5 Best Peloton Compatible Heart Rate Monitor: Chest Straps & Arm Bands

Best Heart Rate Monitor for Peloton

A heart rate monitor is an essential part of your workout because it helps you stretch up to a limit you will be surprised your heart can handle. Most of us wanted to get the Peloton bike for better workout results, and the heart rate monitor is a great way to get around this.

When looking for a heart rate monitor for Peloton, all you have to ensure is that the heart rate monitor is either Bluetooth or ANT+ compatible or with both connectivities.

Who Really Needs a Heart Rate Monitor?

According to experts, there are three groups of people who should use a heart rate monitor:

  1. Exercisers who need to stay in a specific heart rate zone at the time of exercise for safety reasons due to a medical condition.
  2. Competitive athletes who track and use the data for effective training programs.
  3. Fitness enthusiasts who want to know accurate index of how much effort he/she is exerting.

Why Do You Need a Heart Rate Monitor for Peloton?

There are two main reasons —

  1. As you’re a fitness enthusiast and want to know how much effort you’re exerting with the peloton.
  2. It will show how fast your heart is beating at the time of the spinning with peloton or exercise. Thus, it can help you to do exercise at the right intensity.

What Kind of Heart Rate Monitors Work with Peloton Equipment?

It is true that Peloton has a brand heart rate monitor, which functions perfectly with the Peloton bike. Fortunately, Peloton also works with heart rate monitors from other brands, as long as they are ANT+ or Bluetooth compatible. Peloton uses Bluetooth 4.0 and above, which accommodates a wide range of Bluetooth heart rate monitors.

Whether you are up for a chest strap or an armband is your call, as the bike is compatible with both.

Best Heart Rate Monitor for Peloton Bike

Let’s dive into our top picks heart rate monitors that work with Peloton that you should consider;

Chest Straps

Arm Bands

1. Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

  • Polar H10 has a broader range of connectivity, quickly picking up 5 kHz in addition to Bluetooth and ANT+. The best part is that you can use Bluetooth and ANT+ simultaneously or even use two Bluetooth connections at a go. It works with numerous fitness apps, smartwatches, and cardio equipment.
  • Amazingly, Polar H10 is the most accurate of Polar HRMs known for their superb accuracy. The accuracy makes it a top choice for professional athletes and workout trainers.
  • The strap has improved electrodes, picking the heartbeat faster. Besides, that is the easy-to-use buckle and silicone dots, which make the strap interference-free and comfortable.
  • Since the heart rate monitor is entirely waterproof, it is safe for peloton workouts and swimming exercises. In any case, it has an internal memory that keeps a record of a whole session, hence saving you concentrated during the training.

2. Peloton Brand Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

  • The Peloton heart rate monitor is essentially built for the peloton equipment, hence with undeniable compatibility. It is both ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible. Like all other peloton accessories, the heart rate monitor is also of very high quality.
  • Being a chest strap, it connects directly to your heartbeat, which adds to its accuracy. Better still, it quickly picks up the heart rate and rhythm, so you don’t have to struggle with connectivity.
  • The strap is removable and washable so that you can run it under tap water after every use. Cleaning the strap gets rid of sweat for a fresh ride while enhancing the heart rate monitor reading accuracy.
  • With a soft interior, the heart rate monitor is tender on the skin to prevent irritations and possible allergies.

3. Coospo Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

  • The heart rate monitor has impressive compatibility with a wide range of workout equipment and apps. It has integrated ANT+ and Bluetooth, which allows it to connect to any compatible device, including Peloton.
  • Moreover, it efficiently tracks real-time training zones, which are available in Peloton, and calories burned, in addition to the heart rate.
  • The heart rate monitor supports the most popular training apps – Peloton, Wahoo, Zwift, DDP Yoga, Map My Ride, Endomondo, Adidas run.
  • The heart rate monitor is sweat-proof, which ensures that the accuracy is not compromised despite excessive sweating. Besides, the strap is hand-washable, which keeps it hygienic and also promotes accuracy.
  • Finally, remember that the heart rate monitor uses a cell battery, which is replaceable.

