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Best Bike for 5 Year Old Boys and Girls [Top 8 Picks]

A bike or bicycle is so important to one’s health and fitness. And its importance to a kids health is more deep. Also, to break the habit of constantly being on smartphones or laptops; get a bike for your kid that they love riding. However, If you have 5 years old kid or your child’s 5th birthday is coming up, and, just like most of parents, a bike is one of the best birthday present option. But the question is, what size bike for a 5 year old? It’s not easy to find, given that children vary in weight and height, hence different bike suitability.

Nevertheless, the standard bike height is 16 inches for a 5 year old kid, and with a good bike you will find the seat height adjustable to perfectly suit your child. Most standard height kids(38 to 50 inches) will be okay with this bike. Wondering how you will get a perfect fit? No worries, we just narrowed down the list of best bike for 5 year old, in addition to a buying guide that will make your search easier.

Best Bike for 5 Years Old Boy and Girl : Top 8 picks in 2020

Boys and girls tend to have different bike needs, naturally. Both design and color will definitely tell that the bike is either meant for the boys or the girls. For this reason, we sort the bikes into the two segments, so that you can skip to your child’s best.

Best Bikes for 5 Year Old Boy

  • Schwinn Koen – Best Bike for 5 Year Old Boy
  • Royalbaby – Best Bike with Training Wheels for 5 Year Old (Boys, Girls)
  • Dynacraft – Best BMX Street/Dirt Bike for 5 Year Old (Boys)
  • Huffy MotoX – Best Bikes for 3-5 Year Olds Boy

Best Bikes for 5 Year Old Girl

Let’s get into a more detailed discussion on each of the best bike for 5 year old

1. Schwinn Koen – Best Bike for 5 Year Old Boy

Your son just starting out on biking? This Schwinn design is specifically for a new rider, as we will see with the specifications.

First off, the bike comes with training wheels, which make the training session easier and safer. Besides, they are removable for when your child no longer needs them.

The bike has 16-inch wheels, hence suitable for kids from 3-5 years old. This will suit a range of 38 to 48 inches height. Don’t worry if your kid is not in this range, because there are 14- and 18-inch wheel bikes, so as to suit the extreme heights in the age.

Then, being a boys’ bike, the colors are blue, black and red, all of 0which are suitably boyish.

Essentially, the bike has an adjustable seat and seat post, with a slack seat-tube angle which facilitate toolless and effortless adjustments. So, your son can still use the bike even as he increases his height over time.

Coming in Schwinn Smart Start Technology, the bike will suit the new rider perfectly. The frame is light, pedals and cranks forward facing and narrow pedal position. Hence, it is easier to start pedaling on, and the best part of it is that your child will love it within the first ride.

The bike allows for ease in riding in parks and even on the estate paths, so that your child maximizes his training sessions.

Putting into consideration that he is still new in biking, the bike comes with rear pedal brakes, so that cycling backwards stops the bike. To facilitate transition into older persons bike, the bike further features a front hand-brake. So, when they are good with the riding, they can opt for either option.

Moreover, the bike has narrow handlebars to aid his small hands and enhance ease in directing the bike. Also, the saddle is quite narrow for an ideal comfort.

Good for you, the bike comes almost fully assembled. The number plate, training wheels, chainguard and even the saddle and handles are easy to put in place when you get the package.


  • Training wheels for a new rider.
  • Child-friendly features.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The assembly kit does not come with the bike.

2. Royalbaby – Best Bike with Training Wheels for 5 Year Old (Boys, Girls)

When more color options will give your child his most preferred preference, then RayaBaby should be your preferred pick.  If a totally different color adds vibrance to his cycling, the so be it! Let him add jubilance to the summer season and bring some brightness to cold weather seasons.

And that’s not all. Read on for more luring features;

Essentially, the bike is really safe for the kids. The handlebar grips and handbrakes are manageable, with soft but contoured rubber for a perfect grip. Also, the brakes are both rear coaster and handbrake, so that the kid has both options for safety. A brake lever facilitates the brakes, easing the braking process for your little boy.

Moreover, the pedal is basically non-slip resin in material, enhancing the safety measures.

