5 Best Hybrid Mountain Bike Tires- Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

Hybrid Mountain Bike Tires

Have you ever thought of transforming your mountain bike into a commuting gear, or one that you can enjoy a town tour on? The answer to this question must be yes, which is why you are on to the best hybrid mountain bike tires.

They are faster than mountain bikes, yet more aggressive compared to road bikes. The other question that goes hand in hand with the topic is whether mountain bikes are even compatible with hybrid tires? Of course, they are, and you can easily install the tires on your bike as long as the sizing is consistent.

So, let’s take a closer look at what we have for you today:

5 Best Hybrid Mountain Bike Tires

It’s not easy to decide on which hybrid mountain bike tire is quality, especially when you really need the tire sooner. In that case, this list will come in handy.

1. Serfas Drifter Tire with Fps: 26 – 29 Inch Hybrid Mountain Bike Tires

When you have to brace tarmac, pavements, gravel, grass, and even muddy terrains, then the need for a more aggressive tire dawns on you.Serfas Drifter tire comes with dual density technology, incorporating a range of rubber compounds for a more aggressive ride.

Moreover, the rubber compounds create a more rigid surface, which improves the rolling resistance while increasing durability. Interestingly, the compounds that line the outermost tire are softer, enhancing grip on more delicate surfaces.

With thin nylon layers in between the tire casing and the tread layer, you will minimize flats’ risk while using this tire. Using an inverted tread pattern, the tire reduces rolling resistance, hence improving safety on the ride.

The wire beads ensure that the tire perfectly fits into the bike rim, while a 69 durometer compound improves durability. It takes a maximum PSI of 65. The tire is also available in a range of sizes for mountain bikes, from 26 inches to 29 inches in diameter.

  • Thickened for an aggressive feel
  • High quality and durability
  • Safe to ride on
  • Speedy
  • Quite expensive

2. Continental Ride Tour Replacement Bike Tire: Commute on Your MTB

Are you looking forward to using your mountain bike to commute, then you have a good chance with this tire from Continental. Built-in a continuous tread at the center, you will get maximum rolling power from the tire. Besides, the tread further facilitates optimal traction when cornering and braking.

Moreover, with the tire, you will have an option to delay punctures since it has an extra puncture belt. So, you can now engage your bike at the high speeds of an e-bike. And, with low rolling resistance and a fully ECO aspect, you can now make it to anywhere you want in the town.

To enhance durability, the tire features a robust quality casing and a tread that lasts longer. The tire is available in a spectrum of sizes and widths so that you can have the most suitable pick for your bike.

  • Fast-rolling speed
  • Duble casing 
  • Traction when braking and cornering
  • The sidewall is no
  • t reflective for visibility

3. Sunlite Hybrid Tires: Spice Up Your MTB Rides with Speed

Let’s be real; mountain bike tires are kind of knobby and slow, not what you would prefer when not mountain biking anyway. Therefore, we introduce these Sunlite Hybrid tires, which will add considerable speed to your rides.

The tire can essentially take in pressure that is more than 60 PSI, up to above 80 PSI. Hence, you will get a faster ride and bumps, not an obstacle in your way.

The tire is available in various sizes and widths, ranging from 16 by 1.5 inches, 20 by 1.5 inches, 26 by 1.5 inches, 26 by 1.95 inches to 700 x 35. Therefore, most mountain bike sizes are available for your bike’s most compatible.

  • Incredibly fast
  • Available in several size options
  • High-pressure intake
  • No puncture protection

4. Schwinn Hybrid Replacement Bike Tire: 16-29 inch, 27.5 mountain bike hybrid tires

In most cases, when changing mountain bike tires to other tires, the only challenge is usually the width, whose range is minimal in other bike tires. However, Schwinn brings ample options to the table, making it a choice preference.

Other than that, the tire presents an ultra-durable beaded construction, which prevents common punctures from affecting it.

Then there is performance, which is excellent on different terrains, even off-road. Other than considerable speed, the tire has extraordinary traction that keeps it in slippery and downhill situations.

  • Highly durable
  • Optimizes traction
  • Excellent on different road terrains
  • Less speed compared to most other tires in the list

5. Kenda City Slick Mountain Tire: Start on an Adventure

Sometimes you want a bike tire that will embrace whichever road you choose to venture without stressing you out, at least when you are not commuting around town. Kenda City Slick Mountain Tire is a top option in these instances, being a town ride tire while embracing a once-in-a-while adventure off-road.

