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7 Best Bike Rack for Subaru Outback (SUVs)

bike rack for subaru outback

On the off chance that you prepared for an undertaking with your loved ones or heading to a bicycle race, it’s vital to have your bicycle reach there in a protected condition. Putting your resources if you want the best bicycle rack for SUV. Besides that, particularly for your Subaru Outback is fundamental and all together for your bicycles to remain safely in position and joined to your vehicle the whole excursion. We have checked in and assessed the items available to set up this rundown of the choices for your best bike rack for Subaru Outback available today. They are of various kinds.

7 Best Bike Rack for Subaru Outback

Finding the correct bicycle rack for your vehicle isn’t the hardest activity. In any case, it’ll be simpler to pick a decision from The below details of the best bike rack for SUVs.

Here are our the 7 best racks for Subaru outback, picks that can settle on your dynamic less difficult and powerful. Ideally, it will support you. And below has details review of every rack.

  1. Allen Sports Premier – Car Bike Rack for Subaru Outback
  2. Allen sports 3 – Subaru Outback Bike Rack Hitch
  3. Allen Sports Deluxe 2 – Bike Carriers for Subaru Outback
  4. E361SAJ300– Roof Rack for Subaru Outback
  5. SOA567B020 – Subaru Bicycle Roof Rack
  6. Hollywood RacksTrunk Mounted Bike Rack for suv.
  7. Thule T2 Pro XT – Hitch Bike Rack for 2 Bikes

Let’s see a short overview

No. Name Dimension  Weight Price
1 Allen Sports Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack 13.2 x 26.8 x 25.2 inches 21.8 pounds View Amazon
2 Allen sports 3-Bike Hitch Racks 13.2 x 26.8 x 25.2 inches 21.8 pounds View Amazon
3 Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack 23.4 x 13.6 x 4.3 inches 8.75 pounds View Amazon
4 Genuine Subaru E361SAJ300 Bike Carrier

54 x 6.2 x 6.1 




View Amazon
5 Genuine Subaru SOA567B020 Accessories 56.8 x 11.9 x 3.9 inches 1 pound View Amazon
6 Hollywood Racks Bike Rack 20.5 x 5.4 x 30.4 inches 10 pounds View Amazon
7 Thule T2 Pro XT Bike Rack

53 x 14 x 16


62.7 pounds   View Amazon

Let’s get into a more detailed discussion on each of the Best Bike Rack for Subaru Outback

1. Allen Sports Premier – Car Bike Rack for Subaru Outback

rack for subaru outback

The Allen Sports bicycle rack has extraordinary quality and ideal for fitting on SUVs. Indeed, it has a solid and firm structure that gives uncommon advantages for too quick mounting on vehicles. Like everything else, the bicycle bearer furnishes a safe appending alternative with the tough affixing. For the individuals who are searching for 2 bicycles making sure about bicycle rack, it’s a decent decision for them. We’re not through it as the bicycle transporter accompanies long convey arms that are too simple to reach.

Additionally, the rack can hold up to 70 lbs weighted each bicycle while driving on the long-venture. What’s more, the bicycle transporter has two unique lower lashes that help to keep the base snares to remain in position while utilizing it. Additionally, it offers clients to make sure about bicycles right away by any stretch of the imagination. By and large, this item is incredible worth and gives a protected fitting to each bicycle to remain set up. It has enormous vehicle cushions that ensure vehicles wrinkle.

Pros & Cons of Allen Sports Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

  • Give a lifetime guarantee structure the business.
  • Require few moments to set up.
  • All around made and Sturdy.
  • A steady plan with customizable highlights.
  • The speedy lock elastic ties are an extraordinary being used.
  • Simple to introduce.
  • Consummately fit on most bicycles and doesn’t shake about.
  • The nylon ties are baggy.
  • The clasps that balance out the apparatus are uncovered metal and will effectively make the snappy work of your vehicle’s paint.

2. Allen sports 3 –Subaru Outback Bike Rack Hitch

subaru outback bike rack hitch

Convey up to three bikes on travels or outdoor trips with the Allen three-bicycle transporter hitch. The hitch embeds – which fits 1-1/4-and 2-inch collector hitches- – is anything but difficult to work and excessively secure for your bicycles. Simply append it to your hitch, at that point utilize the secure support framework to independently make sure about and ensure the bicycles. The convey arm suits a wide scope of edge sizes and plans, so you can convey your child size trail blazing bicycle or grown-up street bicycle with equivalent certainty.

