Best Gravel Tires for Pavement [Top 6 Picks]

Best Gravel Tires for Pavement

Gravel pavements are quite a challenge, both for you and your bike, especially the tires.

You must already know this, which is why you are here in the first place. Having the best gravel tires for pavement riding will boost your confidence on the road. You are sure that you will rarely get punctures and flat tires. Besides, the tires are built for that exact purpose.

Now, let’s skip to our main content on a few best gravel tires. Then, you can check for your personal best gravel tire for pavement among the given choices.

6 Best Gravel Tires for Pavement

Carefully selecting the best gravel tires for pavement in the market only, we have come up with a top list that we wish to present to you. Ready to have a look?

  1. Panaracer Gravel king Slick Tire – Best bike tire for pavement and gravel
  2. Gravel King SK 700 x 32 Cm Folding Tire – Best tires for gravel and pavement
  3. Gravel King SK + Aramid Tire – Best tire for both pavement and gravel
  4. Vittoria Terreno Dry G2.0 TNT – Gravel Bike Tire: Consistency is Key
  5. Bell Flat Defense Hybrid Gravel Bike Tire – Optimal Durability, Easy install, good grip on gravel
  6. WTB Cruz 2.0 29-Inch Comp Tire – Roll Smoothly in Wet Gravel

Let’s get into a more detailed discussion on each of the gravel tires for pavement :

1. Panaracer Gravel king Slick Tire – Best bike tire for pavement and gravel

As the name suggests, the tire is surely the king in the gravel world. Needless to say, you must be excited to know the features of the tire. Therefore, without further ado, let’s see what the tire has to offer;

The first thing that I noted about the tire is the size, which will catch you too. At 700 x 38, the tires enable you to confidently face the gravel pavements, regardless of the size of the gravel. Even if the whole path is pure gravel, you will still be at ease. Yet, the bike tire is still a racer when you get to the tarmac road.

Then, the tire is a natural rubber compound, which comes in handy when you have to face the tough road and weather conditions.

Paired with the effective design of the tread, your bike tire will rarely have a challenge even with the sharper gravel components. Surprisingly, the tread style is minimal you wouldn’t even think of it as tough.

With an extensive volume of pressure, the tire will give you the sufficient time that you need before adding more pressure to the bike. This way, you will have escaped adding pressure now and then, or even, worse still, have to go through flat tire experiences occasionally.

Being tubeless adds to the advantages that the bike presents. As we all know, tubeless tires will rarely go flat, and even when they do, you can still manage a ride to a safe place. Better still, a tubeless tire will favor gravel pavements best.

Finally, both the tread and the side-wall are black, bringing out a racing outlook to your beloved bike. And let’s not forget that the tire is folding in design.

Why You Should Choose Panaracer Gravel king Slick Tire
  • Best for any gravel pavement.
  • Purely tubless
  • Strong yet modest tread
  • Natural rubber

2. Gravel King SK 700 x 32 Cm Folding Tire – Best tires for gravel and pavement

Gravel King SK is Japanese, both in make and quality. In a size of 32 by 700 cm, the tire is just what you need to make the fine gravel ride a successful adventure. And there’s more, so let’s take the show on the road;

Essentially, the quality of the tire is undeniable. You can decide to race for miles, go through any type of terrain and even face any weather conditions, and still be the winner.

What’s more, the tire is specifically designed with gravel roads in mind. So, even though your major road is fin gravel, you can still make a dare on the medium and larger gravel roads.

The tire is typically black, both on the tread and at the side-wall of the tire. This color blends both a traditional and a resilient outlook on the bike, giving you confidence in your rides. A tinge of brown can be seen at the side-wall, which brings out some sense of elegance to the tire.

What of the tire tread? Technically, the tread is medium in size, but quite apart from each other. This shields the inner parts of the tread from facing the rough gravel and having it stick in.

Lucky for you, the bike tire has a wide range of PSI levels, from 30 to 95. Hence, you can pump the ideal pressure based on your weight, and whether it is a front or rear tire.

Made from Kevlar strands, the tire uses folding beads. Coupled with the light 320 grams aspect, the tire rolls smoothly without holding back. Hence, whether you will be on the gravel pavement or the tarmac, the road bike tire will not get you.