On top of that, the pneumatic tires are so wide that stability comes naturally. And let’s not forget the frame and the crank, which are quite sturdy for added stability.

The bike comes with assembly tools to ease your work, despite having 95% of the bike already assembled.

A smooth ride is not just fascinating to the adults; the kids would enjoy the cool ride too, which is why the bike comes with sealed bearing. With this, even the pedaling become more simplified, regardless of the biking terrace.

Though this is a size 18, you can select your kids’ height best option, from 14 to 20. This size only has a kickstand, since it is for a more advanced young rider. Nevertheless, size 16 can give your kid a solid starting ground with biking.


  • Multiple colors for the kids’ best option.
  • Kid-friendly features.
  • Safety measures considered on the bike.
  • All size options for 5 years old.


  • The handlebars are quite rigid, but some oiling will do a great job in enhancing a better ride.

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3. Dynacraft – Best BMX Street/Dirt Bike for 5 Year Old (Boys)

Does your boy love the adventurous rides? Then you should consider a dirt bike option, and this Hot Wheels bike will offer you this satisfaction. Let’s have a look at what the bike has to offer;

Firstly, the dirt bike features Hot Wheels outlook, with two-wheel colors combined for a classy look. The rim also contrasts the wheel color, making the bike conspicuously attractive.

Amazingly, the bike comes with a Turbospoke exhaust system. Now, your boy can have the motorbike feel on his new bike. Quite classy, right?

Also, the colors available present a boyish frame outlook, with huge graphics to represent a young boy’s fascination.

With the deluxe padded saddle, your boy will be comfortable on his seat regardless of the number of miles he covers. The two brakes systems, both the rear coaster and the handbrakes, ensure that regardless of the terrain and speed, your boy will still be safe.

And, if your boy is still a beginner, you don’t need to worry. The bike comes with training wheels, which add to his courage as he starts off. The training wheels are removable, so he can show off his prowess when he is well-acquainted to the biking experience.

Recommended for age 4 to 7, your son will definitely find it suitable. In any case, the saddle is adjustable to suit his individual requirements.

In addition, the handlebars feature a handlebar shield, which screams the Hot Wheels description. The shield further features a mile’s counter, so as to add the motivation of pedaling more by day.

Finally, the bike is quite cheap for the features that it offers


  • The adventurous boy outlook graces the bike.
  • Comfortable padded saddle.
  • Training wheels for beginners.
  • Features a handlebar shield.
  • Inexpensive bike.


  • Quite heavy.

4. Huffy MotoX – Best Bikes for 3-5 Year Olds Boy

For a bike that is so easy to assemble that you want to do it with your kid for lessons, then go for the Huffy bike. Other than the self-explanatory installation, the bike provides a tutorial on how to go about the process, both written and in audio.

To turn their first ride into ultimate fun, the bike comes in very wide tires and comfortable narrow handlebars. Thus, your child will only know bike thrilling experience from the word go.

The handlebars feature a vibrant plaque that enhance downhill racing, ensuring that the child’s grip is optimal. The seat, which is already decorated in graphics the boy will appreciate, is padded to ensure that he is comfortable over long rides.

With superb graphics that represent the fun in racing, your boy will always be looking forward to his time on the bike.

Then there are the alloy spokes that line the tires. They come in handy in ensuring that the tires keep the bike going even when the child is not a mood for pedaling. Hence, he will have a good time to relax and take in some breeze.

Finally, the brakes are caliper, based at the front near the handlebars. This makes it easy for the kid to brake when necessary, hence safe.


  • Ease in bike assembly.
  • Comfortable padded seat.
  • Wide tires with alloy spokes for optimal stability and fun.


  • Only one brake system available.

For Girls

Now let’s dive into the little pretty bikes that your daughter will love and appreciate;

5. Schwinn Elm – Best Balance Bike for 5 Year Old Girl

If you want a bike that your kid can easily manipulate, carry a little distance and such stuff, then you should try out the Schwinn Elm Girl’s Bike. It’s frame and crank are slightly lighter, so that your daughter can easily handle it on her own.

With wheels 16 inches, this bike perfectly suits 3-5-year-old kids, basically within a range of 38 to 48 inches tall. And, as a girl’s bike, the colors are definitely luring.

