5 Best Peloton Bike Mats That Will Protect Your Carpet and Floor

peloton bike mat
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Peloton indoor biking is one of the most preferred today since it is popularly known for its incredible performance. Of the several must-have accessories, the peloton bike mat is among the top. This biking mat is used for both peloton stationary and spinning bikes.

You will need the bike mat to protect your flooring or carpet from damage by the bike and its equipment. During the spinning and cycling, the bike may scratch your floor, or even make it prone to damage through the vibrations of the workouts. The mat will also ease your cleaning work, given that most are simple to clean, and the floor of your room will not be affected by your workout, thus remain clean.

The mat is also essential to enhance the durability of your biking equipment. Floors and carpets are prone to dust, which, if let into the biking machinery during an exercise, will lessen their lifespan.

Indoor bike mat will further give you privacy during your workout, given that it is made to absorb if not all, most of the vibrations and noise that emanates from the equipment during the workouts. The right bike mat for your flooring guarantees you security while on the exercise since it prevents the bike from sliding off, falling, and causing you an accident.

Here is a quick list of the 5 best mats for peloton bike. Therefore you can find detailed reviews on bike mat for peloton below this list:

  1. BalanceFrom GoFit High-Density Equipment – Best mat for peloton bike on budget
  2. Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat – For Recumbent Spin Bikes and Exercise
  3. Sunny Health and Fitness Equipment – Best value bike mat for peloton [Editor Choice]
  4. Ergo Mag Fluid for Indoor Cycles – Durable Thick Mat for Exercise Bike
  5. Motiontex 8M-110-30C-5.5 – Affordable Exercise equipment mat

Is the Peloton Mat Worth It?

The peloton mat will not only protect the flooring of your house from being damaged by the peloton bike equipment but also protect your biking equipment from the dust and dirt that may be on your floor or carpet. Both of these, if not protected, will cost you repair and worse still, replacement costs.

Therefore, peloton mats are worth investing in, given that they save you from incurring damage costs.

The 5 Best Peloton Bike Mats

If you are looking forward to investing in a exercise bike mat, then you should look for the best. After thorough research on a variety of biking mats for the peloton, we came up with a list of 5 of the most suitable.

1. BalanceFrom GoFit High-Density Equipment Mat

 mat for exercise bike

BalanceFit provides this mat with a 2-year warranty, thus guaranteeing the users replacement in case of technical challenges. It is made of high-density material, which protects the floor from the peloton bike equipment.

This type of mat is made in two sizes, that is, 30 inches by 60 inches (2.5 by 5feet), and 36 inches by 78 inches (3 by 6.5feet). The smaller mat is a good size for a peloton bike, though you can buy a larger one for versatility.

It has anti-slip patterns on both sides, ensuring that it neither slides on the floor nor does the equipment on it slip.

It is water-resistant, making cleaning with soap and water and drying it up easy.

  • It is water-resistant, giving the user an easier task of cleaning with just soap and water on a cloth.
  • It comes in sizes that fit a peloton bike, thus accommodating your peloton workout
  • Both the upper and the lower sides of the carpet have anti-slip patterns, thus safety assurance
  • The high-density material completely protects the floor from the heavy biking equipment.
  • The durability of this mat has been questionable

2. Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat

 mat for peloton bike

This is a cycling mat from the USA, whose durability has been proven over time.

It is 30 inches by 60 inches, an ideal measurement for peloton indoor bikes.

It is heavy-duty, an aspect that protects your flooring from the heavy biking equipment and highly intense activities such as peloton spinning and cycling. It also cushions this equipment from fast wear that culminates from dust from the floor or carpet getting into the mechanical parts.

It neither has an unpleasant smell nor does it contain heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Its versatility allows you to use other exercise units such as a treadmill and a cross-country trainer. It can also be used with kids and pets since it does not contain any harmful material. Washing is simple, just by the use of a damp towel.