Arm Bands

There are also excellent choices of Peloton -compatible armbands, so let’s have a glimpse;

4. Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband

  • For an armband that you can use either on any part of your arm, we have this Scosche heart rate monitor. It comes with two straps, a small one for the wrist and a larger one for the upper arm. It also comes with an additional strap for your convenience.
  • Furthermore, the heart rate monitor is Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible, making it compatible with the Peloton equipment. Being Ip67 waterproof, it will survive sweaty peloton workouts and still maintain its accuracy.
  • Other than the heart rate, the monitor tracks calories burned, distance, pace, and even the intensity level.
  • Using a dual-mode processor allows you to transmit the heart rate to more than one device simultaneously. You can use multiple ANT+ devices other than Peloton and even pair others with Bluetooth.

5. Powr Labs Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Armband      

  • If durability is your utmost feature, this heart rate monitor comes with a one-year warranty that guarantees quality and durability.
  • Using Bluetooth 4.0, Protocol, and ANT+, the heart rate monitor is compatible with Peloton and other workout apps and equipment.
  • Moreover, the armband is IPX67 sweat and waterproof, withstanding sweat and humidity.
  • Since the armband comes with two straps, a small and a large one, it will fit most forearms, biceps, and wrists.
  • Most importantly, the armband is absurdly reliable. It picks the correct heart rate, calories burned, distance, and time, hence convenient.
  • The heart rate monitor is easy to charge since it comes with its wireless dock for the task. Better still, the battery gives you sixty minutes of service before dying, which is more than enough for your peloton workouts.

Buying Considerations for the Best Heart Rate Monitor for Peloton

  • Compatibility with Peloton: The heart rate monitor should be Bluetooth or ANT+, or even both compatible with Peloton.
  • Water-resistant: Peloton is a high-intensity workout, which means that sweating is almost unavoidable. Ensure that the heart rate monitor is waterproof, which will ensure that the sweat droplets will not affect it.
  • Features: Heart rate monitors track other workout metrics other than the heart rate. These include calories burned, distance, time, among others. Go for the heart rate monitor that offers you more tracking features.
  • Accuracy: Look for the most accurate heart rate monitor because it will reflect how much of your ability to work out. If you are working out for professional goals, the most accurate, such as an Apple Watch, will be more efficient for your purposes.
  • Mode of Wear: There are heart rate monitors in two methods; a chest strap and an armband. When looking for a heart rate monitor for Peloton, look for the most convenient wear mode for you. There are variations in armbands, with some only suitable for the wrist and others suitable for the forearm and the bicep areas.


Tell me, what is the working method of Heart Rate Monitor Work with Peloton Bike?

Answer. If every heart rate sensor has features of ANT+, then the Peloton bike should function. No other option to use a Peloton Bike without ANT+ for a better experience. ANT+ apps let us link to several computers.

What is ANT+?

It is simply wireless networking, allowing other users to transfer data to each other. ANT+ activity Icons also indicate it can move data. Also, it combines several displays at a time with several sensors.

How to wear a chest, heart rate monitor?

You have to wear it around your chest at first, a little under the muscles of your arms. Attach the remainder of the harness to the TICKER. Ensure moist electrode surfaces are stylish. This is how you can use and wear a heart rate monitor from your chest.

Final word

Finally, when you will buy the best heart rate monitor for peloton, you need to take care of your heart rate monitor properly. You cannot throw or put it on your bed roughly. Be gentle with your HRM.

You need to wash your heart rate monitor after your workout daily.

By keeping maintenance and good care, you will get the best experience. You also need to recharge it after a time to keep the battery healthy. By doing all these things, you can feel the best involvement from your heart rate monitor.

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