The Best Bike Helmet for Bald Head [Top 5 Picks]

Best Bike Helmet for Bald Head
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When you are bald, your bike helmet needs change. While with hair you may not feel the impact of the outdoor weather conditions on your head, a bald head will ensure that you get it all. If it’s the heat, you literally burn. As for the cold weather… let’s just stop at that.

Anyway, it is only sensible that you are careful when selecting the best bike helmet for bald head if you are hairless. Other than protecting you from hurting your head in case of any incident, you get optimal comfort that even betters your performance on the road.

5 Best Bike Helmets for Bald Head

In the midst of numerous helmet companies with a PhD in advertising, it is not a wonder to get lost. How will you even make a decision on the best helmet for your sensitive bald head?

Lucky for you, we have just the compilation you have been looking for. With only 5 best helmets for bald heads, you sure have a less list to pick one from.

1. Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Bike Helmet: Brighten your Ride with Color!

When cycling in summer seasons, adding some color to your ride absolutely matches the season. On the other hand, a bright color in a dull season makes up for what’s lacking. This Retrospec Helmet comes in all the helmet colors you will think of, reminding you that a ride is a vibrant moment.

A perfect helmet for bald head, it features 10 vents that ensure that no outdoor breeze bypasses you. It doesn’t come as a wonder if your head does not sweat at all during a ride in this helmet.

Not forgetting the 2 sets of pads that you get, which you can interchange for a perfect fit and for change.

Also, the helmet has EPS foam all round the interior, so that you are assured of safety regardless of the intensity of the impact.


  • 10 helmet vents to enhance breathability.
  • 2 sets of pads that are interchangeable for optimal comfort and fit.
  • EPS foam to curb impact.
  • A range of helmet colors available.


  • Unlike some Retrospec models, this helmet has no inbuilt lights.

2. Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike Helmet: Safety and Comfort Considered

When considering for a wearable biking accessory, comfort comes first. And this is why we are suggesting this Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike Helmet, whose comfort levels surpass all the rest.

First off, the helmet is composed of ABS shell, which is safe for cycling, skating and even scooting. The absorbing foam line, made in EPS, is comfortable even for 5-year-old kids. Actually, this has even been proven by US CPSC Safety Standard for Bike Helmets.

Essentially, the helmet features two sets of sweat saver fit pads, which work to ensure that your head is breathing, protecting you from helmet burns. With the fit pads, you can customize the perfect fit accordingly.

Then there is the adjustable chin strap, which further features a side release buckle. Hence, the helmet hugs your head as you wish, providing safety while ensuring that you don’t have your head pressed in.


  • Comfortable interior, providing for aeration and eliminating the chances of helmet sunburns.
  • Adjustable to suit a wider range of head sizes.
  • Has a chin strap for safety and adjustments.


  • The sizes are small and X-small, hence only suitable for people with small head circumference and kids.

3. Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet: Helmet Safety Guaranteed!

Especially if you use your helmet for commuting, the safety of the helmet must be on your mind. For this reason, we have included Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee helmet, which you will lock to your bike.

It consists of a pop lock, which you will use to secure the helmet on your bike when you have to leave your bike behind. Also, if your helmet is stolen when locked on your bike or even breaks in a hard fall, the company replaces it for free.

Fundamentally, the bike helmet is lightweight. Thus, this aspect reduces the weight on your head, reducing sweating and clogging your eyes with sweat. Additionally, being lightweight essentially prevents it from weighing on your hairless head, which will be uncomfortable. On the other hand, the helmet will protect you even in a hard hit, despite being lightweight.

Moreover, the bike comes with a Dial Fit System, which you can use to adjust for a perfect fit. Besides, the helmet has a range of sizes to ensure that you only pick one that suits you best.


  • Secure lock and anti-theft guarantee.
  • Lightweight, hence an ideal choice for bald head.
  • A spectrum of sizes to suit more head sizes.
  • Stylish design of the helmet.


  • Quite an expensive helmet for a stylish piece.

4. Bern, Hudson MIPS Bike Helmet: Ride in Low Lights?

If most of your rides are in low lights, then the more visibility your helmet offers the better for you. This Bern option offers you this, complete with LED lights that provide up to 10 hours of service. Better still, you can recharge the helmet whenever the battery runs low.

