Best 18-Inch Bike with Training Wheels [Top 5 Picks]

18-inch bike with training wheels

An 18-inch bike is the best option for kids within the age limit of 5 to 10 years. Nevertheless, the height of your kid will also play a major role, probably more than the age. For that reason, we will take into consideration kids within 42 to 59 inches height limit for this bike.

18-inch bike with training wheels? Whenever you are looking for a bike with training wheels, this means that your kid’s safety is your first consideration. This is more so if the kid is still training to bike.

The best part about bikes with training wheels is their diversity. Usually, the wheels are removable whenever the kid feels that they have outgrown them.

5 Best 18-Inch Bike with Training Wheels

Let’s now skip to our top selection of the best 18-inch bike with training wheels; good for you, all the bikes are super awesome for your and your kid’s preference options.

1. Vertical Mysterious – 18 inch girl bike with training wheels

When your girl is super into street and dirt road racing, it is time you surprise her with what excites her most. And this should be a specially made bike for BMX purpose. We just sourced the best in the market for you, that is, Vertical Mysterious 18-Inch Bike. Let’s dive into its essential features;

Firstly, 18 inch girl bike with training wheels has combined a girly style with strong BMX street and dirt bike features. Thus, it is not only a perfect pick for the rough road racing, but also maintains the pretty outlook that your girl will want to be seen on.

Secondly, the bike comes with training wheels. Even if your girl was already practicing biking, facing the rough roads and weather conditions could require a little more of safety. after all, the wheels are removable for when they feel that they don’t need them anymore.

Thirdly, the alluring bike features both the front hand and coaster brakes. With the two brake choices, safety will be topnotch. She can always stop whenever it is necessary, or even slow downhill for a more conscious ride.

Does your girl want to take her dolls, essentials and toys along for a ride down the countryside? With a custom handbag already in the package, she can always carry whatever she needs for the road. The bag, which comes with a conspicuous ‘Mysterious’ logo adds to the style of the bike. To boom it all, it has a flap closure, which prevents her stuff from falling off in a bumpy road section.

For a more comfortable grip, the handlebars feature frame pads. To add spice to the look are flamboyant ribbons streaming down from the handlebars.

Being 18-inch, the bike is great for a wider range of heights. Therefore, the bike comes with an adjustable seat post so that your kid can grow with the bike.

To ensure that no blisters nor seat sores will affect your daughter, the seat is already padded at arrival.


  • Pretty easy to assemble, with a clear guide manual.
  • Two braking options.
  • Sturdy wheels and frame for dirt biking.
  • Pretty overall outlook.
  • Features that present comfort.


  • The bike does not feature a kickstand for when the training wheels are off.

2. Mongoose Switch BMX – 18 inch boys bike with training wheels

For an ideal BMX bike for boys between 6 and 9 years, this Freestyle Mongoose Switch BMX Bike will fascinate you. The bike has strong and sturdy parts, which are capable of withstanding any type of road and still retain an arresting speed.

Also, the 18 inch boys bike with training wheels is a wonderful choice for both first timer riders and experienced riders. This is due to the fact that it comes with adjustable and removable training wheels for flexible use. The kids will have a chance to balance themselves without a hurry or fear involved.

The strong steel frame is a low stand-over in style, so that the kids find it easy to access and control. Regardless of the terrain, your boy will still emerge victorious.

Coupled with the steel frame are wheels that are metal spoked. This enables them to traverse any trail that the kid wants to venture in.

With an alloy 4-bolt stem and also the 4-piece handlebars, which ensure that the bike is even stronger for the ride. The black grips bring not just comfort but also a finer grip from the small hands.

For easy control even for a beginner, the bike features a foot brake. Whenever he cycles backwards, the bike will stop.

For the kid’s protection, the chain guard is already enclosed, hence no contact with the legs. Thus, you shouldn’t worry about cuts or even scrapes. On the other hand, the chain guard protects the chain from debris, dust and even mud, hence bringing about chain durability.

To enhance height changes as the boy grows, the bike has an adjustable seat post. For added comfort on the seat, the ergonomic seat comes already padded, and that with a smooth cover.

