6 Best Bike Shorts for Peloton | Men’s and Women’s

Why do you need bike shorts for Peloton? Can’t any short be used on the bike? I will answer your questions, just read on. First, you need bike short simply to enhance your comfort on the bike. Secondly, you cannot just use any shorts on the bike if you want to avoid injury and cycle longer.   

When spinning on an indoor bike, you need special bike shorts as part of your biking accessories. These will save you from issues such as friction, heat build-up and blisters. The most fundamental reason you need the bike shorts is however simple; comfort on your beloved bike.

Best Women’s Bike Shorts for Peloton

Stick with me to explore the three best bike shorts for women in the market today.

1. Beroy Women’s Bike Shorts With 3D Gel Padding – Best Padded Cycling Shorts for Straight Bikers

In essence, these women’s shorts are a composite of nylon and spandex in material, with 80% polyester and 20% spandex. This ratio gives the shorts better elasticity, hence perfectly fitting you. Moreover, the fabric amazingly absorbs moisture, ensuring you remain dry in the sweaty intense cycling workouts.

On top of that is a 3D gel padding, which is in the inside, in the parts where friction occurs most during biking. It is in 3 foam densities to enhance its functionality. Being highly breathable, the padding makes the shorts all the more comfortable.

In addition, the shorts feature a smooth sewing that is hard to notice in the inside, which primarily prevents friction.

The hem is made in silicon, which adds to the moisture-wicking capability of these shorts.

Finally, we have the waist, which is in an anatomic shape and in soft microfiber. It will not roll over during riding, neither will it tighten your waist to a point of discomfort. Yet, it will still fit you and not fall off during your bike rides.


  • Great 3D gel padding that enhances comfort and cushioning.
  • Eliminates biking friction.
  • Breathable.
  • Moisture-wicking.


  • The padding is lighter towards the front, hence discomfort in long spinning duration.

2. Nooyme Women’s Bike Shorts for Cycling with 3D Padding – Best Padded Cycling Shorts for Spinning

Looking for a pair of spinning shorts with minimal disappointments? Nooyme women’s may be an answered prayer. The 3D padding that is intense in the sitting area and at the crotch cushions you from cycling abrasion and friction.

Fundamentally, the shorts are 80% polyamide and 20% spandex, which not only enhances elasticity, but also makes it soft and comfortable to wear. Heat regulation and sweat absorption is also obvious.

With flatlock seams, friction, skin irritation and blisters will never be a part of you. When riding outdoors, chafing in the wind and having your muscles strain will reduce in these shorts.

Leg grippers, which have silicone dots prevent leg ride-ups, while eliminating a fall-down at the waist, hence the short staying in position throughout your biking.

The reflective tabs on the shorts will guarantee you safety in low lights, hence confidence on the road.


  • Comfortable for spinning, mountain and road biking.
  • Offers freedom from blisters, friction and abrasion.
  • Absorbs sweat hence a dry ride.
  • Machine washable, hence ease in cleaning.


  • The leg grippers are too tight for people with thicker legs.

3. Baleaf Women’s 3-Inch Running Shorts with Pockets – Great Unpadded Loose Bike Shorts for Summer

When cycling in hot climatic conditions, a loose short goes a long way in enhancing comfort. These shorts are exactly in for that. They are loose, hence comfortable for riding, walking and carrying out other fun activities.

Basically, the shorts are 95% polyester and 5% spandex on the outer side, while featuring a 92% polyester and 8% spandex liner. The closure is elastic for an ideal fit and adjustment.

Get the shorts in built-in mesh for support and aeration, which is already in place by the wide design of the shorts. The shorts absorb moisture and are quick-drying, hence more suitable for your summer cycling.

Two pockets at the short sides will take care of your keys and a handkerchief. Not to mention the stylish split-leg design, which will allow you to cycle as fast as you want without limitation.


  • Provides for optimal aeration during cycling.
  • Free style riding perfect in the shorts.
  • Allows you to take along some personal stuff.
  • Moisture-wicking mesh lining for comfort.


  • Run smaller than the size indicated.

Some Recommended Women’s Leggings for Peloton:

Best Men’s Bike Shorts for Peloton

Here are three best shorts to better your experience on peloton as a man, with all the features that a good choice for men’s biking shorts should possess.

1. Santic Men’s Cycling Shorts – Comfortable and Highly Breathable

Does a good breeze in cycling mean comfort to you? Then Santic Men’s cycling shorts are what will satisfy your desire.

First, the shorts are in a blend of nylon and spandex, in 82% and 18% consecutive material input.

Second is the breathable mesh, which is visible on the two sides of the waistband, which increases aeration, hence evaporating some moisture.

