9 Best SPD Pedals for Peloton Bike [Single & Dual Sided]

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Peloton bike pedals are among the key parts of a peloton exercise. The others are the bike itself, shoes and shoe cleats, all which work in unison to bring out the best of the peloton. Here’ how: Pedals have to perfectly fit in the peloton bike, cleats have to clip in peloton compatible shoes without a struggle, and shoes have to perfectly clip into the peloton bike’s pedals.

After all, no one wants to order one item after another, given that they do not fit into each other; which is why you need to understand about all these terms. In this article, we will tackle best SPD pedals for peloton bike.

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Are All Pedals Compatible with The Peloton?

Of course not. You can only attach pedals with thread size of 9/16 inches to peloton bike, it can be SPD or SPD-SL or Dual Platform Pedals. But remember, the pedal’s thread size must be 9/16 inches.

The Best SPD Pedals for Peloton Bike 2020 – Details Review

There are so many questions and confusions among readers for choosing best SPD pedals for peloton. So, we choose some popular as well as best-selling pedals based on their performance, comfortability and durability.

Here is the list for your quick check out following detail review..

  1. Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SL – Best SPD-SL Pedals for Peloton Bike
  2. Venzo Delta & SPD Pedal – Great Spd And Delta Option for Peloton [Top Pick]
  3. Wellgo WPD-E003 – Shimano SPD Compatible Bike Pedals For Peloton with TOE CLIPS [Editor Choice]
  4. BW Watt 1.0 Clipless SPD-SL Compatible Cleats – Great Delta-compatible Pedal for Peloton Bike in Budget
  5. Sunlite Training 9/16″ – Affordable (SPD, not Spd-sl) Toe clip and strap compatible Pedals for Spin Bike
  6. Shimano PD-R550 – Durable, Best SPD-SL Pedals for Exercise Bike
  7. Namucuo with Clips and Straps – Cheap Bike Pedals for Spin Bike, Exercise Bike and Outdoor Bicycles
  8. Diamondback Century Elite – Best Clipless Pedals for Peloton
  9. Lixada Bike Pedals – A Wonderful SPD -SL Pedals for Peloton

More Peloton Compatible SPD Pedals with Toe Clips

  • BV Bike Pedal – Shimano SPD Compatible with Toe Clips Peloton bike’s Pedals
  • Venzo Fitness – Peloton Compatible with Shimano SPD Pedals with Toe Clips

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1. Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SLBest SPD Pedals for Peloton Bike

Shimano provides some of the best pedals in the market, and Shimano Ultegra R8000 is a regular size pedal that will amaze you with its never-disappointing features.

It is made of incorporation of stainless metal, which adds to its durability. The stainless aspect further reduces the chances of the pedals staining.

The flat pedal has a wide platform that allows for maximized power transfer in addition to feet stability.

It is lightweight, with the pair of pedals weighing 248 grams, therefore giving the user ease in riding.

It also has a wide bearing; whose function is to bring about the distribution of the body weight.

  • It has a wide platform, thus efficiency in power transfer
  • Wide bearing platform aspect that helps with bodyweight distribution
  • Lightweight- 248 grams, which allows for more efficient performance
  • Easy to clip in cleats and out, preventing accident occurrence.
  • The package does not provide for cleats, and the user has to buy them separately

2. Venzo Delta & SPD Pedal – Great Spd And Delta Option for Peloton [Top Pick]

These pedals are compatible with Look Delta & Shimano SPD cleats, thus peloton flat pedals. They are an awesome choice for Exercise Spin Bike.

Their strong aluminum set body makes them durable even after strenuous and rough road exercises. They have sealed cartridge bearings, which ensures that the cycling is smooth.

The 4.5 degrees of thermoplastic float provided by these pedals allow the user lateral body posture, thus avoiding knee joint pains.

It has a 9/16 thread size, which is good for the peloton

It comes with a pair of best-fitting cleats, saving you the hustle of a separate order.

  • Package come with 1 pair pedals, 1 pair Look ARC Delta cleats, 1 pair C01F Shimano SPD compatible cleats
  • It provides a 4.5 degree of float, which is meant to avoid knee pains during and after cycling
  • The strong aluminum material enhances durability
  • It has sealed cartridge bearings, gifting you a smooth ride
  • No major cons found

3. Wellgo WPD-E003 – Shimano SPD Compatible Bike Pedals For Peloton with TOE CLIPS [Editor Choice]

Luckily for you, this pedal from WellGo is designed with toe clips already installed. Therefore, you can ride in regular non-cycling shoes whenever you want to spin casually. Also, you can have other people and friends use your bike, since toe clips are not size-specific.

