8 Best Kickstand for Road Bike [Adjustable & Lightweight]

Kickstand for Road Bike
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A kickstand is a must have vital equipment for any road bike. In this era, no one still uses a tree or post to support a road bike. If a road bike has a poor quality or a worn-out kickstand, cyclists feel stranded whenever they want to rest, load some stuff, among other activities, while on a ride. Most of them are forced to lay down their bikes, which is never the best way.

While down there, they catch dirt or mud, get hit, or harmed through any means, whether by a passing animal, vehicle, or other objects. If you are one of them facing this challenge, the big solution is choosing the kickstand of high quality to replace the old one. It will help in keeping your bicycle firmly in a position anywhere you are at any time.

If you are reading this article, you are probably looking for the best quality kickstand for road bike. After carefully and in-depth research on the numerous kickstands around the mark, we have identified the following 8 best kickstands for road bike for you. They have great reviews and ratings. Besides, your selection and purchase experience are cared about, and our detailed buying guide will help you much.

Best Kickstand for Road Bike:

Let’s do quick view if you’re in a hurry and you can also find the deep review for Best Kickstand for Road Bike below.

  1. Greenfield Kickstand – Best Road Bike Kickstand
  2. Lumintrail Center-Mount Bike Kickstand
  3. TOPCABIN Adjustable Aluminum – Best for Road Bike
  4. BV Bike Kickstand – Road Bike Kickstand
  5. Bell Bracer Kickstand– Best for Bicycle
  6. BV Bike Kickstand – Center Mount Bicycle Stand
  7. Luminitrail – Center Road Bike Kickstand Double Leg
  8. Ursus Jumbo Double Leg – Road Bicycle kickstand

1. Greenfield Kickstand – Best Road Bike Kickstand

Starting our review, Greenfield Kickstand stands as one of the best kickstand for road bikes. This kickstand often runs out of stock because a large number of cyclists are searching and buying it on the market as many as they wish. You may be wondering what it has that many people like it.

Well, Greenfield Kickstand is known for being the world’s standard for high-quality performance. It is firmly constructed with sturdy aluminum alloy material, which gives it not only a robust look but also durability. Unlike other sub-standard kickstands, you will never face challenges like bending or cracking with this kickstand.

It is availed in two colors and sizes, allowing you to select the one which will match your bike’s color as well as the best size to fit on your bicycle. This kickstand is designed for the bottom bracket mounting. Besides, it perfectly fits most size frames with a size of 22-inch or higher.

  • Incredibly durable and stable to secure the bike firmly in position
  • Lightweight thus no additional weight is added on your bike
  • It’s easy to install on your bike
  • Great quality and durability
  • Excellent performance worth the money

  • No warranty is offered

2. Lumintrail Center-Mount Bike Kickstand

The Luminitrail Kickstand is yet another superb bike product that comes with plenty of unique and advanced properties that most riders enjoy and like. It is effortless due to light in weight hence super-fast to install with a bottom bracket mount, which perfectly and securely fits on a bike’s chainstay neck.

It is designed with a stress-free to push clasp button that necessitates its adjustment while allowing for on the go adaptability. Luminitrail Bike Kickstand has a broad protected malleable foot covered with a non-sliding cap preventing sliding on dipping in the dirt or damp surfaces.

Its versatile design allows it to fit on many lightweight, mid-weight, and heavy weighted bicycles that have 24 to 28 inch wheels plus an underneath allowance ranging from 10 ½  to 12-inches. Its general body construction encompasses high-quality and robust aluminum construction. This makes this kickstand to withstand wear, rusting and breaking assuring a long-lasting performance.

  • Lightweight design makes it convenient to use
  • Constructed with high quality and strong aluminum material for durability
  • Its versatile design makes it efficient on any bike
  • Easy to adjust the length with a push of a button.
  • Simple to install without experience or tools

  • Some users find it hard to tighten since the mounting bracket is difficult to access
  • It might bend or crack when intense pressure is applied

3. TOPCABIN Adjustable Aluminum – Best Kickstand for Road Bike

TOPCABIN bike kickstand will be another perfect selection in case you are still stressed about getting the best one for your bike. It is designed for a trek, road bike, or mountain bikes. It will flawlessly fit on any bicycle heights ranging from 22, 24, 26, and 28-inches. Also, on an oval tube diameter of 15 to 28mm. 

It is very appealing to the eye, thanks to the brilliant black color, and adds beauty to your bike. As a result, you will never pass by unnoticed. You will like its ability to adjust the length from 12.2 to 14.2-inches to fit the height of your bike. This is made possible by the wrench on this kickstand that helps in loosening the middle of the screw.

