7 Best Bike Pedals with Toe Clips and Straps

bike pedals with toe clips

Using regular shoes once in a while during your riding workout may be a dream or you don’t want to change your shoes but how to do it with your clipless pedal type a challenge. Here’s your solution, Bike pedals with toe clips and straps. Don’t you think, Its a complete package?. If you’re going to start off, its a high time to get one. For secure cycling or spinning, it is one of the most important thing you must have and yes, easy to install.

Best bike pedals with toe clips allow you to use ‘toe clips’ in place of the recommended cycling shoes and still be assured of safety on your bike. Below are seven well-researched toe clip pedals that not only allow you to ride with regular shoes but also come with the required toe cages and straps, saving you the hustle related to an extra order.

7 Best Bike Pedals with Toe Clips and Straps

With the following reviews, we have highlighted the 7 best bike pedals with toe clips and straps available in the market. Besides, core factors to consider when purchasing Pedals with Toe Clip are meant to help you get the best and most reliable Pedals of your desire.

Let’s do quick view if you’re in a hurry and you can also find the deep review for every Toe Clip Pedals by scrolling down.

  1. Venzo- Shimano SPD Pedals with Toe Clips & Cleats for Exercise Spin Bike
  2. NW-T10- Bicycle Pedals with Toe Clips and Straps for Outdoor Fixie Mountain & Road Bike
  3. Wellgo Track- Toe Clip Pedal with Leather Strap for Road Training and Commuting
  4. Wellgo State- Bicycle Pedal with Toe Clips for Road Bike
  5. Newsty-  Bike Pedal Toe Clips for Outdoor and Indoor Cycling (Affordable Price)
  6. Ybeki Namucuo- SPD Pedal with Toe Clips and Straps for Exercise Spin Bike
  7. Zonkie- Bicycle Pedal Toe Clip For Mountain, Road, Folding And Regular Home Bikes

1. Venzo- Shimano SPD Pedals with Toe Clips & Cleats for Exercise Spin Bike

These pedals are meant for spin bikes, with strong and durable aluminum construction and heavy-duty CNC Cr-Mo axle. This platform is large to ensure stability, being of 105 by 78mm dimensions.

It comes with cleats and toe clips, a clear indication that you can use them either with cleats or casual shoes with the toe clips. It allows for compatibility with Shimano SPD MTB; thus, the cleats can also be used in other SPD pedals. It has sealed bearings, which guarantees a safe and smooth ride.

You can even fit it on a peloton bike to use the toe clips since the 9/16inch spindle will fit.

  • It can fit all standard spin bikes, making it a valuable indoor spinning asset for use with toe clips.
  • It comes with toe clips and SPD cleats, so your casual shoe workout is sorted once you receive the package.
  • It allows for use with cleats or toe clips, providing for dual usage.
  • The aluminum body, coupled with the CNC Cr-Mo axle, makes the pedal durable.
  • It has a large platform that enhances stability.

  • These pedals are designed for indoor cycling and spinning only.

2. NW-T10- Bicycle Pedals with Toe Clips and Straps for Outdoor Fixie Mountain & Road Bike

These pedals are made of tough nylon that makes them strong and long-lasting. It is made in a hollow style to reduce its weight to 375. It measures 112 by 79mm, providing a large platform to ensure stability.

Since the axle has a spindle thread of 9/16inches, this pedal can fit most standard bikes. It has been designed for indoor spinning and stationary cycling, road cycling, and mountain biking.

The pedal package has toe clips and straps as additional items, and they are already installed to make your pedal installation easier. The straps have an adjustable buckle that ensures the shoes remain in position.

  • Wide platform that ensures balance during cycling.
  • Designed to fit all standard bikes, thus can be used on exercise bikes, road, and mountain bikes.
  • It brings with it toe clips and straps, saving you an extra set.
  • Easy installation, since the straps and toe clips are already installed.
  • It is only meant for standard bikes, so wider bikes not considered.

3. Wellgo Track- Toe Clip Pedal with Leather Strap for Road Training and Commuting

These pedals come in aluminum and barrel silver material and outlook, or one could prefer a polished outlook. Its light in weight, with the only 238g with the toe cages included.

It comes with toe cages, which are also made of aluminum, and one could choose from the black and silver colors available.

It comes with ball bearings and straps to enhance the function of the cages, which is to keep the foot on the pedal and prevent sliding accidents. You can even decide to use the pedals with cleats instead of cages.

  • It is durable, given that it is made from aluminum.
  • It comes with its toe cage and straps accessories, thus allowing for use with regular shoes while protecting the foot from sliding.
  • It is lightweight, hence it will not add unnecessary weight to your bike.

  • When the cages are not in use, they tend to touch and scratch the ground.

4. Wellgo State- Bicycle Pedal with Toe Clips for Road Bike

The bike pedals are suitable for all standard bikes that allow for a 9/16 axle thread of the spindle. It comes with a removable reflector, which you can use whenever you are on a road ride in low lights.

It comes with toe cages and straps that you can easily adjust to your preference and fit.

Despite being light, 6oz, it is strong and durable. You can use it on your indoor, road, or mountain bike as per your liking.

  • They are versatile and can be used with exercise bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes.
  • They are lightweight, yet strong and durable.
  • They have a set of toe cages and straps that you can use with casual shoes.
  • They have a reflector that you can use for visibility when on the road.

  • You can only use the pedals with standard bikes.

5. Newsty-  Bike Pedal Toe Clips for Outdoor and Indoor Cycling (Affordable Price)

The Newsty pedals are made of a blend of resin and alloy, which makes them strong and durable. They have an axle thread of 9/16, which makes them suitable for all narrow bikes. They are designed for indoor and outdoor cycling.