Schwinn has used its SmartStart Technology to ensure that this bike specifically suits the needs of your little girl. These include cranks and pedals facing forward, easy gear start-off and even narrower pedals for a firmer grip. The handlebar gripping area and the saddle are also narrower, all set for a comfy ride for your daughter.

The rear coaster brakes, which the kid achieves by pedaling backwards, are great help when starting out on the bike. Then, the caliper brakes at the handlebars ensure that the kid feels like a real rider once she is accustomed to riding. Or, she can as well use the option she prefers most depending on the specific situation.

Taking into consideration that your child is still growing, the bike comes with height adjustments. So, you can adjust the seat post and the saddle. Moreover, the seat-tube angle is slack, so that the adjustments are simple and do not require any tools.

The bike further comes with training wheels, a number plate and seat handle disconnected. Nevertheless, the assembly is not a difficult task.


  • Lightweight, hence a great bike choice for the five-year-old.
  • Easily adjustable saddle height.
  • Child-friendly design.


  • Some customers claim that the parts are loose, but they have managed to fix the issue by tightening them.

6. RoyalBaby Girl – Balance Bike for 4-5 Year Old (For Girl)

Is your girl a fan of little pretty cartoons such as Jenny and Joy Bunny? Buying this bike could represent something that reminds her of her favorite shows, right? Let’s have a grasp at what the bike has to offer;

With a double brake system, your girl will be safe on this bike. The rear coaster is the best when she is still in her cycling training. The more she loves the experience, the more she will start appreciating the two brake systems available. That is, the rear coaster and the caliper brakes.

Her safety is further enhanced by the wide pneumatic tires, which facilitate the stability of the bike. Also, the pedals are pure resin, which is non-slip, hence no chance that she will slip off the pedals and hurt herself. On the other hand, the chain is enclosed in a chain guard, so that even a fall or a slip does not lead to scratches from the bike.

For durability, the bike comes with a frame and crank construction from steel. With adjustable seat height and handlebars height, the kid will have the option of goring with the bike.

Interestingly, the bike is still a high preference for both first and ongoing bikers. It comes with removable training wheels for a successful and safe training session. On top of that, the training wheels are built to be sturdy, the never-bent type.

You will also get a kickstand for when your child does not necessarily need the training wheels.

The bike is so easy to assemble; in any case, most parts come assembled already. You can actually make it more fun by having your daughter join in the process. The assembly tools will be in the package.

For a prettier outlook, the bikes’ color options and the overall design is attractive and kid-friendly. DIY décor, a bell and a basket make it all the cuter.


  • Suits a little girl’s fantasies.
  • Pretty girlish color options.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Training wheels as well as a kickstand available.


  • Quite a heavy kids’ bike.

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7. JOYSTAR Fairy – Best Bike for 5 Year Old Girl

For a bike that requires minimal maintenance regardless of the bumps and falls expected in a training period, this bike takes the trophy. Actually, the bike comes with a lifetime warranty. With a sturdy steel frame, you couldn’t get less from the company.

Designed to facilitate a riding experience from the beginning, the bike features removable yet stable training wheels. As your kid continues to learn, the wheels will not be necessary. Since you will still want to be sure that your kid is safe even after training, the bike features a saddle holder. This assures you of your kid’s safety even without the training wheels.

Moreover, the bike comes with a dual brake system, which enhances convenience for the kid’s safe stopping. The rear coaster brake system is the best when your kid is starting out. Over time, she begins to love the caliper brakes, and eventually learns to use the two systems interchangeably.

To ensure that the kid grows with the bike, the bike provides a height adjustment. And that’s not all; the height adjustment uses quick release technology, so that it is so easy and simple. The 5 years old kid can even do it by herself.

Generally, the bike’s outlook is really lucrative to a little girl. To boom up the colors, the bike comes with a DIY décor area, where your kid can customize and stick her name or her favorite word on the bike frame, or even the chain guard.

For the safest ride your daughter could have, the bike finishes off with a bike chain guard, to prevent the chain from scratching the kid during biking exercises. Also, with the chain guard, the kid will not only be confident on the bike, but the chain will also last longer.