More importantly, the tire will come in pairs so that you can renovate your whole bike all in one cost and order. The tires are compatible with mountain bikes and hybrid bikes that accommodate 26 by 1.95-inch tires.

These tires function best with pressure ranging between 40 to 65 PSI, bringing faster speed to your mountain bike. 

Besides, they have wire beads lining the exterior, which prevents punctures and increases the tires’ durability. With directional grooves that channel water to the outer tire edge, weather constraints will not work on your bike.

  • Suitable for a variety of terrains
  • Faster than mountain bike tires
  • More durable and puncture-resistant
  • Not for daily off-road rides

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Buying Guide for the Best Hybrid Mountain Bike Tires


Ensure that the size of the hybrid tire you pick is fit for your mountain bike. Select the size and width that is best for you, considering your bike wheel size and the rolling speed you intend to get. The narrower tires tend to be faster than the broader options.


Check that the tire’s tread is sufficient for maximum traction when the need is, especially in slippery situations, stopping the bike, and in sharp corners.

Tires with good traction are safe to ride on, whether on or off-road.


Identify a tire that will offer the pressure intake that you want. Remember that the higher the PSI, the higher the speed that the tire will display. And what more would you be looking for in a hybrid tire for a mountain bike, if not better speed?


The quality of the tire should be excellent, based on the material and material combinations, design and tread. Quality tires will display a performance you will love on the road, while they are long-lasting.

On top of that, quality tires will in most instances resist the occurrence of punctures, hence protection from wear. They also have less rolling resistance, giving you a time on the moon while on your pleasure rides.

Additional Privileges

Most bike tires come in singles, and this is also the case with hybrid tires. However, it is not a wonder to get a pair in one cost and order hassle, which is even more efficient. So, in case you want to change your two tires to hybrid tires, or if you want a spare one in-store, then consider a package that comes with an extra tire.

Can you put hybrid tires on a mountain bike?

Yes, you can put hybrid tires on a mountain bike, especially if you want to cycle on different terrains and be on urban roads on your mountain bike. You will have to ensure that you get the correct size that will be compatible with your bike.

Changing Mountain Bike Tires to Hybrid Tires

Here is a quick procedure for changing mountain bike tires to hybrid tires; let’s get the show on the road:

Deflate the mountain Bike Tire

To remove the mountain bike tire, you first have to deflate it. Loosen the valve, which will, in turn, get rid of the pressure in the tube.

Loosen the Tire Bead

Now, get hold of one part of the tire and loosen the bead off the wheel. Use your thumb to push the bead to the middle of the wheel,  all round the bike tire.

Remove the Bike Tire

Having simplified your work, remove the tire from the wheel, which will be easy. You can pull one side of the bead to lift it to lie over the whole rim section.

Then, pull the tire sideways as opposed to upwards, getting it off the bike wheel subsequently. Section by section and you will be done within a couple of minutes.

Replace the Tire with the Hybrid Tire

When purchasing the hybrid tire, you must have made sure that it is the same size as your mountain bike tire, at least for compatibility with the wheel.

Put the Beads in Place

So, position the tire all around the mountain bike wheel. Push the beads inwards to place them in position, starting from one section, and following the sequence to the end.

However, when finishing off, you may find the final section quite a challenge. Therefore, you can pinch to the opposite side to ower the pressure on the last section. Usually, the previous section should be the valve section.

And there you are, with hybrid tires on your mountain bike. Now you don’t have to buy an extra cycle to have a taste of the road.

Better still, you can use the same procedure to put back your mountain bike tires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are hybrids faster than mountain bikes?

Yes, hybrid bikes are faster than Mountain bikes, especially on the road and pavements. This is because mountain bikes have wider wheels, which are more challenging to pedal than hybrid bikes.

How long do hybrid bicycle tires last?

Hybrid bike tires durability will depend on the specific tire, and more practically, how much you cycle. For daily commuting, the tires can take in up to 4000 miles before necessitating a tire change.

Should i replace both bicycle tires at the same time?

You don’t have to simultaneously change both bike tires unless you want a new look on your bike. The rear tire will definitely wear out faster than the front tire since it bares the larger part of the bicycle and user weight.

Parting Shot

It is only normal that you will want to use your mountain bike for the road, at least when not on your mountain biking quests. Since hybrid bikes can take in more than just the typical road conditions, they are an ideal replacement option.

With the best hybrid mountain bike tires in mind, you can now have a peaceful transition whenever you feel like embracing a change.