Why You Should Choose Gravel King SK 700 x 32 Cm Folding Tire
  • Quality rubber, design, and tread
  • An outlook that shouts biking.
  • Folding, hence a powerful rolling power.

3. Gravel King SK + Aramid Tire – Best tire for both pavement and gravel

When looking for a gravel bike tire, an aggressive aspect is one of the most alluring. You want a bike that assures you that regardless of the gravel you face, you still won’t have to handle punctures now and then. In this case, then this Gravel King tire is your savior.

Coming at 650B x 48C tire size, any gravel road will go well for the tire. If you are over 200lbs, I would recommend the tire for the front wheel. On the other hand, the tire is still a perfect match for the rear, for less than 200lb users.

Given the PSI limit of 60, you can thus be sure of a smooth uneventful ride. And let’s not forget that it is tubeless, hence bid goodbye to pinch tire punctures.

With a folding bead, the lightweight and rolling power of the tire is irresistible. The advanced extra alpha cord technology in the tire uses a narrow cord, playing a major part in enhancing the lightweight.

Want a completely black tire, or one whose side-wall is lined with a beautiful brown? This tire offers you the best option that you will prefer.

No one wants to ride a bike for a day or a week and have the tires already punctured, right? To curb this disappointment, the bike tire comes in ZSG natural rubber compound, whose long-lasting capabilities are undebatable.

Why You Should Choose Gravel King SK + Aramid Tire
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile use
  • Tubeless, hence minimal tire punctures, and no-pinch puncture occurs.

4. Vittoria Terreno Dry G2.0 TNT – Gravel Bike Tire: Consistency is Key

Sometimes all you want in a gravel tire is sufficient traction when you need to slow down, and still get the benefit of a fast-rolling wheel. That is why we are introducing the Terreno Dry, which suits this description perfectly.

To bring about optimal satisfaction, the bike tire combines both the file treads that are trending and the traditional rough-road resilient treads. This way, the center tread, which has treads that are close together, enhances a fast-rolling. Combined with the outer layer that has a tread pattern that is quite distant, braking and cornering bring about amazing traction.

And then there is the transitional tread that you get as you get to the side-wall. This will increase the smoothness of the roll during the ride.

As though that is not enough, the tire features 3C Graphene 2.0. It adds spicing with the 3 unique compounds that are strategically put in parts where the tire will definitely need them.

Just as you would expect, the bike tire brings about consistent performance both on gravel and medium conditions. Hence, cross racing, commuting, and even track biking sufficiently considered.

Oh! Almost forgot; the tire presents a tire size of 700 by 33c, so you can now brace your gravel pavements in all confidence.

Why You Should Choose Vittoria Terreno Dry G2.0 TNT Gravel Bike Tire
  • High levels of consistency regardless of the gravel size
  • Sufficient traction and not-resistant rolling.
  • Sharp braking response guarantee

5. Bell Flat Defense Hybrid Gravel Bike Tire – Optimal Durability, Easy install, good grip on gravel

When looking for a gravel bike tire that has stood the test of time, then Bell Flat Defense Hybrid Gravel Bike Tire popped up. And sure enough, the features are really impressive, especially considering that the cost is -quite pocket-friendly. Ready? Let’s have a look;

Essentially, this tire features a Flat Defense Technology mechanism, where a layer that is in the interior part facilitates strength. Moreover, the mechanism has a commendable puncture resistance, hence protecting you from uncalled flats.

Besides that, the tire has a great tire pattern that optimizes performance on any road type. When on the gravel pavement, the performance is topnotch, and when on smooth trails, the traction fascinating.

Additionally, the tire has carbon steel beads, which come in handy whenever you want to fold the tire for storage. This makes the tire more flexible compared to the rest.

Made of tough rubber and with adventure in mind, the tire is bound to last long.

To allow you size options, the tire is available in 700c by 32 up to 45c. If your pavement proves less than the trail, then the 32c will do. As the gravel pavement distance and size increases, you will increase the tire size preference.

Taking into consideration a range of rider needs, the tire allows for a PSI range of 50 to 75, so that you can pump the most efficient pressure for your specific biking needs.

