wide shoes for peloton availability. All you need is put your considerations into account to get the best pair for you.

Can you use regular shoes with peloton?

Yes, you can. With toe cages, you can use non-cycling shoes on peloton. However, power transfer will not be possible, and the performance is lower compared to cycling shoes usage.

Why do you need peloton specific shoes to ride peloton?

Peloton pedals are only compatible with Look Delta and SPD-SL cleats. So, you will need these to have your shoes perfectly clip in to peloton pedals.

Final Verdict

There are the shoes that you can take into consideration for wide feet. Hence, your feet size should not discourage you from enjoying a peloton experience. Check out one of the best peloton shoes for wide feet from the above and enjoy spinning.

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