Other than that, the pedals package includes SPD cleats! Thus, you don’t have to make an extra purchase for the cleats.

Most importantly, the pedals are an extra heavy-duty construction, since they are specifically designed for the spin bikes. So, you can say goodbye to breakages and manufacturer’s faults. In any case, the pedals come with a 2-year warranty, hence guaranteed quality in your favor.

    • They are 256g per pair, thus lightweight and allowing for faster and longer riding
    • Provides 7 degrees of float, allowing for lateral body posture and preventing knee pain
    • The package includes cleats, saving you money, time and perfect cleats search problems
    • It is made for spinning and road cycling, thus one pair taking car of the better part of your peloton needs
    • Sealed cartridge bearings for a smooth cycling experience
  • The pedals do not suit certain shoe brands

4. BW Watt 1.0 Clipless SPD-SL Compatible Cleats – Great Delta-compatible Pedal for Peloton Bike in Budget

BW Watt 1.0 pedals are a good alternative to Shimano pedal clips. With a die-cast aluminum material as the main body material that has a fiberglass infused binding, then the durability and quality of these pedals are a guarantee. It is made for both spinning and road workouts, thus giving you a 2-in-1 advantage.

It has sealed cartridge bearings that allow the pedal ride to be smooth

They have CNC CR-MO Chromalloy spindle that is 9/16 inches to suit peloton.

The pedal clips provide for a 7-degree float, which prevents knee joint pains.

SPD-SL cleats are included in the package.

    • They are 256g per pair, thus lightweight and allowing for faster and longer riding
    • Provides 7 degrees of float, allowing for lateral body posture and preventing knee pain
    • The package includes cleats, saving you money, time and perfect cleats search problems
    • It is made for spinning and road cycling, thus one pair taking car of the better part of your peloton needs
    • Sealed cartridge bearings for a smooth cycling experience
  • The pedals do not suit certain shoe brands

5. Sunlite Training 9/16″ – Affordable (SPD, not Spd-sl) Toe clip and strap compatible Pedals for Spin Bike

Sunlite Training Bike pedals are Shimano SPD pedals for the peloton, given that they have a non- SPD side included. These black and silver-colored pedals are designed for spinning and indoor biking.

The body of these pedals is made of strong aluminum material, making it durable.

 The thread size of the Chromoly spindle is 9/16, which is the perfect fit for the peloton.

The SPD pedal for peloton 760 grams per pair, with an OS loose ball.

  • It is an SPD designed pedal that has a toe clip that allows for a non-SPD side, thus peloton friendly
  • Its aluminum body makes it durable.
  • It is of standard thread size, 9/16 on its spindle, which allows for a wider range of systems
  • It is unisex, thus men and women can be comfortable
  • It is not suitable for outdoor activities

6. Shimano PD-R550 – Durable, Best SPD-SL Pedals for Exercise Bike

These Shimano black and grey pedals are known and praised for their low-profile design, which allows for one to easily adjust the cleats. Their lightweight, 300g per pair, making them convenient for cycling on.

The stainless-steel body material gives the resistance of the pedals to permanent stain and ensures durability.

The bearing platform is wide enough to allow for weight distribution. The sealed cartridge axle enhances smooth cycling.

The wide shoe platform brings about power transfer from the feet to the pedals.

The cleat and binding aspect ensures perfect shoe and pedal fit.

  • The pedal clips portray a low profile design that allows for easy cleat adjustment
  • Stainless steel body that prevents stain and increases durability
  • A wide bearing platform for weight distribution on the pedals
  • Wide shoe platform to bring about power transfer from the feet to the pedals, thus faster and longer rides.
  • Cleats are included in the package
  • They are heavier than Shimano Ultegra R8000, thus sometimes losing to it

7. Namucuo with Clips and Straps – Cheap Bike Pedals for Spin Bike, Exercise Bike and Outdoor Bicycles

These pedals are made of resin and alloy, which gives them outstanding performance and durability. The 9/16 inches spindle allows for peloton fitting. The pedals are perfect for spinning, indoor and outdoor cycling workouts.

For cyclists looking for security on the pedal, then this pedal should be your choice.  With metal grips at the lower side and nylon straps on the upper side, your feet will remain intact for the whole exercise duration. It has pedal cages, in addition to a non-cage side that one can use whenever they choose to. The package also comes with an extra pedal strap.