Also, you don’t need to expel your bicycles to get to the rear of your truck or SUV, as the rack tilts back to simple lift-entryway access and overlays off the beaten path totally when not being used. Likewise outfitted with a no-wobble jolt to shield the rack from moving inside the hitch, the three-bicycle transporter shades with a dark powder-covered completion.

Pros & Cons of Allen sports 3-Bike Hitch Racks

  • Collapsing convey arms.
  • Singular secures supports to make sure about and ensure bikes.
  • Tilt-away primary pole for simple lift-entryway get to.
  • Simple gathering.
  • No-wobble hitch establishment.
  • Brisk introduce locking hitch.
  • Don’t have fast tilt-away pole.

3. Allen Sports Deluxe 2 – Bike Carriers for Subaru Outback

bike carriers for subaru outback

The Allen Company gives front line items includes that advantage most bikers. Allen Sports Deluxe 2 is outstanding amongst other bicycle racks from Allen Company. Its configurator configuration makes it simple to introduce without apparatuses or any troubles. The bicycle rack can oblige up to two bicycles one after another. This bicycle rack highlights support arms. The support arms are 12 creeps long and encourages the bicycle rack to convey a scope of bicycle measures all the while.

Thusly, you don’t have to stress over conveying bicycles of various sizes. Simple establishment is a fabulous component what numerous bikers are searching for. The Allen Sports Deluxe 2 gives you the advantage of not bother when you are prepared to introduce your bicycle rack. Its single setup takes into account simple establishment. The Allen Sports Deluxe 2 has side ties that join to your vehicle to build wellbeing for your bicycle rack. It additionally guarantees unwavering quality.

Pros & Cons of Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

  • Give lifetime guarantee structure the business.
  • Require few moments to set up.
  • A steady structure with flexible highlights.
  • The brisk lock elastic ties are an incredible being used.
  • Consummately fit on most bicycles and doesn’t shake about.
  • Can suit various sizes of bicycles.
  • Quick establishment process.
  • The nylon leashes are baggy.
  • Modest looking.

4. E361SAJ300Roof Rack for Subaru Outback

roof rack for subaru outback

This product is another version of genuine Subaru SOA567B02. It is made from top quality segments, this is your reasonable trade alternative for your remake, fix, and upkeep needs. At the point when you select an authentic OEM part – you can depend on the high caliber and the adequacy of the item and brand without speculating if the item will work in succession with your vehicle. Ensuring your speculation is significant and picking the correct parts can be tested. It is intended to work explicitly with your vehicle. Ensured against poor workmanship and material deformities.

Pros & Cons of Genuine Subaru E361SAJ300 Bike Carrier

  • Intended to work especially with your vehicle.
  • High caliber.
  • It takes a low space.
  • Need 5 minutes to install.
  • It can adjust according to your bike.
  • Ensured against material imperfections and poor workmanship.
  • Carry only one bike.
  • Carry front wheel separately.

5. SOA567B020 – Subaru Bicycle Roof Rack

subaru bicycle roof rack

Certified Subaru is incredible stuff for Subaru outback that offers full help while going on long-venture. Truth be told, it is light in weight, yet ready to convey weighted bicycles like a beast. Be that as it may, pause, there’s additional, they give safe locking apparatuses to making sure about the most sorts of bicycles. Moreover, it offers steady and one of a kind wire lock for protecting bicycles with less exertion. On top, this preeminent bicycle transporter has top notch materials for long haul use.

Indeed, you’ve heard that directly as it is made of stable materials that help the bicycle to travel securely. Likewise, it gives tight appending screws and different strips contrast with different items. With this component, the bicycle transporter discovers more holds for disposing of additional gratings. By and large, the light rack accompanies a sensible sticker price with bunches of positive highlights. It gives safe connection that doesn’t require extra instruments to join singular bicycles on it.

Pros & Cons of Genuine Subaru SOA567B020

  • It gives an ideal fit to mount.
  • Has a cunning plan for holding numerous bicycles.
  • Requires no additional device to introduce.
  • Made of great materials that last more.
  • Ideal for conveying the most bicycles.
  • Most reduced cost to own.
  • It can convey single bicycles on each time.
  • Might not be suitable for large cars.

6. Hollywood Racks– Trunk Mounted Bike Rack for suv.

Trunk Mounted Bike Rack for suv.