  • It is heavy-duty, thus protecting your flooring from the peloton cycling equipment in addition to protecting your equipment optimally
  • It does not have an odor, thus suitable even in enclosed rooms
  • It is free of harmful chemicals and metals, thus safe for kids and pets
  • It is versatile, as it has been designed to suit a variety of workout units including the heavy treadmill equipment.
  • It curbs the noise and vibration made by the workout equipment during exercises
  • It is only shipped within the USA and a few other countries at the moment

3. Sunny Health and Fitness Equipment – Best value mat for peloton

This is a great option for quality yet on budget peloton mat. There are three sizes of this mat: small (48 by 24 inches), medium (78.7 by 35.5 inches) and large (90.5 by 60 inches). However, even the smallest is still suitable for the peloton.

It is made of synthetic PVC foam, which allows it to absorb most of the vibration and noise that is made by the peloton bike during the workouts. This not only protects the floor of the room but also ensures that your workout sessions do not become a bother to the neighbors. The material is flexible, so you can always fold it up and store it as a compact item to save space.

It has a rough texture, which allows for equipment traction as well as mat traction on the floor.

  • It absorbs noise and vibration, making your workouts private despite probably being in an apartment
  • It protects the floor from the peloton equipment while protecting the equipment from possible floor hazards.
  • The rough texture prevents the mat and the equipment from slipping off and causing injury
  • It is foldable, thus saving up space.
  • The PVC material gives the mat an odor, especially in the first few days.

4. CyclingDeal Bike Trainer Floor Mat

 best mat for peloton bike

This 30 by 60-inch bestseller floor mat makes for a good size of a peloton bike. It is not expensive, despite having the features that will hold an indoor bike. It is made of PVC material and designed to be flexible thus foldable, a feature that ensures that your space is not consumed. You can always fold it and keep it aside after the workout.

Being non-slide due to the rough texture, this Trainer floor mat prevents your equipment from sliding off during your training sessions. It is also sweat and water-proof, preventing dampness during the exercise.

It protects the floor from the bike, and since it does not leave marks on the floor also, it makes your cleaning easier. The cleaning is done using a cloth, water, and soap.

It has the capability to reduce noise and vibration that is expected during an indoor workout.

  • It is foldable, which ensures that you can always stock it away whenever you are nor using it.
  • It has a non-slide texture, which keeps it on the floor and keeps the bike in position during a workout
  • It is easy to clean since it is water-repellant. All you need is soap and water.
  • It reduces noise and vibration caused by the spinning workout, thus ensuring you do not disrupt your neighbors
  • It comes with an odor that is unpleasant in a closed room in the first few days
  • It is too soft for use on a carpet, thus only suitable on hard floors.

5. Motiontex 8M-110-30C-5.5 Fitness Equipment Mat

 exercise bike mat

This equipment comes in various sizes, depending on the activities you want to carry out. The standard bike can fit on the smallest size, which is 24 by 48 inches, and with a range of other indoor activities a 36 by 84-inch, which is the largest, will be suitable. If you only need a peloton bike mat, then the smallest will be an awesome choice.

The Motiontex mat is slip-repellant, which assures the cyclist of safety from sliding or falling off. It protects the floor from damage that comes from direct contact with fitness equipment and vibrations during workouts. The round shape at the corners protects you from falling caused by curled corners.

Moreover, this mat absorbs noise and vibrations from the workout while on your bike, allowing you the confidence to spin and cycle even faster, knowing that you are not bothering anyone.

It has an anti-fungal feature, and therefore microorganisms will not lessen its lifespan.

Being waterproof, the mat is easy to wash with a wet towel or cloth.

  • It has an anti-fungal static agent, which ensures that it does not harbor microorganisms
  • It prevents vibrations and noise from affecting the people surrounding your room, allowing you more intense activities without fear
  • It protects your floor from damage by the peloton bike and also prevents the bike equipment from damage by floor dust and dirt.
  • It is slip-repellant, therefore guarantees the cyclist safety. This is further strengthened by the round corners that prevent corner folds.
  • It is waterproof, thus easy to wash and preventing dampness.
  • It has a pungent smell at the beginning

Which things Should You Consider When Choosing?