This fantastic kickstand is entirely made of high-quality aluminum alloy material that is light in weight; thus, the weight and stability of your bike are not compromised. Also, it guarantees you a long-lasting performance since it is resistant to wear, breaking as well as any form of corrosion.

  • Aluminum alloy makes it sturdy and durable
  • Elegant black color plus decent finish adding décor to your bike
  • Allows for convenient bike parking
  • Fits on most bicycles with a height range of 22 to 28-inches
  • One year free warranty plus reliable customer support

  • Unsuitable for a 20-inch bike

4. BV Bike Kickstand – Road Bike Kickstand

If you have been searching for the best bike kickstand with creative and innovative design, search no more! BV Bike Kickstand is made uniquely, making it suitable for secure parking. The clamp is covered with a plastic protective grip to keep your bike in a firm and safe standing position while protecting the frame of your bike from getting damaged.

Its adjustable design allows it to fit on most bike frames with a heights range of 24 to 28-inch. Also, this stand can be easily adjusted to fit bikes with oval and rectangular chainstay frames that have heights ranging from 22 to 28-millimeters. The Allen key or Hex keys allow easy clump loosening, attaching, and tightening up using a screw. 

With material construction of high-quality aluminum alloy, BV bike kickstand is highly remarkable and rated for incredible strength, stability as well as durability. Besides, its lightest weight makes it ideal since it does not make your bike heavier. You will like the two brilliant colors that include ED Black and V-Polished Silver from which you can select the one you want.

  • Versatile design accommodates most mountain and trekking bikes
  • The protective plastic grip secures your bike frame from destruction
  • High-quality material construction guarantees a long-lasting performance
  • Limited warranty against defects or missing parts
  • Easy and fast to install with no tools or experience

  • It can slide rearward or become loose over time
  • Lack anti-slip cover at the foot hence the bike keeps on sliding

5. Bell Bracer Kickstand– Best for Bicycle

Other than the road bike kickstands above being made of aluminum alloy, Bell Bracer here is made of exceptional quality and premium steel material. This does not mean it is weak. In fact, it is incredibly durable and sturdy, resistant to rusting thus lasts for more extended periods to enable you to enjoy a convenient and comfortable parking style no matter the texture of the ground.

With the ability to adjust the length from a range of 12 to 26-inches, Bell Bracer bike kickstand will perfectly fit on most of the bikes. Its physical appearance is pretty stylish, portraying a premium and professional look. This makes it to beat other standard kickstands on the market; no wonder it is highly rated and falls on our list of best bike kickstands.

This kickstand comes with sturdy steel screws which grips the stand firmly and tightly while assembling. As a result, these screws and bolts will never loosen up so quickly, even after supporting the heavy weight of your bike. Moreover, this handy bike stand helps to protect your bike from any form of damage while using it.

  • Premium steel construction makes it super strong and durable
  • Allows for easy installation with no tools or experience required
  • Ideal for use on kids mountain bikes
  • Elegantly designed giving your bike a professional appearance
  • Keeps your bike firmly in position without sliding

  • It is expensive
  • It is heavier than those made of aluminum alloy

6. BV Bike Kickstand – Center Mount Bicycle Stand

The BV Bike Center Mount Stand is yet another handy kickstand of our best picks. It’s unique with double legs that help increase bike stability while on parking, even on uneven ground surfaces.  

This bike kickstand is made from high-quality aluminum alloy, thus assured to provide ultimate strength, support while lasting for extended periods of use. Riders can easily adjust its height from 24 to 28-inches. This will help to suit their parking desires as well as depending on the heights of their bikes.

Installing is not a problem with this kickstand. Two optional instructional ways of fixing it are provided, including how to fit on a bike with mounting brackets and those without the mounting brackets. It is workable on road, trek, and mountain bikes while supporting the excellently.

  • Fits perfectly on most mountain, road and trek bikes thanks to its adjustable design
  • Aluminum alloy construction makes it sturdy and lasts for long
  • Provides excellent support to bikes even on uneven ground surfaces
  • It’s easy and effortless to install

  • Not suitable for E-bikes

7. Luminitrail – Center Road Bike Kickstand Double Leg

Is your bike hefty or carries bulky loads that single-leg stands do nothing to support it? Then, you have to try Luminitrail Double Leg Center Mount today! It is a fantastic stand with unique features that largely contribute to its incredible performance. The two independent adjustable legs on this stand give your bike a perfect grip and support while staying unmovable on the ground.

Adjusting the height of this bike kickstand from anywhere at any time is much more comfortable with a push of a button latch design. Besides, it keeps the bicycle upright and in a vertical orientation, making it excellent for even making repairs or maintenance on your bike much more manageable.