On the off chance that you lean toward a bicycle rack that is equipped for 4 bicycles to put with numerous highlights, at that point we may present the Hollywood Racks. It has simple establishment advantages of fitting trail blazing bicycles. Furthermore, we don’t stop there as the light transporter has a delicate sprinter tie that is against twist for conveying up to 4 bicycles on one drive. Truth be told, it gives better help for conveying bicycles immovably in position.

Also, the notable bicycle rack has outline free arms for coming to in the least difficult manner to connect. With this choice, clients can without much of a stretch arrive at the arms for making sure about the bicycles. Need to know the best part? The bicycle transporter has a greater limit of holding 35 lbs weighted per bicycles. While going on a long drive, it can convey kids, female-accommodating and trail blazing bicycles. By and large, Hollywood Racks, bicycle racks give great advantages to riders to convey bicycles on each event. It has tilt for straightforward burden gets to.

Pros & Cons of Hollywood Racks Bike Rack

  • It is light in weight.
  •  The bicycle rack is powder covered and strong.
  •  Easy to utilize and the long-standing bicycle rack.
  • It is too solid in development.
  • Comes at sensible cost.
  • The screws are extremely difficult to make sure about.
  • You’ll require a lighting bar as it conceals your back-number plate.

7. Thule T2 Pro XT – Hitch Bike Rack for 2 Bikes

hitch bike rack for 2 bikes

Searching for instrument free and great highlights bicycle racks for carbon outline bicycle? The Thule XT ace bicycle rack is made of hostile to rust materials with an affordable element to store while not utilizing it. We are profoundly enamored with its stunning structure that offers the easiest arrangement for inconvenience free connection. Besides, it has worked in the lock chamber for quicker and smoother isolating. The best piece of this bicycle rack is it has hitch switch choice that edge piles on or down. What’s more, that is not all as it offers simple to make usefulness for tilting impeccably. What’s more, they offer edge free tightening arm to ensure bicycle with a protected fit. In addition, it has no casing content that fits normal estimated haggles to make sure about the bicycle. In general, the protected rack is an incredible decision for any bicycle sweetheart for keeping bicycle whenever wherever with them. It has the eminent capacity to change bicycle mounts for cutting meddlesome nature.

Pros & Cons of Thule T2 Pro XT Bike Rack

  • It is excessively easy to introduce.
  • Outside handle is useful for trunk gets to.
  • Exceptionally solid and strong for long haul utilization.
  • Accompanies extraordinary quality and highlights.
  • Hitching alternative is anything but difficult to reach.
  • Well designed.
  • Carry 2 bikes at once.
  • The cost is sensible.
  • Can Scratch your car from behind.

How to choose the best bike rack for you?

Need to know the mystery of finding the best bicycle rack for Subaru outback? All things considered, we made a few focuses for giving some successful hacks for picking a bicycle rack that has quality and highlights. We should get to the focuses:

  1. Great price point.
  2. Contingent upon bikes.
  3. Search for a heavy lifting product.
  4. Pick on female-accommodating component.
  5. Remember about the anti-rust.

1. Great price point

Most likely about it, you’ll need a bicycle rack that arrives at a sensible sticker price. We, as a whole ability significant the sticker price is the same number of individuals pick items relying upon their sticker price. In any case, we should not disregard their quality or different highlights as you’ll be with it for quite a while. Plainly on the off chance that you pick a modest value bicycle rack, the outcome will be less highlights and less goodness. Then again, the extravagant bicycle racks accompany higher highlights and ideal quality. Along these lines, attempt to pick an item that has a decent value point with numerous highlights.

2. Contingent upon bikes

You ought to pick a bicycle rack contingent upon their bicycles for safe dealing with. By tallying the bicycles, you can choose to get a hug or a short bicycle rack for driving at your goal. Clearly the huge bicycle rack will be ideal for multiple individuals. On the off chance that you are going on a mountain drive with one companion, at that point you should attempt to pick the little size rack as you don’t need your cash to go futile. Hence, try to discover a bicycle rack depending on what number of bicycles you are going to take with you.

3. Search for a heavy lifting product

Something else to consider before picking any bicycle racks is their weight. Truth be told, the bicycle rack is going to convey the one to 4 bicycles which mean it requires weight lifting capacity. Also, driving with different light or heavyweight bicycles requires the continuance of bicycle racks. Therefore, we discover it extremely important to educate you to pick an item that has better capacity and perseverance for conveying overwhelming or light weighted bicycles. In addition, attempt to pick an item that has at least 60 to 70 pounds holding limit with regards to the sheltered side.