The bike comes ready for assembly, with a step by step manual to ease the task. Armed with a limited lifetime warranty, you can be sure of the bike parts’ quality.


  • Strong construction for tough road conditions.
  • Safety measures taken.
  • Highly durable equipment.
  • Comfortable in all dimensions.


  • You will have to purchase the assembly tools for the bike separately, as the bike package excludes the kit.

3. Princess Kids Bike – Girls bikes 18 inch with training wheels

If a classy blend of bright colors is what your kid needs to relax their mind off school work, then the Princess Kids Bike is an exquisite choice. With multiple color stickers, graphics and flowers, your girl is bound to love the bike.

And that’s not all; the bike is competitive for its quality features, as we will see below;

Essentially, the frame design is a step-through, which is easy for the little girl to climb on and off. Besides, the frame is built to last, at least which the sturdy steel construction guarantees.

The twinkle graphics decorated seat is sufficiently padded for comfort. Despite the distance the girl rides in a day, seat sores will not be a part of her complaints.

If she wants to tag along her imaginary friends and little girl essentials, then the pretty woven basket will come in handy.

More interestingly, both the handlebars and the seat are adjustable. The seat is quick release, so that you can get a custom height for each height increment.

As your kid learns to ride, both stability and safety are key to her riding courage. Thence, the bike features removable training wheels for this period. She can get rid of them once she’s confident with her riding skills.

A kickstand is already present in the bike, so that when she gets rid of the training wheels, she can use it. also, the bike comes with a pump, which is simple enough for the little girl to use on her own.

For sufficient assurance of safety, the kid will be using a coaster brake, which simply stops the bike with a backward pedal. Plus, the bike features an enclosed chain guard, so that the ankle and leg do not get caught up in the chain.

If she is caught up in the mud or rainy weather conditions outdoors, you don’t need to fret. With rear fenders already in place, she will still smoothly ride back home without a challenge.

And, to your advantage, the bike comes with its own assembly tools, so you don’t have to make an extra purchase.


  • Safety of the kid on the bike taken into account.
  • General flashy outlook.
  • Fenders and a pump come with the bike.
  • Pretty woven carrying basket available.
  • Highly adjustable seat and handlebars height.


  • The manual has some misinformation.

4. Phoenix Kaku – 18 inch boys and girls bike with training wheels

Sometimes you want to buy a bike for your older daughter, and still have your younger son use it. The vice versa could also be possible. In any case, bikes are highly durable, with some even presenting a lifetime warranty.

Anyway, in this case, then getting a unisex bike is only in order, and our top choice here is the Phoenix Kaku. It has a bike frame design and color options that reconcile the needs of both boys and girls for an ideal bike.

Fundamentally, the bike comes with training wheels in order to build confidence in your novice biker. The training wheels are removable though, since she won’t want them once she gains stability and balance.

The high carbon steel frame assures you of a sturdy construction for quality and durability. This perfectly suits the strong wear-resistant tires that adapt to any trail condition.

To maximize the use of the bike as your girl grows, the bike has a quick release seat post. Thus, you can easily adjust the seat for her as she increases in height.

The best part, which most parents love, is that the bike comes with its own assembly tools. With some bolts being smaller, the new bike may require a unique set of tools. Better still is the ease of assembly. All you have to install are the training wheels, the pedals, handlebars, front wheel and the saddle.

Then there are the double brake systems that the bike features. The kid can start off with the rear band brakes. With time, she will learn to use the caliper brakes.

For improved safety, the 18-Inch Bike with Training Wheels has an enclosed chain guard, which eliminates chances of the kid hurting himself/ herself during rides.

If your kid is going out for small shopping or needs to access the library, or even take some stuff along, she has the freedom to do so. The large basket at the front of the bike accommodates quite some child stuff.


  • Unisex outlook of the bike.
  • Adjustable seat height.
  • Comes with assembly tools required.
  • Safety measures in place.


  • Sadly, the instructions are not in English.

5. JOYSTAR Pluto – 18 inch Kids Bike with Training Wheels: Best for Beginners

All the bikes with training wheels target beginners. However, if you have an amateur rider who is really fearful, a little more than just the training wheels could go a long way into luring them into biking. JOYSTAR Pluto offers these features, which you will find really helpful.