  • Strong and durable, given the blend of resin and alloy material for the pedals body
  • They are versatile and can offer spinning, indoor and outdoor cycling services
  • Provides a non-cage side as an option during cycling
  • Secure cycling experience, given the straps and metal grips on both sides of the shoe.
  • For people who are not familiar with the pedals, riding on the non-caged side could be risky. This is because the cage can end up on the ground

8. Diamondback Century Elite – Best Clipless Pedals for Peloton

If your idea of pedals should be stylish, probably because you want to use your peloton like for touring and commuting, then Diamondback Century Elite pedals will not disappoint you.

With an SPD-SL compatible cleat system, these peddle qualify to be peloton bike pedals.

It is of a thermoplastic material, with a CNC Chromalloy spindle.

It has sealed cartilage bearings for a smooth cycling workout.

The 7-degree float it provides allows for lateral posture and prevents knee injury, which helps you ride for a longer duration. Moreover, one can easily adjust the tension, thus comfort in the whole biking workout. The pedals are lightweight, weighing 256g per pair, enhancing faster rides.

  • The comes with peloton compatible cleats
  • It has sealed cartilage bearings, thus smooth cycling time
  • It has a 7-degree float, which prevents knee injury
  • Lightweight, 356 grams per pair, thus faster rides
  • Clear and simple manual for installation
  • It can only be used for outdoor cycling

9. Lixada Bike Pedals – A Wonderful SPD-SL Pedals for Peloton

Finally, we have fairly new but greatly featured pedals in the market. From the look of it, one can get a wonderful peloton experience given what they have to offer. With the Look Delta Cleat system, it is sure a pedal for the peloton.

Lixada bike pedals are made of CR-MO, blended with aluminum alloy to make it strong and durable. The pedals have a wide shoe platform, which allows for efficient power transfer from the feet to the pedals.

They have an open platform, which allows for easy clipping in and out of the cleats and their adjustment, in addition to tension release during biking.

They have sealed cartilage bearings.

  • Made of CR-MO and aluminum alloy for durability
  • Wide shoe platform to allow power transfer from the pedals to the feet
  • They have an open platform, which helps allows for cleats to be clipped in and out of the pedals
  • Large binding to ensure a quick engagement
  • Performance is merely based on features

Can You Change the Pedals on a Peloton Bike?

Yes, you can change the pedals on a peloton bike. Actually, peloton is compatible with most of the pedals available for spin bikes. All you have to confirm is that the pedals have an axle thread of 9/16 inches before you purchase them for peloton. This is the suitable length for the axle, so that it is compatible with the peloton crank arm.

Besides that, you have to ensure that the pedal is of high quality, so as to match the peloton bike quality. This way, you will have protected your crank arm, and also remained safe while spinning on the pedals.

Peloton Pedal Thread Size

Peloton bike has a crank arm that only accommodates pedals with the thread size of 9/16 inches. A smaller one will be loosely set in the crank arm, while a larger one will not even fit in. Therefore, ensure that you compromise to this thread size for your peloton bike.

How to Choose Best SPD Pedals for Peloton Bike?

Compatibility with the peloton

When looking for the perfect peloton bike pedals, it is necessary to ensure that they are peloton compatible. Peloton pedal clips usually allow Look Delta and SPD-SL cleat systems, though there are instances where people have been successful with other types of pedals, as long as the thread size of the spindle was 9/16 inches.

The number of systems that you want your pedals to be used on is also crucial to consider since there are dual pedal systems that can suit your needs. for instance, there are also SPD pedals for the peloton, which provide for a non-SPD side. These are a good choice if you want to use both systems, for instance, peloton for indoor and SPD for the road.

The material of the pedal

The pedal should be strong for better performance, while still light in weight to ensure that your cycling or spinning is faster and less tiring. If you want to engage in peloton spinning or any other strenuous cycling activity, then go for the lightest possible pedals, while not compromising the quality of the body material.

Most of the best pedals are made of metal alloys, which ensure that they are long-lasting. Stainless steel protects the pedals from permanent stain, as it is always easy to wash away dirt.

Quality and durable material will ensure that you not only save money to purchase pedals now and then but also ensure that you are free from accidents that come from unexpected damage or disengagement of pedals.

Accessories in the package

Several types of pedals will come with a pair of cleats, or, if they use them, a pedal strap. Peloton pedals will only come with cleats that fit into the peloton pedal cages, thus ensuring you get perfection. It saves you time to check and consider the different types of cleats, and the anxiety of whether the cleats will perfectly clip-in.