Why You Should Choose Bell Flat Defense Hybrid Gravel Bike Tire
  • Strong and highly durable
  • Provides a range of PSI
  • Larger range of sizes
  • Excellent flexibility

6. WTB Cruz 2.0 29-Inch Comp Tire – Roll Smoothly in Wet Gravel

There’s nothing as irritating as a squeaking sound emanating from your tires during a ride in the rain. Normal tires will retain the water in between the tread pattern, but not the WTB Cruz 2.0 29-Inch Comp Tire.

As always, gravel has the advantage of lacking in the mud. On the flip side though, it will most likely retain water for some time. So, let’s see what benefits you reap from using this tire;

The tire features conspicuous deep outer grooves, which will allow the water to simply escape from the tire. Thence, you will be left with the freedom to easily control your bike in the wet season.

Given this and other features, the bike is an excellent bike asset for commuting, pavement, and even other gravel roads. Therefore, your bike will not be limited as far as trails are concerned.

850 grams in weight, this is among the heavier tires in the world of gravel biking. The weight enhances the traction of the tire in any condition and even makes a wonderful ride uphill or downhill.

Basically, the tire is DNA construction which, combined with the durable casing, provides a durable tire.

With an additional 1.5mm more under tread thickness, the rolling speed of the tire is unquestionable. This is even better due to the smooth centerline that the tire features.

Why You Should Choose WTB Cruz 2.0 29-Inch Comp Tire
  • Best for all-weather conditions
  • Competitive durability
  • Optimized traction capability

What is a gravel Tire?

A gravel tire is a tire that is used with bikes that ride on gravel. Gravel is composed of small stones, but which vary in sizes. Riding in them require more than just a road bike tire, to consider factors such as rolling power and grip.

A road bike could just be stuck in the gravel, while a mountain bike will be slower. Hence the need for specific bike tires for the gravel roads.

What size bike tire for gravel and pavement do you need?

The size that you need for gravel pavements will vary. If you use more of the pavements, then larger tires, say 38c, will be suitable for your rides. If the gravel you come into contact with is minimal, then even a 29c will handle it.

Gravel tires are specified as gravel tires so that you don’t get confused during a purchase.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Bike Tire for Gravel and Pavement


The type of gravel in your pavement will largely determine the size of tires you will choose. One thing is for sure though; they all are larger than road bike tires, ranging between 29 and 38 inches.

Nevertheless, gravel tires vary with the type of gravel you intend to ride on. If the gravel pavements are more, and with aggressive large gravel particles, then you should consider a larger tire.

If it’s just a smaller gravel pavement, then you can just get the least size of a gravel tire.


PSI refers to the amount of pressure that your bike tire can take in. The best PSI for you will depend on the wheel the tire takes, that is, front or rear, your body weight and the gravel pavement.

The heavier you are, the more PSI you will need. For the rear wheel, higher levels of PSI are necessary.

Rolling Power

Rolling power is essential in gravel bike tires. The ability of a tire to allow for smooth rolling enhances your chances of speed on gravel. As you already know, the challenge of tires on gravel is on rolling. If you can counter this, then you will have made it.


The tread of the tire literally refers to the outer pattern of the tire. Depending on the gravel you intend to ride on, you should know the tire tread that you need.

For instance, in small particles, larger tread patterns would prevent the particles from packing up the tread.

When you have to occasionally ride in wet weather conditions, deep grooves that will hold no water at all will be a great option.

Tube Type

Do you want to use tube tires or tubeless? In most gravel biking instances, people prefer tubeless tires. For one, you will never experience pinch flat tires. Moreover, they are lighter, which is great for the gravel road. And let’s not forget that it is easy to ride on tubeless tires without experiencing the pressure of lacking in pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What tires are good for gravel roads?

Tires that are good for gravel roads are gravel-specific tires. Usually, they have stronger traction capability, while retaining an aspect of smooth rolling. They are puncture-resistant, and, in most cases, tubeless.

Can you use a gravel tire on a road bike?

Yes, you can. if you want to turn your road bike into a gravel bike, then changing your tires might be one of the best decisions. This way, you will have saved on the cost of a new bike, and still, get the benefits of a gravel bike.

Final Verdict

Looking for the best gravel tires for pavements? You now got the answer, ad with a buying guide, you should have more than sufficient knowledge. Now it is upon you to make the right choice, based on personal preference. The reason we have more than one choice is to ensure that you are not limited, that you have a choice. The better part is that you are choosing among the best.

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