The best part that makes it ideal for a bald head is that it features MIPS protection. With a low-friction layer, the helmet is capable of absorbing rotational forces during tough rides. This reduces the chances of injury on your head.

On top of that, the helmet is highly breathable. It has 13 vents, distributed strategically, to allow for efficient aeration. Also, it is quite light in weight, carrying less than a pound of weight in the whole construction.

For a secure and adjustable fit, a dial at the rear of the helmet is available.

Finally, the helmet has a security U-lock feature, so that it is safe when you leave it with your bike.


  • Prevents friction, hence ultimate protection for the bald head.
  • Security lock available.
  • Highly breathable, preventing excessive sweating and discomfort.
  • LED visibility lights for low light riding safety.


  • Only available in medium size.

5. SKL Adult Bike Helmet: Guarantee Against Impact

The helmet consists of a high-quality PC shell, blended with high-density EPS foam, offering optimal protection against impact.

With a headmaster fit system, this helmet is capable of adjusting both the head circumference and the height. The adjustable circumference ranges from 22.8” to 23.6”. there are adjustable straps and a quick release clip, so that your head is securely set in in the helmet.

The interior is laced with recessed channels that regulate the airflow through the helmet to the head, cooling off your head. When won with a helmet liner, the rider can cycle in the helmet for hours without the intrigue to remove it.

Additionally, the helmet features a back light, which uses a USB charger for optimal protection in low lights. It has 3 lighting modes for optimal visibility, especially in town and city roads.

Amazingly, it comes with a helmet bag for easy carrying whenever you are not wearing the helmet.


  • Optimal protective measures from impact.
  • Recessed channels for aeration into the head.
  • Adjustable circumference and height.
  • A cute helmet bag for carrying the bag outdoors.
  • A chin pad for safety and comfort available.


  • Available in adult sizes only.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Helmet for Bald Head

1. Material

The material of a helmet is quite essential to a cyclist. How much more to a cyclist with a bald head, whose comfort is largely centered on the material of the helmet?

The interior of the helmet should be a soft foam, one that will neither cause abrasion or friction during your rides. Nevertheless, the interior may not be a bother if you have a helmet liner, which protects you from the impact of the helmet.

The shell of the helmet should be hard. When cycling outdoors, it is necessary that you anticipate for anything, despite being a proficient rider. Hence, your helmet shell should be hard to break, even in the worst of impacts. This way, you will fell safer and more confident.

2. Convenience

Some of us are more concerned about style, even when it comes to helmets. Also, you probably want some color into your rides? Take note of the small things that shout convenience to you when shopping for the best helmet.

Afterall, you have a choice, so, why not feed your satisfaction to utmost pleasure?

3. Size

Our head sizes vary, that much you must know. Kids have smaller heads compared to adults, and even among agemates, the head sizes are different.

Therefore, when looking for a perfect helmet, ensure that you take into account the size of your head, from circumference to height. This way, you will not end up with a helmet that is either too tight or loose. You have to be comfortable and safe at the same time.

4. Weight

With a bald head, you will feel the impact of weight on you more. This is because your skin comes into contact with the helmet, unlike those with heads full of hair.

This being sad, you will be more comfortable if your helmet is less weighty. Besides, weight could lead to excessive sweating and discomfort.

5. Breathability

When cycling especially for sport, you will sweat a lot. Also, heat buildup is almost obvious. The best way to welcome a cool breeze is to ensure that the helmet is breathable. It may have vents or perforations, but just ensure that you can trust the breathability of the helmet.

In any case, you don’t want to dip your head in an oven during your cycling exercises, right?


What size helmet do I need?

The best size of a helmet for you is one that fits snug. It is not too tight to cause discomfort, neither is it too loose as to fall off or not help with safety.

Is MIPS helmet worth it?

Yes, MIPS helmets offer multi-directional protection against impact, hence ensuring that your head is safe regardless of the direction of the impact.

Do bike helmets work anyway?

Yes, they do. This is why they are a necessity when biking on major roads. They protect your head, which is most delicate, in case of impact.

Do bike helmets expire?

No, they don’t. however, they wear down with time. The inner lining thins out, claiming for replacement at this point.

Final Verdict

With the best helmets for bald head, what more are you looking for? We hope that you got your answer, and now the ball is in your court. We have narrowed down your options, and given each according to its highest strength. Let your top priority guide you in eliminating all to finally get the best helmet.

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