Then, with 85% of the bike assembled and an assembly guide and tool kit, the work will be really simple for you. 20mins should be enough to get the whole task done.


  • Highly durable, with minimal maintenance.
  • Height adjustment.
  • Training features available.
  • Safe rides, with the brakes and smooth bike features.
  • Attractive outlook.


  • Less secure basket for larger objects.

8. Cycmoto Pink – Good Size Bike for 5 Year Old (For Girl)

With strong black wear-resistant tires, this bike provides optimal grip even in wet weather seasons. You don’t have to worry even when your daughter is riding in rough and watery roads anymore.

And, if your girl is still new to the biking world, you don’t have to worry. The bike comes with stable wheels for your training sessions, in addition to a saddle holder for optimal stability. For safety precautions, the bike features rear coaster brakes that are best for training. After training, she can alternate them with the caliper brakes at the handlebars, depending on what she wants.

Furthermore, the bike features a chain guard, which is enclosed to prevent the kid from hurting herself against it. in any case, the chain guard also comes in handy in protecting your kid’s bike chain from early damage.

To reduce strain and time consumption, the bike has a quick release seat, so that height adjustment is something the kid will even do on her own. The seat height is quite adjustable, with heights ranging from 515 to 590 mm. the handlebar height is about 723 mm, so your girl can use the bike way into 6 years of age.

For a cute girly design, the frame is quite low, simplifying her time on and off the bike. Even in a skirt, your girl will still be confident to use her bike. With a cute matching basket at the front, the girl can bring along her favorite dolls and toys.

Single speed, the bike is easy to maintain. The wide tires are quite tough, while the frame is sturdy steel construction. A lifetime warranty guarantees you of the quality of this bike.

Finally, the bike is really easy to assemble. You will only need the basic assembly tools and a tire pump, and you are good to go.


  • Durable tires with impressive traction.
  • Adjustable seat with a quick release mechanism.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Some bolts are quite loose, and you will have to tighten them before entrusting the bike to the kid.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Bike for 5 Years Old kid?


First off, ensure that the size of the bike is suitable for your kid. Though most 5-year-olds will use 16 inches, your kid may be taller. This may necessitate your bike size reconsideration, to say, 18 inches.


When it comes to kids’ bikes safety, we are taking about a bike whose design will not bring harm to your kid at all. This includes an enclosed chain guard, training wheels for beginners and also a working brake system.

Outstanding features

Not all bikes have a saddle holder, and one that features it may bring confidence to a shy kid. Other outstanding features could include cute attractive graphics, a favorite color availability and others. It may seem trivial, but the finest detail will bring a difference in a child’s life.

Boy/ Girl Bike?

Boys and girls have different bike designs. Identify which bike you are considering, before you make a major mistake that your kid might not easily forgive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can a 5-year-old use a balance bike?

Yes, they can. as long as they are still new to biking, a balance bike will be great for confidence and balance training.

What is a good bike for a 5-year-old?

16 inches is a good size for a 5-year-old. The next major consideration would be whether you want a girls’ or a boys’ bike.

Is a 16-inch bike good for a 5-year-old?

Yes, it is the best bike size for a 5-year-old. Most standard height kids, that is, from 38 to 50 inches will be okay with the bike.

What age is 16-inch bike?

5 years of age can ride on a 16-inch bike. The bike though, can handle taller kids from age 4, and a few from age 3.

Can a 5-year-old ride a bike?

Yes, they can. 5 years is actually old for bike riding, so you shouldn’t feel like your kid is too young for the exercise. It’s a perfect age to venture into riding in, since the kid understands most of his play activities. He will enjoy the rides.

Is a 20-inch bike too big for a 5-year-old?

Yes, a 20-inch bike is too high for a 5-year old. The best bike for them would be 16 inches, and n 18-inch will do for the taller 5-year-olds.

Final Verdict

Best bike for 5 years old? A bike that is of 16-inch wheels is an exquisite option for 5 years old. Nevertheless, some taller kids have found success with 18-inch bike. The best part about all the bikes in the list above is that the size is no issue. You have several options to choose from, and the best part is the assurance that these are the best pick. Now, you can make your best choice, since you know the kid better, right?