When choosing the best peloton mat, it is paramount to take the following into consideration:

The size of the mat

The minimum size of a peloton bike mat is 24 inches by 48 inches. Purchasing a size that is smaller than this will be in vain. It is also not necessary to purchase a larger size if all you want is to cycle or spin on your bike since this is enough. It will save you from unnecessary costs and space.

The size of your room should also determine the size of the mat you are to choose. If you have a smaller fitness room, then going for the smallest size possible prevents you from folding a mat, which does not always look decent, and also worries on how to fit in your carpet. A foldable carpet should be an ideal choice if you use the room for other activities so that you can save space.

However, if you want a peloton mat that will also serve as your treadmill and other larger equipment mat, then it is only sensible that you get a larger size that you are sure will fit all your equipment without a challenge.


Choose a mat that will not strain your pocket. Go for the best features at the minimum possible cost. Going for a brand assures you of quality, but it is also possible to get the same quality with a cheaper and newer company.


No one wants to go back to the shop every now and then. Despite taking care of your budget, you do not want a mat that will last you less than a year, forcing you to go back to the drawing point. A mat that will serve you the longest possible is worth an investment. A durable mat also saves you the worry of whether you will step on it with cleats, in addition to ensuring that concentrate better on your best performance.

Type of flooring

There are bike mats that are floor-specific. It is therefore advisable to not only check on the description of the mat but also to go through customer reviews and answers to questions, which will add your information on the mat. For instance, there are mats that are too soft for carpets. You can only consider such if you want to place it on a hard floor.

Ease of cleaning

A mat that will be easy to clean will save you time and energy. Ensure that when considering a carpet, this aspect is captured. Easy to clean mats are also easy to dry, which can help you clean it fast and fold or leave the room without the worry of dampness. Most of these mats are waterproof.

Safety of the users

If a mat is bound to come into contact with children, individuals with conditions and pets, then it is of essence that you take on a carpet that will guarantee safety. For instance, you should check whether it contains harmful metals and chemicals before considering it.

PVC mats mostly come with an odor. If this may affect your health or wellbeing during the workout, then you should consider other materials.

The non-slip aspect of mats also ensures the safety of the users, which is why you should ensure that it is guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you need a bike mat for peloton?

Yes, you do. A indoor cycling mat protects your floor from being damaged by the biking machinery, which may cause scratches and stains. During the workout, the vibration that the equipment cause may also damage your floor.

Moreover, the mat prevents the bike equipment from carpet and floor dust, thus increasing its durability.

What is the peloton mat size?

A peloton mat size is 24 inches wide and 48 inches long, that is, 3 feet by 6 feet. You can, however, purchase a larger one for other activities that come with peloton sessions such as yoga.

Does the peloton bike come with a mat?

No, it doesn’t. A peloton mat is purchased separately from the bike, being a peloton bike accessory. You can, however, make queries from your Peloton bike supplier on how to get a mat.

Can I use peloton bikes on a carpet?

Yes, you can. However, this is at the expense of your floor and bike equipment, not to mention being an environmental hazard since the noise and vibrations during the workout will be distracting others. Both the monetary and non-monetary costs are more in comparison to the benefits, which is why a exercise bike mat is important.

Final word

Taking all aspects into consideration, a peloton bike mat is an essential part of an indoor peloton workout. It not only guarantees the bike equipment and your flooring’s protection but also your safety from sliding and falling off. Actually, the mat offers better performance compared to a floor or a carpet. This is because it boosts the confidence of the cyclist, given that their workout is private and not bothering everyone else. Moreover, having one of the best mats ensures you do not worry about damaging it by strenuous workouts, boosting your courage in longer and faster workouts.

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