They have cages and straps that are pre-installed, making your work mounting the pedals easier and faster, not to mention the saving the straps and cages will save you.

The pedals have a whole month return policy, so you can always return them if you don’t like them or if they do not fit your bike.

  • They bring you versatility since you can use them both for indoor and outdoor biking.
  • They are not only used with toe cages, but bring you a set of toe clips and straps.
  • They are strong and durable, as they are made of resin and alloy.
  • They have on them a 30-day return policy, so you can always return them if not satisfied.

  • The toe cages are medium, which does not suit larger and wider feet.

6. Ybeki Namucuo- SPD Pedal with Toe Clips and Straps for Exercise Spin Bike

These are duo pedals, with an SPD fit on one side and a clip and strap on the other. You can, therefore, use them with cleat shoes or regular shoes, depending on your preference. They measure 90 by 90 by 23mm, which provides for a large surface. This allows for the required stability during biking.

They are compatible with bikes that allow for 9/16 spindle size, which means that most standard bikes have been considered.

They come with a toe clip and straps, which are removable when not in use.

  • They are duo pedals, with a clipless side for SPD cleats and clip and straps side, where you use your regular non-cycling shoes.
  • The package has toe clips and straps, so you don’t need an extra purchase.
  • The surface is large to enhance the stability of the feet during biking.

  • You can only use the pedals with SPD cleats.

7. Zonkie- Bicycle Pedal Toe Clip For Mountain, Road, Folding And Regular Home Bikes

This choice of pedals will provide you with a unique anti-collision design, which is meant to protect your feet from any sort of injury. They are made of alloy pp, with a CR-Mo axle. The surface is 98 by 118 by 92mm, providing for a wide contact platform. This is meant to enhance the stability of the feet.

They are designed to be used on both indoor and outdoor bikes. They have a thread fit that supports the pedals to prevent them from falling off, so you can be at peace regardless of the intensity of your workout.

 A reflective strip on the pedals ensures that you are visible at night or in foggy conditions. They come with toe clips and straps. The straps are adjustable, which ensures that your feet are perfectly positioned.

  • Durable, having been made of strong alloy pp.
  • Versatile, and can be used on all standard bikes, whether indoor, road or mountain bikes.
  • The reflective strip ensures visibility when you are in low lights.

  • The cages are smaller than the normal size

How to Install Toe Clip Pedals on the Bike: Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to replace your clipless pedals with your toe cage pedals, here is a simple way you can do it within less time than you thought:

Step 1: Remove the current pedals. Look for the bolt that connects the pedal to the crank, and unscrew it using the bike’s Allen Wrench. The loosening may prove difficult since you have tightened the pedals more the more you cycle. You can oil the crank to soften and ease this task.

When unscrewing the right leg, you have to turn them to anticlockwise, and unbolting the left foot pedal demands that you unscrew it in a clockwise direction.

Step 2: Once you have removed the existing pedals, you can oil the crank arm for easy installation. Doing the same with the thread of your toe clip pedals could also help, but either way will be fine. Insert the thread of the new pedals into the crank. You can start with the left foot pedal.

Step 3: Turn the pedal in an anticlockwise direction until you feel it tighten. Use the wrench to enhance the tightening. When you come to the right foot pedal, do the same with the right one, but this time turn it clockwise to tighten it.

Step 4: Once the pedals are installed.

Important Facts to Consider for The Best Bike Pedals with Toe Clips


Pedals should give you at least a year of service before replacement. It is therefore important to ensure that you get quality pedals that will last you long. Replacement should be as a result of wear, not untimely breakage. The quality of pedals is determined by its construction material.


Which bike do you want to use with the toe clip pedals? Which biking activities do you want to undertake with your toe clip pedals? These are the questions you should have when considering toe clips bike pedals. There are pedals specifically for indoor, outdoor, or mountain biking. There are those that allow for all these activities, so ensure that you have your preference in mind.

The size of the toe clips that come with the pedals should befit you unless you want to buy the toe clips separately. You can enquire which shoe sizes fit in the cages and if different cage sizes are available.


Considering bicycle toe clip pedals that come with toe cages, straps, and even cleats ensure that you are saved the extra cost of these accessories. This also ensures that you get the exact accessories that fit the pedals.

Spindle size:

Ensure that the spindle size of the pedals will fit into the shaft of your bike. Exact sizes ensure you do not run into more challenges of trying to fix unmatching pedals.

Platform size:

The best pedal should allow for a wide platform where your feet come into contact with the pedals. This not only increases the power transfer from the feet to the pedals and save you some energy but also ensure the stability of your feet during cycling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do toe clips make a difference?

Yes, they do. when using regular non-cycling shoes for cycling, toe clips ensure that your feet do not slide off and stay positioned on the pedals.

Should I use toe clips on a mountain bike?

Yes, you should. This will add to the safety of your feet when using casual shoes on your mountain bike.

Are clip-in pedals worth it?

Yes, they are. This is because they allow for clipping in of shoe cleats, which ensures the safety of the feet, in addition to allowing for supported upper pedal strokes.

Can you use cleats and toe cleats together?

You don’t have to use cleats when in a toe cage, and vice versa. They both play the role of ensuring that your feet maintain their position on the pedals. The two are used alternatively.

Can you spin with toe clips?

Yes, you can. You can use toe clips to spin, which is safe and convenient when you want to use regular shoes. Though the upper strokes will not be supported, the downstrokes will still be great.

Final Word

Having best bike pedals with toe clips and straps ensure that you can use your regular shoes on your bike. If you are commuting and are planning to have several stops, then these pedals, which are easier to get on and off, will come in handy. The best part is that you can use your bicycle toe clip pedals on any biking workout.

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