First and foremost, the bike has stable training wheels, which are really helpful to the young beginner. Then there is the saddle holder, which enhances the kids balance on the bike even when the wheels are off. Basically, the holder keeps the kid feeling sandwiched, hence secure.

Also, the kid does not have to be afraid about learning to use the brakes. This is because the bike considers using the foot brake, which is easier for the young rider to manipulate.

In addition, the bike comes with a chain guard. This will protect the kid from chain scratches and cuts, while protecting the chain from foreign materials. The chin guard has a DIY decal, where the kid can stick their name for a sense of ownership.

Moreover, the bike goes through a lot during the kid’s bike training. Armed to survive this, the bike is technically premium steel in frame construction. To boom this up are strong black tires and single speed, which is easy to maintain.

With a limited lifetime warranty that comes with the bike, the quality of the bike is almost a guarantee.

To your advantage, the comes with all the basic assembly tools. You will probably take a maximum of 20 minutes if new with bike assembly, which is quite simplified.


  • All a fearful beginner needs to fall in love with the bike.
  • Comfortable to ride on.
  • Easy in assemble.
  • Quality construction.


  • You have to purchase the bike pump separately.

Which Things You Should Consider when Buying 18-Inch Bike

The Age and Height of Your Child

You must already know that the bike size is for kids between age 6 and 9. Alternatively, you can use the height considerations, which varies between 43 and 59 inches.

A shorter kid will get this bike size too strenuous, while and older kid will be uncomfortable riding on the bike.

Boy or Girl?

There are bike designs, graphics and even colors specific for boys and kids when it comes to kids’ bikes. However, you can also get a unisex bike, one that both boys and girls will fall in love with.

Ensure you take this into consideration for the most suitable bike for your kid.

Quality of the Bike

Now you should check on the quality of the bike. Safety is paramount for your kid, whether they are just starting out or pros in biking. Ensure that the frame, wheels, brakes and all the other parts of the bike are quality.

You don’t want parts falling off or failing during a kid’s ride, right?

Other Accessories

There are bikes that will come with additional accessories, such as a pump, fenders, assembly tool kit or more.

For the girls, a basket or bag for additional personal belongs such as dolls is almost always an essential. Consider this when getting her bike, and talk to her to get her views on the issue too.

Child Considerations

For colors and bike design, you can also involve the kid. Get to know hat her favorite is, and what she will feel proud riding. She has to love the bike, since that is obviously your end goal, isn’t it?

Type of Trail

What type of trail is your kid likely to ride in? is it rough, a street road or just and estate path? Is your kid adventurous, and bound to venture into new terrains once she learns the bike? Always consider this, because if your answer is positive, you need a sturdier bike built for the task.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What age is 18-inch bike for?

Between 6- and 9-years kids will be comfortable on the 18-inch bike. Luckily, most of the bikes have an adjustable eight for when the kids grow older.

However, a taller 5-year-old can still use the bike, while a shorter 10-year-old finds it suitable.

What height is an 18-inch bike frame for?

43 to 59 inches is the best height for the bike. Actually, the height is the best bike size determinant, preceding the age consideration.

Is an 18-inch bike too big for a 6-year-old?

Not exactly, since your kid’s height is also a consideration. Generally, the 8-inch bike is for kids between 6 and 9 years. Unless your kid is kind of shorter, the bike will be suitable.

Do 18-inch bikes have gears?

Some do, but most do not vouch for the gear. It is too complex for the young kids using the bike. Hence, most bikes from 18 inches downwards don’t feature the gear.

How tall should you be for an 18-inch bike?

At least 43 inches tall will be an okay height for the 18-inch bike. A maximum of 59 inches is the cap of the bike consideration for height.

Can you put training wheels on an 18-inch bike?

Yes, you definitely can. In any case, there are varieties of the 18-inch bike that come with training wheels. Examples are right above you.

Final Verdict

If you have a kid between age 6 and 9, then you must be considering the 18-inch bike. The good news is that even if your kid is just starting out, the bikes above will come with training wheels. So, you can now relax your tension on the kid’s riding safety, and use the buying guide about 18-Inch Bike with Training Wheels to make the final choice.