Pedal straps are meant to ensure that the feet are securely set in position all through the cycling.

The float of the pedals

It is of essence that you check the float of the pedals before purchasing them, or even if the pedals provide any. Float refers to the amount of rotation a pedal or a cleat provides. It dictates the body posture and may help you prevent knee and lower back injuries.

Size of the spindle

The thread size of the spindle that suits a peloton pedal is 9/16 inches. This is why it is possible to use other pedal systems, other than Look Delta and SPD-SL on the peloton bikes. They can however only be used casually and for shorter distances and durations to ensure that the user is safe.

The platform of the pedals

The size of the platform of the pedals for peloton should be wide enough to accommodate the shoes, thus enhancing comfort. This feature’s major purpose, however, is to ensure complete power transfer from the feet to the pedals. Power transfer prevents you from getting tired fast, thus ensuring that you cycle or spin faster, and for a longer duration too.

The platform being wide also allows for the weight distribution of the user, hence giving you stability and confidence during the cycling workout.

An open platform allows you to ease tension and also clip in and out your shoe cleats out of the pedals smoothly, and whenever you want, even on a busy street when necessary, without causing any inconvenience.


Most peloton brand pedals are very expensive. It is, however, possible and easy to get peloton alternatives that are quality and at cheaper costs. You can always get an affordable pair, and our list provides a few examples. Most user reviews show that these value shoes come with better features than one expected. You should therefore not feel that your pocket will restrict your peloton activities. As long as a pedal has features that you are looking for, it can be worth the try. If you think that better peloton experience is guaranteed by how costly a pedal is, then you are mistaken. You can look for a pedal with all the features you desire, then enquire for warranty provisions to be on the safe side and try the pedal on.

Sealed cartilage bearings  Will allow you a smoother ride, thus this should be taken into consideration too.

Type of peloton activity

Do you want pedals that are specifically for indoor peloton activities? Are you looking for pedals that will give you the best performance on the road? Or do you want all these activities on the same pedal, to save on time and money?

You should take into consideration the type and number of activities you want to use your peloton bike’s pedals on. This is because some are specific for certain activities and terraces, and some that allow for several peloton activities. If you only spin with the peloton, for instance, then it is advisable to take pedals that are only meant for spinning, to get the maximum performance out of the peloton spinning.


Most users will trust items that come with a warranty, and this is with good reason. A warranty is an assurance of correction of default technical challenges that the shoe could show within a certain duration, or even exchange with a faultless item. It can give you confidence in an item. In most instances, items with warranty guarantee quality. If you are afraid of experiencing disappointment but want to try out a pedal you believe might be worth, then ask for a warranty guarantee.

Delivery support

Ensure you make inquiries about the delivery support offered for the pedals for peloton you want to purchase. For instance, you may get support fixing the pedals on the bike, customer service that will guide you through installation and use and even respond to your concerns regarding the item, or one that follows up with helpful emails to guide you through.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:What kind of pedals does peloton use?

Peloton uses pedals that are in the Look Delta or SPD-SL cleat design. Thus, the cycling shoes have to be in either of these two designs to be compatible with the peloton pedals.

Q: Can I fix the pedals on the bike on my own, or will I need a support person?

Ans.:  yes. The pedals come with a manual, which is simple to follow. You can also look for online guidelines and perfectly fix the pedals on your own

Q: Will any Look cleats fit into peloton pedals?

Ans.: no, only Look Delta cleats fit into peloton pedals. Other Look systems, such as Look Keo are not suitable for the peloton.

Q: Can you put SPD pedals on a peloton bike?

Ans.: Yes. Most indoor bikes can be customized as you want. Maximum gyms and studio bikes typically use SPD compatible pedals. A very few (like SoulCycle and Flywheel) uses double sided pedals that work with Look Delta and SPD. NB: Look Keo are not suitable for the peloton.

Q: Does changing pedals void peloton warranty?

Yes, it does void the peloton warranty. When changing the peloton pedals, you have to change them with other peloton brand pedals, if you want the warranty to stand for you. However, if you use pedals from other brands, then the parts warranty will not be valid for your peloton bike pedals.

Final Word

By this time you already know what is the best SPD pedals for peloton bike. With one of the eight listed above, the right shoes and cleats, then you can now start or continue with your workout, and get the best out of cycling and, or spinning.

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