7 Best Fan for Peloton Bike and Indoor Cycling to Get Cool Air!

Fan for Peloton Bike and Indoor Cycling

If you have never felt the wind blowing so swiftly against you when spinning on an indoor bike, then you don’t know what you must be missing. A road bike has a single major advantage over an indoor bike, and that is; cool fresh air. Does this make sense?

On the plus side, you can get this feeling right in your studio, with a fan. Know that already? Okay, but the time and confusion of the fan that will be compatible with your bike? Therefore, we have lessened your work by selecting only the best fan for peloton bike.

Best Fan for Peloton Bike and Indoor Cycling

Stick with me for a walk through a review of the most suitable fan for your peloton bike or any other indoor bike;

  1. Opolar Portable Handheld – Best Clip on Fan for Peloton Bike
  2. COMLIFE Portable Handheld – Best Mini Fan for Peloton Bike
  3. Wihoo Mini Handheld Stroller – Best Fan for Indoor Bike
  4. Lasko 18’’ Adjustable Pedestal Fan – Best Fan for Indoor Cycling
  5. Rowenta VU5670 Turbo – Silence Oscillating Fan with Remote Control
  6. KICKR Headwind – Perfect Fan for Indoor Cycling
  7. Lasko 20″ – Home Floor Fan ;  Easily Converts from a Floor Wall Fan

1. Opolar Portable Handheld – Best Clip on Fan for Peloton Bike

Want a compact design that will render your fan highly versatile? That you will get in this Octopus fan.

Your whole studio will be filling with an absolute breeze, since the fan supports a rotation of up to 360 degrees, all round. The tripod supporting the fan is highly flexible, enhancing an even distribution of air flow. The maximum rotation speed is 2470RPM, with the brushless motor and low noise ensuring that even your summer class is cool and more comfortable.

With a built-in 5000mAh battery capacity, your whole workout will not be disrupted. You can use it for more than a single workout. Besides, this battery is rechargeable, hence more convenient. 6-20 working hours, depending on the 3 different speed usage, is obviously more than you need for a peloton workout session.

Not forgetting that you can easily recharge the fan using USB from a laptop or any other mobile power.

And finally, it is so easy to clean, as you can open the frame to access the blades.


  • You can attach the bendable legs even on your peloton bike.
  • Usable just about anywhere, other than the studio, hence versatile.
  • High battery capacity, hence a smooth uninterrupted workout.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Easy to clean, as you can open the frame.


  • Though impressively quiet, the highest speed could interrupt a phone call.

2. COMLIFE Portable Handheld – Best Mini Fan for Peloton Bike

For a value fan for your peloton workouts, I will recommend this portable handheld fan. While you get it at less than $20, this fan competes among the best fans for an indoor exercise.

Firstly, the fan provides a 360-degree rotation, which grants you airflow from all directions. The tripod, which is flexible, firmly holds to your bike regardless of the speed of the fan.

The low noise, which is roughly below 57dB, coupled with brushless motors ensure that all the 4 speeds that the fan gives you are comfortable. With 6 blades, the fan simulates natural winds from the windows and concentrate them around you.

Highly secure, the fan features ultra-fine mesh design to prevent touching the fan blades undeliberate, hence preventing injury.

Then there is the built-in replaceable battery. And, before you replace, the battery is rechargeable for. When fully charged, the battery will run for more than 2hours, enough to ensure that you are through with your workout.

Lastly, you can charge the fan via USB, using a computer, laptop or power bank. Interestingly, you can charge the fan while it is still running.


  • Quite cheap for its excellent functionality.
  • Secure, hence can’t hurt you even if you touch it unknowingly.
  • Flexible yet firm tripod.
  • All-round airflow.


  • Takes time to charge if you let it run completely out of power, good thing you can use it as it recharges.

3. Wihoo Mini Handheld Stroller – Best Fan for Indoor Bike

A small cute fan design to motivate your peloton workouts? Try the WiHoo Mini Handheld Stroller fan. Designed for a baby stroller, the fan will bring a feeling of relaxation in the midst of a strenuous spinning session.

Moreover, the tripod design is unique, yet made of quality metal and a silicone cover. You can bend it to your angle of choice, grip it, wrap it or even stand it, and still retain its stability and durability.

Besides the battery power, you can charge the fan using USB cable from a mobile power supply.

Lucky for you, the fan blades have been upgraded to be more powerful and quiet in all the 3 speeds.

Not to mention that the fan is highly versatile to say the least. When not using it for your workouts, you can have it on your desk when working. Or, better still, stroll out in the sun with your baby, as you attach it to the stroller.


  • Cute design to neutralize intense workouts.
  • Flexible tripod, bend at your angle of preference.
  • Powerful and quiet fan blades, with 3 speed options.
  • Versatile use, with a stroller or in the office, other than with your peloton bike.