4. Pick on female-accommodating component

Ongoing bicycles bearers don’t esteem bicycles with handlebars connected with female-accommodating bicycles. Same thing goes to pick any bicycle racks the same number of high school young ladies are utilizing ladies’ benevolent bicycles that require flawless fit. Also, the female-accommodating bicycle racks give secure fitting. With female-accommodating bicycles, the two people can fit the bicycle on the bicycle rack for longest drive. Additionally, female-accommodating bicycle racks help to give enough space. Along these lines, read the portrayal box or upsides and downsides for discovering ladies inviting highlights before picking any item.

Remember about the anti-rust

Obviously, you should remember to pick the counter rust bicycle racks. To come to a meaningful conclusion, the climate can change whenever, thusly, you may need to contribute on any enemy of rust bicycle racks that accompany solid and sturdy outcomes for calibrating. Furthermore, against rust bicycle racks has oxygen and water defined plan for safe covering. Hence, make a point to pick an enemy of rust bicycle rack for sparing both your money and vitality.

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Do you need a bike rack?

The enormous burden space of a bequest vehicle is perfect for bicycles, particularly with the back seats collapsed, so in the event that you go for a home you simply needn’t bother with a vehicle rack for your bicycles. With a heap liner to secure the floor covering you can even stack bicycles vertically with the front wheels out and saddle brought down.

Are these bike racks works on SUVs?

In any case, not every one of them are appropriate for SUVs, and even the ones that are, probably won’t fit your particular vehicle. Before buying an SUV, bicycle rack, it is essential to gauge the entirety of your alternatives to come to a meaningful conclusion, yes, they accomplish deal with SUVs. In addition, this unbelievable bicycle rack gives great support and continue to hold greater bicycles like a cost of the cake. Additionally, these bicycle racks are esteemed by their adaptability which will mount on any vehicles from an SUV to different vehicles.

Will You Be Carrying Multiple Bikes?

You can either overlay it when not being used or tilt it away from your vehicle while it’s stacked so you can in any case bust open the bring forth. In spite of the fact that it’s outfitted with two openings, you can purchase an augmentation that permits you to convey an additional two bicycles.

Will You Tires Fit?

You may see only one lot of estimating numbers on a tire, or two or even three. For whatever length of time that your new tire size matches one of these arrangements of numbers, the new tire should accommodate your bicycle.

Will these bike Racks work on Child bikes?

The simplest method to convey the two children’s bicycles and two grown-up bicycles would most likely be to put the littler youngsters’ bicycles in the boot (in the event that you have a sensibly huge vehicle) and the two grown-up bicycles on the rooftop. Children’s bicycles will fit on back mounted racks.

Are these being universal fit?

All things considered; they are not in a general fit, however, they’ll likely fit on most bicycles. Notwithstanding, you can locate an ideal fit by looking for the sort of your bicycle, quantities of bicycle that you are conveying and the situation of bicycles while holding it.

Can you fit a bike in a Subaru Outback?

You could really fit 3 bicycles in that manner, stem to harsh, and keep one of the back seats up. I’m speculating the Subaru has a partial back seat also.

How much is a bike rack?

Lash on trunk mounts or rather a trunk bicycle rack is the most affordable bicycle bearer alternative. They commonly cost somewhere in the range of $40 and $100, albeit a few racks can cost upwards of $300 to $600.

Can you install any bike rack on any car?

Conceivable to convey any bicycle on any vehicle. Pretty much every vehicle can take in any event 4 bicycles.

What is the easiest bike rack to use?

These two are the easiest bike rack to use. Easy to install, easy to setup your bike.

  1. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Rack.
  2. Thule T2 Pro XT Bike Rack.

Do bike racks damage your car?

While a bicycle rack offers a straightforward and safe approach to move your bike, the connection can harm your vehicle and the bicycle it is conveying. Here are the ways a bike rack can harm your vehicle. On the off chance that you mount the rack when your vehicle is messy, you hazard scratching the paint.

Final word

At long last, you have the rundown for the best bike rack for Subaru outback. Ideally, you have your psyche on one specific pick that suits the best with your requirements and need. They are not in an all-inclusive fit, however, they’ll likely fit on most bicycles. In any case, you can locate an ideal fit by looking for the sort of your bicycle, quantities of bicycle that you are conveying and the situation of bicycles while holding it. Simply make a point to be as functional as could reasonably be expected and go for a bicycle rack that accompanies decent strength in addition to security to hold your valuable bicycles. Everything else should fall in its place.

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