Third is the 4D Coolmax padding, which brings about breathability while enhancing comfort in the sitting area.

The shorts are in a 12-panel anatomic design, which finishes with silicone leg grippers to enhance fit while accommodating all the comfort you desire.

Sizes are available for most riders, fitting both your height and weight.

The versatility of these shorts is visible in the reflective logos, which mean you can cycle outdoors in the shorts when not on your peloton.


  • Versatile, can be used on peloton and other road bikes.
  • Highly breathable, hence great for reducing sweat impacts.
  • Cushions the sitting area from friction and abrasion.


  • Too tight to walk in.

2. Eco-Daily Men’s Padded Cycling Shorts – Best Choice for Sweaty Riders

These are the best shorts for you if -you sweat a lot, which will be more in the strenuous spinning exercises. They will ensure that you are comfortable and as dry as possible throughout the exercise.

Essentially, these shorts are 80% polyester and 20% spandex, which explains why the shorts will be great for your sweaty body. The material is highly breathable, and the moisture-wicking capability largely praised.

With a 14-panel anatomic design, these shorts allow freedom in muscle movement, while increasing the flow of blood in the leg veins. Thus, decrease in fatigue will be automatic.

In addition, the shorts have a 4D padding, which consist of 6 layers of high-density foam. Its purpose is to protect you from injury during all your peloton classes regardless of the length, while enhancing comfort. Moreover, the padding is breathable.

Adding to all this are the mesh panels on the two sides of the thigh and also the waistline, which reduce the impact of sweating, while facilitating breathability.


  • Padding cushioning against abrasion and friction.
  • Highly breathable and moisture-wicking.
  • Flatlock minimizes chaffing and irritation.
  • Does not ride up on the legs or roll down at the waist.
  • Versatile, as you can spin and still use it on the road.


  • Too tight to walk in decently.

3. Devops Men’s Sports Performance Compression Shorts – Best Unpadded Bike Shorts

If you are not a fan of padded shorts and would rather invest in a seat cushion, these shorts are an awesome shot. They are great performance compression shorts, what more when they are made in a blend of polyester and spandex.

First of all, the shorts material is moisture sensing, bringing a sense of dryness in your intense sweaty peloton activities. Into the bargain is the high level of breathability, brough about by the two-way air circulation of the shorts.

Additionally, the shorts have an antibacterial lining on the interior, which shun away bacteria and fungi breeding, especially if you swim in the shorts.

Featuring UPF 50+, the shorts protect your skin from the harm of UV rays, hence suitable for outdoor sporting activities too.

They come in a 3-pack, which is good value for money.


  • Moisture-wicking, yet quick drying.
  • 3 in a single pack.
  • 2-way air circulation for breathability.
  • Versatile in use.


  • The inner seam lining could welcome abrasion.

Consideration for choosing best bike shorts for peloton


The quality of a bike short is in its material. Check that the material of the bike short is indicated, and ensure that the ratios are what you are looking for. A quality material will not only be durable, but also save you from the stress of skin contract with something that will cause you an allergic reaction.


Peloton is a highly intense activity, hence heat build-up in the body obvious. A bike short that will minimize this impact by featuring breathable material will be a great solution.

Air wicking capability

It is hard not to sweat in peloton, yet sweat makes us uncomfortable and wet. Hence, shorts that absorb the moisture and leave our skin dry will help us continue exercising with the same enthusiasm we started with.

Size and Gender

Every cycling short has a sizing chart. If you cannot get it, consult the sellers. Just ensure you get your perfect size.

Also, there are bike shorts for men and women, which fulfill the specific shorts needs of each specific gender. Go for your suitable gender shorts, so that your specific short needs will be sorted.


Get the best value for your money when looking for the best bike shorts for peloton. With all your best preferences taken care of, you will get bike shorts within your budget range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you ride peloton with padded shorts if you have a seat cover?

Yes, you can, which will improve comfort. It is however not necessary. A padded short will cushion you on a bike without a classy seat cover, while a good seat cover will work fine even with unpadded shorts.

What can I wear under the bike shorts when cycling?

If possible, wear nothing. This will prevent discomfort, excessive heating and poor performance.

Can bike shorts help prevent a hurting bum in cycling?

Yes, they can. However, checking the positioning of your seat to ensure it is accurately placed should be the first thing you do. Hence, you can now improve your comfort with a good padded cycling short, which will protect both your bum and crotch form the impact of the bike seat.

Final Word

A pair of the best bike shorts for peloton is an essential part of your biking accessories. They will play a great role in your biking, including bringing you comfort, preventing injury and improving your peloton performance. The ball is now in your court. You already have an idea what to look for in a bike short for peloton, in addition to the best pairs in the market.

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