  • Battery lasts for a few hours, but the good news is that it is rechargeable.

4. Lasko 18’’ Adjustable Pedestal Fan – Best Fan for Indoor Cycling

Looking for a free-standing fan whose height and head position you can adjust? Our best pick is this Lasko 1847. With a tilt-back head, you can direct the cooling air where you need it most. Then there is the height adjustment, which ranges from 38 to 54.5’’. Hence, you can aim the air towards the ceiling, the floor or in-between- suit yourself.

The 3 quiet yet energy efficient speeds will suit you in all seasons and at any place of workout. While the highest speed may seem perfect for spinning, the low speed will come in handy when the weather is cold and all you need is a simple breeze.

In addition, the oscillation is widespread, so that the head moves from side to side to get the whole area breezed up. So, if your studio is large, you can bet on this fan.

Amazingly, the fan features a blue plug patented safety fuse technology, which cuts off electric power to the fan whenever it detects an electrical fault.


  • Adjustable head tilt and height.
  • 3 quiet and efficient fan speeds.
  • Widespread oscillation so as to cover a wider area.
  • Highly secure from electric faults.


  • Manual control, so you have to stop workouts in case you need to adjust.

5. Rowenta VU5670 Turbo – Silence Oscillating Fan with Remote Control

So, what if the fan is free-standing? You can still regulate it using a remote control, which is a wonderful manipulation of this fan.

Then there is the ultra-quiet operation, which is 35B(A) at its highest. Whether you want to make a phone call or are listening to your peloton instructor over the speaker, this fan will not be a hindrance.

Moreover, the oscillation is powerful enough to cover a diameter of up to 16’’, given the 5 working blades.

As if that was not enough, the fan features 5 speed settings, including a Turbo Boost for an extreme power and silent night for a pin-drop silence operation.

And let’s not forget the electronic control panel, which features 8-hour timer and energy saving mode. It automatically reduces the airflow until it’s optimal energy-saving setting.


  • Remote control. Hence no workout disruption.
  • 5 fan speeds for higher efficiency levels.
  • Electronic control panel for automated energy regulation.


  • Portability is not as efficient as that of a tabletop fan.

Things You Should Consider When Buying Fan for Peloton Bike or Another Indoor Bike

Type of Fan Stand

Do you prefer a free-stand to a handheld fan or vice versa? Both fans have their strengths, so it will be up to you. While a free-standing fan offers airflow in a larger area and with higher intensity, a smaller handheld fan is great for a small room, and also highly portable.

Speed Options

The more the speed options, the better for your different peloton workouts. The intensity and time limit varies per exercise, hence determining the requirements of the airflow. Besides, the breeze intensity that you desire during a summer season are different from those of a colder season.

Power/ Battery Life

You need a fan that can at least take you through a full session, right? If you need the fan for more than just the peloton exercise then one that is active longer will suit you.

Then there are power options. If a fan is rechargeable, it will be more cost-efficient compared to one where you just have to change batteries immediately it goes off.

Your Studio Size

The size of your studio may determine your choice of a fan to a large extent. For instance, if you have a large studio, a small handheld fan may not be as effective. This is because its design only suits a smaller surface area.

In this case, a free-standing fan with high efficiency oscillation will be the better investment.


You may want to consider your budget range when investing in a fan for peloton bike. Good for you, we have a value fan that does not compromise quality for cost. It is actually highly competitive, having secured a place among the best fans for peloton.


Does peloton bike have a fan?

No, it doesn’t. However, this does not mean that it is not compatible with fans. As we have seen with the above reviews, there are fans that are suitable for your peloton bike, sworn to making your experience coolest.

Is a fan bike good cardio?

Fan bikes, or air bikes, are good cardio workout equipment, just like any other bike. So, yes, fan bikes are good cardio.

Do you need a fan when riding indoors?

Yes, you do. Unlike riding outdoors, being indoors mean being enclosed by walls. Thus, the heat that you create when working out remains. It can only be eliminated by a contrasting power, a fan airflow.

Is it bad to workout with a fan on?

Absolutely no. it is actually a recommendation. When you exercise, you tend to sweat a lot. The air around you turn hot, and you will agree with me that a turned on fan is the best thing anyone can do for you at this point.

Parting Shot

Peloton bikes are among the top preferences for indoor workouts. Nevertheless, the best fan for peloton bike will make the experience even better for you. regardless of the intensity of the workouts, a good fan will always counter the heat emanated, replacing it with a cool breeze.

It is not a wonder people using fan with an indoor workout never miss an outdoor activity. The fan absolutely makes up for what you miss while riding outdoors.

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