With the broad strengthened flexible base containing non-sliding caps, tumbling in the mud or tripping on damp surfaces is restrained. The Luminitrail Double Leg kickstand is easy to set up, constructed with robust aluminum alloy material that gives it incredible strength as well as durability. You will find this amazing stand fitting on most mountain, road, and cruiser bikes with 24 to 28-inch tires. 

  • Lasts longer to withstand regular usage
  • Easy to adjust the height with a push of a latch button
  • Sturdy to support the bike on uneven ground surfaces
  • Easier installation and usage
  • Affordably priced

  • May not fit on bicycles with wider back tires

8. Ursus Jumbo Double Leg – Road Bicycle kickstand

This is an excellent bike kickstand manufactured by Ursus – one of the best companies dealing with bike parts around the world. Its design integrates both strength and mechanical innovation with the double legs to provide the bike with ultimate stability. This prevents it from leaning to either side when parked. Besides, this kickstand is strong enough to stabilize a bike’s maximum weight of 176lbs much comfortably. It’s beautifully designed to suit even electrical, commuter, or overloaded bikes with wheelbase size ranging from 24 to 28-inches. It is effortless to install on a bike with no experience or tools needed.

Featuring wear or corrosion-resistant material construction of high-quality aluminum with steel components, the Jumbo Double Leg Kickstand guarantees long-lasting performance. Also, it has a lightweight; thus, you are assured that the weight of your bike will not be compromised. Above all, using and folding this kickstand back in position is easy.

  • The aluminum and steel construction enables it to last longer
  • Strong enough to support the maximum bike weight of 176lb
  • Its versatile design allows it to fit on a variety of bikes
  • It has excellent quality as well as value
  • stress-free to install on your bike
  • the dual legs are foldable for convenient storage

  • It is not compatible with bikes with 20-inches wheel size

How to Choose the Best Road Bike Kickstand

Are you in need of a kickstand for your road bike, and you are not aware of how to select the best? Have no more worries because this buying guide carries the best solutions to your problems. Most kickstand brands have better quality as well as value, whereas others don’t, giving new cyclists in the market lots of headaches. Let’s dive into the simple tricks you can use to pick the best road bike kickstand.


The time-bound for which the kickstand you are selecting is expected to last is very crucial. This, therefore, must be the first thing to consider before purchasing any kickstand brand. It is defined by the quality of materials used plus the warranty period offered by the manufacturer. One made of aluminum or stainless steel materials is bound to be robust and passes the test of time.

Weight of the kickstand

The weight of the kickstand you intend to buy is essential in understanding its grip. Many riders are misled to buy heavyweight bicycle kickstand thinking they are the best only later on to feel the pain of sliding. Choose a light-weighted stand that will correctly bear the bicycle’s weight or the load. Also, they are easier to use at the same time stress-free to install.


Selecting stand brand requires a keen comparison of prices with not only other brands but also the amount of money you are willing to pay without compromising its performance. Basing on your preferences, you need to select your featured kickstand at a reasonable cost. Low priced stands have little features to modify and poor quality. Try to choose one with a reasonable price. 

Customer Support

Last but defiantly not the least thing to consider is selecting a kickstand with customer support platform for providing instant solutions to the problems users face while using their product. Besides, the manufacturer support provides specific warranty periods within which kickstands with defaults or missing parts can be returned, replaced with others, or repaired. Therefore, be sure that the kickstand you decide to buy has an excellent customer support system plus a reliable warranty service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these bicycle kickstands universal?

Actually, the kickstands above are universal, meaning that they fit perfectly on all other bicycle brands. They are perfect adjustments for attaching on the road, mountain, mud, and trekking bikes. Besides, they provide the mounting caps and screws excellently.

How can I install a kickstand on a road bike?

Installing a kickstand is as easy as following these steps:

First, lower the frame bars of your bicycle and place the second bracket. Next, put the central stand part to insert screws using a screwdriver for an excellent fit, and you are good to go. It is essential always to ensure kickstand parts are positioning appropriately.

 What is the reason for road bicycles lacking kickstands when purchased?

Well, in most cases, mountain bikes do not come with a kickstand. The main reason is that adding a kickstand gives an additional weight on the bike. This will disrupt the bike’s flexibility while moving around as well as a cycle on bumpy roads.


Road bike kickstands usage has been on the increase due to the plenty of benefits they come with. They facilitate secure parking to rest or perform other activities effectively by supporting a bike firmly on the ground preventing it from falling or tripping. Besides, they keep a bike in an upright position to allow easy repairing or maintaining it in a garage or home. Most importantly, remember to buy the perfect sized kickstand. To this far end, all of the bike kickstands reviewed are of the best quality, durable, and of worth. Besides, they have been tested, top-rated, and highly recommendable for use on any road bike. Use our detailed buying guide to select one or several from the 8 best kickstand for road bike that will suit your preferences.

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